Half of Your Life

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Heat glares hit me who was walking outside the summery day of August 15th. I wore a black hood jacket over a black shirt and usual black pants. Ene was on my phone, and I wore my headset to hear her. She was blabbering things here and there, but I didn't bother listening. Another woman occupied my thoughts that I'd barely pay attention to her.

She's gone. No matter how much I rethink, no matter how much I would like to view all of this as an illusion..

..she's not here. She left this world. Without even telling me, she..

Thinking of that word makes me want to go out of my mind. Especially when I have to connect it to her name.

Tateyama Ayano. She died.

Can't we bring dead people back here? Can't we rewind time so that we could change their fate of dying?

I started crossing the street. I'm getting dizzy because of the heat.

Why did it have to be her? All she did was to smile at people she liked very much, all she did was to brighten the world with happiness..

A speeding car is coming towards me. I blankly looked at it, as it came closer to me. I could hear Ene's voice growing louder.

If I can't bring her back here.. I could just go follow her to where she is now, right?

I wore a blank smirk one last time, before I felt the collision hit me.


Everything went black.

I'm coming to you, Ayano.

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