The year was closing in on Sam. 3 months left of Dean's deal and Ruby had been no help in solving the problem. Dean still had a one way ticket to the brimstone pit and Sam could feel the pressure. And Dean WANTED to live. Dean finally realized it, weeks ago even. Sam had been looking since he first knew about the deal, but all of his effort had been fruitless thus far. They didn't know the demon that held Dean's contract and they didn't know how to find out. They didn't have the colt and Sam was running out of options.

"What's with you coming here when you're all mopy?" Loki asked, sitting in his arm chair, facing the doorway and reading a Weird News gossip tabloid. Loki folded it neatly and Max was already sniffing around Sam's feet as he came in the door, bouncing on his hind legs for attention. Sam gave Max an obligatory scratch behind his ears and tossed him a new bone to keep him occupied. Loki was smiling at the interaction, fingers interlocked, "Are we going to have to have another dance? That tango invitation is still open. Just you and me." Max took his bone off to gnaw on it and Sam stood straight.

"No. No." Sam huffed, rolling his eyes. Why was this so hard to ask for Loki's help? Ruby was helping them, and she was a demon. They'd let vampires go that weren't eating people. But at the same time, Loki seemed to be on another level. After all, how many beings could manifest anything they wanted out of thin air? Sometimes it scared Sam to think too hard on how powerful the trickster was.

"Want something to drink?" Loki offered and he stood up, tossing the paper aside, "You," he pointed to Sam, "look like you could use a cream soda."

"No, I'm good. Thanks." Sam took a deep breath, "I wanted to ask you something."

"By all means." Loki stretched his arms up and Sam took a deep breath, sorting his words.

"Dean... sold his soul, for me." Sam said and Loki's eyes rolled towards Sam, acknowledging Sam's words.

"Yeah, I know. You've told me." Loki meandered towards the refrigerator. If anything else, Sam had noticed that Loki rarely materialized food in the open. He always had something in the cooler. Sam couldn't tell if Loki just liked normal food or he'd just been playing human for too long to drop the habit around Sam.

Sam watched Loki flick off the top of the soda bottle with his thumb and closed the refrigerator door with his foot, "He only got a year, and it's almost up."

Loki sucked in air though his teeth before sipping his drink, "Not much of a barter, is he?" Sam ignored the quip.

"I wanted to know if you could help. To get Dean's soul back." Sam locked his eyes with Loki's. Loki lifted the bottle, draining part of it's contents, then lowered it. Sam knew Loki was powerful and he knew that Loki was not as air headed as he played. He wasn't as aloof as he acted and sometimes Loki tried to play simple, but he was one of the most complex people Sam had ever met. They'd been sleeping together for nearly a year. They'd grown close; too close. It had to mean something.

Loki looked Sam over, as though debating something with his ancient knowledge, "Your brother sold his soul. It was his choice to do it. And hey, I'm not complaining. You're alive." Sam frowned.

"Isn't there some sort of deity magic? You can change reality with just your mind. You're powerful. You could do anything." Loki smiled.

"Aw, you sweet talker you." Loki lifted his chin, waving his bottle airily in Sam's direction, "Tell me more." Loki's ego was enormous, Sam complained loudly in his mind. But then... Sam thought maybe he could play off of that. He walked over to Loki, slowly.

"Well, you did abduct a frat boy with an alien." Sam said, knowing that Loki was all too proud of it and he watched Loki reminisce with small nods, sliding a hand into his jeans pocket, "You rescued Max from dying." Sam rubbed his hand along Loki's shoulders and neck. Loki eyed him curiously and Sam slid behind him and wrapped his arms around his neck like he often saw his imaginary girls do; fawning all over him. "You got Thor his Hammer and can outwit anyone you like with your silver tongue."

"You have some nice words too there, minx." Loki glanced over his shoulder at Sam and Sam could see Loki was still cautious; suspicious even.

Sam ran his hand down Loki's bicep, "You're the strongest man I know." Sam breathed against Loki's ear and ran his hand down his soft cotton shirt, "And indescribable in bed." Sam caught Loki's smirk.

"True. All true." Loki slowly relaxed. Loki's hand rubbed down Sam's arm and his drink disappeared from his hand.

"When I feel your hands on me, you just take me over, and it feels out of this world." It was all truth, in the simplest form of flattery. Sam wanted to pump Loki up so much that he'd consider helping just to prove it, "No one makes me lose control like you do."

Loki chuckled deep in his throat, catching eyes with Sam, "Sa-minx. Are you trying to seduce me?" Sam smiled, throwing a bit of a playful nip to Loki's ear lobe, feeling an instantaneous reaction of Loki shiver.

"Maybe. Is it working?" Sam breathed in Loki's ear and Sam caught the biggest grin on Loki's face.

"Yes, yes, very much." Loki stroked Sam's jaw with his knuckles and snapped his fingers, his bedroom appearing around them. Sam kissed Loki's neck, pulling the trickster's jacket down off his arms. Loki turned, sly smile on his face as he pulled Sam into a belly-flipping kiss and Sam moaned into it.

Sam's butt and legs hit the bed moments later, both their lips kissing each other hungrily. Sam's fingers dug into Loki's hair. Shirts had come off easily and Loki ground their hips together, denim grinding against denim. Sam's breathed raggedly as he broke away from the kiss. He locked his eyes with Loki, "You can do anything to me, can't you?" Loki considered this for a moment and Sam ran his hand down the deity's chest to keep his attention focused on him.

"Sky's the limit." Loki boasted quietly, squeezing Sam's hips and started kissing Sam's neck. Sam pressed his cheek into Loki's Jaw, breathing into his ear.

"I mean, anything." Sam's tongue wet his lips, thighs gripping Loki's waist tight. "You could tie me up. Drive me wild. Make me beg." Loki's eyes were lit up with excitement and Sam gripped Loki's jeans, pushing down the zipper.

"That's not even scraping the first layer off the ice burg." Loki murmured, devious smile on his face, pulling Sam's pants down his hips. Sam swallowed. Endless possibilities, weren't there? Loki wasn't chained down by the rules of reality.

"Whip me. Chain me. You... you could probably change me into one of your party girls." Those meaningless, mindless, instant-humans that Sam was staring to despise. Loki raised a curious brow but he didn't deny that he had the power, "You could take me anywhere, any time. You... you could break me and put me back together just to break me again." Loki's hands stopped and he stared at Sam and Sam's heart was racing. Sam's own words were scaring him but it was possible, wasn't it? Loki could really do anything with him, and it scared him; but it also gave him a dangerous thrill, "You could have me." Loki's brow narrowed, confusion set in. Sam wasn't sure... if he'd just offered himself to Loki or if it was just announcing the possibility. But even then, what would that possibility be? He would though. He would give himself up, just so Dean could be saved. His freedom. His life. What ever it took to save his brother, "Just save Dean from his deal, and I'm yours." Sam held his breath, staring steadily at Loki. Loki looked Sam up and down, as if considering the deal. Sam waited, praying that Loki would do it. Demons weren't helping, so why not ask a god.

Loki took Sam's jaw in his hands, looking Sam in the eyes. He didn't look as mighty as he did when he was being an egotistical bastard moments ago. He looked... sympathetic, "Dean made his choice, Sam. He gave up his soul for you. You can't go back on a demon deal." Sam's brows scrunched up. He was waiting for a 'but'. He was waiting for a condition that Loki could help him with. Loki shook his head, combing his fingers through Sam's hair, brushing it behind Sam's ear, "As tempting as the offer is; Dean is going to die."

All the heat drained from Sam's skin and he shoved against Loki's chest, anger swelling in him, "No, he's not. He's not going to die." Sam pushed himself out from under Loki and anger filling his senses.

"Sam." Loki sounded like he was trying to be reasonable.

"Dean WANTS so live. He finally wants to live and I have to help him." Sam got up, breathing sharp, "I'd do anything."

"Sam, I want to help." Loki sat up, "I do, I can't change this..."

"Can't or won't?" Sam snapped and Loki frowned at the accusation, "There is a way. I KNOW you can help, but you just WON'T. What's stopping you?" Loki stayed silent, unanswering. Sam yanked his pants up, fighting with the zipper because he was vibrating with anger, "That's right, nothing." Sam snatched up his shirts, pulling them over his head. Loki knelt on the bed, watching Sam move about.

"He's going to die, Sam." Loki said, as though it was a fact. As though it was an unmovable pinnacle of the universe, "Dean is going to die."

"No, he's not!" Sam snapped, feeling let down most of all. He felt betrayed because Loki wouldn't help him. Sam strode towards the door and Loki looked confused.

"Sam, calm down. Let's talk this over." Loki waved for Sam to come back but Sam opened the door.

"Dean is not going to Hell! Not while I'm around." Sam slammed the door shut after him, breathing heavily. He nearly ran all the way back to his motel room. Sam's seething eased on his way back and his hands slid into his hair. What was he going to DO? Loki was his last option? Sam gripped his hair and stopped running, looking up at the sky. "There's got to be a way." He murmured. "There's got to be..." He took a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down. Loki didn't know everything. There was a way to save Dean, and Sam told himself he would find it. He would find a way to save his brother.