They took a cab to an apartment complex and Sam felt his stomach twist nervously, especially when Lee curled an arm around his waist and laid his hand on Sam's hip. Lee's apartment was... well, old fashioned? Chess tiles floor? Really? It was like stepping into the 1950s'. Sam thought briefly, Dean would feel right at home there.

"Interesting place." Sam commented dryly.

"Took me a few years, but I finally got it the way I like it." Lee shut the door behind them. Sam wet his lips nervously and Lee curled his fingers for Sam to come closer. Sam felt his heart thudding against his ribs and brought their faces closer. Sam found himself focused on the green speckled gold eyes and the smell of strawberries.

Lee gave him a wry smile and his hand cupped Sam's neck, drawing him into a deep, warm kiss. Sam briefly thought that he shouldn't let himself be lead into this too easily, but Lee's lips firm and sweet and it felt like a long time since he last did anything with anybody. Sam leaned into the other man and Lee was solid. Lee may have been a head shorter than Sam, but he was anything but dainty. Sam leaned his forearms heavily on Lee's shoulders, being drawn deeper into the kiss as Lee's fingers raked into his hair. Lee didn't balk at Sam's weight and Sam rarely met someone who didn't just let Sam take charge because of sheer height. Lee kissed him thoroughly and Sam missed that sensation; kissing someone deeply and hungrily.

Lee chuckled as their lips disconnected, "You are really tall."

"Yeah, I get that." Sam bent down, closer to Lee's level, Sam's teeth grazing his own bottom lip, "It's not a problem, is it?"

"Mm, absolutely not." Lee grinned, "Even less of problem when we hit the bed." Sam swallowed because the purr to Lee's voice sent a jolt of arousal downward.

"Yeah, okay." Sam agreed and leaned in to kiss Lee again.

Sam was nervous. Yes, he'd slept with plenty of women. Jess wasn't his first and only. But he hadn't slept with anyone since Jess. Men were a different matter entirely; Sam always steered clear of any advances in college. John had raised both him and Dean with the army mentality. The 'don't ask, don't tell' policy was still in effect in the Winchester family. Even if his father wasn't alive any more. Sam had been happy with Jess. He could be normal in every way. He figured he could have stayed happy with her never finding out any of his secrets; monster or sexuality related.

Lee lead him to the bedroom, which was fairly well lived in, if not a little unkempt. Lee unbuttoned his janitor uniform and kicked off his boots with practiced ease, "You can't stay fully clothed on me." Lee smirked up at Sam who stood awkwardly in the middle of the room. Lee untucked the front of Sam's shirt with one tug. Sam flushed; truth be told, he'd more or less hit the realization that this was happening. Lee started unbuttoning Sam's shirt with an ever growing grin on his face.

"Yeah I know." Sam breathed, starting to help with the buttons, "I just..." He had mentioned that he had never done anything with a man before.

"Nervous?" Lee finished for him.

"Yeah." Sam nodded, slipping the last button from his shirt.

Lee hummed, "No rush." Lee was down to a white tank and red boxers. Sam pulled his second shirt over his head and felt warm hands at his waist and eager lips trailing up from his abs. Sam looked down once he pulled off his shirt over his head, seeing Lee had moved in to touch, "Nice body for a cable guy." Lee's palm rubbed against Sam's aroused cock in his pants and Sam breathed out. Sam was backed up to the bed and before his ass hit the bed, his pants were unzipped and tugged to his thighs, "You're tall and everything, but I am a top." Sam's jeans and boots were shucked from his legs in a few quick tugs. Sam had figured as much the way Lee had been coming on to him but it was affirming to hear it.

"I'm not sure what I am." The words tasted as awkward as his first time with sex entirely.

"Let's find out, huh?" Lee leaned down, sealing their lips together in a hot kiss. Sam pulled further up onto the bed and Lee followed, his knees assuming a spot between Sam's thighs. Lee's fingers played along the natural dips and curves of Sam's abs. Sam took in sharply as Lee started to kiss, or rather, suck down Sam's neck. He paused for but moment by Sam's collarbone, "Don't be too intimidated by my sexiness." Lee waggled his brows at Sam and Sam smiled.

"You should take your shirt off then." Sam tugged the tank top upwards and over Lee's head. Lee nodded in approval.

"That's the spirit." Lee then rewarded Sam by wrapping his mouth around one of Sam's nipples and sucked.

"Oh..." Sam surprised himself by moaning and Lee rubbed Sam through his briefs. Sam's hands gripped Lee's arms and his knees lifted higher. Lee's mouth came off Sam's chest with his tongue.

"I like that sound." Lee teased and proceeded to treat the other nipple to the same treatment. Sam's skin flooded with heat and his hips moved against Lee's hand as Lee's knees slid under Sam's thighs.

Sam felt how close Lee was between his legs. Their cocks were nearly rubbing together through their underwear. Sam groaned softly. He'd never been touched this way before but Lee seemed to know what he was doing. Sam's hands pressed against Lee's chest, running it down his flesh and he curled forward to kiss Lee's neck. Sam's fingers curled into Lee's thick, wavy hair. Lee hummed and Sam could almost hear the grin in the sound, encouraging him onwards. Lee then pressed their bodies together, frotting and gently grinding, causing them both to groan.

"Oh God..." Sam gasped and Lee paused for just a moment.

"Mm, nice compliment." Lee purred in his ear, "Try Lee. It's my name." Sam's face burned, remembering partially that maybe that was a bit blasphemous. This whole thing was blasphemous. Lee's hand dipped between Sam's legs and his fingers pressed between his thighs, rubbing lazily between his butt cheeks. Sam's fingers dug into Lee's back and Sam breathed in sharply. He bit his lip hard enough to bruise. That was a sensitive area.

"Want more?" Lee lifted a brow and Sam nodded. He wanted to feel more of that. Sam pushed his briefs down and Lee assisted them down Sam's legs. Sam felt his stomach tighten when Lee pulled out a condom and a bottle of lubrication. Lee kicked off his boxers and Sam got to see, well, Lee's average body. Sam actively worked out; to better his hunting and it helped him work through some case problems. Lee wasn't fat, but nor was he toned. It didn't stop the pleasure of Lee's hand's though. Lee's cock was at full attention and the earlier comparison in size did not parallel downstairs for Lee.

Lee leaned over Sam, his lube wet fingers pressing and rubbing between Sam's tight cheeks. Sam took in a sharp breath, his knees parting for more. His fingers dragged the soft cotton sheets from above him closer. It was a bizarre change from stroking his cock. Sometimes he'd thought about it in the motel room showers. He'd soap up his hand and slide it over his hole, feeling a thrill from it. But Sam would always remember the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah and what the priest would always tell Dean and Sam about sodomy when he was younger and he'd shy away from actually allowing himself to enjoy it. Sam held his breath as Lee's fingers circled the sensitive flesh.

"Relax." Lee murmured close to Sam's ear and a whimper escaped Sam's lips, "It'll feel really good when you let it in." Sam swallowed; right, let go. Letting go wasn't exactly easy with some stranger between his legs and feeling smothered with horror stories of Hell if he committed this act.

Lee started kissing Sam's tight belly and little sparks jumped to Sam's groin. Lee seemed to have endless patience with Sam's stubborn body; because at that point, Sam was annoyed by his own tightness. It was halting his path to something he really wanted. Lee's fingers continued to tease Sam's entrance, pressing in the pad of the finger and then sliding along Sam's valley; making Sam's skin tingle. Lee's other hand pet and squeezed Sam's thigh and the junction between his hip and leg.

Just as Sam was going to apologize for it taking so long, Lee's finger twisted and slipped in. Sam's whole body twitched to the sudden sensation. Lee just glanced at Sam, an amused look in his eyes. Sam panted, thinking now that maybe Lee has really been teasing him for several unnecessary minutes.

"Fuck..." Sam muttered, the new sensation pressing further into him.

"Soon." Lee promised with a curled smile. A shiver rolled up Sam's spine from the promise, "Do you know how sexy you are? Twitching and trying to hold back?" Sam's skin grew hot, realizing Lee was a talker.

"I'm not trying." Sam muttered with a breath because the finger was moving, up and own, stretching his hole as another finger was already pressing in. He never knew fullness could feel so good.

"Yet you're so tense." Lee eased the second finger, sliding freely with the help of a stream of lube, "I bet you don't let go often."

"Ah..."Sam's back arched, feeling so good as Lee's fingers curled up in him, making his cock jump from a jot of pleasure, "Fuck, Lee..."

"Sexy and tight." Lee grinned.

"Stop talking." Sam hated that Lee was so cool and Sam felt like he was coming apart like some virgin girl. If Dean ever found out about this, he'd be branded for life as a girl.

"Mm, you say something?" Lee asked, brows lifted, "You're so distracting when you move like that." Sam gasped, a loud moan escaping him was Lee's fingers started thrusting and somewhere in that a third finger slipped into the action. Sam knew it had because there was a slight burn as he was stretched further. It was a good burn though. Sam started to stroke his own cock. He wanted to cum badly then, there was just such a build up already. Lee's hand guided Sam's wrist away and kissed his knuckles, "You want to end this party early?" His voice was no longer as teasing. Sam was annoyed enough to glare at him.

"You're being a tease." Sam accused as he pulled his hand back from Lee's lips.

"You ready then?" Lee thrust his fingers deep into Sam. Sam squirmed, a sharp breath leaving him.

"Yeah." Sam nodded and Lee eased his fingers out, leaving Sam feeling vacant as Lee opened the condom and rolled it over his hard dick. Sam pressed his head into the mattress, looking at the ceiling, a small wave of nerves eating at him again. Lee's cock was thicker than his fingers. Lee slid closer, his knees lifting Sam's thighs. Then the head was pressing in and Sam took in a sharp breath, his hand pressing against Lee's knee.

"Relax." Lee reminded him and Sam hesitated but, slowly, he let the breath out. As he did, it slipped in a few inches and Sam groaned lowly.

"Oh God. Fuck..." Sam gasped as he nearly pulled the fitted sheet off of the mattress, "Oh fuck." He was really doing this. A few more inches slid home and Sam's eyes watered with the stretching sensation. He wasn't sure if it was pain at first; it was just a lost of pressure everywhere. Sam released the sheets and pressed a hand to Lee's chest about the same time Lee was flush against him; reaching Sam's limit, "Wait, wait..."

"Waiting." Lee didn't sound so composed now, which made Sam feel somewhat better. Sam shut his eyes tight, breathing hard. He understood a little why they always said have patience with virgins. Sam felt a kiss to his chest and hands on his hips slid under his waist where his back ached from the angle, "Deep breaths. Relax." Again, Sam's body wanted to disobey, but Sam took deep breathes, his knees finally unlocking and he felt Lee's mouth on his chest, focusing on his pert nipples. Sam moaned softly, his hips jerking in surprise. Oh, the feeling of movement made Sam groan. Lee's hands caught Sam's hips and Lee moved. He pressed in just a little further and Sam moved from it. Sam's legs were clutched tight to Lee's waist. The most minute movement felt so powerful and Sam hissed a little.

"Lift this leg." Lee touched one thigh and Sam did so, taking a moment to focus enough attention to it. Lee slid it over his shoulder and rocked forward and back, lifting his hips higher.

"Oh God..." Sam covered his his eyes with his arm, losing himself for a moment as they naturally rocked into each other. Then the rolling became shallow thrusting and Sam gasped, voice going higher than normal. It wasn't exactly a slow pace, but it felt good; it filled Sam to the core and his grip on Lee tightened. The sensations crashed into Sam like a waterfall and Sam wasn't looking to regain his senses from it. He wanted to stay lost in the intensity of pleasure; the waves crashed the more Lee pressed back into him. He drank in the tremors of his own body, the kind he'd never felt before, "Ah, more, please, Lee, more..." Their lips met before Sam felt the full thrusts and he was so far gone he could not find words. English one anyway; the only language he seemed to formulate in his mind was a short vocabulary that was fully dedicated to encouraging more pleasure through his system. Sam's back arched up, breaking their lips but releasing several variants of sounds Sam didn't even know he could make. His body writhed to meet the rhythmic movements and his nails were digging into Lee's thigh and the sheets. Sam's eyes were closed tight, only focusing on the energy that knotted and spasmed inside him.

Sam's orgasm blindsided him. His legs tightened around Lee's shoulder and his body clenched as he came over his own stomach. Lee was a couple thrusts behind him; driving in deep and groaning loudly. Their movement slowly declined until Lee pulled out and rolled over onto the bed. Sam panted, his body trembling, and eyes fixated blearily on the ceiling. The sound of the both of their breaths echoed off the walls of the room. His legs were still spread; still vibrating some from the remaining trails of bliss.

Lee rolled over onto his chest and elbows after the heat cooled down and he breathed out contentment. Sam was still catching his breath.

"That was fun." Lee grinned over at Sam, who managed a smile.

"Yeah." Sam agreed and couldn't help but feel a little self conscious as Lee smiled at him. Sam knew he and Dean would be gone in a few days, it's how it always was. Sam wasn't used to one night stands. Dean seemed to have mastered it, forgetting the woman he bumped with after a couple days or hours. Sam found himself missing warmth of someone he could go back to regularly, "Where's your bathroom?"

"Back out the door, only other room from the living room." Lee informed him. There was no rush to Lee's words, but Sam felt he should go; take a leaf out of Dean's book for subtly. This was a one time deal. He had to go back to hunting tomorrow. Sam sat up; slowly.

"Thanks." Sam pushed himself to his feel carefully, feeling strain in his muscles. He never knew he could feel some of the lower extremities like he did right then.

"Take your time." Lee offered from the bed and Sam wobbled a bit to get to the bathroom with an embarrassing gimp.

Once alone, Sam took a deep breath. He only hurt a little; he'd hurt far worse from salt and burns. He collected himself in the mirror and rinsed himself off. His hair was a mess and he combed his fingers through it. He'd... he'd really done it. He'd slept with a man. And it felt great. He liked it more than he ever thought he would. And he wasn't sure what to think about that. Sam took a deep breath and walked out to get his clothes. Sam redressed and Lee had put his boxers on; watching from the bed.

"We should do this again some time" Lee was laid out comfortably on his queen sized bed.

"Um, if I have the time, sure." Sam checked the pockets of his jeans as he finished buttoning them up. He found everything accounted for and began to put on his shirts, feeling Lee's eyes on his back, or rather, lower back, "I do have work tomorrow."

"Of course," Lee smiled, "Don't hesitate to come back." Lee waggled his brows suggestively and Sam looked away, waving as he showed himself the door. Sam didn't like one night stands, but hunting didn't allow for anything else.

On Sam's way back to the motel room, he felt his pocket vibrate. He flicked open his phone and frowned at the text message was from someone called "L".

[Stole your Number. Call me any time, Sexy -Lee]

Sam debated replying but instead he shut he phone and slipped it back into his pocket. He didn't plan on going back. He didn't.