(If you want to read up on how Gabriel got his dog, you may go want to go read my fic The Untold Tail)

Sam couldn't remember the last time he wanted to strangle Dean. His laptop was still missing and Dean had the gall to accuse Sam of touching the Impala's tires. After calling Bobby, Sam had to leave, lest he did something he would regret. It would take Bobby the night to arrive. Sam stood on the corner of the street and stared at his cell phone. The contact "L" was still there. He wanted to get out of the motel room to not kill his brother, and in a way, he kind of wanted to get back at Dean for all of his immature antics over the past week; in his own passive way. He wanted to feel good again, forget this madness of aliens and alligators.

Sam pressed the send button and held his phone to his ear. Sam wet his dry lips as he waited for Lee to pick up.

"Hello, Sam."

"Hey." Sam took a deep, steady breath. Lee sounded happy to hear from him at least, "I was wondering... I'm still in town..."

"Want to come over?" Lee asked smoothly

Sam let out a relieved breath, "If you're available."

"Yeah! Hey, do you like dogs?"

Sam paused, "Dogs?"

When Sam arrived at Lee's apartment, the door was opened for him by Lee and a small Jack Russel Terrier yipped at him excitedly and then snapped his jaws territorially. Sam raised his brows at Lee, who grinned at him.

"You didn't have a dog before," Sam stepped in, slowly shedding his jacket. Lee waved for the dog to stop his aggressive behavior and the dog looked at Lee, discontent with the stranger.

"Max, go lie down. Sam here is a guest." Lee stared Max down and Max obeyed, trotting over to the couch before curling up on it and huffing as he eyed Sam, "Don't mind him." Lee closed the door after Sam, "He's had a rough experience with humans." Lee smiled at Sam, "He followed me home yesterday."

"Yesterday?" Sam thought that Lee had Max for years the way the nervous dog listened to him.

"Want something to drink?" Lee asked.

"Sure." Sam laid his jacket over the arm chair that was in the middle of the room, "Beer please."

"Righto." Lee walked to the kitchenette and Sam looked at Max. Max eyed him in return. Sam liked dogs. He would have liked to rub Max's head and make a canine friend for a while, but he wasn't going to get bit for his trouble. A cold beer touched Sam's arm; as did a bag that crinkled. Sam looked down; Lee was offering Sam a bag of dog treats and Max lifted his head alertly.

"I wouldn't hand feed him yet, but he'll warm up to you better with some munchies." Lee gave him a smile and Sam returned it. Sam first took the open beer and drank from it before he opened the plastic zipper. Max slid down off the couch and trotted within a few feet of Sam, but no closer.

"Sit." Sam said and Max tilted his head at him. Lee chuckled and shook his head.

"He doesn't know any tricks." Lee told him.

"Not even basic obedience?" Sam asked. Lee scratched his chin idly, looking at Max.

"Nope, he was a street dog." Lee said, "I don't think he needs strict obedience." Sam held the treat between his fingers and Max stared at it, nose twitching.

"Every dog should know basic commands." Sam had always read up on the subject in his spare time, for that off chance he did get a dog again, "I mean, communication with your dog and making sure he listens if he gets away." Lee raised his brows and Max barked impatiently.

"I suppose." Lee agreed slowly.

"Here." Sam shuffled a little closer to Max, holding the treat higher until Max's nose followed it, "Like this." Sam had taught Bones simple commands within the week he had the dog. Sam had little knowledge of training an animal back then, and he'd only had pizza crusts as treats. Max's nose followed upwards and his hind end hit the floor, staring at the treat, "Sit." Sam said clearly before he tossed Max the treat, "Good boy." Lee blinked, impressed as Max crunched on the tiny bone shaped morsel and then looked back up at Sam for more. Sam repeated the process and Lee grinned.

"You're good." Lee complimented, "Color me impressed." Sam smiled.

"I like dogs." Sam said, "But I could never have one. Dad..." Sam's throat tightened, remembering his father had passed away months ago, "We lived a hectic life."

Lee hummed, as though he understood, "Dads are funny that way." Sam didn't think Lee, a man living a normal life as a janitor, could understand the childhood of a hunter's son. But Lee at least sounded like he wanted to sympathize.

"Yeah." Sam said anyway and tossed Max another treat for good behavior before he zipped up the bag. Max made a grunt noise and moved forward for more; even sitting near Sam's feet. Sam ignored him, as cute as the behavior was, "He's highly food motivated. He should be easy to train." Lee took the bag and put it in one of the drawers in the kitchen.

"So you didn't come over to just train my pooch, did you." Lee inquired as he approached Sam again.

"No." Sam admitted slowly. His return to Lee's was softened by the wet nose and floppy ears of a dog that had just found a home. But Sam did not forget why he'd come back, "I didn't expect to like it so much, actually." Lee smirked, his hand glided over to rest on Sam's waist.

"Come back for more fun?" Lee waggled his brows and Sam smiled a little, in spite of trying to be serious.

"Yeah." Sam agreed and he moved closer to Lee, draping an arm onto the other man's shoulder before he greeted Lee's mouth with an eager kiss, "I could use some more fun."

Sam awoke to the soft cotton sheets that felt nicer on his skin than any of the motel bed. He opened his eyes and spied Max in the window lit room. Max had his paws up on the bed and he snuffed at Sam as he knew he'd been caught. Max ran from the bedroom, picking up something along the way before nosing his way out. Sam stretched and sat up. He found himself alone in the large queen sized bed. He thought he'd only dozed off for a minute but the sun light outside told him otherwise. He found his cell with several voice mails and he groaned, betting they were all from Dean. He'd told him he wasn't coming back that night, but that was it.

Sam got up slowly and started looking for his clothes. He redressed in a hurry and shouldered open the bedroom door, buttoning up his shirt.

"Hey, early bird." Lee said with a smile with a smile and a plate of pancakes on the table.

"I didn't mean to fall asleep." Sam apologized. Lee shrugged casually.

"We had quite the night last night; I could understand why you did." Lee gestured to the pancakes, of which there was another plate near by and so as a dispenser of strawberry syrup, "Want some breakfast?" Sam checked his pockets out of habit. One night stands did not usually offer breakfast. He was tempted, only because he was hungry.

"I can't. I have to meet with someone." Sam said regrettably, patting his pants again as he looked around, "Where's my wallet?" Lee blinked owlishly.

"Is it leather?" Lee looked to the couch.

"Yeah, kind of new." Sam needed something to carry all the fake ID cards in. They both heard it then; the small grinding of wet leather. Sam placed his hand on the back of the couch and looked behind it, finding Max had a familiar handful of leather between his jaws. Max's eyes lifted and his teeth stopped moving around Sam's wallet. Sam's eyes narrowed, "Max, drop it." Max lifted his head, the wallet between his paws. Sam's shoulder was nudged and he looked back, finding Lee with the faithful bag of treats. Sam dug one out and Max's nose twitched. Sam threw it across the room and Max bumped his head twice while he skittered back to get it.

"Don't you have a chew toy for him?" Sam asked once he'd squeezed behind the couch and retrieved his wallet; after Max bounded after the treat. Max was crunching down on the treat and sniffing around for more.

"I only got him the other day." Lee shrugged and Sam made sure all the IDs were tucked away before he slipped the damp wallet into his back pocket. "I don't suppose you'll come back for a third round?" Lee waggled his brows suggestively as he opened the door for Sam to leave. Sam smiled.

"I doubt it." Sam said knowingly. Bobby would help them with the case, "But I did have a good time. Every time." Lee grinned and tugged Sam down by his jacket, taking one last -deep- kiss. One that left Sam breathless.

"Ride's always open, Kiddo." Lee smiled and Sam would have liked to stay; just a bit longer. But his phone buzzed in his pocket.

"Maybe we'll bump into each other again." Sam said and started walking back towards his motel room before he could let Lee coax him back into his bed.

Dean meandered in the hallway of the college room, keeping the janitor distracted as Sam went to check Lee's locker for evidence of being the trickster they were looking for. Dean liked Lee, he had style. After all, the guy had proclaimed proudly that he'd had lots of sex the night before.

"So, lots of sex, huh?" Dean asked. Dean wanted to have a little macho-man talk about something as he filled the time besides taking about 'wiring the walls'. Dean also couldn't see a guy like Lee picking up college chicks. He wasn't exactly tall or handsome, "Lucky lady must have been good." Lee paused to a new room and a slow smile crept onto his face.

"Oh, she was." Lee smiled proudly and opened the door for Dean to explore, "Wild thing, fresh out of college." Dean smirked a little as he proceeded to "check the room" for this cable-guy gig. Lee leaned against the door frame, arms folded, "Long legs. Muscular thighs. Great ass and tits; very sensitive tits, if you know what I mean." Dean smirked as he was looking around the room, picturing the girl in his head already; and he liked the look of the girl in his head, "And you know, those big, expressive eyes, fluffy dark hair, and very tall, actually."

"Oh yeah? You like tall chicks?" Dean nodded, he sort of liked this janitor. It would be a shame if he had to gank him. He has great taste in women.

"Oh, of course. They're the ones you got to impress because they think 'Oh, he's short, he's not packing'. But Samantha certainly learned that isn't all about height; if you know what I mean." Lee laughed, as though recalling last night into memory. Dean chuckled at first but he soon grew a bit uncomfortable, because he often called Sam, Samantha. And he never could really feel comfortable sleeping with girls that reminded him of his brother.

"Samantha?" Dean asked, making sure it was the name.

"Yup, I always remember the good ones. Actually, I think she just called herself Sam." Lee was smiling devilishly as Dean looked at him; as though he was telling him an obvious lie of some sort. Dean returned to his work quietly. Dean knew his brother wasn't really gay. He might have teased Sam about it, but really, Sam was straight. Sam was going to marry Jess if he'd had the chance. And Lee sort of made it sound like Sam was over last night. But that was stupid. Sam just got his own room for the night. Right?