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Sam stared at his cell phone, laying on his bed. His eyes were focused at his contact list where the name "L" haunted him. It held the trickster's number. He couldn't believe he'd slept with a trickster. He felt... dirty and lied to. He'd liked Lee. He would have liked to spend one more night with the man. Instead, Dean staked him in the heart and for a moment, Sam had stopped breathing.

Maybe he really did like Lee- the trickster. He worried for a moment that Max didn't have someone to take care of him anymore. He made Dean stop by the apartment complex, explaining that he'd seen a dog when investigating Lee's house; Sam couldn't let Max starve, no matter how untrained he was. When Sam entered the apartment -after lock picking the door- he stopped, staring at the empty space. There was nothing. No claw marked couch, no chair, or kitchen appliances. No bed where Lee had revealed a part of Sam that he'd been afraid of since he hit puberty. No Max barking. No smell of pancakes and strawberry syrup. No more warm kisses. Just cracks in the wall and dull gray carpet. It wasn't even originally a tile floor.

Was anything real? Was it all an illusion to fuck with his head?

Sam tapped the delete key on his cell and it asked him if he was sure that he wanted to delete that particular number. Sam sighed, his thumb hovered over the 'yes'. He'd had such a good time; it wasn't fair. Just imagining Lee simile or whispering heated words into his ear let him forget about hunting things for a while. Sam slid his thumb from the key and hit 'no'. He still had a good time. He wanted something to remember Lee by. Even if it was all fake.

His cell phone started ringing in the motel room and Sam's eyes widened when his phone sang "Sweet-Sugar-Candyman~" Sam hit answer quickly, just to stop the song. It was a good thing Dean was taking a shower.

"H-Hello?" He asked, not sure why Lee's number was calling him with such an obnoxious ring-tone. The trickster was dead.

"Hey, Sam." The trickster's cheerful voice came through the line. "I wanted to know if we could have a little chat. I figured a week was was good enough for you to stop sobbing over my 'Death'." Sam sucked in a quick breath as he sat up.

"You... You're alive?" Sam whispered and he sat up, still hearing the shower going and Dean was singing rock to the shower head. Sam slipped out of the motel room and closed it before he spoke again, "But Dean stabbed you."

"Actually, he stabbed a fake me." The trickster sounded at ease, as though checking his nails for imperfections, "Still charming and handsome, but not me."

Sam frowned, anger swelling in him, "We can hunt you down..."

"Sam, I just want to talk to you. We had a nice thing going." The trickster said calmly, "I wanted to see if we could... come to an arrangement." Sam stared at his phone, remembering the way Lee felt against him. But also remembering that the trickster had killed two people.

"How do I know it's not a trap?" Sam asked.

"Sam, you were sleeping in my bed. If I wanted you dead, I could have done it in so many ways. But it so happens that I like you and your brother. Dean wouldn't let me go, so I had to convince you I was dead. I really want to meet with you to talk. Just you." The trickster did make a point; why did he lie instead of killing him?Sam looked to the motel door. He and Dean were between cases at the moment. A time when Dean usually went out and 'got some tail'. It was the 14th of February so he knew for a fact that Dean was going out on the town. Sam never liked meeting people that way and maybe it wasn't 'manly' but Sam liked having sex with one person at a time. Someone he could enjoy and not just sexually. But it wasn't like the trickster was just another night; even human. The trickster had opened Sam's body up like Sam had never experienced before.

"I'm in Utah though." Sam said, not sure if he'd have to meet up with the trickster a state away, that might stretch his comfort in leaving Dean.

"I know where you are." The trickster said, "Clarktson, Utah. Blue Ribbon Motel, room 108. Classy." Sam swallowed. The trickster even knew where they were staying. Sam looked around the streetlight lit parking lot but saw no one obviously looking at him. "I want you to come over to my place. It's the apartment complex down the street. 34 South Main Street. Room 304. No stakes now." Sam cursed in his mind; he liked back up plans.

"What about a gun?" Sam asked flatly.

"Guns are fine." The trickster said absently, "See you tonight." The phone beeped as the call ended. Sam stared at his phone. His mind screamed bad idea. What if it was a trap? What if Dean found out? Why would he want to continue anything with Sam? Didn't the trickster mess with his head enough as it was?

Dean went out minutes later while Sam was till mulling it over. It was Unattached Drifter Christmas after all and Dean dressed in clean, undamaged clothes. Dean prompted Sam to come along so he could 'loosen up after a case well done' but Sam declined.

"You still LIKE women, right?" Dean scoffed and Sam threw Dean a glare from his bed. It was comments like those that bit into Sam in the worst ways. Especially when he was thinking about meeting with a man he slept with not a week ago.

"Dean. I know where you sleep." Sam knew it was the trickster that had been pulling all those pranks on him and Dean, but he was still highly agitated from all of his brother's attitude.

"Yeah, just remember to give your hand a break sometime tonight, alright?" Dean shut the door after him and Sam stewed for a good 5 minutes even after he heard the Impala growl and pull out of the lot. He reminded himself that fratricide was something he would regret afterwards.

What was so bad about maybe, possibly, liking men too? It certainly didn't make him weaker than Dean. Dean and his macho show of being an asshole. How was it fair that even though John was gone, Dean still managed to carry on the legacy of girl names and emasculating him through taunting of 'shooting like a girl' or not liking women. How the Hell would that make someone suck at anything? All it did was inject a belly full of acid that he'd been carrying around since he was young.

Sam packed his gun and handled the stake in his palms. He debated not going. The idea of calling Dean back to hunt the trickster down crossed his mind more than once but he honestly didn't want to see his brother at the moment. So if he was going to hunt, it would be alone. But if the trickster wanted to, he could have made a move while they were unaware. The trickster was smart enough to do that much, right? Sam tucked the blood dried stake back into his duffel and walked out without it.

Sam arrived at the apartment and he heard barking. The familiarity startled Sam. Sam knocked firmly and the door opened to the very same room that had been by Crawford Hall. Chess checkered tile and the time period piece furniture. Standing in the doorway was Max; just Max. Max barked once more before he trotted inside.

"Come on in." Lee's voice called and Sam swallowed. It felt like the other times he'd been there, casual and calm. Was the trickster not even cautious about Sam being a hunter? Sam stepped in and closed the door slowly. He found the trickster inside, sitting on the stool at the kitchenette table. The table was balanced with a mouth watering stack of treats and fruit. The trickster was wearing real clothes instead of a uniform; jeans and a brown jacket over a shirt. There was a sly smile on his lips and there was a half eaten slice of chocolate cake next to him, "Hey sexy." He waggled his eye brows at Sam.

Sam immediately frowned, anger boiling in his stomach. It burned with mixtures of Dean's harassment and all the lies that Lee had spun.

"Was ANY of it real?" Sam nearly shook with the injustice of it and it took the edge off of the trickster's smile.

"The sex was real." he leaned his elbow on the table, eying Sam evenly, "And don't go playing innocent on me, you lied about who you were too."

"You KILLED people." Sam's shoulders hunched up, "And then you seduced me for FUN?" The trickster shrugged and made a face that suggested that yes, he did have fun, and he really didn't feel all that bad about enjoying it.

"Well I had fun, and you certainly enjoyed it as well." He spoke calmly, "I seduced a hunter and I'm the thing you hunt. So yeah, I enjoyed the irony."

"You're a twisted piece of work, you know that!" Sam snapped, jaw tight, "You sent a chain saw murder after me!" No, it wasn't the underlying cause of his anger, but Sam nearly got more than a haircut in that fight.

"Hey, I had to make it look convincing, didn't I?" The trickster rolled his eyes, "You guys didn't give me much of an option. And to be honest, I thought it was going to take you forever to stab that double. I could have done a lot worse than I did." The trickster stood from his chair and Sam took it as a threatening move. He pulled out his gun and the trickster rolled his eyes. "Well aren't you trigger happy." Max hopped up on the arm chair and barked a couple times but the trickster waved his hand, "Shush, Max." Max's barks dissipated into a growl voluntarily. Sam eyed the dog for a moment.

"So, he's real?" Sam asked, because as far as he knew, Max was another conjured beast that the trickster had to attack people.

"Very real." The trickster slid over and pet Max's head, calming him further, "He was that animal testing researcher's last 'project'." The trickster spoke with such venom that it took Sam by surprise. Max calmed at the petting, resting his chin on his paws atop the chair, still eying Sam wearily, "So yeah, shoot me for caring about a mutt with no home with a gut full of poison. And killing the human that did it for the sheer enjoyment of watching a body deteriorate." Sam's gun hand relaxed as the trickster started to rub Max's ear. The trickster even smiled when Max made a content noise.

"You killed the professor." Sam accused.

"HE jumped out of a window after seeing a ghost." the trickster didn't even pause, "I just wanted to screw with him, but he took his own nose dive."

"You sexually assaulted a frat boy with..." Sam shook his head, "With an ALIEN." A cruel smile worked itself onto the trickster's face.

"That one worked out perfectly actually, since he got off on nearly killing his frat brothers with my supply closet." The trickster rolled his eyes back towards Sam, "Trust me, he put them through a lot worse."

"Why should I trust you about anything?" Sam asked lowly.

"Look, I don't have a long kill list. Don't you think you hunters would be finding me more often?" The trickster eyed Sam while he scratched under Max's jaw again, "And I didn't ask you to come here just to justify myself."

"Why did you invite me here?" Sam asked cautiously.

The trickster pulled away from Max and took a couple steps towards Sam, "I liked what we had going. For a human, you're really attractive and I like you in my bed."

Sam glared, his grip tightening on his gun, "You can make people appear, why would you bother me about something like that?" And he was a hunter, he was obviously detrimental to the trickster's health if he chose to be.

"Sure, I can make people appear." The trickster lifted his hands and the same two women from Crawford appeared behind him and fawned over him. Sam's teeth ground in annoyance, even when they melted away again at the snap of the trickster's fingers, "But where's that fun in making someone scream when you already know where the right spots are? Real people are irreplaceable in that way."

"I'm not your play thing." Sam stated.

"Wow, you just love to put words into someone's mouth, don't you?" The trickster sauntered up to Sam and was met with the gun against his chest. The trickster eyed it and then Sam's tight expression, "I just happen to like you, Sam. Yes, you're a hunter. A damn sexy one too. I don't like too many humans."

"Lucky me." Sam muttered wearily.

"Look, Kiddo." The trickster leaned into the gun, going so far as to rest his arm on Sam's hand, gazing up at him with partial annoyance, as though he was talking to a brick wall, "The bullet will hurt, but it won't kill me. All I'm saying is that I liked the sex and you liked the sex. So why not hook up every once in a while and have the sex?"

"Because you're a trickster, and I'm a hunter, for one." Sam pushed the trickster off and put the gun back in the seat of his jeans; it wasn't making him feel safe anymore, "You kill people."

"And you kill monsters." The trickster said with as much fact, "I think that's a bit prejudice, don't you?" Sam's face heated up in partial anger. The trickster moved closer again. He brushed Sam's arm with his hand; something akin to understanding. "You don't want your big bro to find out you're little secret. I get that." The trickster's brows rose curiously, "You like sex but you don't get it the way you want on the road." Sam shook his arm and pulled away, his back meeting the wall when he thought it was farther away. "And you're not a horn-dog like him, you want something a little more steady. I like a steady partner as well." The trickster's hand rested on Sam's hip and the trickster was so close Sam could smell the dark chocolate wafting from his confident smirk, "And I can blow your mind with the things I can do to you." Sam swallowed, skin tingling.

"If we do this..." Sam felt the hand on his hip massage warm circles through the denim, "You can't kill anyone." The trickster gave him a look of amusement, "I mean it."

"I will refrain from my deadlier tactics." The trickster promised and his other hand rested on Sam's thigh and pulled Sam from the wall in a way where his feet slid out from under him and he was brought down to the trickster's level as the man leaned into him. the trickster was stronger than he looked.

"Lee isn't your real name, is it?" Sam asked as they were pressed hips to hips. A smile curled on the trickster's face.

"Calling myself Loki is just a dead giveaway, don't you think?" he Leaned close and captured Sam's mouth in a heated kiss. Sam breathed heavily into his mouth, the same thrill filling him from days ago. He slid down the wall further, at least until he rested on Loki's knee, wedging him in place. Sam's hands gripped Loki's hair tightly.

Perhaps there was something igniting about sleeping with a god than a janitor that spurred the moment. Sam didn't want to think that he just crumpled with a few warm touches and a kiss. It helped a bit that Loki's hands were firm. It made Sam feel somewhat stable even though he was fairly sure that what they were doing was insane by definition.

The metal of the gun bit into his back as Loki pressed into him and Sam gasped between the pain in his back and the grinding against his crotch. It wasn't all together unpleasant.

"How about we talk this over in bed?" Loki whispered against his skin with a devious smile. Sam ran his teeth over his bottom lip and Loki cupped his thighs, lifting Sam a few inches against the wall, as though Sam weighed nothing more than a bag of flour. It felt good to be pressed into so warmly. Sam thought briefly that he should say no, but that went away when Loki kissed his throat.

"Oh, okay, okay..." Sam groaned, his hand tight in Loki's jacket.

(I'll Keep You My Dirty Little Secret)

Sam was pretty sure he should have felt dirty as he lay spread out on his back, forearm rested over his eyes. He should have felt disgusted for caving and he should not have enjoyed the fact that Loki could do what ever he pleased with him in bed. Sam was not a light man and Loki should not have been able to hold him up and thrust into Sam at the same time. And Sam didn't want to admit to screaming that loud.

"Are you coherent yet?" Loki asked from beside him and Sam only responded with a huff, his own world blacked out with his arm. He felt a hand sneak onto his belly and Sam's abdomen contracted. Loki chuckled before Sam smacked it away, "Well I'm glad you're not so shy anymore."

"You're a dick." Sam muttered.

"Mm, sweet talk me some more." Loki chuckled and Sam felt the movements before he felt body warmth close to his face. He felt warm lips against his and Sam turned his head away to break it. Loki hesitated but pulled back and gave Sam some space, "You were much cuddlier earlier."

"Earlier I thought you were human." Sam said bitterly, finally letting his arm slide aside to see again, his skin cooling. Loki lay on his stomach, elbows propping him up. He raised his brows at Sam.

"Is that something you're going to hold over me?" Loki asked, agitation clear in his face.

"I don't even know if what was before was REAL." Sam elaborated, "You're Loki. The Loki? Scandinavian god of chaos."

"I know who I am." Loki gestured to himself, "Chaos not my official title. I'm The God Loki, first and foremost. And from that you humans have labeled me what ever you wish. And all I did in Crawford was omit my godly-hood."

"That's still lying."

"You make it sound like a concept beyond your mortal code of conduct."

"You..." Sam quieted and rubbed his hand down his face, "Look, just because you're a god, doesn't make it right for you to use any powers on me, or, or spells." Loki's shoulders lumped and he rolled his eyes.

"I haven't used any 'tricks' on you." Loki knitted his fingers together under his chin and Sam quieted, looking up at the ceiling. Maybe he'd been hoping that Loki had, then it would make sense why he was obviously doing a stupid, irrational thing. Like continuing to sleep with a trickster. Loki leaned over towards Sam. "Do you think I actually used magic to get you into bed with me?" Sam's silence spoke volumes and Loki's mouth spread into a wide grin, "Oh PLEASE, I don't do that, Sam. I don't need those silly tricks to seduce someone. That is just raw talent." Loki looked at his nails and sounded very pleased with himself. Sam rolled his eyes, trying to ignore the burn on his face. He wasn't an easy lay or anything... he didn't think he was easy to seduce and he didn't think Loki was THAT good at it...

"You aren't THAT good." Sam grumbled. Loki gave him a curled lip smile.

"You were the one gasping 'Oh, god, OH GOD.'" Loki mimicked Sam moaning dramatically and cackled, humoring himself so much that he rolled onto his back; as though his sides were hurting. Sam threw Loki a glare and pulled himself up, minding his sore backside. He didn't come here to be laughed at and he certainly wasn't going to tolerate it.

"This is a bad idea." Sam concluded, masking his hurt with anger. He pulled his pants closer and pulled them halfway onto his legs. He regretted going there already. He felt a warm hand on his spine and Loki slid next to him, kneeling behind him.

"Look, Kiddo. I'm a god, get over it." Loki kissed Sam's neck playfully. Sam threw Loki a glare over his shoulder, "I can also keep this hush-hush from your brother. And you don't have to go fishing at seedy places to get a good lay." Sam turned his head away, glaring at the wall. He hated when Loki made good points. Because, yes, the sex was great and Sam never liked picking up girls like Dean. Loki rubbed Sam's nape with his fingers, leaning close to his ear, "And for the record, it's really sexy when you moan like that." Sam's face burned again, reaching the tips of his ears, "You've got to start calling the right god's name though." Sam stood, pulling his pants up the rest of the way. He couldn't believe he was sleeping with this jerk.

"We're not exclusive." Sam stated and Loki scoffed, leaning his elbows on the mattress again

"No, of course not. You can bong other people and so can I." Loki snapped his fingers and the bedroom door unlocked and opened as Max trotted in, taking time to sniff around at the new smells. Sam quickly made sure his wallet was in his pocket and Max huffed at Sam before hopping up on the bed. Max flopped next to Loki, who rubbed his exposed belly, "But that doesn't mean you aren't my prime choice for a good time." Loki gave him a flirty smile and Sam pulled his shirts over his head and down his abs. And then his gun. He put that in the seat of his pants, looking at Loki.

"I'll call you, you don't call me." Sam laid down the law with a sweep of his hand. He didn't need Loki popping up when he was busy on a case.

"Fine." Loki agreed with a shrug.

"And you're not allowed to hurt anyone."

Loki rolled his eyes at that one, "I already said yes. God's honor." He tapped his forehead with three fingers and held up a scout's sign, as though to pledge a promise. Sam didn't believe it for a second that Loki was ever a boy scout. Sam checked if everything was there and he was satisfied it was all there.

"Right..." Sam muttered and headed for the door, hands shoved into his pockets.

"I hate see you go, but I love to watch you leave." Loki grinned and Sam shut the bedroom door after him on his way out.