(after 2.19, Folsom Prison Blue)

Sam called several weeks later and Loki picked up his phone, setting up another 'sex night'. Sam and Dean had gotten out of jail and burned a murdering nurse for their dad's friend. Sam felt, well, a little dirty after being locked up in jail and had been more than happy to leave when a few of the inmates were eyeballing him. He could almost feel them undressing him with his eyes. Sam admitted at that point, that maybe he did like men as well as women, but he certainly didn't want to have anything to do with violent psychopaths that seemed ready to pounce if Sam bent over in the showers. It was also scary that Dean fit in so well with the crowd.

Luckily Dean also felt the need for something consensual when the job was done and it gave Sam the perfect excuse to find Loki again. And he pulled out some of Dean's old food to bring with him; he really wanted Max to stop barking at him since Sam kept winding up back at Loki's. He might as well make the dog like him.

Sam walked in and stopped, hearing the samba from the door. Max darted around the corner to bark at him and Sam caught a laugh with his hand. Max was wearing a small dog sized sombrero and a small poncho. It was cute, undeniably.

"Olla!" Loki peeked around the corner and the laugh was more startled out of him than anything. Loki was wearing a ridiculous black mustache and Sam had to turn away, not sure what to make of this scene. This wasn't supposed to be funny, what the Hell was Loki doing? Besides that he was swearing a crisp red shirt and black slacks. "Welcome to the party."

"What... are you doing?" Sam finally managed and looked around. Loki's two imaginary ladies were performing the Samba, both dressed in very flirtatious dresses and one was leading the other in a very close and intimate dance.

"Well, Max and I were going to show the ladies how to dance, but now that you're here, you can be my partner." Loki moved closer and shielded his hand from Max and Sam leaned down to hear over the music, "Max is all left paws if you know what I mean." Max barked again and Loki turned to him, "No, that was YOU. that is the last time I let you lead." Sam took a deep breath. Amusing as it was, this was also a little crazy.

"You must be incredibly bored to do this with two imaginary girls and a dog." Sam concluded and Loki took Sam's hand, pulling him towards the center of the room that was cleared from furniture.

"Well you're here now." Loki gave him a smile under the mustache and Sam set down the small Styrofoam box on a table to rub the bridge of his nose.

"I didn't come here to dance or party." Sam said as the ladies were finishing their number, "And please, I can not handle the mustache..." Sam wasn't sure if he wanted to laugh or shy away out of embarrassment.

"It's hard to dance with this anyway. Maxi, c'mer." Loki bent down as Max trotted over and Loki removed the mustache and fixated it under Max's nose. Max then looked up at Sam with a look of a serious Spanish man and trotted away and Sam found himself laughing, hands clutching his sides. Okay, it was priceless, he couldn't help it. Loki looked much better without the mustache and with a fully viewable smile. Loki gave him a proper, charming smile, holding out his hand for Sam's, "Come on, let's teach these ladies how to dance."

Sam stared at him, because he was certain that Loki was certifiable at this point, "Loki..." Loki gestured for Sam's hand again.

"Come on, when was the last time you had some fun?" Loki pried, lifting his brows, his hair slicked back all nice. Sam let out a slow breath. Yeah, okay. He could play along. It wasn't like there were actual people watching them.

"I've never samba'd before." Sam warned him as he rested his hand in Loki's and immediately the lights dimmed and Sam was no longer wearing his jeans and flannel but sharp violet shirt and form fitting black dancing pants.

"I'll lead. Just have fun with it." Loki pulled Sam close and the music started up as the women were watching from the couch that was moved to the kitchen area.

Sam was not a big party person in the first place; so no, he didn't dance. He studied Law in college and the rest of his life time was hunting the paranormal. Sam discovered he was awful at the Samba. He stepped on Loki's feet multiple times. He was spun around, lead around the room and he was tipped forward and back. His face was red from embarrassment and muttering sorry every few moments. Why did he decide to do this again?

"Relax, you're too tense." Loki said, who was of course, flawless, it seemed to Sam. He didn't even flinch when Sam stepped on his feet. Loki just laughed, though whether he was laughing At Sam or WITH Sam could be argued and it just made Sam feel more self conscious, "Stop trying so hard."

"I can't dance." Sam nearly spat, face red with humiliation. Loki pulled Sam's back against his chest.

"That's because your knees are stiff." Loki tipped Sam back and Sam felt like he was falling, "You've got to trust me." Sam tensed up, trying to keep himself stable but Loki wasn't having any of that. Sam was used to people being unable to physically hold him up right. He was nearly six and a half feet tall and he knew that. And trust was not something Sam was willing to give out to a deity just on a whim. Especially when he was going to humiliate him like this.

Loki's arm curled around Sam's shoulders and Sam still felt like he was falling, but he didn't hit the floor. Sam's hand had caught on Loki's shoulder, but it wasn't really needed, not when Loki was dipping him like an over sized girl. Loki smiled down at Sam.

"I'm not going to drop you, Sam." Loki said and Sam remembered that Loki was much stronger than he looked. Sam pursed his lips, his fingers loosening on Loki's shoulder. Loki had him in the air just with a hand on his waist and an arm against his back. He made it look effortless. Sam wondered exactly how strong this deity really was.

Sam swallowed and the beat picked up, but instead of Loki pulling Sam back to his feet, Max jumped in on his hind legs and started hopping around to the music. Sam saw that and he wasn't sure if it was the adrenaline from fear or his embarrassment, but he covered his face with his hands, a fit of laughter wracked his body. This was ridiculous and he couldn't stop his laugh from escaping.

When Sam's fit died down, he slid his hands down his red face and Loki just had this endearing smile on his face. He wasn't even watching Max hop around like some circus dog. Sam cleared his throat and pulled himself up, using Loki's sold shoulder as support. Loki let him, the music died down and the women had disappeared sometime during the song.

"You're crazy." Sam told him again.

"You may be right," Loki grinned, clapping his hands still to Max's hopping about, "But hey, it might just be alunatic you're looking for." Sam smiled and rolled his eyes at the song reference. Sam scooped up the container he'd brought as Max finished his hopping routine and jogged back to Loki. Loki finally relieved him of the mustache and tossed it into some neither world because it disappeared before it hit the floor. Sam still found himself in the samba outfit.

"You're lucky you have a cute dog." Sam told him and Sam popped open the container, gaining Max's attention.

"Oh that's all you're here for?" Loki asked, faux hurt in his tone, "To make my dog fat in the belly and the head. You're going to give him a terrible ego."

"I doubt it would be as bad as yours." Sam picked up a pair of cold french fries and Max's tail started to imitate a weed whacker with excitement.

"Okay, you got me there." Loki shrugged, his hands skidding into his pockets.

"Do you remember sit, Max, huh?" Sam waved the fries down lower and Max shuffled and huffed through his jowls as his butt hit the floor. Sam nodded, impressed. He dropped the fry down and Max hopped up to chew it. "Did you train him?"

"No." Loki shook his head, "I taught him some human." Sam stared at Loki through narrowed brows.

"You... taught him human?" Sam repeated.

"Well yes, he didn't need 'training'." Loki used quote fingers, "I just explained that humans don't used as many body motions to communicate. Humans are all talk. Right, Maxi?" Max barked and sat on his hunches, paws together at his chest and he gave Sam the saddest, head tilt and wateriest expression Sam had ever seen on an animal.

"The begging?" Sam eyed Loki wearily, but despite his resistant to dogs begging for food, he tossed down another fry and Max dove for it. Loki smiled and shrugged a little, looking at the wall.

"That one he wanted to learn. I told him it would get him more food." Loki shrugged, "You um..." Loki paused and Sam looked up, an amused smile on his face. Since when did the Norse god Loki lose his words?

"What?" Sam prompted and Loki gave another shrug.

"I may have based his puppy eyes off of yours. So you could say you taught him that." Loki waved a hand, as though trying to not make it such a big deal.

Sam pursed his lips, remembering that he'd been distraught in the middle of sex last time he arrived, "I didn't mean to do that."

"Yeah, I know." Loki slid closer and tossed a couple more fries from Sam's container and Max ran after them. "How about we make up for that?" Loki's bumped against Sam's hip and Sam nodded, closing the container. He didn't exactly want to discuss why he'd been sobbing in the middle of sex to Loki. Loki wasn't prying or making fun of him for it either. At least he was somewhat decent about that.

Sam laid in bed, resting his cheek on his folded arms in Loki's large bed. He glanced at Loki who looked so relaxed that he should have been smoking a cigarette after that last round. His arms were tucked under his head and he was smiling with his eyes closed.

"What in the world was that dancing thing about?" Sam asked finally after cooling down. The small party seemed sporadic and Sam didn't see a goal in it.

"Just a bit of fun." Loki replied easily gave Sam a side long smile, the relaxed kind that Sam had maybe caught glances at but never really got along look until now.

"Seemed a bit excessive. We could have gotten to this faster." Sam wet his lips with his tongue, his body still tingling from Loki's hands.

"I wanted you to laugh." Loki was looking right at him, "No fun if you come here in a bad mood, come for a fuck and then leave. Got to throw in some variety." Loki's smile grew to reflect his more trickster side, "Maybe next time we can Tango."

Sam snorted immediately, "No, I can't do that either."

"I could teach you." Loki rolled onto his side, towards Sam, "It's really sexy when you get into it." Sam pursed his lips. He never intended to come here and samba. He didn't think it was appropriate that they start dancing on a regular basis.

"No, thanks." Sam took a deep breath and sat up, pulling the sheet up over his lap, "It's too... this is not supposed to be complicated." Loki's smile fell for a moment, but then he shrugged.

"Yeah, complicated. Everything is supposed to be nice and simple, right?" There was a little bite to his words, but Sam got the feeling it wasn't all for him, "Okay, so I won't teach you to dance. But you coming, fucking and going is a bit monotonous. And I don't do boring, so you're going to deal with me spicing it up every once in a while." Sam frowned. Was Loki calling him boring? "Don't give me that look. When you live so long, you want to keep things upbeat, otherwise, what kind of lover am I?" Sam rolled his eyes. Of course, it was Loki's own ego.

"Just... simple is good for me." Sam got his clothes. Because that was all this was. It was simple, a hook up. A hook up they made many times. Sam still resisted every time he looked up the number. They didn't have a relationship, it was just something they did every few weeks for them to feel good. "At least your dog is cute." Loki grinned more than he should have at the simple comment and Sam didn't think he should have encouraged Loki by smiling back.