(After 3.01, the Magnificent Seven)

Sam pushed Loki's door open and Max was there, wagging his tail. He gave a welcoming whine like noise and sat at Sam's feet. Sam gave him a tired smile and closed the door after him. He leaned down to pet Max's head but Max rumbled a growl in dislike of his fingers and he slid down to the tile floor with his paws, licking his chops nervously. Sam rolled his eyes. How could he forget, Max still didn't want to be pet. All he wanted was food. Sam dug in his pocket and brandished a napkin of bacon. It was his of course, Dean would never willingly part with any meat by-product. Max's tail started wagging and Sam didn't even make him do tricks. He set the napkin down on the floor and entered the living room. Spoiled dog, Sam thought as he heard the slurp-crunch of bacon.

Loki was throwing darts to a board on one of the kitchen cabinets from the couch and Sam stood by the arm chair, laying his jacket over the back of it, "How are you always home when I call?" Sam asked after Loki made his shot. Loki smirked, taking aim with the next dart.

"It's been a month and that's the first question that pops into your head?" Loki asked with a bit of an edge in his voice. It was unusual. Loki was usually so easy going.

"I've been busy." Sam explained and ran his fingers through his hair, "Stopping the gates of Hell from opening..." Being kidnapped, killing Yellow eyes, seeing all the other people his age kill each other.

"I know." Loki threw his next dart and it stuck itself dead center on the board. Loki's full focus was on that board.

"You know?" Sam frowned, hands resting on the back of the chair.

"Hard not to know when you're a god." Loki drawled, rolling his eyes towards Sam for a moment, as though his anger was towards Sam. Sam wasn't sure what to make of that. He'd been one of the ones to CLOSE Hell's gate so he didn't understand why Loki was angry at him, "I felt it, Sam. A whole mess of hungry demons just leaving death in their trail. It's hard to miss when you find a candy store full of humans with so many life savers down their throats that the name doesn't even make sense any more."

Sam paused. Was... Loki angry because people were dead or because good candy went to waste? If it was the former, it gave Loki more credit to having a heart. Sam did want to give Loki the benefit of the doubt, just on principal if that was the case, "We sent all the deadly sins back to Hell, if that counts for anything."

Loki looked at Sam, as if trying to read his mind. His eyes were a sharp, crisp amber and Sam felt his stomach clench. Loki actually looked more like the monsters they faced on the road. He was no longer easy going for that moment. Sam was sure then that Loki was never human; he just played one every once in a while. Sam's fingers curled into the back of Loki's arm chair as Loki stood up. Loki took a deep breath, finally breaking eye contact and seeming to return to that human state, "Demons are a nuisance, is all." Loki looked back to Sam, eyes not so sharp and they returned to a warm caramel color. Sam let out a breath he hadn't been aware that he'd been holding, "I'm glad you closed it so no others wormed their way out."

"Yeah..." Sam breathed, so tired from the past weeks. He didn't want to think about all of the other chosen children being killed. He didn't want to think of Dean's soul being sold while he was brought back from the dead. It all hurt and he came here to lose himself. Maybe that's why Dean was having monumental amounts of sex himself.

"I was actually in England." Loki suddenly spoke after Sam's silence took over.

"What?" Sam hadn't fully been paying attention.

"I wasn't at home when you called, I was in England." Loki filled in, walking over to Sam, "I'm not always home, I do go out, believe it or not. I don't just sit around waiting for you to call."

Actually, it was exactly what Sam had been thinking and he felt bad for it now, "I didn't think you did." Loki gave an amused smile.

"Of course not." He took Sam's hand and kissed the back of it. Sam stared, not sure what to make of the soft motion of Loki's lips on his hand. It always seemed too intimate sometimes, and he should have told Loki to cut it out, but at least they weren't dancing and Loki wasn't holding him mid air effortlessly while Max did the samba hop.

Sam's lips slipped into a small smile, "It's been a long day."

Loki tugged Sam towards the bedroom, "Let's talk it over in bed then."