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Summary; Draco is a ½ Veela, ½ Vampire a rare combination of creature genes. Harry is an elf, a dark elf to be specific. Draco had gone through his Inheritance and 15, a year sooner then he should have because at the time Harry had needed him. During this time he and Harry (his mate) have been in contact through dreams, yet the entire time they never see each other's faces. With Sirius gone, Harry has become more withdrawn, his muggle family decides to take advantage of this and his abuse only gets worse. Remus confronts the headmaster, reading Lily and James' will. Severus tries to help his godson.

Warning: This fic contains slash, mature content, abuse and mentions of almost rape. Draco is the dominate of the pair in this fic as well! If you don't like Drarry I suggest you don't read this.


5th year of Hogwarts, June 4th (Draco's15th Birthday)

Draco was in his room pacing, his face contorted in a scowl. His large room held a queen sized bed covered in Slytherin green silk sheets, the walls a pale grey and regal; bookshelves covered a section of his walls next to his desk. Stopping in the middle of his room he sighed loudly. Only a week ago had his mother informed him of his creature blood. He couldn't understand, he always thought he was a pure-blooded Wizard, granted being a magical creature has similar status and means basically the same thing though he still couldn't wrap his head around it. The entire week he looked through the house library looking up his Veela and Vampire heritage. He knew what was going to happen next year, he also knew that he needed to find his mate lest he go insane thanks to his Veela half, he knew of the pros and cons of feeding off of certain beings and who he should feed off of first, his mother or Father, he knew practically everything one could know about it, he knew the mating rituals, how to track his mate, to open mental connections, what happens if he can't find his mate, the best way to feed, protection charms to prevent early pregnancy, how an Inheritance is supposed to feel, when it happens, etc. No matter what he still couldn't get rid of the anxiousness that's been boiling in him all day. It had gotten worse since the morning and he was frustrated he couldn't get an answer. He sat down on the edge of his bed leaning down his head in his hands, his anxiousness becoming physical pain. Gritting his teeth not wanting to scream Draco's skin began to burn, his shoulders feeling like they were trying to tear him apart. His magic swirled around him, gripping his hair Draco failed to realize his back began to bleed, the crimson liquid staining his white button up shirt beginning to stain the sheets below him. White flashed behind his silver grey eyes as the pain doubled, finally the poor boy let out an ear splitting scream his magic thrashing around the room his back arching from the sheer pain of it all. Silver-white wings sprouted from his back, his canines growing into sharp fangs. He stood up leaning against the wall gritting his teeth again as he held his head his body lengthening, growing to a good 5'11", now slightly taller than his dad, his muscles filling out and toning. His magic increased drastically and wrapped around him as he struggled to stand. His parents had just slammed the door open to see the transformation. Narcissa's hands rose to cover her mouth, Lucius held his wife close watching his son. And then everything abruptly stopped, Draco fell to the ground, knocked out from the force of his transformation before passing out.

Draco stood up taking in his surroundings; everything was pitch black, confused the teen tried to look around. Hearing a whimpering noise behind him caused the platinum blond to turn around, there sat a young boy curled up in a ball, he had bandages wrapped around his left ankle and right arm, his back shaking indicating he was crying. Realization hit Draco, he had somehow gone through his inheritance early and this boy was his mate, he just had to be. His heart clenched as he saw the boy cry out in pain his shoulders shaking from the force of his sobs, carefully Draco stepped closer, his shoes making a light tapping noise, and the closer he got the tighter the raven haired boys muscles seemed to clench as if afraid of his approach. Once close enough, Draco sat down behind him their backs touching each other's.

"What's wrong little mate?" Draco said, the boy's breath hitched in his throat at the sound of his voice and somehow he knew this being wouldn't hurt him but was there to help and protect him. With this realization he relaxed slightly and leaned his back into Draco's seeking out the comfort he instinctively knew the teen behind him would give.

This was their beginning.


Chapter 1 (Set in the summer before 6th year)

Harry was sitting in his room staring blankly at the wall; he had just gotten home from Hogwarts a week and a half ago. His emerald eyes looked blank and dead, he hadn't gotten much sleep, the nightmares of losing Sirius to the veil constantly plaguing him, and he had yet to see his Dragon in his dreams; his Dragon, the boy who came into his life a year ago offering love and comfort. Harry's lips twitched at the memory, he knew so much of this boy, his soul mate. He knew his family was full of Death Eaters and that he was forced to take the Dark Mark not too long ago as well, he also knew that he knew who Harry was, but Harry didn't know his true given name, but the raven haired teen didn't mind, his Dragon was always there for him always offering comfort and love. It was only June 10th barely a few weeks into his summer vacation, and this year, Dumbledore had adamantly refused to let Harry spend part of it at the burrow, Voldemort's awakening and threat was the headmaster's sole reason. The old Wizard had claimed that it was safer for the young Gryffindor to remain behind the blood wards that were set up at the Drusleys'. Harry curled into himself as silent tears made their way down his face. He couldn't believe he was sent to live with his muggle family again. No matter how much he begged Dumbledore to stay somewhere else, anywhere else he just wouldn't see to reason. He didn't understand how the man could send him here year after year, didn't he know what they had done to him? Hadn't Harry told the man about the abuse several times over? And more than anything he wanted to see his Dragon soon.

A banging was heard at his door, eyes widening Harry quickly wiped his tears as he heard the several locks being undone. Oh God please no, please, please, please no! Not again! Vernon stood at the door, angry and slammed the door behind him as he waddled his fat self to the frightened boy yelling the entire time, Harry wasn't paying attention he was going to get punished again, for something he yet again didn't do. Please just go away! Harry just wanted it all to stop, all to go away, but like everything else in his life, things wouldn't go his way. The fat man's sausage like fingers gripped his neck as he sat on the boy's chest restricting his movements, air being forced out of his lungs and his ribs bending from the weight, sickening cracking noises where heard. Stop, Stop, please stop! No more, please! Pain covered his body like a blanket, his bones burning in pain, tears making their way down his face once more. The pig of a man tied Harry's hands above his head on the bed post. Oh God, no, please don't! NO! Vernon ripped Harry off his shirt, his hand running down his nephew's boney chest as he licked his lips as Harry struggled and attempted to squirm away; pulling down his shorts Harry panicked Vernon began to unbuckle his belt and pull down his own paints. NO. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Oh God NO! Terrified Harry bucked the heavy man off of him, as he thrashed around trying to loosen his bindings. Vernon got up off the floor scowling. Go away please! Just go away.

"BOY! You will BEHAVE and do as I say NOW!" Vernon shouted trying to once again straddle the boy again. This wasn't the first time Vernon tried to get his way with the teen, each time he had tried thus far ended in failure. Scared Harry kept thrashing trying to keep him way, hoping, praying today wouldn't be the day he was raped. God no, please no. Vernon tried pining his legs, breaking Harry's ankle as the was kicked back for the effort, tried turning him around only to be kicked in the face with the other leg, he tried to knock him out giving Harry a black eye, then something snapped. Just leave me ALONE! He thought and soon after a whirlwind of magic surrounded Harry throwing Vernon to the other side of the room. His Uncle was yelling he was sure, but he still wasn't paying attention he focused on the calming feeling of his magic wrapping around him, protecting him from his Uncle once again as tears silently made their way down his cheeks. Vernon left outraged and unsatisfied as he locked all the locks again leaving Harry to himself. Harry somehow managed to untie his hands and clothe himself before finding his wand and casting several concealment charms before pointing the wand to himself healing what was broken crying the entire time, feeling so dirty being touched like that by him. At least he's gone for now. Harry shook as he cried, hiccuping and trying to catch his breath. Ever since his Third year at Hogwarts this had been happening and every time his magic would save him just before the man could get to him. Harry was exhausted by the time he had finished with the worst of his injuries and passed out from using the energy he didn't have.


Draco was going over his summer homework when he felt pain, and panic. The pain shooting down his spine as he gasped in response, it felt like he just flew through a flock of bludgers. His mate was in trouble jumping up he ran out of his room running for the door ready to search for him, even if he didn't know where. All Draco knew was that he had to at least try to find him. Narcissa was walking by when she saw her son rushing toward the door, using her Veela reflexes she grabbed his arm stopping him from leaving. Draco began panicking as he tried to get away to rush and find Harry, to save him from whatever was hurting him.

"Draco, darling calm down. What's wrong?" Glancing at his mother, Draco found he couldn't form words, still trying to get past her, he couldn't stop Harry needed him now. This only caused his mother to tighten her grip and frown at him. "Draco calm down and tell me what is happening now." She growled out. Hesitating Draco stopped struggling in her grip before taking a deep breath, grabbing his mother's hand and led her to his room briskly. Once there he locked the door and cast a Silence charm around his room so no one could over hear them.

"Mother I need to leave" Draco's eyes were wide in fear and worry as he glanced around franticly. "It's ha-My mate mother. My mate is in trouble I need to find him!" he exclaimed looking back at him mother, his eyes pleading with her to let him go. Narcissa smiled sadly in understanding at her son putting a hand on his cheek comfortingly.

"Ok Draco darling, but Who is your mate? Ever since you went through your Inheritance early and found your mate, you have yet to tell me who. I'll help you find them my Dragon, but you must tell me who they are so I can help you." she said trying to comfort her obviously distressed son. Draco shook his head before pulling away before he started to pace back and forth, his long legs striding across the room. The years had been good to him, he now stood slightly over 6 feet tall and had a body to die for. He looked as if he was thinking; he stopped suddenly before turning, his brilliant silver eyes boring down on her own light blues. Narcissa was shocked at her son's expression, fierce and demanding yet worry some and fearing at the same time.

"Mother, if I tell you. You must keep quiet about it." Draco glared. Narcissa nodded silently. "It's Harry mother, Harry bloody Potter. My mate is Harry" sighing he walked over to his bed to sit down. Narcissa's eye's widened as she gasped almost silently. She bit her lip before walking over to her son, wrapping her arms around him.

"Draco, we need to tell Severus, he can help"

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Today Remus Lupin was on a mission, not a mission for the order nor one for Dumbledore, Remus was on a mission for both himself and Harry. As the werewolf strode into Gringots, walking confidently towards the center desk were Griphook was stationed. Once there the small goblin finished writing his sentence before looking down distainfully at the Wizard before him much like all goblins did.

"Yes?" he asked sarcatiaclly, Remus controlled the urge to withhold rolling his eyes in response.

"I wish to hear Sirius Black's last will along with James and Lily Potter's wills." He responded curtly. Griphook adjusted his glasses before making his way around his desk.

"Just a moment" the Goblin then went about the back of his desk searching for the nessisary papers. Once he had two papers in hand he read them over than looked back down at the werewolf. "Name?" Remus sighed.

"Remus Lupin" Griphook looked down once again and nodded before holding out his hand.

"Wand please." Nodded Remus held out his wand, the goblin took the wand into his black clawed nails, examining the wand thoroughly before nodding and giving back Remus his wand the Goblin mad his way down from his high desk.

"Come with me" Nodding Remus followed the small and easily angered creature into an office room then gesturing for the wizard to take a seat. "Wait here, I will be back" nodding Remus watched the goblin leave. Sighing the light haired man rubbed his face exasperatedly before taking a deep calming breath. Once the werewolf had calmed down Griphook had returned with two documents in hand. Sitting at the other end of the table the goblin handed the parchments over. "Simply tap the parchment with your wand and the Wills will be read to you." Nodding Remus took the first paper, which so happened to be both Lily's and James' Will and tapped it gently with the tip of his wand sending a small burst of magic into the paper. The Will then floated before Remus and began to speak.

"This is the last Will and testament of both James and Lily Potter" James voice was heard.

"Our first matter of business is the custody of our son, Harrison James Potter" Lily's voice was heard next. Remus smiled sadly at hearing his old friend's voices, this was something he should have done long ago, but couldn't for the loss of his pack had struck him deep and he couldn't before now, find the courage to do it.

"Yes, If Lily and I were to both die we would want our son to be with his Godfather, Sirius Black. If Sirius were not able to care for him, which I highly doubt for Sirius loves Harry like he was his own and Harry can never to seem to get enough of his Godfather, both Lily and I would want Remus Lupin to care for Harry. We care not for his curse, Remus is the most suitable guardian for my boy if Sirius cannot take the position." Remus smiled bitter-sweetly, he was honoured that James and Lily had wanted him to take custody of Harry.

"I would also like that of neither Sirius or Remus were available that Severus Snape watch over my baby boy. James and I have talked it over and under NO circumstances is Harry go to my sister and her awful husband. I repeat Harry is not to go to Petunia and Vernon Dursley under any circumstance." At hearing Lily Remus stiffened in anger, could no longer pay attention to his friends leaving both him and Sirius with a heafty sum of money and favored nicknacks or their leaving everything else to Harry, he could barely make it through Sirius' will next as he stewed in anger. After having both Will's read to him, gaining quite a bit of money from his friends, Remus glared heatedly at the gobbling before him.

"I want Harry in my custody, were he is meant to be. I don't care what Dumbledore has said or threatened you with, I want my cub safe and with me now." He growled out the last word, Griphood only nodded in reply, the barest hint of a smirk on his face as he left to get the paperwork needed. Once all was said and done Remus finally had custody over harry and was now headed over to Hogwarts to give the headmaster a piece of his mind.

"What the Bloody Fuck do you mean you'd thought it be safer for him there?!" Remus was yelling at Dumbledore, his eyes flashing gold before settling back down to their normal hue. The headmaster was currently raising his hands in a submissive gesture; Fawkes was glaring at the old man silently accusing him of something the wolf did not know. Remus stood tall a piece of parchment in his hand his hands tightening his fists as he shook in anger. Remus growled out. "You knew they didn't want him there dammit!" he threw his hands on the desk making a quill and ink spill over and several trinkets topple over and land on the floor.

"Now, now calm down Re-" he was cut off by Remus yelling at the old wizard.

"No! I will not calm down dammit! I have custody of Harry now! Just like I should gave years ago, but I listened to you thinking he'd be safer with them. I was just at gringots and its official. You can do nothing about it Albus." Remus growled out before he turned away storming his way out, Fawkes seemingly just as mad followed him out.

As soon as he got off of Hogwarts property he apparated out, straight to Pivot Drive. Reaching number four the werewolf barged in, not caring weather the Dursleys were yelling at him, or that the pudgy Dudley squirmed away in fear. Striding straight up to Vernon he pointed his wand at his double chinned throat, Fawkes perched on his shoulder glaring menacingly at the family which only added to the muggle family's fear.

"Where. Is. Harry?!" he growled out his eyes flashing dangerously, like the wolf inside would break out any second and tear them all to shreds, which quite frankly Remus wouldn't mind if it did come out and kill the worthless beings before him. He wanted his cub safe, and these people obviously weren't providing him the safety he needed. Harry had begged him and Sirius to take him away for years and after digging around and finally, finally getting the Potter's will read to him he had all he needed to take the boy away, he only regretted that he hadn't done it as soon as his friends had died. Last year Harry had come to him and Sirius and begged to be taken away, telling him that those muggles hated him, that he hated being there with him and he'd do anything to leave that horrible place. Remus didn't know exactly what happened within the house, Harry had never told him or Sirius directly, but he knew it wasn't good.

Petunia and Dudley were huddled in a corner cowering as Remus' eyes glowed in anger. The fat man gulped lifting a shaking hand and pointed upstairs. Turning around Remus headed up stairs finding Harry's heavily locked door, making quick work of it he walked in. What he saw would haunt him the rest of his life. Harry was on the floor curled up in a ball his wand resting loosely in his hand and Hedwig hooting worriedly, his body pale and riddled with bruises in multiple stages of healing, the most prominent was the hand mark on his throat, his body was covered in bandages, some had blood smeared on them. Quickly packing everything and shrinking it to put in his pocket Remus made his way to a passed out shivering Harry, carefully picking the boy up, trying to be careful of his injuries, seen and unseen before apparating to Grimuald place knowing that was the only place Harry would be safe.


Draco was pacing back and forth next to a window. Narcissa was watching her son with mild worry; they had called the potions master over nearly right after their conversation and were now currently waiting for him to arrive.

"Draco, calm down, this is unbefitting darling" Narcissa calmly said. Draco shook his head sighing, he didn't bloody well care if it was unbefitting or not, Harry needed him for Merlin's sake. He couldn't sit still, or stand, nothing about the aches and pains that wracked his body would let him. He knew Harry was hurt and he knew that he needed Draco, and that he wasn't there when his mate needed him most tore Draco up inside.

"Yes, I know mother, but I can't help it. He's in pain and I can't track him at all!" Draco said, he stopped to look at his mother for a moment before going back to his pacing. Sighing Narcissa glanced at the fire place waiting for her longtime friend to floo in. The fireplace soon erupted into great green flames as a dark figure stepped out. Severus glanced at his godson, shooting Narcissa a questioning glance before she gestured for him to sit across from her, clearing her throat to get Draco's attention. Getting the hint the six foot Veela, Vampire hybrid sat down next to Severus slightly fidgeting in his seat.

"Now, Narcissa, Draco. What seems to be the problem?" he asked with mild interest. Draco's eye twitched as his mother shot him a warning glance. Of course you're calm! My mate is in- wait a minute. He's moved. But I still can't tell where dammit! Draco thought as he shot up, looking around. Both adults eyes were on him now, Draco looked down at his mother.

"He's moved. But I still can't tell where he is!" Draco was growling in frustration his eyes flashing an icy blue before back to their stunning silver. Severus looked annoyed at his godson, feeling as though being watched he glared at his godfather, sneering, showing his fangs in warning. "He's gone again dammit! Why the Hell can I find him?! Harry sodding Potter! My Mate! He's hurt and he's moved!" Magic began swirling around him getting out of control before his mother got up and slapped him across the face snapping her son out of his rage before smiling at him and stroking his cheek, she didn't want to slap him but he was getting out of control. Calming down Draco looked apologetically at his mother, who smiled reassuringly at him in return. She turned to Severus.

"As you've heard Draco's mate, his soul mate is Harry Potter. And he's in trouble, but for some reason he can't locate him like he should be able to. Do you believe you can help us?" Narcissa asked calmly. Severus' eyes widened a fraction before his mask slipped back in place.

"He has blood wards surrounding him and his muggle family according to Dumbledore. Moving him and your inability to track him still means the wards have moved with him which is supposed to be impossible. It would seem the muggles have lost custody of Potter somehow." He paused for a moment thinking quietly before continuing. "If he is no longer there I have an idea of where he could be" Severus eyes his Godson carefully, Draco perked up at hearing this, now he could finally find Harry and help him, Severus looked down at him then at his mother. "Draco if you wish to do this you need to leave the Dark lord and join the order, possibly becoming a spy in the end, and your mother well, we must lock away these memories, not oblivate her but lock them away, make her a secret keeper." Draco looked at his mother, saddened, he knew what would happen if he left, his mother would be punished heavily if she couldn't convince the Dark Lord he left for a good reason. He was torn he needed to be with Harry but he didn't want his mother hurt either. Narcissa smiled

"Go Draco. I'll be fine. I'll find a way out on my own" she reassured her son. Smiling Draco looked at Severus who grabbed his god son and apparated into Grimuald place.


"Oh God Harry" Remus whispered as he gently laid the broken teen on the couch and brushed some hair out of his face, Grimuald was recently cleaned up and made livable. Once placing the boy down he called for Kreacher. Merlin he was small, he obviously hadn't much to eat at all, and all the bruises, what did those muggles do to him? Why hadn't Harry told him about what was happening there instead of the vague hints? He should've seen the signs, should have done something sooner.

"What can creature do for young master Harry, sir?" the old house elf bowed at Remus distainly. The wolf frowned and looked down at the frail boy before him before speaking.

"Kreacher do you know any healing magic?" Remus said, rubbing his face worried.

"Of course Mr. Lupin sir, Kreacher knows much of healing magics sir." The old house elf replied. Sighing slightly in relief Remus kneeled down as he watched the elf move to stand in front of Harry.

"Help him, he's hurt. I don't know how bad or what's happened but help him." The werewolf pleaded. The house elf nodded before placing over his hands over the frail boy's body his palms glowing. This caused several points and lines to start glowing. After a few minutes Harry began screeching and thrashing around, not wanting to mess up the healing or hurt him, Remus regrettably put Harry in a body bind, he did nothing of the noise though. Remus hunched over as tears made their way down his face, nothing but sorrow filled his heart, as he watched his cub suffer. A loud pop was heard, Remus' head shot up to see Snape and Malfoy Jr. standing in front of him. As soon as the blond looked over a Harry then back at him a loud growl erupted from his throat as he tried to rush towards Remus only to be pulled back by Severus. Snarling Draco stopped his advance and held his ground using all his self-control to just right out attack the wolf. Harry stopped screaming Remus looked over to see his body no longer glowing and released him of the body bind and caressed the boy's cheek.

"Kreacher" Remus' voice cracked, he pulled out Harry's things and put them in the outstretched hands of the house elf. "Those are Harry's put them in the room Sirius picked out for him" the elf left before Remus made his way to Harry's side kneeling down in front of his face, softly brushing hair away from his face and pressing his forehead to the teen's in a loving manner before leaning back up. "I'm so sorry cub. If only I'd known" tears were still streaming down his face. Standing up he turned around to face the two who suddenly showed up before motioning for them to follow him in the kitchen. Remus sat down, Draco and Severus sat across from the werewolf, the Malfoy heir was still growling quietly.

"What are you doing here?" Remus asked, his voice cracking as he struggled to stop crying. His eyes were red from his tears and he looked extremely depressed, if his hunched figure was anything to go by. Draco was ready to stand up and start yelling, but Snape put a hand in front of him halting his boiling rage.

"Potter has moved." Snape stated, Remus nodded. "His blood wards following him here" again, another statement and another nod from Remus. The potions master sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, a headache forming. "May I ask why?" Remus sighed and glanced over at Harry for a moment.

"I was curious as to why Dumbledore placed Harry with his aunt and uncle, seeing as Lilly's experience with her sister was anything but happy. So I demanded to see their will which took forever for me to be able to read, in their will it stated Sirius as Harry's Godfather. Not only that but it stated that if anything were to happen to them or Sirius Harry was to live with me." Remus, up his head in his hands. "It specifically said for Harry not to go to the Dursley's , under any circumstance!" Remus shook his head as Fawkes had flown through the room towards Harry, placing himself on the couch, watching the sleeping teen. "I went to get him, and I found him like this, God it was horrible. I had Kreacher heal him; I didn't know what else to do. I didn't know how badly he was hurt. If only I'd knew." Remus looked defeated at the end of his little speech. Severus looked thoughtful for as second before Remus' voice began again. "Lilly even stated that if no one else could take Harry, she'd want you to look after him Snape" Both Draco and Severus were shocked at this; Severus regained his composure before Draco however. Draco looked longingly through the door at Harry.

"I see" Snape drawled, "Well nonetheless, we are here for other reasons. Draco" he gestured to the blond teen, at hearing his name Draco turned back to the conversation reluctantly. "Has left the Dark Lord and joined the Order. He needs someplace safe, here is the only place I can think of." Remus nodded before looking at the Malfoy heir and sighing.

"It's fine for him to stay here, but I don't want him near Harry, after-" he was cut off by Draco standing abruptly growling and sneering at the werewolf.

"Look here wolf, I will not be separated from my-" Snape cleared his throat rather loudly, reminding the Malfoy heir to control himself. Remus shook his head as he finally recognized the smell around the teen, Bloody Vampire, before leering at the potions master in a questioning manner.

"If you must be near him" Draco could've sworn he just received a knowing look from Remus. "Take things slow. You two don't exactly have a friendly past, I'm sure if you apologize and tell him certain reasons behind your actions you two could be friends. But I warn you, I haven't a clue as to what's been going on in that horrid house he was in. so be slow in your advancements" Remus' eyes flashed gold, and Draco knew that the wolf knew what he was and what Harry was to him. Gulping the hybrid nodded before standing and making his way to the living room, leaving the adults to chat. Once inside he kneeled down and placed a kiss on the raven haired teen's forehead. Looking up he saw the phoenix leering at him curiously.

"What the hell are you looking at bird?" Fawkes only glared back at him as if to say 'What do you think Dumbass?' Before returning his watch on Harry.

Draco had been sitting on the floor, watching Harry for almost an hour before Remus and Snape emerged from the kitchen. Remus saw the Malfoy heir on the floor across from Harry, his posture was straight with a protective feel to it, his eyes well hidden behind an indifferent mask. Harry began to whimper, and curl into a fetal position murmuring words he could only hear because of the werewolf in him.

"Dray…" Harry whimpered out, Draco stood up almost immediately his face softening and placing a hand on the boy's cheek comfortingly hoping to soothe him in whatever way he could. Soon Harry's eyes began to open slowly.

Upon waking up Harry recognized he wasn't at the Dursley's anymore, instead he was in a place that resembled Grimuald place, only cleaner. He then noticed Fawkes above his head and a hand on his cheek. Averting his gaze he saw none other than Draco Malfoy staring at him with concerned eyes. Scared out of his wits the boy jumped up yelping before looking around to find Remus and Snape not far from him. His eyes were wide in confusion. Remus approached him and sat next to him, Draco standing up, looking down at Harry with longing before going to stand hear his Godfather.

"Harry," Remus started raising his arm and pulling Harry close, this caused Harry to stiffen and jerk away, his eyes impossibly wide. Remus stared at Harry, he certainly wasn't expecting that, but he also was vaguely aware of the low growling noise Malfoy was making. "Harry, calm down" realizing that he was shaking slightly Harry took a few deep breaths before looking up at Remus questioningly. Remus smiled slightly. "Harry, I've taken you away from those horrible Dursleys, I hope you don't mind but I have official custody of you now" Harry began to smile brightly, this caused Remus to smile back at him, what he didn't expect was getting dove at and having an armful of Harry. Chuckling slightly Remus hugged the boy back. Harry sighed at the contact, finally feeling safe in the werewolf's arms.

"I never have to go back there?" Harry pulled his head away just enough to look at Remus, who shook his head in reply. Harry hugged his mentor tightly thanking him over and over again. Then Harry pulled away and looked confused at Remus before glancing a Fawkes and the two other people in the room. "Um, what are they doing here?" Remus smiled before laughing. Draco slowly approached Harry before kneeling onto one knee in front of him.

"I've left the Dark Lord, and joined the Order as a spy like Severus." Harry's eyes widened at Draco's statement. "I realize the things I've done are horrible, and I realize what my father has done to you. I realize you have no reason to trust me, let alone a reason to befriend me, and no amount of apologizes can make things better. I still offer them to you. I dare not make excuses for my actions, but I would like for you to know. I want to start over, and be your friend if possible." Harry was confused, Why does that sound like something Dray would say? Why am I getting the same feeling with Draco as I get with my Dray? He thought. Biting his lip nervously Harry nodded before shyly reaching his hand out, earning a dazzling smile from Draco. The blond grasped the outstretched hand before turning it to place a kiss on the top of his hand, Harry turned beet red and slowly brought his hand back clutching his oversized shirt not really believing what had just happened. Harry glanced over to Remus who didn't look anywhere near surprised and then he looked over at Snape who rolled his eyes at his Godson. This was certainly one of the most confusing situations Harry had ever been put in. and by the looks of it he was going to be thrown into even more in the upcoming future.