Dream space##

"One would think watching that traitor Draco you'd realize not to mess with me!" Voldemort yelled, pointing wand at Severus. The black haired man was on the floor panting, blood flowing freely down his face from the large gash on his forehead. The potions master was looking up at the Dark Lord defiantly. "How long have you been disloyal to me?!" He demanded, obviously displeased with his once most trusted follower.

"Since the day you set your eyes on Lilly and her son." He spat back. Old Snake face wasn't pleased with that answer and cast Cruico on the already beaten man. Snape tried to move away, screaming. His left leg became visible when his cloak moved, it was bent at an unnatural angle and bits of the tibia stuck out of his skin.

End dream.

Harry shot up from the bed, the covers flying off of him and Draco. Harry was panting; his eyes were wide and misted with tears. Draco quickly got up and grabbed Harry surprised at the outburst but used to it at the same time. Harry often shot out of bed when he had visions or mild nightmares. Harry quickly got up out of bed, Draco looked at him confused, one of his eyebrows rises in a question, and hurriedly Harry threw some clothes his way after he finished getting dressed. Draco looked down at the clothes in front of him then back up at his distraught mate.

"Harry? What happened? What's wrong?" Draco asked his voice still groggy from sleep. Harry shook his head and headed towards the door, once there he turned his head to look at Draco. The blond could see worry and panic in these bright emerald eyes he loved so much.

"Get your father now! I'm getting Remus, its Severus he's in trouble!" Harry said quickly as he rushed out of the room not even bothering to close the door. Draco looked stunned for a moment before he too got dressed and rushed to get Lucius. Draco didn't knock on the door; he simply went in and turned the lights on waking his parents. Lucius was about to question what was going on when he saw his son throwing clothes at him and heading out just as quickly as he came. Narcissa looked at him and shot after her son. Lucius still confused knew something was up so he got dressed and followed after them.

Down the hall Harry was doing the same to Remus; barging in, turning the lights on and having clothes thrown in his face.

"Harry?" The werewolf asked as he yawned, Harry had looked at him before talking.

"Severus needs our help now Moony!" Getting the message Remus quickly got dressed and stumbled out of the room and headed down stairs with Harry. Narcissa, Lucius and Draco were already there, Draco and Lucius dressed and ready. Harry looked at Narcissa. The woman looked worriedly back at him.

"Take care of the twins until we get back okay?" Harry asked smiling slightly his voice soft and quiet; Narcissa smiled back at him, nodding and looked at the four of them before saying:

"I will but you four be careful, come back safe." Everyone nodded before grabbing onto the port key Draco had set up for them. Once everyone had it they quickly left the house and went to the manor.

They arrived in the dungeons, the alarms not going off. It would have been a good thing but a Death Eater who happened to be passing by saw them and ran off to get others. Cursing Draco looked at Harry as he headed off in the opposite direction. He looked at his mate, who somehow knew where to go before getting his Father and Remus' attention. Draco motioned for them to follow Harry. Harry seemed to strangely know where he was going making his way quickly through the halls, soon he began running and the others followed. Lucius didn't know what to think of the situation, all he knew was that Severus needed help and Harry somehow knew about it.

Harry stopped in front of a door; he looked back at the others before lifting his hand to open the door. Lucius, Remus and Draco got their wands ready. This was when a barrage of curses began being hurled at them Bellatrix leading a group of 15 or so Death Eaters their way. The curses had missed the group thankfully and Remus had quickly cast a shield as Lucius began firing back at the ones who attacked them. Harry quickly opened the door. A series of cutting curses being thrown at him from inside. Luckily he had already cast a shield expecting this. Draco rushed in from behind him and took out the larger wizard there that had cast the curses at them as Harry rushed to the passed out Severus who was crumpled on the floor. Harry had cast many charms at once; Snape was alive but just barely. He began working on him and shouted to his mate who was busy tying up the other Wizard.

"Draco! You need to close the wards now. They are still in place I can feel them." Draco looked at his mate like he was crazy, Harry had just glared at him. How could Harry feel the wards? "Do it! Severus is barely hanging on he can't go any where right now. Close the wards Draco! You have to it's the only thing that will buy us some time." Harry said as he turned back to the potions master and began casting healing spells quickly is succession, watching his magic sink through in to the broken man on the floor. Draco looked at his mate, then at his father and Remus. Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes focusing on finding the wards. When he found them he quickly bent them to his will, trying to force everyone else out. Magic soon exploded in the manor as the Death Eaters were pushed out, leaving Harry, him, Remus, Lucius and Severus inside. Opening his eyes Draco looked back to his mate, and headed next to him, kneeling down next to him as he watched Severus slowly gain color back in his face. Harry was concentrated on the task at hand when both he and Draco felt a pulse of magic being pushed at the wards. Voldemort was trying to destroy the wards to get back into the manor. Harry tried to ignore it, focusing on getting Severus stable again. They really did a number on him, some of his organs were ruptured and he had a poison in his system, most likely Nagini's. Harry was focused on trying to push the poison out as he healed the internal bleeding first.

"Fuck" Draco whispered as he rested a hand on Harry's shoulder, closing his eyes again strengthening the wards as much as he could. Harry was beginning to sweat, the internal bleeding had stopped and he was almost finished with the organs when another particular blast was aimed at the wards. Frustrated Draco sent a good amount of magic in the wards, everything went dead quiet, and he had succeeded. Harry breathed a sigh of relief before he finished with the internal injuries. He moved to Snape's leg, placing his hands on it he quickly snapped the bone back into place. Severus finally woke up and screamed, blood pouring from the reopened wound. Lucius looked at the scene, wincing when Harry had reset the bone; Remus looked down at his cub sadly hoping Severus would be okay. Harry quickly healed his leg and partially mending the break. Harry looked up at Draco and nodded, Snape was out of the woods now.

"Draco, he's stable enough to take him back to the house." Harry whispered. Nodding he grabbed onto Harry and Snape, apperating back home, Remus and Lucius right behind them.

The entire ordeal had lasted only a little over an hour, so by the time they got back it was no surprise to find Narcissa still in the living area. Remus had picked up Snape, putting him on the sofa so Harry could continue with his treatment. Lucius collapsed in the recliner as Remus and Narcissa got some tea. By the time Harry had finished treating Severus he was exhausted and Snape was fast asleep once more.

Harry let out a breath of air, sighing. Severus would be okay now all he needed was some rest and to stay off of his leg. Draco rubbed Harry's back; Harry in turn leaned against his mate trying to keep his eyes open. Draco knowing Harry was tired picked him up and sat him in his lap as he sat in the loveseat next to the fireplace. Harry had almost immediately fallen asleep, his chest rising and falling at a steady pace. Draco played with the silky raven hair as he felt his mate's breath on his neck. Once his mother and Remus came back all he could think of was 'What the hell just happened?' He sighed; he'd have to wait for Harry to wake before he got any answers.

It wasn't too long until Harry had re-awoken, still being held by Draco. Harry quickly looked at Snape to make sure he was okay before sighing and lifting his head from the crook of Draco's neck. Everyone was looking at him, he looked around to try and see what time it was, seeing that the twins weren't there it had to still be early. The sun was out so that meant it was at least a decent time now. Harry yawned as Draco began rubbing his back trying to help him wake up. Lucius looked at the two of them before speaking.

"Now that you're awake, would you explain what happened?" His voice was softer then Harry had ever heard, his tone of voice leaving Harry wondering if it was really him that Lucius was talking to. Harry looked back at Snape.

"I had a vision, Voldemort had somehow found out that he was a spy and was punishing him for it." He shook his head before looking at everyone. "I only saw a bit of it before I woke up, I knew it was bad. And that if I ignored it, he would've died. So I woke up Draco and you all, the rest you know." Harry said quietly, Remus looked thoughtful, Lucius looked tired and Draco was holding onto Harry.

"Harry, how did you know the wards were still intact?" Draco eventually asks, Harry's face contorted in confusion for a second before looking up at him.

"I honestly don't know Draco, I just felt it there. I don't know how I did, but I knew if they were still there that meant you could force them out." He said leaning onto Draco. Satisfied for the moment he let it go, and everyone sat in silence waiting for Severus to wake up and fill them in on what exactly happened.

They didn't have to wait long, after about a half an hour after the twins woke up, Snape did. Harry was on the floor with Draco and the Twins when he did. When he woke up Severus looked around, realizing he was no longer in the manor he sat up and tried to get up only to have Harry stop him by saying something.

"Don't get up yet. You broke your leg pretty bad and unless you want to re-break it you need to stay there." Severus had looked at the boy then down at his leg, sighing he leaned back and turned to say something.

"How did you know? What happened?" Harry smiled sadly before Draco cut in.

"That's what we would like to know Sev, what did happen?"

"I don't know all the details but I know the Dark Lord had captured someone from the order that knew about me. He found out and did what he though necessary. I had to know if he knew about you Potter, you and the brats. So I entered his mind. He didn't like that at all and that's how I ended up the way I was when you found me. Now let me guess Potter you had another vision, that's how you knew about me. Correct?" Harry nodded and turned to his twins, watching them play. Draco looked at them then back at Severus.

"You're certain he doesn't know about James or Victoria?" He asked in a slightly demanding tone. Severus nodded at him.

"I'm sure" The potions master groaned. The twins began to whine suddenly and everyone turned their attention to them. Harry was still and was staring out into space his eyes glazed over. The twins were crawling on him trying to get his attention. Then suddenly Harry blinked his eyes turning to normal. His face darkened as he picked up the twins hugging them close and looked at Draco.

"Dray, the war. Voldemort is planning on starting it in a week's time." Harry frowned as he let go of the twins letting them run over to their toys before he continued. "He's planning on attacking Hogwarts first." Harry's eyes looked panicked. Draco scowled before moving to hold Harry. The smaller teen quickly leaned into his mate, letting himself feel protected as he always did when in Draco's arms. "All those orphaned children there will get dragged into the battle Dray. What do we do?" The blonde held his mate close, kissing his forehead comfortingly.

"We'll bring them here, there's more then enough room for them to stay for a few days. The Wards there are stronger then Hogwarts' wards. They'll be safe here." Draco glanced at his mother who was smiling at him, approving of his decision. Harry looked up at Draco and smiled up at him.

"Thank you Dray" Harry said before kissing him quickly.

"We'll go over tomorrow and get them then Harry. You'll have to explain everything to the order then. Okay?" Draco said. Harry nodded before pulling himself away to go play with the twins.