Just a small one shot

A slight breeze passed across New York, the city that never slept, for once was silent and somber. The breeze tickled the cheek of a blue masked terrapin. He payed no heed to it, as he sat on a rooftop over looking the magnificent city.

How come one city, so beautiful and prosperous, can hold such unearthly horrors in the nooks and crannies of dark alleyways that hold residence of disgusting city rats and scum, washed out like a sea shore He pondered as he let droplets, the color of ruby's, fall steadily down from his arm onto the unforgiving cement.

Leo barked out a laugh, mixing in with the sounds of the dreadful traffic. His thoughts were nothing but words and images. Of memories and cages. Of time that no longer existed. And soon enough that bitter laugh turned into a heart wrenching sob.

He was nothing but a pile of ashes, left in the fireplace; Its embers gone and dead, Its life and fuel as well. All that was left were some measly ashes, mixing in with the tears and blood of life.

Leo looked at the perfect cuts on his arm, all lined up like soldiers for the war. He sighed, not even this could wake him up from the cold hard truth. A cut signified each and every family member, the cut signified the sacrifices the family member did. Leo had his story unraveling right on his arm.

He looked up at the building not to far with the horrible foot sign on it. His coal eyes, cold and unforgiving seemed to gleam with madness as he saw it burn, burning like Satan himself had set the place aglow.

His mission was complete and now he could rest. Leo sheathed his now tainted katana, lifting himself up seemed like a heavy task but he did it and just like that he let himself fall over the edge. Nothing but a small smile painted on his face as he met with the concrete.

Yeah I know dark, sorry