Yummy Yummy

Sam winced and glanced at the closed bathroom door. 'Uh, Bobby? I'll call you back,' he said. 'Everything's fine, but…I think Dean's trying to make Castiel live up to the sex part of "sex shark"…'

Another moan drifted from the bathroom, and he hung up and with a sigh. He looked to the unconscious siren sleeping on his bed. He walked over to Gabriel and gently nudged his shoulder. 'Hey.'

Gabriel grumbled and hugged the pillow more tightly.

Sam pulled at Gabriel's shoulder and, with some difficulty, got him sitting upright. 'Gabriel… Wake up.'

Gabriel forced his eyes opened and stared at Sam. 'I wanna sleep,' he whined.

'You can sleep later,' Sam promised. 'But, right now, we should go somewhere else.'

Gabriel sagged to the side, and Sam kept him from falling over. 'Just fine right here,' he slurred. 'Took so much to get here… C'n I just stay? You ca' join me.'

Sam shook his head and attempted to get Gabriel standing. 'Here, we'll just go outside. Not that far. I'll be there.'

Gabriel nodded, but didn't move. 'I'd like that,' he replied. 'C'n I stay?'

'No, we have to go.'

'But I wanna stay. Wanna go with you,' Gabriel said, slowly blinking at Sam. 'Don't wanna leave you.'

Sam let out a soft laugh and pulled the pillow away from Gabriel. 'I mean, we should leave the room,' he explained as he gathered Gabriel into his arms. 'We can talk about you staying later.'

Gabriel wrapped his arms around Sam's neck and pressed his cheek against Sam's chest. He frowned as a loud moan erupted from the bathroom. 'Is that Cas?'

'That's Dean,' Sam said flatly. 'And I wish I didn't know the difference.'

'Yeah…Cas is much louder…less restrained,' Gabriel murmured. 'Good at begging.'

Sam carried Gabriel to the door and struggled to turn the knob.

'So, he gets to stay?' Gabriel clenched his eyes shut as he was hit by bright sunlight.

'I…don't know,' Sam admitted. 'Maybe.'

Gabriel tightened his arms around Sam's neck. 'I…I wanna stay, too,' he said in a whisper. He shook as Sam carried him toward a black car. 'I don't want anyone else. I tried last night. I couldn't… I tried. Fuck, I tried so hard. Went after Nelly, even. But I just couldn't get her to... She wanted to date first.'

He laughed and shook his head. 'Came home drunk, and drank some more… Shoulda known somethin' was up when Cas kept giving me more to drink…'

Sam leaned Gabriel against the car and opened the door to the backseat. He helped Gabriel in then walked to the other side of the car and got in.

'Don't you have to be in the driver's seat to take me away?' Gabriel asked.

'I'm not taking you away,' Sam replied.

Gabriel gave Sam a doubtful stare. 'Then what are you doing?'

'Giving Dean and your brother some privacy.'

Gabriel scrunched his face in confusion. 'Why?'

'Because they're probably having sex?'

'Oh. We should go back and watch,' Gabriel stated matter-of-factly.

Sam rubbed his hand over his face. 'No, Gabriel, we are not going to watch.' He looked down as Gabriel crawled onto his lap and curled against him. 'Gabe?'

Gabriel adjusted his wings under his coat and snuggled close. 'Fine, but Cas puts on a good show.'

Sam rolled his eyes and rested a hand on Gabriel's back. He felt Gabriel's wings shift under the coat and lightly rubbed his hand across Gabriel's back.

'Tha's nice…' Gabriel mumbled before drifting back to sleep, snoring softly into Sam's shirt.

Sam stared out the car window, wondering what he was going to do.

It was about an hour later when his phone finally rang. 'You done?' he asked with a sigh. He looked down at his lap where Gabriel had eventually shifted to.

'I dunno,' Dean said. 'Are we done? Or do we want another round?'

Castiel's voice drifted from the background, giggling. 'That sounds…won…wonder…like cupcakes.'

'Yeah… We're good,' Dean replied, laughing softly. 'Hey, did you know that if you fuck around with them just after they uh…feed, they get really high?'

Sam shook his head as he placed his free hand on Gabriel's head and gently stroked the siren's hair. 'No, I didn't.'

'Well, you should try it.'


'You sayin' you're not into your little mermaid?'

'I didn't… Are you sure you're not high?' Sam asked.

'I feel fuckin' great.'

'Right… I'm in the car with Gabriel. He's still asleep,' Sam said as Gabriel.

'You didn't fuck up my car, did you?'

'What? No! He's sleeping!' Sam rested his head against the back of the driver's seat. 'Just… Look. I'll be right in,' he said then hung up. He stared down at Gabriel and sighed. He gave the siren a nudge.

Gabriel blinked up at Sam. He still felt like he could sleep for a few days. He could smell Sam, but the scent was muted. 'C'n I help you?'

'I'm heading back in,' Sam said and leaned back as Gabriel slowly sat up. 'Did you wanna stay in the car or come in?'

'I don't understand the question,' Gabriel replied, scratching his head.

'I'm guessing you're still sleeping off those pills, so…where do you wanna asleep?'

Gabriel looked around the backseat, confused. 'Uh…I get a choice?' Sam nodded, and he chewed on his lip. 'Then…I'll go with you?'

He was surprised when Sam got out of the car, came around to his side, and helped him out. He clung onto Sam and stumbled as they made their way back to the motel. He decided to push his luck. 'So…does this mean I get to stay?'

'Maybe,' Sam replied. 'But if you do stick with us, it's not gonna be easy.'

Gabriel snorted. 'Like I haven't killed a ghost. We know how to kill shit,' he said. 'We can be like your…informants or somethin'.'

Sam helped Gabriel over the curb and onto the sidewalk, laughing when Gabriel tripped over his own feet and fell against him. 'How the hell did you manage to make it here in the first place?' Sam asked.

Gabriel shrugged. 'Stabbed myself to get some adrenaline goin'… Did the trick for a little bit,' he replied.

'You what?! Shit! Are you okay?!' Sam looked over Gabriel, but saw no signs of blood. 'Where did you…'

Gabriel lifted his shirt, showing off his bandaged abs. 'I'm okay. Stomach's easy to heal,' he explained then leaned against Sam. He rubbed his eyes as Sam opened the door to the motel room. 'Wounds are easy…it's these fuckin' drugs that're givin' me a problem.'

Sam helped Gabriel into the room and stared. Dean was sprawled out on the bed, barely covered by the bed sheet, and Castiel was spooned against him, writhing and singing. Sam grimaced at the bite mark on Castiel's left butt cheek. He sighed an busied himself with packing.

'The lovin' that you're givin'…' Castiel trailed off as new scents entered the room. He looked over his shoulder to find Sam and Gabriel. He grinned widely and gave them a small wave.

Gabriel waved back, half-heartedly. 'I'm drugging you when I'm better.'

'You can try,' Castiel replied. 'But I think Dean might object.' He snuggled closer to Dean and hummed when Dean pulled him tight.

'I object to you not singin',' Dean said before kissing Castiel. 'Fuckin' stupid ass song sounds great comin' from you.'

Castiel giggled and crawled on top of Dean, singing softly. 'Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got love in my tummy…'


AN: Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it!