Bed Head

"Someone go wake up Olivia, we'll need everyone on this," Cragen ordered absently. Fin stood and motioned for Elliot to stay on his own work. The other detective had been in the midst of dialing the phone when the captain had given his order

"I got it, you got other irons in the fire," He waved the detective off as he headed upstairs to the crib.

Liv was on one of the cots in the middle of the room, sprawled on her side with her one arm flung outward while the other fell limply at her side. Fin felt a little bit like a perv watching Olivia sleep. She hadn't even gotten her full thirty in the crib, she'd fallen asleep looking at a file and now her hair was all sticking up. She looked seriously adorable, like a kid asleep over homework, and he'd better wake her up or he'd be crawling in with her.

Then she shifted in her sleep, gave a breathy little moan that went straight to his dick and Liv went from adorable to sex kitten in five seconds. Her cheeks flushed a bit, lips parted and she was shifting against the mattress restlessly. He took a deep breath and throttled back the lust that had shot through him instantaneously.

What he couldn't stop was the hand that cupped her cheek, the pad of his thumb stroking gently over her lips and chin. She was so soft, how a woman could be so soft and sweet and still be one of the toughest cops he knew was a riddle to him. But he'd never seen a woman more beautiful or found one more attractive.

"Hey Liv," Fin succumbed to temptation, leaning forward, brushing his lips over her ear even as he set his hand on her arm, stroking the soft skin there instead. "Olivia, Cap'n wants us. Got a new lead."

She woke up bewildered and wild eyed, a moan on her lips and still half reaching for the weapon that wasn't on her hip before she realized where she was, "Fin." She shivered and he couldn't help smiling, "Sorry about that," One hand raked through her hair scrubbing at her face and scalp to wake herself up.

"I scare you?" Fin didn't move his hand, letting his fingers continue stroking her skin though he did lean back to give her some space. "Sorry 'bout that."

"No, I just…" She was half laying down and looking at him, ridiculously sexy to his more than biased gaze. "Dreaming."

"Yeah?" Fin smiled and slid his hand up her arm, warming her until he reached her collarbone. He rubbed his knuckles over the delicate skin, "Good dream?"

"Felt like it," She wasn't quite blushing but her pupils were still dilated. "Though it's a first for me at work," Olivia admitted as she pushed herself upright. When she swung her feet to the floor her upper body ended up very close to his.

"You let me know if there's anything I can do to make the dream a reality," Fin smiled at her and picked up the file she'd been half sleeping on.

"Uh Fin, are you…" She was tousled and sleepy still and he wanted nothing more than to tumble her back onto the cot and show her just what he meant.

"I'm completely serious," Fin smiled and stood, extending a hand to help her up. Again, Olivia ended up close to him and his smile stretched to a grin. "After this case is over," He steadied her with his hands on her hips before turning her towards he door. "Like to take you out and show you."

"Out?" Olivia didn't wake up quickly, Fin realized with a half smile. That could be all sorts of fun.

"Yeah," He handed her the file. "Like dinner, or a movie, or drinks…somewhere not here, where we both dress nice and we don't have our partners along."

"That would be…" She hesitated as if trying to think of a word and turned to give him a half smile of her own. "I'd like that."

"Soon's we're clear a this case then," Fin nodded and followed her down the stairs to the bullpen.

Author's Note: So I started out thinking this would fit into my A Smile and A Look 'verse but I think it works better as a stand alone. I may or may not update this with what happens during or after their date. If I do then the rating would definitely change.