He didn't have a lot of use for promises people just planned on breaking. Every time he gave his word he'd bust his ass to keep it. It was part of why he'd rarely made promises. He didn't want to be accused of breaking them.

Promises weren't easy for him. He'd only made a few in his life. When he'd joined the army, when he'd become a cop and when he'd married. He still felt bad some days, that the promise of his first marriage had been broken because he'd been keeping the other vows he'd made. He hadn't been able to be a good cop and a good husband.

It was easier with Olivia. Maybe because she was a cop. Maybe because she so rarely made promises herself. But she'd made them to him. And he'd made them to her. Now they were going to take the plunge and make a few more.

Liv came out of the bedroom, fussing with her rings. It was a nervous habit she'd developed after they'd married, she twisted her engagement and wedding rings around on her finger when she felt jittery. "It's gonna be fine," Fin tried to reassure her. Unfortunately it came out sounding more hopeful than matter of fact.

"Yeah," She nodded her agreement. "I know its pretty much a done deal...I don't know why I'm so..."

Fin did the one thing he knew would calm her down. He wrapped her in his arms and kissed her. "Deep breaths," He murmured against her cheek. "We just got this meeting. All the paperwork is ready, just needs signatures."

"Sure you're ready for this?" Liv was grinning up at him, her smile was almost impish.

"Yeah," Fin kissed her again. "With you? Pretty sure you'll kick my ass if I screw up."

"Damn right," She leaned into him. "Kenneth still okay with it?"

"What, not being an only child anymore? Having someone to spoil?" Fin chuckled as he remembered the last conversation with his son. "He's just about as excited as we are. He's already arranging his schedule so he's available to babysit."

"What's he want? A boy or a girl?" Olivia asked as she grabbed her purse.

"He keeps saying I really ought to have a girl," Fin shook his head. "I dunno, I've seen Elliot and the craziness with his daughters. I'd end up locking the kid in her room until she's eighteen."

His wife's laugh was mischievous as she slanted a look up at him, "And a boy you'd be locking horns with every day. I don't think either gender is supposed to be easy."

"Let's just hope for the best," Fin shook his head and wrapped an arm around her waist as they left the apartment. "It'll be an adventure either way."

She smiled, "Life with you always is."

Crying from the other room woke him. Olivia was getting out of bed and Fin grabbed a pair of sweats and yanked them on while Liv pulled on her robe. "Well they warned us the first few nights would be rough," He murmured as Liv tied her sash and opened the door.

"At least they're together though," Liv's voice was soft with sleep but she was rapidly waking up.

"Yeah, 'cause we're a pair of suckers," Fin chuckled as they walked towards the second bedroom. "At least they're young enough that sharing a room isn't a big deal." He turned on the hall light and watched Olivia go into the bedroom.

Her voice was soft as she greeted the kids and he heard two little voices in reply, and a third, sleepy and scared still. The decision to adopt hadn't come easy. But it helped that they were married, stable careers, and everyone they knew had put in a good word for them. And they'd said flat out that a baby would be great but they'd be happy with any child. He'd been nervous as hell, especially after his rocky relationship with Kenneth.

There'd been months of waiting. And inspections. And the paperwork had been worse than a cops daily reports. At least that had been something they could handle though. Cops were no stranger to forms. And then they'd gotten a call about a little girl. She was five.

Apparently she'd been hard to place because she had a brother who was a year younger and a sister who was a year older. The kids had been split up in foster care. Laurie had been the one the agent had deemed the most adoptable of the three, but she'd proven difficult to place. Whenever she found out that her brother and sister wouldn't be coming to the new home with her Laurie turned obstreperous and the potential parents decided against her.

Fin had asked why Laurie's older sister and younger brother weren't being adopted out as well. He'd had to grind his teeth to keep from yelling when he'd been told the older girl had been abused and had some behavioral problems and the brother was reclusive and not well socialized.

Olivia had been quietly furious, she'd gotten a look on her face that boded no good for anyone unless a solution was found. And before his brain could censor his tongue he'd asked if they could take all three of the kids.

So Laurie, her older sister Maggie and her little brother Robert were all together again. Maggie was still sullen, though she was in counseling. Doctor Huang had been able to recommend a good therapist for her, for all of the kids actually. Robert had nightmares and Laurie was quiet, worried that if the three of them weren't good that they'd be sent back to the foster system, separated for good.

"Hey guys," Fin moved into the doorway as Olivia stood by Robert's bed, her hand on his forehead. "Was thinking, maybe some milk, little toast? Soothe the stomachs?" He looked at Liv, "Always worked on me. Kenneth too."

"Yes please," Laurie nodded hopefully.

Fin smiled and Liv gave him a nod, "I think that's a good idea." She murmured. "Why don't we all go into the kitchen and have some milk and toast? And then we'll be sleepy again right?"

It was an hour later, Fin was lying awake with Liv in his arms. He and Liv had managed to keep fairly quiet, with the door closed, and then opened it after they'd made love so they could hear if the kids woke up again. Liv was giggling a little bit, "Never thought I'd see my badass husband with a milk mustache."

Fin kissed her again, "Hey, got the kids laughin'." He reminded her.

"Yeah, even Maggie grinned." Liv remembered. "Are you glad? That we have them?"

"I'll be even more glad when its all finalized, inspections passed, everything set in stone," Fin told her. "But yeah. I'm glad. Gonna have to find a bigger place. But that'll keep for a year or two maybe."

"Hmm," Liv nodded against his chest. "Thank you Fin."

"I didn't do anything major," Fin reminded her with a smile. "I drank milk too fast. And I agreed we should adopt the kids."

"No, thank you for asking me out," Olivia murmured. "Wouldn't be here if you hadn't asked me out. Wouldn't have you or the kids. Wouldn't be so happy trying to catch my breath from trying to not scream."

"Oh Liv, I was done for the minute I saw you sleeping," Fin pulled her up to kiss her soundly on the lips. "It was either ask you out or crawl in with you. But I knew I was done resisting you baby girl."

"Yeah, me and my bed head, irresistible," Liv giggled.

Fin smiled, she didn't know just how right she was. But he had the rest of his life to remind her of just how irresistible he found her.

Consummatum est

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