Stiles walked though his front door; he swung his bag off his shoulders and placed it on a chest by his front door with a light thud, "Hey dad I'm home, I see you still haven't gotten the car fix!" he called out, thinking he was home as he kicked the front door, he stood there listen and when no reply came back he shrugged thinking he got a lifted into work. The thin teen kicked his shoes off and pushed them to the side out of the door away, his head snapped up and looked towards the kitchen, he heard something smashing, "Dad?" he walked down the hallway "Dad?" he saw a movement of a shadow in the kitchen and he frowned "Derek if that is you, you don't have to play hiding seek with me?" he called out with a loop sided grin as he walked into the kitchen to find no one there "Derek?" he called out looking around the room, he see the smashed vase that belong to his mum, he frowned and walked over where it was dropped. Looking back up he see the back door was wide open and one of the glass panels was smashed, Stiles pulled his mobile and went to call his dad.

A pair of hands grabbed him from behind, and Stiles panics and starts struggling with the man, there was a growl as Stiles pushed his body back into the man until they smashed into the wall behind them, a grunt and thing fell of the walls onto the wooden floor "Stop your fighting bitch." The man said as he slammed Stiles down onto the kitchen counter, Stiles gasped in pain as his head it the counter, the intruder grabbed Stiles wrists and pulled them behind his back and then slipped a cable tie on and pulled it closed. With a whimper Stiles started to come out of their stupor and blinked as he felt the man rub his bugle against Stiles clothed arse cheek…Fuck no!… the teen thought and kicked out knocking the man over, standing up Stiles turned around to see man on the floor it was a werewolf, a wolf he didn't know his eyes were purple, which made no sense to the teen but he had no time to worry about that, he kicked the wolf in the groin and then ran out the house.

He ran through the open back door and into the woods, he was hoping that Derek or Peter would be on their walk about, his feet pounded the ground, kicking up the mud and leaves, the cold bitter air caught his lungs as he took in deep breath of cold air, he kept running though the woods, knowing that the other alpha was behind him "GET BACK HERE!" Stiles heard him yelled as the teen kept running, he found it hard to when his hands were tied he couldn't balance himself and found himself tripping up more than once, the bump to his head was making him dizzy and hard to focus on where he was going and he knew the wolf would get him

"DEREK!" He yelled as he kept going "PETER!" he hope they would hear them, he has no idea where he was heading as he ran.

His foot got caught in a root and tripped over and landed face first in the mud, he heard something behind him and pushed himself up onto his knees and then onto his feet and started to run again calling out Derek and Peter. He had no idea where he was going as these woods are thick and long, he hopped he was close to the Hale house and that the wolves were there. This time as rock was the cause of Stiles to trip over and broke his legs, he let out a scream of pain, the other wolf walked over this time the other wolf was on him holding him down, he growled in his ear "We could have done this somewhere warm and comfortable." He snarled as he started to rip Stiles' jeans open

"No get off me!" The teen screamed as he felt himself exposed to the cold November air, the alpha wolf chuckled as he unzipped his own jeans, the wolf rub his cock up and down Stiles' arse cheeks

"Go on keep fighting me; no one is coming to save you." He growled as he pushed himself into Stiles. The teen let out a scream that echoed through the woods, tears were running down his face as the wolf behind him pounded into him without mercy, blood started to coat the teen's anal walls and down his thighs as the wolf moved faster digging his nails into the boy's hips holding them in place, pain racked though his body as the wolf kept going, he tried to take in air into his lungs but found it hard to, the purple eye wolf grab Stiles' neck tightly and lightly on his shoulder "Your my bitch do you hear me, my bitch." He growled as came inside of him

"Get off him now!"

Looking up the purple eye wolf see another alpha standing in front of him, he snarled as he got up "The bitch is mine!"

"That bitch your calling happening to be part of my pack." Derek snarled back, his eyes turning red as he looked at the blonde wolf; they looked at each other "You have no right to touch any members of my pack!" Derek growled, they heard a whimper and the other wolf turned around to find much wolf standing behind him but he was holding a crying teen in his arms

"What until the sheriff hears about this, he will not be happy that his only son was raped." The wolf said looking at the blonde, he sneered at them

"You think I am scared of a Sheriff." He said "That boy is like me a Sliver…I'm just taking what is mine." He growled as Derek squeezed his hand around the Sliver wolf's neck

"You should because he is friend with a hunter and a werewolf who all happen to play poke with each other." Peter said the blonde growled low in his throat at the looked between the pair, Derek grabbed him and threw him against another tree there was no words excided with each other just snarls and growls before Derek and the other wolf started to attack each other.

Peter had his jacket over Stiles and carried him towards the Hale so he could get to his car, he had taken off the cable tie off his hands, there was a mark to show they had embedded into Stiles wrists, Peter shook his head at the other wolf, he open the car door and slide the teen into the back seat "P…Peter?" Stiles whimpered

"Shhhh its okay Stiles, I'm going to take you to the hospital." He said, he frowned when he see the seaman running down his legs, and the bite on his shoulder, Peter sighed and rubbed the back of his head as he shifted into his wolf form and bent down and rebite Stiles where the Sliver wolf bit him, Stiles let out a weak cry pulling back Peter, looked back down at him "You will thank me for that later trust me." He said softly as he pulled the blanket over him to keep him warm and then he got into the divers set and drove.

Derek came to the hospital after he sorted the blonde wolf, he found Peter sitting the waiting room, he walked over to him and looked at him closely "How is he?" he asked

"He will be okay." Peter said "John?" he asked

"He is on his way; he was other side of town, there was a pile up." Derek growled, Peter looked up at him and raised an eye brow

"And Mr Sliver?" he asked

"I took him to the police." He said

"Sit down; there is something I need to tell you." Derek sat down with a huff next to his uncle and looked at him "I had to rebite Stiles." He said Derek just growled low in his throat

"What did he mean by that Stiles is like him?" Peter sighed and sat back up resting his head against the wall

"Our family of wolves would be the normal family of werewolves, amber eyes, blue eyes, red eyes. However there are a family out there called Slivers, there true wolf form would look like a pure silver wolf with purple eyes, they are not any stronger than other werewolves but if you have on in the pack, other packs tend to stay away." He said as he rubbed his chin

"Why did he attack Stiles?" he asked

"Sliver wolves are uncommon, hard to find they are born human, very smart beings can be seen as insane, they are very hyper and loyal."

"Yeah that sounds like Stiles." Derek growled

"It does thinking about it…knew that kid was odd, any how about why he attack him... well I think he was trying to breed from him, which is why I rebit him." He said, Peter could feel Derek's anger roll off him in waves, it made him turn to Derek and slap him

"What that for?" Derek growled giving his uncle the pissed off face that he gives Scott or Stiles when they have gotten in to more trouble, or when he found Scott in and Isaac shagging Allison, not and imagine he wants in his head especially since Allison has become his cousin now.

"You were one step away from turning into the wolf man, so bottle it and take it out on some poor deers when we get home."

A few minutes later John walked in, he saw Peter and Derek sat there in the waiting room, Peter stood and gave his friend a hug, "Have you spoken to the doctors?" he asked, he nodded

"I did, you bite him?" he asked

"I had no choice, the other wolf did... we had to take precaution." He said, John looked at him, he made a note to himself to ask later what he meant by that, for now he didn't want to think about it "John, the wolf that did this is at the police station, Derek dropped him off there, do want Chris and I to deal with him?" he asked John shook his had

"No...Not yet, I want to see my son first and let the basted stew for a few days." He said

"We haven't called the rest of the pack yet, I think we should." Derek said after a few moments of silence.

Over the next few days John stayed every close to Stiles as he slept, it wasn't until Mellissa told him to go home have a shower, get changed and make sure that the house is ready for Stiles to come home to, she smiled at him and kissed his cheek, he was going to kick up a fuss when Derek said he would keep an eye on him. So John left and went home leaving Derek some alone time with the teen, he sat there looking at him, the scars and bruises covered Stiles skin, he knew once he woke up the bite would heal all, but it still worried him, Stiles is part of his pack and he belongs to Derek, that train of thought stopped Derek breathing as he looked at the boy …He belongs to me?… he thought …Yes... came the other reply from his inner wolf.

After another day of sleeping, Stiles began to wake up John stood by the bed "Stiles?" The teen moaned and covered his hand over his eyes, John turned around and dimmed the lights, "Stiles?" he called out again

"W…Where am I?" he asked

"Hospital Stiles you're in hospital." John said as he looked down at his son

"Why am I here?" he asked looking up at him, John looked at him

"Y…You were attacked in the woods, Peter brought you here." He said Stiles frowned and looked towards the door, trying to think he forced himself to sit up, with a wince of his stiff muscle, he looks towards his dad

"Attacked? By whom?"

"A lone wolf, he corned you at home but you got away until he caught up with you in the woods and he..."

"Raped me?" he said with a small voice, John didn't answer him he just looked at him "I see." Stiles said as he leaned back and looked at him


"Did he bite me?"

"He did." Stiles looked at him with a gasp "B…But Peter rebite you." He added, Stiles let out a sigh of relief

"Thank god."

"Thank god…you were raped Stiles!"

"I am saying thank god because if Peter didn't bite me I would…" he stopped and looked down into his hands and sighed "Sorry." He mumbled, John warped his arms around Stiles and held him telling him it will be okay.