There was courting lots of courting, Stiles decide that dates and presents and romantic wooing and John was all up for that as long as it last Stiles life time as he put it, to the dating part was pretty awkward at first, they sat in the booth across from each other, Stiles looked at the menu while Derek looked at his drink "Sooo there is burgers there always nice or…or pasta dishes." Stiles said


"Or French fries…" He babbled


"What?" the teen asked looking at him; they looked at each other and for a moment before they started laughing at the awkward feelings "This shouldn't be hard...should it?" he asked

"It always will be first." Derek told him, he looked at the teen and notice him smile, he was glad that Stiles was slowly getting over what happen,

"Full moon is tomorrow." Stiles said breaking the silence around them, Derek nodded

"I know… are you worried about it?"

"Noooo... I am happy with the notion that I will turn into a mindless snarling beast that may or may not want to fuck anything that stands." He said looking at him

"Ha funny... you will be fine you help Scott through it on limited knowledge and I will help you." Stiles smiled at him brightly and leaned over and licked him quickly on the tip of his noise before sitting back down, he had a blush dust on his cheeks but Derek had full blown red tomato look

"Sorry couldn't stop myself." He said taking a sip of his drink

"It's fine." Came the gruff response, the rest of the evening they sat there and chatted and laughed telling stories about growing up, Derek told him how he and his sister and few cousin would break into the funeral home and filled the caskets with dirt." Stiles snorted out his drink and laughed at him, and then the night was ruined by Jackson walking in and making a few comments that sent Stiles flying off the handle.

A part from the weekly dates and meeting up at pack, the odd nights when Derek would climb though his window and sleep next to him in his clothes, John wasn't too happy to see the large wolf sleeping next to his son, but he gave him points for sleeping with his boots on. Then there was the presents that Derek would leave for him, some were really sweet like a bag of sweets Derek would leave it in his locker, and when Stile broke his phone after a cat fight with Erica, the alpha wolf got Erica to turn up at Stiles dressed in a pink tutu, she looked pissed standing there, Stiles and Scott were standing there laughing at the door way, she glared at them she held out a pretty warped box out in front of him "Why the tutu?" Stiles asked wiping the tears off his face

"Because I broke your phone." She told him with a huff, she didn't like how tight her his was tied back

"Well you got some good legs in those tights." He said, she beamed at him and warped her arms around his neck

"Thank you." And then she wondered off

"That girl is bat shit crazy." Scott said

"Not just bat crazy." Stiles said closing the front door "So there is something you wanted?"

"Yeah don't mate with Derek." Stiles spun around on the spot and looked at Scott and front as he sucked on a lolly pop

"What?" he asked

"Don't mate with Derek, mate with me!" he said as he moved closer to friend, Stiles frowned and slapped him across his face

"Scott snap out of it, your with Allison." He said, the dark hair teen shook his head and looked at him

"Ooooh sorry you smell kind of good." He said and they went to eat something.

The next few items were clothes, like hoodys and trainers and shirts, and when he came home from School he found that his bed room has a safe smell, he looked around and found that Derek had placed grass from the Hale house around his room and house, he smiled and started roll about on the bed whimpering and moaning at the smell, he could smell that Derek has been on his bed, he didn't notice when Derek climbed though his window and stood there watching the teen moan "Excuse me?" he asked, Stiles looked up and smiled and pulled Derek down onto the bed and sat on his lap and then nuzzled his neck "Happy are we?" he asked

"Yes, I like the present you got me, I want to give you a present." He said looking up at the dark brown eyes of his mate

"Oooh and what have you got me?" he cooed, Stiles grinned and shimmed down Derek's body and placed his hands on Derek's belt buckle

"I think my alpha need a ward." He purred as he pulled the buckle open and then popped the button open and used his teeth to open the zip, Derek laid back his hands behind his head and watched the teen work, Stiles pulled Derek's Boxers and Jeans down a little and pulled out the large harding cock "Oh god that this will rip me a part?" he said, he could here Derek puff out his check and smirked as he "Let's see if I can brake you." Stiles said with a smile, Derek raised an eye brow

"Break me?"

"Get you crying to cry name." He purred as Stiles licked the length and moved to the tip and licked it, Derek let out a gasp as he felt Stiles' lips warped themselves around Derek's cock and then take him down his mouth and started moving his head up and down, his hands rested on Derek's hips he could feel the alpha's wolf hands touch told his head, Stiles kept moving his mouth up and down his teeth grazed the tender length making Derek growl from the back of his throat, leaning his head back against the pillow and let out another growl

"Fuck!" Derek panted as he bucked his hips up, Stiles looked at him as he felt Derek's hold his head.

With another growl Derek decide to flip them both around, then teen smiled at him as he watched Derek sit above him "Told you I would brake you." He grinned; the wolf pushed his cock back into the teen's mouth and started rocking his hips into him as he held Stiles' head still, the brown eye teen kept his eyes open as he looked up at Derek pounding into his mouth, he just laid their hands above his head, his own cock feeling trapped and tight in his jeans, he let out a whimper as felt Derek shudder at the vibrations, so he started humming around the thick length until Derek cried out Stiles name and came down his thought and over his face. He knelt over him panting looking down at the teen as he used his used his fingers to get some of the cum out of his eyes "And how long have you been hold that in?" he asked

"Long enough." Came the response as he lean down and started licking Stiles clean

"Can you help me out for a bit? I'm already half way there." He said with the light battering of his eye lashes, the dark hair alpha wolf let out a laugh and dove for Stiles cock.

It was a few weeks later after the full moon and Stiles woke to find Isaac sleeping on his floor, he got up and walked down stairs and started to make coffee and breakfast, because one it was a weekend and two it was the day after the full moon and the pack will be there soon for breakfast, he turned his head to look at the clock …okay then brunch…he thought as he saw the curly blonde sleepy head walk down the stairs "Hi." He muttered

"Hey Sleepy." He said, Isaac grunted and gabbed a cup of coffee "I think they should have a T-shirt that say 'No coffee no happy wolf' he said with a smile

"Ha if they did I will buy it." He said putting the cup down on the counter, Stiles smiled at him

"Can you get the post I don't want Jackson going thought it again?" he said, the blonde nods and walk to the front door in his boxers and with his coffee to get the post. Stiles was busy making French toast when he heard


Stiles runs to the door and stops dead in his tracks and looks down at the porch "Ooooh Derek!" Stiles whined as he looks at the cluster of dead bunnies "What am I going to do with dead bunnies!"

"Eat them; he's being food to the nest." Isaac said

"I don't eat bunnies I can't." He said as he went to get two back bags and gloves and picked them up and put them in the bin

"Well you better tell him that because tonight is another full moon I think the food brings will get bigger."

"Bugger and after I gave him a good blow job."