What Will They Do To Us?

An xxKaaat Original

Chapter One – Rewritten 06/12/2013

Sakura stood on the balcony which over looked the northern ocean of Jhoto. Even though she'd lived here for six months now, it still seemed all to new to her. The back of the mansion held a large marble porch and staircase. It spread out into a courtyard which held a memorial in the center, surrounded by Sakura trees. Behind that was a large rose garden with vines that surrounded a large gazebo far off on the right. Behind the garden, the dirt turned to sand leading to a small private beach. Over the ocean at this time of day, was a large orange colored sun that illuminated the new touch of the outside of the mansion.

On the beach stood a young blonde female who sat curled in the arms of a tall brunette man. They sat watching the ocean, staring into the dimmed light of the sun. In the courtyard stood two young men who were practicing their fighting. Every so often, the man with long brunette hair would release a new technique he'd been working on, a large ball they exploded upon impact. There in the grass beside the men were two women who sat cheering their lovers on.

In the past year, things had changed so much for her. Slowly she closed her eyes and leaned into the marble railing of the balcony. She'd found out that her ex-fiance was a vampire hunter, and he'd lied about his whole life to her. Not to mention he was now dead. She'd been changed into a vampire by her childhood sweetheart who she had no memory of prior to that. She'd found out that her dad truly hated her, and all she'd been taught as an adult was a complete lie. It made her sick to her stomach.

"Hey, you okay Sakura?" The deep, yet familiar voice made her jump. Slowly the girl turned to reveal her significant other leaning against the bedroom door frame. He looked concerned. He stood with his weight shifted on his left foot. He wore a black shirt with deep red sweat pants that hung low on his hips. His arms were crossed.

The female slowly nodded her head, once again taking in her surroundings. "Just going through a moment Gaara." She gave a weak smile. "You know how it goes."

At once the red head moved across the room and caught the girl in a warm embrace. He nuzzled his chin into the top of her head, as she leaned forward into his shoulder. Slowly she wrapped her arms around Gaara's neck and inhaled his scent. He smiled as his hands found her hips. At once the red headed man looked at the mirror to his left. He was almost a whole foot taller than the girl. He chuckled at her unruly pink hair that fell down her back. "You are so beautiful Sakura."

At once the pinkette turned her head to look in the mirror. She slowly began to take in her features. Her pale skin seemed almost glossy and she was small. Her hair was a bright pink and her eyes were a vibrant green. The rims of her eyes were dark. She lips were a small bow shape, and they were a soft pale pink. At once she looked to the man who stood holding her. He was just as pale as her, but he was much more build. He had shaggy red hair that fell to his eyes. They were a light green color that stood out due to the black rimmed lines that he was born with. His face was blank, but his eyes were full of expression. "Gaara, I love you."

At once the red headed man took a step back taking in the pinkette. He gave a small smile before bending down to plant a gentle kiss upon her lips. "I love you too Sakura."

Gaara stood in the courtyard looking up at the mansion that belonged to him. There were lights in various rooms on, and every so often someone would shuffle by a window. He'd bought the mansion a few months after Sakura moved in with him. He told his friends that the house was in honor of the new additions to the family. A small smile crossed his lips as the image of a young red headed girl filled his mind. Karin and Kiba's daughter. As well as a young pinkette female. Sakura the love of his life. His eyes wondered toward the master bedroom balcony. The lights were off now and he knew Sakura would be sleeping. To the newly bitten vampires, they are often known for being constantly tired within their first year of life. Sometimes it seemed to be drag, but he knew that after a ten year search, Sakura was finally back in his life. He wouldn't want it any other way.

Slowly the red head turned to face the memorial stone that he'd had made. Slowly he reached a hand up to trace the name that was engraved in the stone. Shino Aburame. Silently he sighed remembering his best friend. At once he reached down to the bad that was on the ground beneath him. Swiftly he pulled out two wine glasses and filled them. He left one glass on the monument as he took a small sip from the glass in his hand.

Quietly he began. "Shino, it's been a year now." He paused. "I still think about you everyday." He sighed then continued. "Shino, I'm scared... The republic is beginning to rise again." He stopped, taking another sip of the wine in his glass. "Mei's contacted me about the things that have been happening.. it's been getting bad. So, so bad. But I can't tell the others Shino, at least not yet."

At once, Gaara stopped. He sensed the vampire behind him and he froze. "Shikamaru, please tell me you didn't hear that..." He stayed quiet.

The man took a few steps forward then stopped. "I didn't mean to intrude Gaara. I wanted to come out here and pay my respects but you were already... I'm sorry." He sounded worried.

Gaara sighed. "Shikamaru, please don't tell them.. I'm begging you."

The man stepped forward and raised a hand to Gaara's shoulder for reassurance. "What happened Gaara?"

At once the red head gulped down the last of his wine before beginning. "Mei and Ay have officially split apart for good this time and Ay's trying to take over. The republic have chosen sides and they are against Mei... most likely because Ay rules by fear and money. He's corrupted half the republic and he knows that is he has one slip up that everything will fall into Mei's position and she'll rid him of the world."

At once Shikamaru stopped, he was frozen. "Gaara..."

"Mei said that Ay is going after the most powerful vampires in the world, and he's making them join him." Gaara stopped. "I'm on that list."

Shikamaru stepped back, and shook his head. Slowly he walked over, turning to lean against the memorial stone. "That's why we left Goldenrod. That's why we left in different cars. That's why we've been so secluded from everyone." He hesitated. "That's why you bought this house so far from others... isn't it Gaara?"

The red head stayed silent and he didn't move. "I want to keep you all safe. That means keeping Ay as far away from you as possible." He paused. "Sakura doesn't even know what the republic is..."

"Are you going to tell her Gaara?" Shikamaru watched as the man shrugged. "Unless it comes down to it, then you won't have to..."

"Shikamaru, you don't understand." He snapped. "Mei doesn't have many people left to take her side, and Ay's constantly on her ass while they work. Weather I want to or not, I'm going to be dragged into this..." He looked up to the pineapple haired man. "I'm going to work with Mei and we're going to assemble a group of vampires that are on her side. We've contacted many people, and Mei's side is growing. She may not have the most powerful vampires, but she's got me and us and we'll gather more..." He stopped. "I have a bad feeling about it all Shikamaru."

Shikamaru looked away. "When will you be meeting?"

"She's coming here tomorrow and we'll begin planning."

Shikamaru looked toward Gaara once more. "And Sakura..?"

The red head looked away. "I'm going to start training her, and I'm going to teach her as much as I can before it's too late. Everyone here can fight except her. This is all so new, and I won't tell her until it comes to it. Mei's already offered to train Sakura, but I don't want that..."

"What if it's best for her?" Shikamaru questioned.

Gaara turned away, holding his wine glass again. "Because Ay will come after her too, and I don't want that." He ran a hand down the stone. "I've already lost Shino to the darkness and I refuse to let Sakura fall to that. I won't allow her to be subjected to what she doesn't need..." He paused. "If I lose Sakura, my life will be over Shikamaru. She's everything to me, and if she gets brought into this fight like I have, I will never forgive myself."

Shikamaru raised his hand back to Gaara's shoulder. "No matter what happens, you that that I will always stand by your side. So will Ino, Neji, Tenten, Kiba and even Karin." He paused. "If it comes to it, Sakura too. She loves you Gaara, you know that. She'd give everything for you."

Gaara turned away and began walking. He stopped and turned back once more. "Thank you Shikamaru." He hesitated. "But Sakura's already given everything for me, and I would never ask her to again." He finished and slowly walked away leaving Shikamaru alone, watching him.