What Will They Do To Us?

An xxKaaat Original

Chapter Nineteen.

The move to Shore Line was simple and quick. Together the pack traveled by a newly purchased boat and they were there within a days time. The earth had grown over, and all that remained was mere ruin. As soon as they landed, it seemed that they destroyed everything left. But instead of rebuilding on the edge of the island like the prior village, they moved to the center of the island, deep in the woods. There the pack cleared out a large area and they began to build. It took no time at all. Neji was able to replace the electrical systems of the old village and run them to where the new site was.

Through the years, new generations of vampires were born and before the group knew it, they were the elders of a new era. With each new generation, the village seemed to grow even more. Soon, the new village site stretched back to the edge of the island. Every building occupied, every vampire in peace. On behalf of the new village, a large mansion was built on a ridge that overlooked both the village and the sea. A unanimous decision was made to put Sakura in charge. Soon after that, businesses came and then schools. A whole vampire civilization had been built within a matter of years.

Each vampire was taught the basic protection powers they needed. And just like Sakura said she would, she created a force field that sealed away the whole island from the world. Except with this force she created, the island was a one way transparency. From the outside you couldn't see in, and from the inside you could see in. Two miles from every shore edge, there was a block in the ocean making sure that ships would stay away. The force field stretched to every ocean blockade. Therefore, none of the vampire inside would every have to use their own forces to hide themselves.

The years seemed to bring out a change in Sakura. Her once shy and quiet self was now a mere shell. She constantly kept tabs on her original pack, making sure that they were happy. Through the paperwork and countless people, Sakura still found time to spend freely. She matured quickly, and she trained often. Often times, Sakura found herself sitting on the roof of her mansion, staring into the sun. She constantly thought of Gaara. Eventually she had a memorial stone built in the center of the village. It was a deep marble and it was accompanied by a statue of the red head on top.

Through those years, Kou grew into a fine young vampire as well. He was tall and slender just like his father. His red hair eventually faded into an off pink color. His eyes were vibrant green with dark lines around them just like his father. Everything he knew came from Sakura. Together they worked on techniques and they sparred often. It seemed that the two were inseparable, the ideal parent to offspring relationship.

Tonight the two sat on the mansion roof, looking over the sea. The sky was a pale orange, and the clouds seemed a deep purple. It was Kou's eighteenth birthday. It was this day that Sakura decided to sit down and tell him everything about his father, and why he was dead. She told the boy about how Gaara saved Mei's army, and how he died a true hero. She spoke of how she hid Kou during her pregnancy, and she told him about the night exactly one week before Shino left. Instantly Kou idolized Gaara, vowing to become just like him someday.

"Your father, was truly the most caring person I'd ever met. In those months, everything he did for me was more than I could ever ask for Kou." Small tears pricked through from her eyes, but she quickly blinked them away.

The young boy smiled, flipping his hair from his eyes. "Dad did everything for you mom. He saved you from humans, and vampire hunters and all that action. You two were perfect for each other." At once Kou turned to Sakura, a brightness in his eyes. "Do you ever wish you could just go back? To your human life? To tell dad about me? To just, change the future?"

At once Sakura looked toward her son. He looked just like Gaara, he was beautiful. "If I could go back in time and change anything, I wouldn't. Everything happened for a reason, even if it wasn't good. My human life, wasn't me. I told you that." She paused, looking into Kou's eyes. "If anything I'd have told Gaara about you when he came back. I think, things would have ended differently then. But, then again we probably would be living on the mainland still. We wouldn't be here, back in Shore Line."

Kou replied, "Back where you started mom." At once he turned, facing the water again. "I want to see the main land mom."

Slowly Sakura turned away, closing her eyes. "I knew this day would come, and whatever you choose to do.. I can't stop you Kou. If you want to go to the main land, go. If the world treats you well, I won't think of you differently. You're my son and I love and respect all your decisions."

A few silent moments fell between them. Then Kou finally spoke. "I want you to come with me."

The pinkette's eyes flew open and she turned to her son. "What? What about Kiyoko?"

The boy turned to her with a smile. "Kiyoko is the love of my life, but that doesn't change my view. I want to see the world, but I'd rather see it with someone who's lived it. I think it'd be good for you to go back. Tell Mei why you left, but probably not tell her about Shore Line." He paused. "See dad's grave, see Shino, see Shikamaru. See the loft in Golden Rod. See Kureani. It'd be good for you. After all, you're the head of our city. You need a break."

Sakura's eyes were full of expression. At once she looked down, biting her lip. Slowly a smile grew upon her face. "You're serious about this?"

Kou bobbed his head, eying the sky. After a few seconds he smiled again, nodding. "I'm completely positive."

Mei sat up straight in her chair. She was currently brushing her auburn hair, staring at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were wide. Slowly she turned to Ao who was staring at her, a smile on his lips. Slowly she spoke, "You smell it... don't you?" When Ao nodded and his smile grew, instantly Mei stood up and left the room. Quickly she ran down the stairs, to the front doors. There a small group of vampires questioned her movements, but when she yanked the door opened and stared outside, it began.

Various vampires from the other room came storming through the house. "Sakura."

There on the front lawn stood the pinkette in a tight pink sweater and a pair of jeans. She wore a black pair of boots and her hair was straight against her back. She wore natural make-up and a light shade of pink brushed her lips. To her right was a tall man with off pink hair, and dark eyes. At once Sakura walked forward, moving closer to Mei.

Just at that moment the woman leaped forward and caught the pinkette in a tight hug. "Sakura! My dear, it's been too long!"

Sakura smiled, closing her eyes. "I suppose I owe you an explanation." She managed a small chuckle. When she pulled back, Ao was standing next to Mei, his eyes bright. Almost instantly he caught Sakura in a hug. His was much more loving.

"The years have certainly been kind to you Sakura." He smirked, laughing when Sakura slapped him on the back.

"Nice to see you to Ao." She gave a small giggle. Slowly she pulled back and motioned to the boy behind her. Slowly he walked forward and she put her arm around his stomach. He matched her movements and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. Slowly Sakura smiled, watching as Mei's eyes widened. "Mei... Ao.." She paused. "This is my son, Kou."

Ao's smile widened even more. At once he held a hand out to the boy who accepted. "Nice to meet you Kou. You look exactly like your father."

Kou laughed, pulling back his hand. He smirked, "So I've heard." He said, smiling when Ao gave a laugh.

Slowly Mei smiled. "This is why you left without a word..." Mei smiled, small tears in her eyes. "Congratulations Sakura." She turned to the boy. "You are certainly handsome Kou."

It wasn't until then that Sakura noticed a group of vampires crowding the door. Two familiar faces were staring at her. Slowly she spoke, "Yamato, Nagato. Long time no see." At that the two emerged from the group and wrapped the pinkette in a hug. Thus beginning a long hour of greetings and praise.

It was almost two hours later that Sakura found herself once again alone with Kou. They stood staring at two large stones, surrounded by flowers and candles. It brought a smile to Sakura's face. At once she touched the engraving on Gaara's tombstone. Husband. At once she took a deep breath and softly spoke. "Kou, meet your father." Slowly Kou walked forward, running his hand across the cold stone. His face was blank, but his mind was full of wonder.

Seeing her son touch the stone brought an emotion out in her. At once, images of the red headed man filled her mind. Don't ever let go. Don't ever forget. Slowly Sakura reached into her pocked and pulled out the note Shino had given her from Gaara all those years ago. Slowly she pulled the paper to her mouth and kissed it. Silently she pushed it into the stone, making sure it stayed inside the G engraving. Once again she pulled away.

Kou turned his head to look at the pink haired woman. She was now looking into the side of the memorial stone. After only a few seconds she traced a name, then she traced the three under it as well. Slowly she leaned into the stone and sighed. "You okay mom?" Kou questioned.

Slowly Sakura pulled away and allowed him to look. First she pointed to the engraving Shino Aburame. "This stone was originally made for Shino. His was the only name on there for months." Her hand then moved down. "Shikamaru Nara, one of the most beautiful people I've ever met. He cared so much about others.. but he was so broken." Once again Sakura slid her hand down. "Ino Yamanaka. She was my best friend as a child. She was consumed by the darkness, and killed when trying to find her way back to the light..." Finally Sakura moved her hand down one last time.

When Sakura didn't speak, Kou questioned. "Chojuro? Who's that?"

Slowly Sakura managed. "Mei's son. He was killed saving her during the war."

Silently Kou turned away. After a few minutes he softly spoke. "Dad."

"I couldn't come here, and I couldn't even speak Gaara's name for years. Now here I am, the first time since his death." Tears slid down Sakura's cheeks. "I wish things could have been different. I regret training and letting him leave." Sakura was a sobbing mess.

Slowly Kou wrapped an arm around his shaking mother. "I love you mom." He sighed. "Please don't cry. Remember what you told me, everything happened for a reason. Each one of these people died for a reason, they helped shape what you are today."

"All I have left are memories." Sakura's sobs subsided.

"Sometimes that's all you need."

"I love you Kou." Sakura slowly stood. "I think it's time we get out of here." The boy nodded. Slowly the pinkette turned, looking back to Gaara's stone one last time. "I love you Gaara."

"I love you dad."

It was dark except for the light the small fire provided. Around the fire sat five pale bodies. Each of them sat smiling, laughing.

"Death was peaceful, not what I expected." The voice came from a red headed male.

"Kou is just like you." A blonde woman smiled. "Sakura should be proud."

A man smiled from beside her. He had one eye. "Sakura is proud. She's been happy, and I'll tell you one thing." He laughed. "Kou is one hell of a god son."

The group laughed. A pineapple haired man finally spoke. "Gaara, why in the hell are you here?" He smiled.

At once the red head replied, "I stared death in the face and came willingly." He smiled and nodded to the young boy beside him. "Kinda like Chojuro, he stared evil in the face and died with a smile. True hero right here." He smiled and motioned a high-five toward the boy.

"Wouldn't you rather be alive though?" The blonde woman's smile faded at her words.

"It would be nice Ino, but it was my time. Watching from here isn't too bad. I mean, it's peaceful and I'm surrounded by people I love." He smiled. "I'll watch over them, protect them as best as I can. Then from then, if their times come, we can be a family here."

From across the fire, the man with pine apple shaped hair smiled. "When that day comes, when we're all together again... here's our pack. Half of us are here, half of us are there."

At once the one eye man smiled. "Karin, Iruka and Sakumo will protect them. They're all good vampires, they care. Sakura made a good choice with them."

Slowly Gaara smiled and rubbed his hand. "So this is how it'll be now, sitting here around this fire talking about the good points of our lives?"

Chojuro spoke, "That's how it's been the last eighteen years."

On those words, the group shared a laugh as their stories continued.