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Chapter 29: It's been three years….Sasuke

(Konoha 3 days later)

Kotetsu and Izumo were standing by the gate looking bored out of their minds when the see a charging form and a dust cloud.

"What the?" Kotetsu asked

"HA! HA! HA! GANG WAY!" came the shouting cry as Guy came into view with an exasperated and exhausted Kakashi slung over his back. "THERE'S THE FINISH LINE!" Guy yelled then he crossed over the gate he held his hands up with glee. "First place!" just then Lee ran behind him.

"I came in second place!" Lee says triumphantly.

"Why are they racing?" Kotetsu asked.

"Beats me." Izumo said.

"You need to train harder Lee." Guy said.

"Right! I will work harder so that I can come in first place next time." Lee responded.

"Actually I have something disappointing to tell you."

"Wh-what is it?"

"My poor Lee you weren't second you came in third place!"

"They are ridiculous as ever eh nii-san?" Naruto asks.

"Yeah unfortunately." Neji responds.

"Let's take Kakashi to the hospital then report to lady Tsunade." Naruto look at Kakashi

"Of course!" Guy says then they walk towards the hospital and then after a little bit Tsunade shows up followed by Shizune.

"Good work Kakashi." Tsunade says.

"Tsunade-sama." Kakashi says as he tries to get up only to fall back down.

"You shouldn't move Kakashi sensei." Sakura says concerned.

"When I looked you over earlier you were completely exhausted."


"Looks like that new sharingan takes some mastering."

"You're right."

"For the time being don't overdo it for the time being and get plenty of rest."


"Team guy you've done well rest for today and submit your report tomorrow."

"Yes ma'am!" Guy says

"Let's go Shizune."

"Yes ma'am." Shizune responds then she and Tsunade walk out and sakura runs after her.

"Well if this is all I'm going back to my house and that's where I'll be for the rest of today." Naruto says and walks off, while Naruto keeps walking eventually he sensed a chakra source watching him. Just then an ink lion comes charging in but Naruto jumps over the lion and smashed it with his Gunbai and it dispersed into a puddle of ink. Then Naruto vanished and then he reappeared and brought down the Gunbai and it was dodged by a man with a black and red outfit. "If you're going to sneak up on a sensory type then you're going to have to suppress your chakra signature."

"I'll keep this in mind thank you." The boy responds. "But I have to ask the way you fight do you have any balls at all?"

"Do you really want to dance with me because it won't end well." Naruto said smiling.

"Oh dancing I hope you're not coming on to me."

"Well you really are stupid you shouldn't challenge me I could destroy you in a heartbeat."

"Let's see it then." Naruto then swings his scythe which the boy dodges only to get slammed by the Gunbai the Naruto jumps back and stabs the Gunbai in the ground and starts weaving hand signs.

"Fire style: Grand fireball jutsu!" Naruto spits out the roaring fireball and the boy's eyes widen in shock. Then he draws more lions on his scroll and with a hand sign they come springing to life and shoot at Naruto but Naruto grabs his Gunbai and holds it out like a shield. "Uchiha Reflection!" then the lions collide and the Gunbai glows and the lions are blasted right back toward the boy.

"Shit!" just then the boy jumped back dodging all the attacks but eventually Naruto sliced and formed hand seals and jumped over the boy and placed his hand on the boy's neck and a paralysis seal spread over the boy.

"Now why are you here?" Naruto asked.

"I'm here to test your metal against mine to see if I'd be saving you on the battlefield."

"A likely response but now let's see why you are really here." Naruto activates his Mangekyō and then using his Susano'o he grabs the boy and locks eyes with him. "Tsukuyomi." Instantly the boy got a glazed look in the eye.

"I was sent here by Danzo-sama and Tsunade-sama to be your new teammate my name is Sai."

"So what does Danzo want with us?"

"My mission is to keep an eye on the Kyūbi jinchūriki and if I see an opportunity to-" he was cut off suddenly.

"What happened?"

"The seal on my tongue prevents me speaking of my mission to anyone accept those Danzo-sama allow me to."

"Thank you for your honesty." Naruto smiles then with a hand sign he released Sai from the genjutsu. "Welcome to the team Sai." Then Naruto gets a serious look on his face. "But if you ever attack me again I will kill you."

"Good to know, now where is our third teammate?"

"Normally that's Hinata-chan but Sakura is currently filling the position for right now. Now if you will excuse me I have things to do." Naruto leaped off towards his compound and when he opened the door he saw Hinata, Ino and Haku sparing in the back yard. Naruto walked out just as they finished training.

"Naruto-kun!" they all glomped him and Naruto smiled as he hugged them all and gave them a kiss.

"Now you all want some help training I'll give you a hand."

"Thanks Naruto-kun you can see how far I've progressed under your regime." Ino said taking a fighting stance.

"Very well let's dance." Naruto said dropping into his dragon interceptor stand. Then they both charged one another exchanging blows Naruto and Ino separated and Naruto held out his hand. "Enough I've learned more than enough you've become rather powerful I'm impressed. You dance rather well."

"Thank you Naruto-kun." Ino says then she smiles. "But flattery will get you no-where with me."

"What now I'm getting criticized for telling the truth. Now about your stance I can teach you how to use the first's wood fist but that will take time and your power is at the level where I can teach it to you, but we'll save that for another day." Naruto turns to the other and sees Haku and Hinata still sparring then he walks back into the house and then when he walks back into the kitchen and he saw his uncle walking into the kitchen with his underwear and an 'eat shit' grin on his face.

"I see you had a wonderful date but you've been out for three days?"

"No but I've been with Mikoto we've really falling for one another and last night I, well you know, Bow chica wow-wow."

"What's with the noises? Unless…you…got….Am I going to have a cousin?" Maikeru blushed a deep crimson

"N-no not yet." Maikeru stutters. "Anyway I'm just getting Mikoto-chan something to drink."

"Right now if you will excuse me I've got some things to do here's to hoping nothing else happens I just want some time to relax." Naruto says heading up to his room and then he lied down on the bed and just as he closes his eyes he sensed a chakra source outside the gate.

"Naruto-kun there's an Anbu outside asking for both of us!" Naruto heard Hinata's voice calling from down stairs.

"FUCK!" Naruto cursed got back up and walked downstairs then the Anbu bowed.

"Uzumaki-sama, Tsunade-sama has asked for you and Hinata-sama's presence in her office in regards to Intel that we received from Sakura Haruno." The Anbu said.

"Alright we'll be right there." Naruto and Hinata walked out and then leaped towards the Hokage's office. When they arrived Naruto saw Sai and A jounin with brown hair and a face mask similar to Tobirama's. "You!" Naruto growled.

"Hello again." Sai said as he smiled.

"Naruto-kun you know who this is?" Hinata asked.

"Yeah he attacked me trying to and I quote 'test your metal against mine to see if I'd be saving you on the battlefield.' But I quickly handed him his ass."

"As expected from my Rikudo-kun." Hinata kissed Naruto on the lips and then smiled Naruto attack her lips and a passionate kiss and after a few seconds Tsunade coughed bring their attention back to her.

"Now that you are done with that I have a mission for the five of you."

"Five but isn't a shinobi squad usually one captain and three subordinates?" Sakura asked.

"Yes normally you'd be right but this mission is high S-ranked and will require the utmost caution and coupled with the fact that I won first prize in the lottery this morning and with a grand prize of 30 million ryo I'm not taking any chances."

"Well that's a very bad omen." Naruto's eyes narrowed.

"I'm confused how is Tsunade-sama winning the grand prize a bad omen?" Hinata asked.

"Her nickname is the 'legendary sucker' due to her bad luck at gambling so if she wins big then something bad happens so for her to win such a huge amount doesn't bode well for any of us."

"Well I hope I won't have to end up saving you dickless." Sai said.

"Calling me that will only make me angry and believe me when I say that would be bad for you because the last time I got pissed off I nearly killed Orochimaru of the sannin."

"Then I'll be sure to watch myself then."

"And you if you piss me off you won't be walking out of this mission in one piece." Hinata snarled.

"ENOUGH!" Tsunade said bringing their attention back to her. Tsunade then pointed to the Jounin. "This is Yamato he will be filling in for Kakashi while he recovers from over using his new Sharingan.

"Nice to meet Yamato." Naruto says smiling.

"Nice to meet you too Naruto but you seem a bit weary of me."

"Your chakra emulates that of a Senju but to be more specific Hashirama Senju."

"WHAT!" Hashirama shouted.

"Well you're very accurate and quite the sensory type." Yamato responded.

"Yes and but I sense that it's a very sensitive topic so I'll leave it be."

"Thank you Naruto."

"Your mission is to go to the Heaven and Earth Bridge and meet with a spy working for Orochimaru but under command of the late member for the Akatasuki Sasori of the red sand." Tsunade said

"What's the catch?" Naruto asked.

"The catch is that his information will lead to the retrieval of Sasuke Uchiha."

"Looks like we get to see Sasuke again eh Hinata-chan." Naruto smiles

"Yeah it'll be just like old times." Hinata replies.

"Only this time Sasuke will try and kill us so don't take him lightly."

"Right now pack up and we'll meet at the front gate in an hour." Yamato said to the four before him.

"Yes sir!" Naruto, Hinata, Sai and Sakura said then they ran off to gather their things.

(Time skip one hour)

Naruto and the other were standing before Yamato.

"Aright we're heading out we've got 6 days to reach the hidden grass village and the Heaven and Earth Bridge so let's get moving." Yamato said

"Yes sir!" then the five of them leap off towards the hidden grass.

"Hang on Sasuke." Naruto thought. "Were on the way!" After a few hours of travel the arrieved in a nearby town.

"Naruto I sense that you and Sai are still having some issues with trust and I want to do some trust building exercises." Yamato said.

"Well when you attack someone for basically no reason it kind of kills any feelings of trust."

"Well you do have a point there." Then Yamato gets a dark look. "So I give you a choice get along willingly I can go with more Draconic methods."

"You think your scary?" Naruto said raising and eyebrow. "I'll show you scary." Naruto makes a hand sign and starts laughing in a demonic voice. (A/N: Imagine the laugh from Ghost rider.) Having heard that laugh before Hinata avoid soiling herself but Sai, Sakura and Yamato looked at Naruto with fear.

"Wh-what w-was th-that." Sakura asked

"My Demon laugh jutsu seems good at scaring people."

"Well moving on ruling you through fear isn't going to work so uh could we just get along?" Yamato said sweating.

"Sounds good to me." Naruto smiled.

"Hey we've got a few days and why don't we stop here for a bit and relax?" Sakura asked.

"Sure sounds like fun." Hinata said.

"Alright we'll stop for a day after all it is getting late." Yamato said. A few hours later Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Sai and Yamato were soaking in the bath houses. "Ah now this is relaxing am I right?"

"Yeah sure but there is something bothering me I'll be right back." Naruto said and he got out.

(With Sakura and Hinata)

Hinata had her Byakugan activated and she was watching Naruto a lecherous grin on her face that would make Jiraiya proud.

"Hinata what are you doing?" Sakura asked.

"N-nothing." Hinata said quickly.

"Were you peeping on Naruto?"

"No." Hinata blushed and looked away.

"Yes you were." Sakura said with a barely concealed laugh.

"Keep your voice down will you." Hinata hissed.

"Well don't leave me in the dark here." Sakura whispered back.

"He's hung like an ox and he's got the body of a god but he's kind to all three of us so don't worry."

"If he hurts you he'll answer to me." Sakura said. "By the way how did you get your boobs to grow that big? I mean they aren't natural are they?"

"They are, call it a curse of the Hyūga clan's female population but I can teach you a jutsu that can help I heard it was developed by the hidden cloud village, ironic huh I learned a jutsu developed by the country that tried to kidnap me."

"Who developed it?"

"Nobody knows but in exchange for some healing lessons I'll teach it to you."

"Oh come on I'm not that good." Sakura blushed.

"You were taught by Tsunade herself I'm sure you pick up a few things and I would like to learn how to wield her monstrous strength I heard you used to defeat Sasori of the red sands and that's quite the feat."

"Alright I teach you but for now let's leave."

"Aright." Hinata and Sakura got out and when they got into towels and then bath robes they walked out and Naruto was standing there his sharingan spinning.

"Hinata we need to talk." Naruto said a serious look on his face.

"Shit!" Hinata cursed. "I forgot he was a sensory type." Naruto walked off towards the room they shared and when they walked in Naruto looked at Hinata.

"If you wanted to see me naked all you had to do was ask Hinata-chan but don't ever do something like that in public again do I make myself clear?" Naruto said a stern look on his face.

(Time Skip 5 1/2 days later)

Yamato and the others had arrived at the Heaven and Earth Bridge and Yamato looked at the others.

"We've arrive a bit early so we're going to practice restraining techniques." Yamato said.

"Right we'll take care of it." Naruto said then the four of them got to work setting up and planning to capture Sasori's spy. When the day finally arrived Yamato used a wood style transformation to take the form of Hiruko.

"Now tell me when I get Sasori's voice right." Yamato said.

"Gotcha." Yamato kept practicing until he got it exactly right.

"Let's begin." 'Sasori' said then after a while a cloaked figure walked on to the bridge and 'Sasori' walked on at the other end.

"It's good to see you again, Sasori-sama." The spy says

"This chakra!" Naruto think shocked. "It's Kabuto!"

"What is Kabuto doing here?" Madara asked

"That's my question isn't he deadly loyal to Orochimaru?" Hashirama asked

"It's a trap!" Naruto started to jump out but Hinata held him back.

"Naruto-kun what's wrong?" Hinata asked

"This is a trap Kabuto is deadly loyal to Orochimaru he means to kill Sasori and the moment he attacks Captain Yamato will be given away as he doesn't know Sasori's fighting style."

"Are you sure!"

"So dick-" Sai starts but when Naruto blasts him with KI he stops.

"So tell me about the hideouts and Sasuke Uchiha." 'Sasori' Said.

"There are multiple hideouts not just in the hidden sound but all over the world. He switches from one location to the next each week to keep his whereabouts hidden. Orochimaru's spies sneak in set them up and manage them in his absence. But he makes use of so many different methods to switch locations, so tracking him isn't easy." Kabuto says

"Where is he now?"

"Currently, he's concealed himself on an island in a northern lake, and will move in three days. Sasuke Uchiha is there. By the way…" Kabuto starts then turns as he hears a rustling and he rockets around and then see's it's just a rabbit. "Just a rabbit huh." Meanwhile in the trees Orochimaru starts walking towards them as his snake eats the brown rabbit that had spooked Kabuto. "About that matter you ordered me to look into… there were protective seals around the body he transferred out of so I was able to obtain cell samples as you requested." Just then Naruto felt a dark presence enter his range.


"I see." Sasori says

"If you please hurry up and give me the item you promised me. I can't afford to stay here long, I'll be killed if he finds out I'm here with you." Kabuto continues

"Fine." Yamato starts sweating. "This is bad I have no choice but to act now." Yamato drew a kunai and was about to charge.

"What an interesting conversation…mind if I join in?" Orochimaru appears behind him.

"He was followed!"

"That outfit…reminds me of the good old day's Sasori." Orochimaru said

"You followed Kabuto!" 'Sasori' growls.

"Don't rude Sasori I wanted to thank you for sending me this kid he's been really useful." Naruto starts getting up and prepares to leap forward but sakura stopped him.

"We can't move until Yamato gives the signal." Sakura said.

"If this continues any longer Kabuto will strike and this won't end well if we don't strike now!" just then Kabuto makes a chakra scalpel and swings down slicing Yamato's transformation head off and Yamato jumped out clutching his arm.

"Striking shadow snake!" Orochimaru called out and snakes rocketed from his sleeve then they bit down but Yamato escape using a wood style escape. "Wood style substitution you must be…"

"Orochimaru-sama is this Sasori's real body?" Kabuto asked.

"No. Kabuto don't tell me that in all your years of being Sasori's spy you never seen the real Sasori.'

"He was always hidden in his puppets. It was a bit creepy if you ask me."

"What's going on?" Yamato asked. "Kabuto, you were supposed to be an Akatsuki spy. You were supposed to have been trapped in Sasori's technique!"

"Orochimaru-sama dispelled that technique a long time ago."

"So you switched sides but pretended you were still under Sasori's control! Is Orochimaru controlling you now?"

"Not that's it not a tall I just sympathize with Orochimaru-sama's cause that's all. And by the way who are you? We were planning to kill Sasori here but that seems to go awry."

"I'll tell you all about him later, Kabuto. Now then why don't you call out the four little rats hiding behind you?"

"He's seen though everything." Yamato thinks then he makes the hand signal and Naruto, Hinata, Sai and Sakura jumped out.

"You again?" Kabuto said.

"A face I've seen many times before and now the Kyūbi kid has been brought along." Orochimaru said smiling. Naruto glared at Orochimaru his sharingan spinning. "Let's see who's gotten stronger, you or Sasuke-kun." Naruto started glowing with his chakra.

"Let's show him what you're made of kit!" Kurama said

"Right!" Naruto then stated glowing with Kurama's power.

"Oh this is interesting." Orochimaru said

"Sasuke isn't your toy!" Naruto growled then three tails grew in and Naruto rocket past Kabuto and slash at Orochimaru sending him flying back. Then Kabuto charged Naruto but Naruto spun around. "ROAR!" and Kabuto when flying back and smacked into sakura knocking her out.

"What is that power?" Sai thought shocked. Orochimaru just then walked back have his face ripped off.

"You've really come along as a jinchūriki eh Naruto-kun." Orochimaru said. "It makes sense now why he was chosen to be your watch dog."

"Shut the fuck up!" Naruto rocketed forward and then the chakra fist extended forward and slammed Orochimaru in the gut.

"Ok that hurt." Orochimaru locked eyes with Naruto and after a few seconds he was dragged into Naruto's mind and then he saw Kurama standing before him. Then Kurama let loose a furious roar and Orochimaru faded away. "Oh my shit." Naruto charged again then slammed his palm onto the ground and he destroyed the bridge Orochimaru jumped back and so did the others but because sakura was unconscious she started sliding off. Sai pulled out his scroll and started painting a gigantic bird. Naruto jumped after Orochimaru and followed him into the forest.

"Hinata catch sakura!" Yamato shouted out.

"Right!" Hinata said and she grabbed her and Sai jumped off and landed on the bird and flew to where Naruto and Orochimaru were. Naruto kept slashing at Orochimaru but he kept dodging with the agility of a snake. Eventually Orochimaru started vomiting out snakes with blades in their mouths. Naruto then grew nine tails and had them wrap around him.

"Let's go Kurama version two." Naruto said

"Right kit." Kurama responded. Naruto exploded outwards with power and then a fox skeleton.

"Okay~" Orochimaru said disconcertedly.

"DIE!" Naruto roared out then he charged Orochimaru and then when the snakes charge him Naruto slammed his palm on the ground and obliterated them, he also destroyed the bird that Sai was riding on. After five of minutes of slashing and hacking Orochimaru shot out a snake from his arm and when it wrapped around Naruto it started to wither away.

"I see so nothing living can touch your skin."

"Yeah and your dead!" Naruto charged and rammed into Orochimaru ripping him in half. Then snakes shot up from the torso and from the legs and they inter winded and eventually they sew Orochimaru's body back together.

"You're a very interesting child Naruto-kun you've mastered the power of the Kyūbi so how does it feel?"

"The power of a perfect jinchūriki is something you will never experience for yourself so shall we continue our little dance?" Naruto started gathering chakra bubbles both red and blue and started gathering both at his mouth forming a purple ball then he compressed it and Orochimaru jumped back.

"Even I would die if I took a direct from that much condensed chakra." Naruto then reached up with his mouth and ate the chakra ball then his belly expanded. "How are you going to fight me now with that huge mass of chakra restricting your movements?" Then Naruto's form started expanding. "So it's like that huh?" Orochimaru bit his thumbs.

"Let's go Kurama!"

"Right." Kurama responded.

"Tailed beast bomb!" Naruto shouted then fire the blast of chakra at Orochimaru.

"Triple Rashōmon!" the three demon gates rose up and when the ball of chakra connected it exploded. At first the barrier held and Orochimaru smirked then then the walls fractured under the power and were obliterated. "Impossible!" Then there was a huge explosion and Orochimaru was nearly obliterated. When the smoke cleared Orochimaru was upside down and still. Then Naruto jumped back only to be struck by the emerging Orochimaru's head with his Snake sword extending from his mouth. Then he was sent crashing into the bridge area.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata calls out.

"Stay back I'm fine!" Naruto responds and pushes the blade aside then he charged Orochimaru again.

"How not even my snake sword could pierce his skin I don't understand." Orochimaru thinks shocked

"LARIAT!" Naruto roared and rammed into Orochimaru ripping off his head them he landed back in the clearing.

"You're rather impressive Naruto-kun." Orochimaru's voice calls and Naruto turns to see Orochimaru emerging from the wound like how a snake sheds it's skin.

"And your dead." Naruto rockets forward slashing then he punched the air with such force that Orochimaru felt as he had been socked with the force of a freight train.

"Another time perhaps." Orochimaru vanished into the earth. Naruto dispels Kurama's chakra and went back to his friends.

"Naruto-kun." Hinata said and she ran over and hugged him.

"I'm fine Hinata-chan hey where's Sai?" Naruto said looking around

"I don't where he went back towards where Orochimaru was."

"Damn I knew I sensed darkness in heart." Naruto got up and the others ran after Sai's chakra signature.

(With Sai)

Sai slipped through the trees and then landed in front of Orochimaru.

"Who are you?" Orochimaru asked.

"My name is Sai and I have a message from Danzo-sama." Sai said pulling out an envelope and he handed it to Orochimaru.

"Come with me boy."

"Yes lord Orochimaru." Sai leapt after Orochimaru and Kabuto who had joined them again. After the left the area Naruto and the others came into view.

"Naruto-kun didn't you mark him with your Hirashin formula?" Hinata asked.

"Unfortunately I didn't it never occurred to me." Naruto admitted ashamedly.\

"It's alright Naruto just because you're the Rikudo sennin doesn't mean you will think of everything." Sakura said.

"We've got to focus now I know Danzo is a slippery bastard so this mission could involve anything." Yamato said.

"Right." The others said.

(With Sai and Orochimaru)

Orochimaru slammed his palm on the ground and a door open up in the side of the mountain they were at.

"Follow me Sai your room is the fifth door on the left from the main hall."

"Yes lord Orochimaru." Sai said

"But first let's introduce you to Sasuke-kun as you will be his ally from now on."

"Of course." Sai followed Orochimaru and when they walked in Sai saw a pair of sharingan eyes glaring at him.

"Just who is this?" Sasuke's voice came asking from the darkness.

"This is Sai he's a member of Danzo's root he's going to be helping me with some plans that I want to carry through with the leaf." Orochimaru responded.

"Whatever, well if you need me I'll be training. Don't bother me." Sasuke jumped down and as he passed Sai Sasuke stopped. "If you get in my way I'll kill you so don't try anything."

"Of course." Sai said and he smiled. Just then an explosion rocked the entire base.

"Fuck." Sasuke cursed.

"What is it Sasuke-kun?" Orochimaru asked.

"Naruto's here and based on this chakra he's not happy."

"This base is like a maze so don't worry about him finding you."

"He's a sensory type remember? He know where we are anyway."

"Oh right." Kabuto started sweating as a huge killer intent blasted through the entire facility.

"Orochimaru!" Naruto's demonic voice roared through the facility. "Come out of hiding coward!"

"Oh crud." Orochimaru start sweating.

(With Naruto and the others)

Naruto was walking forward his version one Jinchūriki form three tails swinging behind him.

"Let's see here Sai's chakra signature is resonating room to my left, Orochimaru's chakra is resonating from the same room as Sasuke's and Kabuto is cowering in fear from my killer intent. So let's take out Orochimaru then avenge the third and then I'll return with Sasuke."

"Alright Naruto now lets show Orochimaru just how powerful the Rikudo sennin truly is." Madara said smiling.

"Drown in despair this is the power of Naruto Uzumaki, Divine power!" Naruto rushed forward and he drew his Gunbai and when sound ninja charged him Naruto just sliced them to pieces tearing through them then he deactivated Kurama's power he suddenly felt Sai's chakra near Sasuke's and suddenly a huge explosion rocked the base and Naruto ran towards the source of the explosion and when he arrived Hinata, Sakura, Sai and Yamato where standing in a crater and at the ledge of the hole was Sasuke.

"Is that you Hinata?" Sasuke asked.

"Sasuke-san…" Hinata said.

"And I see Naruto has joined us as well."

"Sasuke." Naruto said.

"It's been a while Naruto, three years in fact."

"How's your vision these days?"

"As clear as ever I saved those eyes to combat you." Sasuke chuckled. "Your Eternal Mangekyō can no longer defeat me."

"This will be interesting let's see how those cursed eyes of his have grown." Kurama smiled.

"So who's this?" Sasuke looked at Sai. "My replacement?"

"Yeah but if you come back to Konoha we can become team 7 again." Naruto said.

"There is only one bond I have now. The bond with my brother and it's a bond of hatred." Naruto looked at Sasuke.

"So that's all we meant to you…a means to an end…what happened to our bond Sasuke we were like brothers and you turned on me for power…for your Mangekyō sharingan."

"As much as I hate my brother the Mangekyō sharingan is what I needed to defeat him now he and I share the same cursed power but I know it won't stop you that's why I'm going to kill you…right here and now and steal your ocular prowess and with the sharingan and Rinnegan combined my brother will be powerless against me." Naruto activates his sharingan and looks at Sasuke.

"That will not be as easy as you think it is. Many have tried to steal my eyes from me but it never worked I was too powerful and now the Akatasuki has given me 3 years and now I could take on all 9 of them and win without breaking a sweat and you power is great Sasuke but right now you aren't at Itachi's level and he can't stop me so kill you for me would be child's play."

"THEN PROVE IT!" Sasuke draws his blade and charges Naruto.

"Then we dance." Naruto drew his Gunbai and blocked Sasuke strike.

"What how my sword can't be blocked."

"Surprised Sasuke but this Gunbai of mine is indestructible and by channeling wind chakra through it I can stop your sword filed as it is with lightning chakra. Wind chakra has a suppiority to lightning chakra and with my rinnegan I can use all five chakra natures."


"Almighty push." Sasuke gets blasted back and Naruto then swings his Gunbai. "Gunbai wind wall!"

"Seems I will need these eyes after all." Sasuke activates his Mangekyō.

"Don't look at Sasuke's eyes only I can combat his ocular prowess."

"I'm ready when you are kit." Kurama said. "Thanks to your training I can now fully resist the sharingan let's show him the power of our bond."

"Yeah let's go Kurama." Naruto lets Kurama's power spread over his skin forming the 9th tail of the initial jinchūriki form. Then he locked yes with Sasuke and instantly he realized his mistake and felt the pull of his mindscape.

(Naruto's mind scape.)

When Naruto open his eyes he was in front of Kurama's forest den and Sasuke was standing next to him.

"So this is your power Uchiha." Kurama said his tails swinging. "You've done well to become this powerful. The power of those eyes, and a chakra that is more sinister then my own…you remind me of Madara Uchiha from the elder days."

"Why thank you Kyūbi I am honored that you would consider me on par with Madara." Sasuke smiled.

"Unfortunately, young Uchiha, you are still far from my level." Madara's voice came and he stepped out from the shadows.

"Well then I'll just have to work harder to reach your level."

"I wish you luck young Uchiha."

"Well Naruto I've developed a new jutsu I call it Kirin it's my most powerful lightning jutsu would you like to see the hand signs?"

"Sure and in exchange I'll teach you mine."

"You developed a lightning jutsu?"

"Yeah and I nearly killed Deidara the mad bomber with it."

"What's it called?"

"Wrath of the thunder god."

"Alright and I wanted to talk to you about someone I met and she's a living relative of your's.

"Who is it?"

"Karin Uzumaki, since you're her only living relative I wanted to ask you if I could date her."

"Sure just treat her right or not even death itself will save you from my wrath."

"Yes sir!" Sasuke says squeaking. "Now let me show you the hand signs for Kirin."

"Right." Sasuke then made the hand signs and Naruto copied them with his sharingan.

"That reminds me how do you have the sharingan?"

"The Sage had both rinnegan and sharingan but he never found a way to fuse their powers and I must admit I am far from finding a solution but the rinnegan's and sharingan's power is within me and that's why I said taking my eyes wouldn't be easy."

"I guess you're right; now what are the hand signs for wrath of the thunder god?"

"Dragon then rat but you have to used Amaterasu and high fire jutsu to heat up the atmosphere so I don't recommend you use it until you have the eternal Mangekyō sharingan."

"Noted now let's get moving Orochimaru still trusts me so I can't break the illusion just yet." Sasuke winks and then Naruto's mindscape shatters like glass and Naruto was glaring at Sasuke. Naruto charged forward and slashed at Sasuke then drew his Gunbai and slammed it into Sasuke's head and kicked him in the chest. Sasuke jumped back and started weaving hand signs that Naruto recognized.

"He's going to use Kirin!" Just as he finished the last hand sign Orochimaru appeared and grabbed Sasuke's hand.

"There is no need to used that jutsu save it for later Sasuke-kun and let these people live they will eliminate the other Akatsuki leaving your path to Itachi clear." Orochimaru said.

"Fuck off Orochimaru I will exact my revenge how I see fit." Sasuke said.

"Still using foul language at Orochimaru-sama." Kabuto said as he appeared next to them.

"Very well I will listen for now."

"Let's go." Orochimaru said and they disappeared in swirl of flames.

"Damn it." Naruto swore.

"Well this is kind of a kick in the pants." Hinata said.

"Well let's head back to the village." Yamato said.

"Right." Sakura said.

(With Nagato and Konan)

Konan was standing in the chamber next to Nagato.

"Nagato-kun I know you're in pain but there is nowhere else to turn. He's our best bet for finding someone to give you new powers besides if what I heard is true then he'll be more than willing to help you." Konan said

"He's still our target clan member or not even if what you say is true I don't think he'll be willing to help us." Nagato responded.

"Well I'll ask him but I'll do so discreetly." Konan shed her Akatsuki cloak and dawned a travel cloak.

(Time skip 3 days later)

Naruto was sitting at Ichiraku enjoying a bowl after the disaster of the previous mission suddenly his head shot up and that's when Maikeru showed up.

"What's up?"

"The Hiraishin Formula I left on Yugito-chan is agitated."

"Something's going on in the Land of Lightning" Maikeru says as he glances towards the northeast

"And it's a safe bet the Akatsuki are behind it."

"Yeah." Maikeru drops the cash for the bill. "You're going then?"

"Yeah I am."

"Very well then I'm coming with you" Maikeru notices Naruto about to rebut by saying no. "I'm coming with you because when the Akatsuki is involved you leave nothing to chance no matter how strong you may be. Give me until this 10 minute hour glass runs out and I'll meet you at the gate fully geared up." Maikeru says before Hiraishining away. Naruto was waiting at the gate periodically watching the hour glass.

"All geared up?" Naruto asked as Maikeru appeared.

"Lead the way captain I already set this action up as a S rank Mission with the Hokage" Maikeru said. "Who's the most rockin' Uncle in the Leaf?" Maikeru pointed to himself. "This guy." Naruto Hiraishin jumps first followed by Maikeru.

(With Yugito)

As Yugito's battle with the Akatsuki was winding down. It was clear they came prepared because Nii was cursed by the Jashinist practitioner of the Akatsuki and was losing.

"Come on hurry up and get here Naruto." Nii Yugito thinks as she was fighting to stay alive. As Hidan was about to administer the crippling hit, Hidan's spike broke in two then he felt a blast of air slam into him. He looked up to see to a blond ninja But his surprises wouldn't stop there Hidan was out of that circle which made his technique work and a Yellow Flash had blown the circle he made and all other sites around and near him to bits

"Impossible he's…" Kakazu said to himself.

"Supposed to be dead." Maikeru said finishing his sentence

"Hey Kakuzu who is this Cock sucker?" Hidan asked.

"I'm Brother to Minato Namikaze and the Second Yellow Flash, Maikeru is my name." Maikeru looked at Naruto. "All right Naruto Take Nii and withdraw, I'll be along in 10 minutes max."

"You better come back or Mikoto will have my hide for leaving you behind." Naruto said grabbing Yugito and picking her up bridal style.

"Don't worry bud, now go."

"Yes sir!" Naruto vanished in a burst of speed

(Minute 1 and 2)

"Kakuzu stay out of this fight I'll be offering this guy up to Lord Jashin."

"The fact that Hidan character is a product of the Jashin Experiment I heard that was conducted in the land of Rain." Maikeru leaps over a charging Hidan's head deploying a HDB (Hiraishin kunai dispersion bomb) as he pulls his kunai out he tries using his Scythe to cleave him in two but Maikeru dodges by throwing his Kunai to a nearby wall the HDB blows cutting him up.

"Heh, like your little toy can hurt me, No matter Shithead I'll get you somehow!"

"HA, I like to see you Jashinist Pussy." Maikeru said "okay so cuts like that won't work." Hidan charges again Maikeru responds by Hiraishining to a wall.

"Damn it Stay still." Hidan said "Ugh!"

"Why should I You need my blood that is a piece of how you brought Yugito to her knees right." Maikeru said with his claws sunk into Hidan

(Minute 3-5)

"That hurts!" Hidan says glaring. "Has this guy figured out my moves?"

"Hidan Stop fooling around." Kakuzu said as he was going for a haymaker only for Maikeru to Hiraishin out of the way.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu." Maikeru says as 39 additionals appear. The 39 clones probe Kakuzu only for his abilities to make Short to moderate work

(Minute 6-8)

Kakuzu looks around For Maikeru

"Alright Where are you" Kakuzu says to himself ignoring a complaining Hidan about him ignoring his request to stay out of his fight.

(Minute 9)

"Well regular attacks like thrown kunai won't work and Stabbing vital spots won't work so What if I do this." Maikeru lunges claws drawn at Hidan from Behind As Kakuzu warned him it was too little too late as what looked like a single strike to Hidan's stomach was actually 6 slices, as Kakuzu makes his moves for a one hit K.O. kind of punch He's blinded by a Yellow flash. When his vision returns he looks around and notices his initial prey is gone as are the deployed Kunai.

"God dammit!" Kakuzu roared he slammed his fist against the wall and some rocks started falling into the water.

"How do you think Jashin-sama feels his sacrifices got away I must pray for forgiveness."

"You and your god damn religion thanks to that not only did the Nibi Jinchūriki got away so did the Kyūbi jinchūriki and a 300 billion Ryo bounty. Leader-sama is going to be pissed." Kyūbi jinchūriki and a 300 billion Ryo bounty. Leader-sama is going to be pissed." No sooner as Kakuzu finished speaking Hidan took a step to get down to pray but as soon as his foot hit the ground He fell to pieces.

"Umm Kakuzu, I need a little help."

"You are a got damn moron." Kakazu growled then he got to work fixing Hidan.

(With Naruto)

Naruto was carrying Yugito as he ran from the land of lightning.

"Naruto-kun… I knew you'd come." Yugito smiles and blushed slightly as he saw how handsome Naruto had become.

"I won't ever disappoint you now this proves that this land is not safe for you any longer we'll talk to the Raikage about getting you transferred to Konoha in order for us to protect you." Just then Maikeru appears next to them.

"Just in time am I right?" Maikeru asked.

"Yeah and what about Kakazu and Hidan?"

"They won't be bothering you for a while if you catch my drift." Maikeru displayed the claws on his right hand for a couple of seconds.

"Now let's go to the Raikage's office and talk about this new development."

"Um…Naruto-kun I can walk just fine." Yugito says bringing his attention that she was still carrying her.

"Whoops." Naruto puts Yugito down and then the tree of them leap off toward the Hidden cloud village. When they arrive the guards outside the village stop them.

"State your business here with the hidden cloud village." The first guard said.

"Yugito Nii of the hidden cloud returning with two Konoha shinobi here to report to Raikage-sama about an Akatsuki attack." Yugito step forward.

"Yugito welcome back Raikage-sama will want to see you as soon as returned to the hidden cloud."

"Well I won't keep him waiting." Yugito said and then the three of them walked to the hidden cloud office Naruto looked around as the people smiled and waved at Yugito.

"Do they know?" Naruto asked.

"Yes they know but they respect me for it and just like Bee-sama I'm hailed as the hero who stopped Matatabi's rampage."

"Kurama was the same but I'm seen as a vile reincarnation of his power but we're partners Kurama and I."

"Never thought I'd see the day Kurama got along with his host."Matatabi said to Yugito.

"Why does Kurama not like his hosts?"

"Of the nine of us Kurama is the most violent and the most feared, swipes of his tails send tidal waves crashing to the shore and erased mountains he felt that no one should ever control him and that he should remain free but every time he's sealed he gains more hatred."

"But why does Kurama like Naruto if what you said is true why does he even care?"

"Why don't we ask him ourselves?"

"Naruto-kun Matatabi want to talk to Kurama."

"Right, hang on I'll open a channel." Naruto said and he held out his fist to Yugito and she instantly recognized Bee's handy work. Yugito bumped fists with Naruto and instantly they were both dragged into a gold room and Kurama and Matatabi were standing behind their hosts.

"It's been a while Kurama." Matatabi said

"Three years but I sense you want to ask me something, so spit it out." Kurama said

"Why are you so willing to work with Naruto here?"

"In all years of being sealed I've never met a host quite like Naruto here not even his mother Kushina impressed me like the kit here does. He's the one father talk about for sure he's father's reincarnation."

"Well from what I can tell he's got Father's chakra but it's a bit of stretch to call him his reincarnation."

"He's got all three eyes, sharingan, eternal Mangekyō and rinnegan, the chakra to match the only think that is missing is Kaa-san's power but his job to stop project Tsuki No Me."

"Project Tsuki No Me?"

"It's my old enemy's plan to enslave the world in an infinite Tsukuyomi using Kaa-san's power to reflect the Mangekyō off the surface of the moon."

"But for that they would need Kaa-san's body which is trapped there and a seal that keeps it there."

"Madara Uchiha summoned it from the moon and then left a follower to finish it."

"I said I was sorry!" Madara's voice reverberated around the room and he appeared next to Kurama's back paw.

"Sorry doesn't cut it Madara!" Kurama growled

"Well we've solved the issue of how it is moving forward but how many of us have they captured?"

"Three of us, Chomei, Koyuki, and Shukaku."

"When did they capture Shukaku? I heard though Yugito's ears that the received word that Han of the steam style had been captured a few years back but Chomei is a surprise."

"The captured Shukaku a few days ago we were too late to stop the extraction."

"Anyway it was nice seeing you again Kurama."

"You too Matatabi." Then the world around them faded away and when everything cleared Yugito and Naruto separated hands and continued to the Raikage's office. When they arrived Naruto bowed to the Raikage and then he looked at him.

"Naruto it's been a while." Ay said.

"It has Raikage-sama." Naruto said.

"Why are you here?"

"The Akatasuki attacked Yugito-chan and she agitated my Hirashin marker and I assisted her escape but Uncle Maikeru here stopped them."

"Well then Maikeru Namikaze it seems this village owes you a debt of gratitude." Maikeru makes a wuick bow. "But it also proves that Yugito is no longer safe here in Kumo I'm authorizing at jinchūriki relocation."

"Raikage-sama." Yugito said shocked with tears in her eyes.

"I know Yugito but this for your own safety. I'm sending you to Konoha for safe keeping."

"Naruto Uzumaki I want you to take care of Yugito help keep her safe I'll be sending a message to Tsunade."

"I promise I will Raikage-sama." Naruto said and he bowed.

"Then head back to the leaf and keep her safe I consider he my daughter." Yugito ran up and hugged Ay crying. "I'll miss you Yugito and even if it costs my heart a thousand pains I will do whatever I need to in order to keep you and Bee safe and if sending you to the Leaf is what will keep you safe then, so be it." Ay hugged her back.

"Let's go Naruto." Maikeru said.

"Right." Naruto said and then he grabbed Yugito's hand then in a flash they were all gone. If they looked out the window towards a near by tree they would see the form a venus fly trap sink back into the tree.

(With the Akatasuki)

"The Nibi has been sent to the hidden cloud village." Zetsu said to the assembled members.

"How did the Nibi escape you and Hidan Kakuzu?" Pein asked.

"The fucking Kyūbi showed up out of nowhere and his crazy uncle who sliced me to pieces I might add!" Hidan shouted

"How did the Kyūbi even know how you were attacking the Nibi and respond so quickly?"

"They both know the Hirashin and the Kyūbi marked the Nibi." Kakuzu said.

"This completes things we'll leave the Nibi and Kyūbi alone for now but if necessary I will step in and capture them both myself." Pein said then he and the others vanished.

(With Naruto)

Naruto, Maikeru and Yugito appeared in flash of color in the Uzumaki clan estates.

"Well Yugito-chan make yourself at home I'm going to go report to Tsunade-sama about what happened and what Raikage-sama told us." Naruto said and then he and Maikeru walked over to Tsunade's office.