This is set after the titan war and before Heroes of Olympus.

Percy,Annabeth,Thalia and Nico go to Hogwarts Percy POV

I was terrified. I was in a plane to go to this school in England because me, Annabeth, Thalia and Nico had to protect the school from people who eat Thanatos, Death Eaters and this guy called Voldemort. Chiron said Albus Dumbledore-an old friend of his-needed help in protecting the school from those guys. In order to do so, we had to go undercover as one of the students. Let me tell you though, I bet that old "Voldemort" is nothing compared to Kronos. Every bit of turbulence was a nightmare, Annabeth had to hold my hand throughout the whole thing but hey, I wasn't complaining though.

"Seaweed brain, we're almost there," she said to me.

She was right (as always) and we landed on the runway about a minute later. I and Nico exhaled a sigh of relief.

Annabeth said "We look for a man holding a sign up that says Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace-"

"Don't use my last name," snarled Thalia at Annabeth.

"Okay, okay and Nico di Angelo." Annabeth finished off.

I groaned, "Is it going to be in Greek or English," knowing the answer.

Annabeth chewed her lip "English-but I'm sure we can find the man, he has bright orange hair after all."

"Yeah that might be helpful." said Nico in a bored tone of voice

We got off the plane and started searching for the man with bright orange hair.

"There!" I shouted at the others, pointing to the man

"Ouch seaweed brain, no need to burst my eardrums," Annabeth said clutching her ears

"Ouch wise girl, no need to hurt my feelings," I replied grinning

"You're so annoying," she said rolling her eyes

"That's why you love me, right."

She grinned and kissed me.

Nico cleared his throat and said "You know I'm still here."

Then Thalia said "hunter of Artemis here, hellooo"

We broke apart and everyone started walking towards the man

I could see the man held a banner that said "preyc ckajosn, Abnnathe hseac, Talhia gaerc and Noci id naogel." Gibberish.

As we went over he said to us

"Are you four Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace and Nico di Angelo?"

"Yes," we all chorused

"Good," he replied "we need to go to my house, as a warning I have my wife there, three sons, their two friends and my daughter, they can introduce themselves properly when we actually get home."

*************************************TIME SKIP************************************

We arrived at this place called the burrow. It was so crooked it looked like it was being held together with magic-which, I reminded myself, it probably was. Wizards use sticks to cast spells (called wands) when we demigods don't need those to show our powers.

We went inside and immediately saw four boys sitting down at a table.

They stared at us and then suddenly-

"Hello I'm Fred-"the first one said,

"And I'm George-"the second one said,

They both chorused "And we are the Weasley twins."

"They're like Stolls aren't they" I murmured to Annabeth

The other two rolled their eyes and one of them said,

"I'm Ron,"

"And I'm Harry,"

The one called Harry closed his eyes as if waiting for us to start questioning him. When we didn't Ron blurted out

"C'mon surely you've heard of Harry Potter, THE Harry Potter-"

"Never mind Ron" said Harry obviously wanting us not to know about him.

"This is Awkward" I said as silence descended upon us.

Thalia as calm as ever punched me in my face, it had no effect on me though, I had the Achilles curse and I had iron skin. Thalia shook her hand as if she was trying to shake away the pain.

All of the boys looked at us and I think the one called Fred said,

"Well…that was barbaric."

Annabeth saved the situation and said,

"Anyway I'm Annabeth, this is Percy" she said pointing to me and at the same time glaring at me

"This is Thalia and this is Nico" she finished off pointing to them.

"We've packed for Hogwarts because we're leaving there now. "Said Harry, looking at us suspiciously

"We're already packed so; I guess we can leave when you want to leave."

"Good-oh here come Hermione and Ginny with my wife, Molly."

"We're here lets go to Hogwarts now becau-who are they," Hermione practically shouted

Mr Weasley took over and said "this is Percy, Annabeth, Thalia and Nico; they're exchange students from America that are coming to Hogwarts,"

"Exchange students? Hmm" said Hermione doubtfully

"We need to go to Diagon Alley to get things, especially for the exchange students." Said Mr Weasley. "Let's go by car-It's not going to fly!" he added on hastily for the benefit of Mrs Weasley.

All us Americans stared at each other in bewilderment. Flying cars, diagonally shops and everything else.

**********************************TIME SKIP*************************************

We had been on the road for about an hour and I was seriously tired, after all the Achilles curse does make you need to sleep loads, suddenly the car jolted to a holt because there was movement in the trees ahead of us.

"I'll go," so far only the demigods could see the dracaena in the trees. I could see Thalia and Nico placing bets on how quickly I could win.

I faintly heard,

"Thalia, fifty drachma he wins in under thirty seconds,"

"It's done di Angelo."

When I had dealt with the dracaena I ran back to the car to see how quick I had killed them in

"Percy, you did it in twenty seven seconds." Nico said triumphantly.

"Dammit Jackson, you lost me fifty drachmas," growled Thalia at me.

"Yes Percy!" said Annabeth and kissed me passionately

We were like that for a while but then Thalia said "You guys, I think the wizards are staring at you."

Annabeth and I stopped and flushed red with embarrassment.

"You can er move on Mr Weasley to diagonally," I said

"It's Diagon Alley not diagonally," said Mr Weasley staring into space.

He shook himself back into reality and told us,

"We're only going to be at Diagon Alley for a few hours because you need to go on the Hogwarts express, so all your things are at the leaky cauldron (a wizard pub he later told us) and all you need to get now are your wands and your pets."

We went on for about an hour until we finally stopped outside... A door, I wouldn't have noticed it if Mr Weasley hadn't pointed it out to me. We got outside the car and went into the leaky cauldron.