Hermione POV (yeah, didn't expect that didja ;D)

"I'm telling you, they're up to something!" I hissed to Ron and Harry in the common room.

"Come of off it Hermione, you're just being paranoid." Ron replied.

"But you saw them in the main hall, that boy, Nico, he did stuff to that...to those shadows."

"Maybe a trick of the light or an incantation, there's probably a rational explanation." said Harry rubbing his eyes from tiredness.

"And haven't you seen them speaking in that strange language. Whenever I come near them they switch into a different one I just can't quite remember." I said desperately.

"Well with me they always manage to do something really strange as well." Said Ron.

I felt a spark of hope,

"Yes, what is it, Harry, this could just prove I'm right, come on Ron."

"Well." He lowered his voice "When I'm near them they always...speak English, I know it's surprising but it's true."

Harry laughed as I felt even more annoyed.

"It's not funny Ron. You shouldn't be sarcastic about it either because I know that it is true and if you hear them-"

"Hermione, why are you so keen to go against them, is it because Annabeth's cleverer?"

"No" I said shrilly "It's just that they're hiding stuff and...and...ugh!"

I sighed in exasperation, I had been trying to convince Harry and Ron of my suspicions for roughly an hour, to no avail. Those Americans just weren't what they seemed and I knew it and would somehow prove it to everyone. All of the new American new students passed us.

"And why do Percy and Annabeth need to share a room as well, what's their excuse, I've never seen anyone in the school ever share a room before." I said absent mindedly.

"Yeah, but you've only been at Hogwarts for what 6 years or something? And you HAVE always gone on about how ancient Hogwarts is, some parts of it we don't even know about." Ron said.

"Yes but-"

"Hermione will you just stop now, I need to go to sleep and you've been going on for ages."

I hated my own words being used against me. Ron had a knack for doing that, it was incredibly annoying. I just HAD tofind out what their secret was I had tried spying on Thalia this morning but it failed...miserably, but I don't think she saw me, I mean, I wouldn't have seen me if I was her.

"Fine, but I'm going to bed now." I said. I could have sworn Ron said "finally."

I went into my dormitory and saw Thalia in bed, although most certainly not sleeping, it seemed as if she was...waiting for me? All the other girls weren't awake and asleep but she sat bolt upright. (geddit).

"Y'know, the best kind of surveillance is when the target can't see you" She spoke suddenly and as my brain registered what she had said-


"Yeah," Thalia agreed, "why were you even spying on me anyway, it's not like I did anything wrong unless if I did I still need to know of it."

"Well," I said "I wasn't exactly watching you, I was looking at the wall and you got...in...the..way..." I trailed away feebly as I realised how idiotic what I had just said sounded.

Thalia looked unimpressed.

"That is perhaps, the worst excuse I have ever heard in my life, and being with Percy, that's saying something. In fact, you've done the impossible. Making a worse excuse than Percy..." She whistled as if this thought had suddenly dawned on her.

"Anyway." I said " I think it's time we both went to sleep."

"Yeah, well, as long as you don't keep spying on me and my friends I'll be happy."

I felt colour rush to my cheeks but I held her gaze before crumpling and looking down towards my covers.

"Turn the light off now them." I told Thalia. And she did.

I lay in bed wondering if there was anything wrong about these Americans so, just to think better and clear my mind a bit, I evaluated all the claims and conflicting theories for and against the certain suspects. It was interesting and tiring but I realised that I had to catch them red-handed in order to convince the others. Yeah...it wasn't likely. It was even harder since Ron and Harry obviously liked them all. Then, I thought. Thalia's trunk was quite near my bed and unlocked as well... perhaps...it wouldn't do any harm in looking through her case and if I found any incriminating evidence, I'm sure Dumbledore would like to know.

So I silently took the covers off myself, I wasn't complaining, it was a ridiculously hot night. I slunk over towards Thalia's trunk, making as little noise as possible, I opened it up slowly and it made a humongous squeak that would have almost definitely awoken Thalia but she stayed still. Phew. I then heard a noise that stopped my heart from beating.

" . . .Trunk." A voice said from just above my left ear. Dammit.

The trunk closed with a big bang as Thalia smashed it shut. I thought it would attract some attention but yet again, the girls slept.


"Get off it now." She said venomously. "What did I do to ever annoy you. What? You just go back to bed and stay out of my BUSINESS!" She spoke the last word with so much force and so much anger I immediately scrambled into my bed desperately hoping that Thalia wouldn't remember this in the morning, or ever if possible.

"Sorry." I said quietly not looking at her.

Thalia looked livid and said with finality "STOP."

I tried to get to sleep as fast as I could when I heard that tone of voice but I saw something that was strange in her trunk. I live in the muggle world and I know every type of coin or so I thought. Thalia had some golden coins, that looked like REAL gold that were as big as big cookies. What were they doing there? Was my final thought before I went to sleep.

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