Chapter One

"Finnick, this party sucks!" Johanna yelled over the loud music.

"Someone's enjoying it!" Finnick pointed out, nodding towards President Snow.

"Coz Finnick's got that one thing! So get out, get out, get outta my head, and fall into my arms instead!" President screamed along to the One Direction song playing, every so often giving Finnick a flirty look.

"The worst part is, he isn't even drunk," Finnick sighed.

"This music is shit! Katniss Clove, quick, over here!" Johanna called waving her hand in the air like a maniac.

"S'up, Jo?" Clove asked, appearing from the crowd with Katniss.

"This party sucks! How can we make it better?" Johanna asked.

Clove's eyes lit up.

"Oh shit," Finnick thought to himself, "Not another one of Clove's great ideas."

Last time Clove had had a great idea, they had all ended up stranded in the middle of sea, stark naked and with nothing but a rubber dingy. It's a long story.

"Truth or dare!" Clove commanded.

"Yay! I love that game!" Katniss squealed, jumping up and down.

"That's a good idea for you, stupid" Johanna pointed out.

"I don't know…" Finnick started.

"Ch-ch-ch-chicken!" Katniss started, soon joined by Johanna and Clove.

"Fine, I'll find an empty bottle, you get everyone organised in a circle." Finnick sighed.

"You've got the easy job. Haymitch will be in a corner somewhere, passed out, surrounded by empty bottles!" Katniss pointed out.

"True" he stated, walking off to find Haymitch and leaving the others to organise the game.

"Right everyone, we're all gonna play truth or dare, spin the bottle, got it? If you don't want to do the truth or dare you are given, the forfeit is to take off one item of clothing. Got it?" Clove yelled.

Various nods and murmurs were thrown by the people sat in a circle with her, petrified of what some of the more ballsy people may throw at them.

"I'm gonna spin the bottle first, as it was my idea!" Clove stated to the room.

Nobody dared to argue, so without hesitation, Clove reached forward and span the empty bottle that Finnick had found.

The bottle slowly turned and landed on…