Chapter Two


"Beetee, truth or dare?" Clove asked, with a mischievous glint in her eye.

"T-truth" he stuttered, going tomato red.

"Fine," Clove let out a sigh, "Who do you like?"

"No one at the moment," he answered, going an even deeper shade of red.

"Yes you do. Remember, you signed up to play this game, you must tell us the truth or take off one item of clothing," Johanna butted in.

"Actually, Enobaria told me that if I didn't play, she'd rip out my small intestines with her teeth," he stated.

Everyone looked at Enobaria, a little scared. Even Johanna and Clove was scared of her. Enobaria just flashed them all a smile, making sure to show her two pearly white fangs.

"Just answer the question, volts" Clove snapped.

"Fine, well there is this one girl I like, she's really nice and funny and sweet. She lives in district three. She's…" he started.

"Just tell us who it is!" Cato groaned.

"Shut up, it's sweet!" Rue called out.

"Rue, Prim? What are you doing here? You're way too young to be at a party like this! Go home now!" Katniss yelled.

"But Katniss, President Snow and Eifee are way too old to be at a party like this and you're not sending them home" Prim pointed out.

Katniss shrugged.

"Manners!" Eifee screeched, making everyone desperately want to put their fingers in their ears, but they knew it would cause more screeching.

"Excuse me little girl. Talk me down one more time, and I'll have you executed in front of the whole nation on national television. How would you like One Direction see you being executed? Huh? You wouldn't like that would you? Would you?" President Snow screamed.

"Snow, your dead, I killed you, remember? Plus, nobody likes One Direction anyway!" Katniss told him.

"How dare you? I could get over you killing me perhaps, but saying nobody likes One Direction? That is horrible? You don't deserve to live! You're horrible. However, my baby, Finnick Odair, loves One Direction, don't you baby?" President Snow ranted, but then softened his voice for Finnick.

"No I hate them. And please don't call me baby," he answered.

"But, baby, little things was gonna be our first dance at our wedding," Snow protested.

"What was gonna happen, were you gonna come out in your big, puffy ivory dress and Finnick in a matching tuxedo?" asked Johanna, mockingly.

"I was thinking more snowy white to match my name and then have the waist and shoulders embroidered with roses!" Snow answered seriously.

By then everyone was in fits and Snow was very confused. When Clove finally wiped away the last tears of laughter, she got back to the game.

"So, Beetee, you've had a few minutes to think, who do you like? And not all that mushy suspense building up stuff either. Just give us a name!"

"W-w-wiress," he stuttered, going so red everyone thought that if he got any redder he would be a tomato.

"Tick tock, tick tock!" Wiress screamed excitedly.

"You like me too? That's amazing!" Beetee exclaimed.

"Oh god, nerd talk!" Johanna groaned, face palming herself.

"Aww, it's kind of cute really, all thinks considering," murmured Peeta.

"Course you'd think that, wouldn't you bread boy?" Cato called over.

"Shut up," Peeta mumbled, going even redder.

"Anyway, back to the game. Beetee spin the bottle please?" Annie called from Finnick's lap.

"Oi, what are you doing with my bottle of destiny?" screamed a very drunk Haymitch.

"We're playing truth or dare, duh?" Prim answered, with her hands on her hips.

"Duh!" Haymitch exclaimed, face palming himself, "duh, duh, duh!"

"Sit down!" Gale yelled.

"Haymitch sit down," Haymitch said, plonking himself in between Eifee and Seneca Crane.

"How's the Eifsters then?" he asked, ruffling her wig.

"Get off you insane drunkard!" she squealed, swatting him away.

Everyone winced at her screeching.

"BEETEE SPIN THE BOTTLE!" screamed Johanna impatiently.

"Okay, okay" he tutted, reaching for the bottle.

He span it and it landed on...