Chapter Eight


Johanna cackled evily.

"Okay, pretty boy, truth or dare?" she asked, narrowing her eyes.

"Truth" he said.

"Wimp! Wimp! Wimp! Wimp! Wimp!" Katniss started, and soon everyone, including Annie was chanting it.

"Fine, okay! Dare!" Finnick groaned, putting his head in his hands.

"Okay, I dare you to do the ice water challenge!" Johanna said, giving him an evil look.

"What's that?" Prim asked, looking at Rue, who looked equally confunsed.

"It's where you fill a big bowl full of icy water and keep your feet in it for five minutes" Fox face explained.

Finnick shrieked.

"I'll get blue feet. You don't get born with looks like mine, just to willingly throw them away!" Finnick protested.

"Come on, pretty boy, into the kitchen" Clove coaxed in a weird, creepy voice, beckoning him to follow her to the kitchen.

He reluctantly followed her. In the kitchen, Clove emptied the giant washing up bowl at the sink and filled it with cold water. Then, she got two giant bags of ice out of the fridge and dumped the whole contents of both into the bowl.

"I'll die of hypothermia!" Finnick protested.

"No you won't! Now come on, we need to start before the water gets warm!" Clove called, leading him back towards the front room, lifting the bowl.

"When, next Christmas?" Finnick mumbled, following her.

When they got back in the front room, Finnick sat down back next to Annie and took his shoes and socks off. He slowly lifted his feet off the ground and then suddenly plunged them into the icy cold water.

"Aghhhhhh! I hate you Johanna Crystal Mason!" Finnick screamed, gripping his leg as Clove set the timer for five minutes.

"Wait, your middle name is Crystal? That's the most girliest name ever, and you're, well, so not girly!" Katniss said with disbelief before burstingt into laughter.

Johanna went bright red, the exact shade of a tomato.

"I hate you Finnick Grace Odair!" Johanna screamed.

Everyone looked at Finnick with wide eyes.

"You swore you'd never tell!" Finnick screamed.

"I lied!" she screeched back.

Everyone burst out laughing at the realization that Finnick had a girls name for a middle name.

"Hey, in my defence, my parents really wanted a girl!" Finnick protested.

"Don't worry, I still love you Finnick!" Snow screamed, running forward.

With a sudden burst of anger for flirting with her boyfriend too many times, sweet, innocent Annie snatched the icy cold water bowl which Finnick's feet were no longer in from all the comotion and dumped it all over Snow.

"Agh! I'm drowning! I'm gonna die! Quick, Finnick, give me the kiss of life, or else I'll die!" Snow shrieked, sinking to the floor dramatically.

"Happy dying!" Finnick said happily, pulling Annie onto his lap, giving her a hug, proud of her.

"Annie Cresta, that was mahogany!" Haymitch yelled in a high pitched voice, trying to mimick Eiffe as he refered to the wooden table Annie had ruined.

Every one burst out laughing.

"So, as we were talking about before Annie's out burst, which was awesome btw," Clove said, high fiving Annie, "I believe we were talking about Gracie over here."

"Back to the game" Finnick said, reaching to spin the bottle, desperate to change the subject.

He span the bottle and it landed on...

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