Chapter Eight


"Okay, sword dude, truth or dare?" Finnick asked, smirking, playing with some rope that he was holding.

"Sword dude? Wouldn't Cato be much better?" he protested.

"Nope" Finnick replied, popping the p.

"Fine, trident guy, I pick dare," Cato declared, bravely.

"Good choice. Well, for me, not so much or you. I dare you to put on Peeta's teddy bear costume and go out onto the street and sell chocolate to people!" Finnick told him, smirking.

"What? No way! I can't do that!" Cato protested, as everyone else burst into hysterical laughter.

"Tough. You picked dare, you do the dare!" Finnick answered, shrugging his shoulders.

"Wait, how comes Peeta has a teddy bear costume?" Mags intervines.

"Yeah, good point. How do you have a teddy bear costume, lover boy?" Clove asked, looking at Peeta.

"Do I really have to tell this story?" Peeta asked, bright red in the face with embarrasment.

"Yes." Johanna told him simply.

"Well, when I was 14, my Mother decided she wanted more advertising for the bakery. However, my Father told her we simply couldn't afford to have banners, posters, pamphlets, etc, printed to be handed out. So instead, my Mum decided that someone should stand down the street from the bakery advertising and pointing the way to the bakery. As it was around valentine's day, she bought a teddy bear costume to make it look cute and my Father baked two dozens of heart shaped cookies for me to hand out in the hope that people would come to the bakery for more. Anyway, as I was my Mother's least favourite child, I was told I had to do it, otherwise I'd get another beating. It was the most humiliating experience of my life. So go on, laugh at me, say what you want. I don't care." Peeta tol them all braveley, revealing his darkest secret.

The whole time he had been stood at the end of the street advertising, he had been praying that neither Katniss or her sister walked past. He knew he would just die if they did. He didn't want Katniss to think of him as even more of a fool than she did already.

However, to his surprise, nobody laughed. They sat there, stunned to silence, at the cruelty of his Mother. Everyone, including Cato, actually wanted to lean over and give him a hug.

"Well, I never met the woman, but from all the things you've told me, it's safe to say that you're Mother was a bit of a witch." Finnick said, breaking the awkwardness.

Peeta nodded.

"Come on, Cato has to get changed before it gets dark!" Annie squealed, jumping up off of Finnick's lap.

"Yeah. I keep it here, I don't want it anywhere near me. I guess it's lucky I do, otherwise Cato wouldn't be able to do his dare! And I know how upset he would be if he couldn't do it!" Peeta mocked.

"Yeah, horrified." Cato muttered.

"Come on, Cato-y Wato-y, let's go and get you changed. I know where it is!" Finnick called, marching up the stairs.

With a groan, Cato followed him up, muttering profancies under his breath.

"I'll make the chocolate basket!" Annie called excitedly, jumping up and running into the kitchen.

She came back five minutes later with a giant basket, filled with a basket of strawberry truffles.

"Do you like them? They're all pretty and pink!" she gushed, passing round the basket.

"They're perfect." Johanna smirked.

Five minutes later, Cato appeared, dressed as a giant teddy bear. Everyone burst into peals of laughter, and Johanna took the oppurtunity for a photograph and snapped three of a very angry Cato.

"No photos, please?" he begged.

"Nu-uh. This oppurtunity is just too good to miss for a photo!" Johanna cackled, snapping some more.

Annie passed him his basket and everyone followed him outside. They watched Cato stand in the middle of the road, wating for someone to walk past. They didn't have to wait long until a greasy-looking drunk man of about 44 staggered towards him.

"Alright, babe? How about you come to mine tonight. We'll have some fun." he coaxed.

Everyone burst into laughter from their hiding place in the bushes, until Finnick shushed them, not wanting to miss any of it.

"E-e-excuse me?" Cato asked, going bright red.

"Come on, I'm sssssure under that sssssstrange costume, isssss a very good looking girl. I can tell by your beautiful eyessssss! Gorgeousssss girl!" the drunk slurred.

"I'm a boy, and way out of your league!" Cato screeched, bright red.

"What?" the man gasped, staggering back a few steps.

"Dirty pervert!" Cato hissed at him, before marching away with as much dignity as he could gather.

He found everyone hid in the bushes, laughing so much that tears were falling down their cheeks.

"Alright, you've had your fun. Please can we go back to Finnick's now?" Cato begged.

"Of course we can, my little teddy-bear," Clove laughed, taking his hand.

When they got back to Finnick's, Cato ran tore off the teddy bear outfit as he was wearing his normal clothes underneath anyway. He reached forward and span the bottle, praying it would land on Finnick so he could get pay back. But unfortunatly for Cato, and possibly fortunatly for Finnick, it didn't, it landed on...

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