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The mission on Horizon went terrible wrong. First, Husks and Collectors. Hideous. Zombies and Big Bugs. Reapers sure knows how to destroy and humiliate a proud race.

Then, there was this strange flying thing shooting laser beams at us, and nearly killing both Miranda and me. Thanks to Kasumi, we somehow survived. We should just call it luck. Or Kasumi's perfect timing. Whatever works.

The last thing that hit me pretty badly was Lieutenant Ashley Williams, accusing both me and Cerberus for abducting the colonists, even thought she saw with her own eyes we had nothing to do with it. Quite the opposite really. As expected, the Alliance did nothing. The Council did nothing. Only accusations, like always. The same old fucking story. And i got sick and tired of that. The only one doing something was Cerberus. The Pro-Human terrorist organization, as my mother used to call them. I would love to tell her in the eyes how damn wrong and blind she is. Lieutenant Ashley Williams was always a complex bitch, who loved orders, and hated aliens. Typical Alliance attitude. Just like Cerberus. Except that Cerberus was doing something right now. Looking back at all those missions we did together, she was a bitch back then. And she is now. Nothing changed. Maybe except that one thing. I was working for Cerberus. I had Miranda beside me, and Kasumi to back me up. And OH they did. Evidently, calling me a Cerberus Whore and Alliance Traitor struck a nerve in both Kasumi and Miranda. It was enjoyable to watch as Kasumi was calming Miranda. Were it not for her, Miranda and Ashley would fight to death, i'm sure of that. And i would be more than happy to bet my money on the incredible Miss Lawson. Miranda ended the whole conversation, stating that - "She should go back to her Alliance like a good little lapdog, and she should never open Alliance's closet, since they have far too many skeletons hanging there, waiting to be discovered. Cerberus included." Ashley ran towards her, but i stopped her in the mid-way, stepping in front of Miranda, and facing Ashley. I knew the bitch was aggressive, but i would NOT let her harass my crew members. Especially this one I've fallen for. This time, i made my own statement -

"Go back to lick your Alliance's balls, of course Cerberus will be for the blame, even thought we saved as many colonists as possible. And please, tell my mother: I hope your precious Alliance crumbles in front of your own eyes" and when i said that, i felt just awesome. Like there was nothing holding me back. Years of tension which i had while wearing the Alliance colors were suddenly gone. Kasumi laughed, of course. Her typical respond to mainly everything i say, and since i didn't saw Miranda's face when i said what i did, i could only guess that she was surprised. When leaving, i felt freedom and new found energy flowing through me. Not only i grounded that bitch standing in front of me, i also said a message to the other bitch, which was surely now cursing my name since she already knew i was working with Cerberus. I wish i could see her face when Williams will tell her my message. We left, and even thought not everyone was saved, i knew that i was.

Few hours after the mess on Horizon, debriefed by The Illusive Man, i was wondering who this would end up. It was a suicide mission, everyone knew that. Some of our people had families, friends, lovers they needed to say goodbye. I was determined to help anyone on my ship. Since i am the captain, they are my responsibility. Jacob said that most people still have things to do, people to talk to. And they will, mission, however important it was, would end horribly, if i wont have the crew working on 110%. I went to see my emails on the CIC, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, Kelly stopped and questioned me about my relationship with Williams. "Nothing worth mentioning" i said, and asked if there was anything i should know. Apparently, Illusive Man's speech about dying made Miranda and Jacob think. They both needed to see me, and i was wondering why. Kelly as, also, very confused. Not by Jacob's message, since he could talk like a normal person most of the time. It was Miranda who surprised us both.

Although Jacob's station was like few meters away from my current location, i went to see Miranda first.

When i entered her office, something was off. Something was on her look that i haven't seen there since the first time we met. Fear.
"You asked for me ?" i said, leaning over the door. Miranda, not knowing how to start or even what to say, made a tilting movement to pair of chairs standing by her desk. I understand she wanted me to sit down. This would be huge. "Commander...I don't know how to..." she took a deep breath and went to the window. It was strange to see her like this, she couldn't even properly talk, fear paralyzed her completely. I had to do something. "Miranda, i'm here for you. Take your time. Tell me what's on your mind" i said, letting her know that i'm not going anywhere. And it worked, since suddenly she turned to face me, still standing by the window. "Do you remember what i told you about my father ? About his Dynasty ?" her voice a little more calmer and steadier now. Of course i remember. It took me by surprise that she so suddenly opened up to me, and even apologized for how she acted few hours back. It would seem that my actions on Freedom's Progress made her rethink her attitude, which was a welcome change. Back to her question, i simply nodded and she took a deep breath.

"I haven't said everything. I...have a sister. A genetic twin. Her name's Oriana and... she might be in danger" i simply nodded again, taking in what she just said. I scratched my chin, and it made me think. "Genetic twin ? So you're identical ?" she quickly shook her head and went back to her table, looking through some papers, obviously an activity to keep her occupied. "Not entirely. Our DNA is the same, but we share no characteristic similarities. For example, she can be funny, i don't" at this i giggled. Miranda always presented herself as a complex Ice Queen. You know that it's not the best idea to taunt her, make fun of her, or insult her. She had the utmost respect of our crew members, maybe except Jack. Their fight was legendary. Everyone knew not to play with either of them.

Miranda explained everything, from the beginning to the end. I listened to the whole story, and than went up from the chair. Scratching my chin, i tried to make a sum of our current objective. "So, you think your father is involved.. You want to investigate. Illium ?" she nodded slowly, evidently it was very hard for her to ask for my help. It amazed me how fragile she was in front. On the outside, she was a perfect example of cold, not-caring interior. Inside, she was crumbling.

"Yes. But if that's a problem, i could go alone. I don't want to slow down the mission's progress" i instantly shook my head, disapproving on that option. I made a promise that i would help anyone who would ask for my help. "Silly. I still owe you for Horizon. We will be on Illium as soon as possible. Don't worry, we'll get to her" i took her hands in mine, and smiled warmly, and i could feel another of her layer going down. Another barrier surrounding her heart was slowly crumbling. "Thank you Commander, this really means a lot for me" she smiled, finally a little more calmer than at the beginning. She was fine again, and that was my goal. "Maya...Miranda just please call me Maya" i laughed, scratching the back of my head. She smiled and nodded. Maybe, finally, she would call me by my own name.

For this mission, i had to chose someone i can trust. Kasumi, of course. Miranda approved. My next choice was Jack. And on that, Miranda did not approved. I explained my actions. Miranda needed others, as much as others needed her. We are a team. And we must act like one. We must fight as one. I send others to pick supplies, see if there is any information we could use. And i send Garrus personally to meet with Liara. We were in a hurry, and i had no intentions to slow us down with a tiny chit chat with Liara. What we had ended for me when i died. Miranda not only resurrected me, but opened my eyes as well, and even changed my heart and my feelings. This talk needed to wait. We had more important business ahead of us.

Illium was beautiful. Miranda was right, the Asari deserves a credit. We went to Eternity to meet this contact, Miranda mentioned. After seeing her thought, i could feel there was problem. And i was right. She explained everything to us, and Miranda was horrified. Eclipse mercs were always trouble. But i promised her that nothing, no one could stand in our way. We will save Oriana, and kill everyone in our way.

Those bastards shot our car. Literally. We had to make an emergency landing. I hit my neck a bit, but everyone was alright, so it wasn't that bad. This Eclipse bastard stopped us. "Yeah. You're that bitch who kidnapped our boss' little girl" that fool said, and i was surprised. Kidnapped ? Miranda, angry as ever, holding her biotics back, yelled back at that idiot standing in front of us. Jack kept her shotgun close, and Kasumi was ready to shadow-hit anyone brave enough to move. I was with Miranda, no matter what happens. "Captain Enyala is already moving in on the kid. She'll be with us sooner than you can move your ass over here. I suggest you take your little whore club and leave" bastard was now talking to me, and i felt a familiar tingling in my fist. My Widow was all hot and ready to easily penetrate someone's ass. And so was i. Not wanting to hear another word from this idiot, i slowly motioned my head to the moving gas tank on the upside. Miranda slowly nodded, Kasumi laughed and Jack reloaded her shotgun with warp ammo. They were waiting for my signal. "Look, idiot. I give you one chance to get the fuck out of here before i let this whore club penetrate that tiny ass of yours" he laughed. Alright, we can play. "Alright, Shara" i went closer to him and snapped his neck, Miranda quickly shot down the gas tank, with Jack's help, and Kasumi quickly cloaked, analyzing our surrounding, and sending the layout to our headsets. After it was done, she quickly used her shadow-punch to snap this little Salarian's neck, without a bigger problem. I took out my Widow, Kasumi had her Tempest, Miranda had Phalanx and Jack Scimitar. The battle can begin.

We went to the elevator on the far side of the room, and there we were surprised by two useless Eclipse mercs. Miranda quickly executed the bitch that wielded the rocket launcher, and Jack made a mess since she blown the other's head to pieces. We opened the elevator, but something distracted us. A buzzing noise, which was coming from the radio on the ground. We had time until the elevator could get us to our destination, so Miranda tried to explain the situation. "I couldn't let him treat her like he did me. So i rescued her. She's almost a woman now" i nodded and looked at Jack and Kasumi. "Could tell us sooner, cheerleader. I don't like surprises. Especially if my ass on the line" Jack said, going dangerously close to Miranda. Their fight at the Normandy was over, but there were still things she wanted to say. Miranda, on the other hand, had enough. "I never asked you be here Jack, so don't get all holy on me" Miranda scratched her forehead, surely thinking about escape plans for her sister. Jack made it sure she wouldn't ignore her. She grabbed Miranda's hand, forcing her to look into her eyes. "No, you didn't. Maya did. She says we need to play along, if we want to survive. I don't need your goddamn friendship cheerleader, but i need your trust. We all do !" Jack yelled, and for once, i felt like siding with her. And i did. "Jack's right, Miranda. You need to trust us completely. No one here will hurt you, you know" Miranda's eyes widened, as if not believing what she just heard. "No one ? She threatened to fillet my brain Maya ! I can't trust her !" she pointed at Jack, and she in return aggressively replied "I said i was fucking sorry ! I snapped, alright ?!" both of them were glowing with biotic energy, i quickly looked over to Kasumi, who was ready to quickly grab Jack if needed. I was ready to do the same with Miranda. "If you snap around my sister, i'll kill you" Kasumi quickly grabbed Jack when she stormed to punch Miranda, and i did the same. I had to deal with this, once and for all.

"Miranda, Jack wasn't responsible for that outburst" i said to Miranda and let her go when i saw her calming down. Jack then yelled at me, she tried to snap out of Kasumi's tight embrace, but with no luck. "Shepard shut the fuck up !" I yelled back at her "No ! This needs to be done ! You two are fighting over a thing that wasn't even your fault ! I don't care if it makes you look week in front of Miranda" Miranda stared at me confused, and Jack calmed down. I told Kasumi to let her go. I looked at Miranda and told her the real reason why Jack acted the way she did. "Like i said, it wasn't her fault. Her biotic implants were custom made, meaning they were ready to blow at any time. And they nearly did, she wanted to ask for your help, since i wasn't around, and there was no other biotic on the Normandy. Jacob and Mordin were with me when we went to get Garrus" i was interrupted by the door that suddenly opened, which meant this conversation had to wait. Kasumi and i went ahead, and i noticed that both Jack and Miranda were still standing in the elevator. Jack was staring at the ground, and Miranda was looking straight at her. I could see tiny parts of guilt in her eyes. I hauled them up, and we were finally moving.

The first wave of Eclipse was quite simple. We needed to time our shots, which was fine for me, but terrible for Jack. I sniped them quite easily, Kasumi quickly shadow-killed the engineer after Miranda overloaded his shields, and Jack pulled those non shielded idiots to us, making them an easy sniping targets. The leader of this wave came quite quickly and i instantly used Rave on his armor. Jack went closer to him, Miranda was covering her. Jack ran towards him, taking him by head and slamming him into the nearest wall with a great biotic power, killing him instantly. Suddenly she was hit by a large wave of electricity, paralyzing her completely. She fell to the ground. What she didn't realized was that he wasn't alone, and suddenly three more Eclipse grunts were aiming right at her head with their rocket launchers. Since she had her shields down, we needed to act fast. I quickly used singularity, in an desperate attempt to stall them before Kasumi could quickly shadow-kill at least one of them. I quickly sniped the first one, but since i had to reload, and Kasumi was still far away, Miranda had to act. She ran towards Jack, quickly pulling up the barrier to protect the woman she was ready to kill few minutes ago. When i finally reloaded, Kasumi was already at the place, snapping the fools neck. Then i finally shot the last merc dead. I quickly looked at Miranda, she was now taking her barrier down. Good thing we practiced. Miranda offered Jack her hand, and Jack gladly took the offer. "Thanks.." Jack said, as she reactivated her shields. And Miranda helped her. I smiled, even thought this stunt was reckless, they were finally working together. It was then when we heard Enyala's annoying voice.

The other waves were nothing but trash. It was boring me to death, so i switched to my shotgun, and charged at anyone close enough. We were covering the whole area pretty quickly, when finally we came to this area with a another elevator. I hauled the party to stop, to check on ammo, shields, anything. Kasumi found this moment remind Jack not to be so reckless. "The stunt back there, it was pretty damn reckless Jack" Jack was annoyed by this mistake she did. If it weren't for Miranda, she would be long dead. She turned to silently yell at Kasumi "Goddammit Kasumi i didn't knew they were there !" When i realized we will need to move soon, i stepped in, calming both sides. "Calm down. Everything's fine. We need to move" i reloaded my Widow and modded the last few ammo we had. "Miranda ? Great work with that barrier" she smiled at me and simply replied "Thanks Shepard" I nodded my head in approval and said to them "Alright Ladies. Time to get it over with. Can't wait to see this bitch Enyala"

After we were done, Kasumi ran to the elevator, hacking the controls. "Niket is switching the family to me right now. Keep that bitch away !" Miranda stopped in her movement. Shocked by what she just heard, she shook her head. "No..That can't be right" Kasumi finally hacked the controls, opening the elevator. We went quickly inside. Jack was behind me, reloading her shotgun. "Maybe that bitch is feeding us false info" Kasumi and i smiled, both seeing that Jack was trying to calm Miranda. It didn't helped thought. "Maybe..Or maybe it's something else. DAMMIT why won't this thing go any faster !" Miranda slammed her omni-tool to the elevator controls, pulling up the highest speed. And switching off the annoying music. Jack laughed, Kasumi was terrified and i was worried. Miranda was always in control of her emotions. It was safe to say that she wasn't at the moment. "You sure we can trust him ?" i asked her, and she instantly nodded. "My father could have bought him when i left. He would have betrayed me then, not now" It made sense. Why now ? Then it hit me. Oriana. "Miranda did he knew about Oriana ?" she looked at me, worried."No. It was too personal to involve anyone else...You think that maybe...No, he had to understand my reasons" Kasumi was now standing right next to us, and she said, sadly "I think it's safe to say he betrayed you Miri"

"Kasumi's right. Bastard sold you out" Jack joined Kasumi in this theory, and they both looked at me, waiting for my respond. "We don't know anything until we get there. Stay sharp"

When the elevator finally arrived, we heard someone yelling and arguing. I saw the look on Miranda's face, and i knew she recognized the male voice. It was Niket. The door opened, revealing two asari and one human male. Miranda's eyes widened as she saw the male, and he simply whispered "Miri"

"This is gonna be interesting" said the asari clad in yellow colors, drawing her shotgun, and the other one ran away. She didn't get far, since the asari in yellow quickly shot her. "Pretty barbaric ways for an Asari, Enyala. Mother didn't taught you any manners ? Or odes the bitchiness run in your family ?" i said with a laugh, pointing my Claymore at her head. Kasumi covered the left, and Jack the right size. Miranda stand next to me, she aimed at Niket. "You sold me out" said Miranda, switching the trigger on her pistol. "We can end this. Not many civilians around. This bitch is dead anyway" i said, wanting desperately to use all my twelve shots both his head and crotch. "I need to know this. Why ?" Miranda needed to hear the reason of his betrayal. "YOU wanted to leave ! You stole a baby from her father Miri !" this certainly angered her since she gripped the handle even more tightly. "I didn't steal her, i rescued her !" He laughed, shaking his head, not believing what he was hearing. "From a life full of wealth and happiness ? You were getting away-" i interrupted him, not wanting to hear anymore of his bullshit "Idiot. You sold out your best friend. How much did played you, you scum ?" i looked at him, disgusted. "Enough.."
"Aww, i'm sure it made you very unhappy Niki" Kasumi said, making us smile. Miranda was ready to shoot him on sight. I looked back at Enyala who was getting dangerously pissed. "What about you bitch ? Eclipse are into stealing children now ?"

"I'm not stealing her, i'm rescuing here. Let's finish this bitch and get it over with" It made Miranda even angrier, Enyala copying her words. "Take your best shot" she gave Enyala a side glance, her gun still aiming at Niket. "I was just waiting for you to get dressed. Or does Cerberus let you whore around in that outfit" Miranda grinned her teeth at the captain, and i wanted to shoot her already, but then Jack did something none of us expected. She said something in Miranda's protection."Look who's talking blue bitch. Dressed like a fucking banana. Your bitches respects you when you give them bananas ? Or do you fuck yourselves with them ?" i couldn't help myself. I was laughing hysterically, Kasumi joined me and Jack was smirking at the asari grunts on her side. Even Miranda smiled.

"We should kill him. Moving Oriana won't work until he's alive" Miranda knew i was right. He had to die. "He doesn't know. I kept it private, since i knew you had spy programs in your father's computer. I'm the only one who knows" Niket said, going closer to Miranda. But she was not amused. "Which means you're the only loose end. I'm going to miss you" Head-shot. "Figuratively speaking" i smiled, Kasumi laughed, Jack laughed too. Miranda then pointed her gun at Enyala. I looked at her, and we both knew what was gonna happen. We both launched our biotics at her, throwing her meters away from us. We found cover, and Kasumi quickly scanned the area. Jack readied her shotgun, Miranda was watching Enyala and i was ready to kill some asari. Life was nice. I told Kasumi and Jack to keep Enyala alive. I wanted to end her. Miranda got her kill, now it was time for mine.

When we were finished, only Enyala was left. She was covering, very well knowing she had no chance. I told my squad to keep aiming while i switched to my sidearms. I charged at her, knocking her off her feet. She quickly recovered, but i shot both her legs, making her scream in pain. I took her head and slammed her to the nearest crate, i held her by her neck, choking her. "You know bitch, we Russians have a saying. If you fear the wolves, don't go to the forest" i punched her to the stomach, making her spit some blood. Then i grabbed her again, more forcefully this time. "You know why ? Because you'll get eaten" i used my knee to kick her this time. My squad was behind me, still aiming, just in case."Are you a wolf, Enyala ?" i smiled wickedly, then snapped her neck, letting her lifeless body drop to my feet. "No..You're nothing more than a mere собака, сука" I left her there, going to the elevator, with my squad silently following.

When we arrived at the station, Miranda was looking for any remnants of the Eclipse. We destroyed them completely. What she saw then left her completely breathless. "There she is. Safe" Jack and Kasumi looked at each other and then send me after her. I placed my hands on her shoulder, and she accepted my touch. "Let's go" she turned to face me she tried to leave, but i stopped her. I looked into her eyes and smiled. "Miri ? Go to her. At least say hi. She has the right to know that she has a older sister who cares about her" Miranda was silent for a while, before finally nodding."Yeah...alright"

"We'll wait here, alright ? Take as much time as you need" i let her go to her sister, and i could see she was hesitant at the beginning. I joined Kasumi and Jack once again and we sat on the nearby bench. When we saw how Miranda happily hugged Oriana, we smiled. Jack looked at me, and said. "Even though i hate her, i wanna hug her so badly now" i smiled at what Jack said, a small hint of jealousy hit me. Kasumi smacked her to the shoulder, making a cute sound. "Awww, Jack got feelings for Miranda. Beware thought, the almighty Commander has too" i shook my head, and Jack almost yelled at Kasumi. "What ? Kasumi what the fuck ? NO ! I'm just saying it's sweet and shit" Kasumi laughed hardly, drawing attention of nearby citizens. We all ended up laughing, but i had things i needed to discuss with Jack. "Kasumi why won't you go and look if there aren't any Eclipse mercs around ? I want to talk to Jack" i smiled at her, and she already knew. Such a sweet girl. "Yeah, alright"

"I wanted to thank you for today. It was nice to see you two cooperate" Jack smiled and nodded her head. "It was nothing, you know me. Just don't get all touchy feely on me Shepard. I ain't for that shit" i laughed. This was the old Jack i knew."Heh..Of course" I watched Miranda and Oriana, both were sitting next to the table. Miranda told her something and Oriana started to laugh. It was so very cute. Miranda was indeed very beautiful. When i look at her, i see my future. I've never felt something so special for Liara. "I never saw you so aggressive before. You have it bad for the cheerleader huh ?" Jack's question, which sounded more like a statement, startled me from my thoughts. Yeah. I guess i do. "Yeah..."

After few hours, Miranda came back to us, still smiling but i noticed a small, glistening tear going down her face. I quickly grabbed her, so that no one notices, and i slowly wiped from her face. "You had something in your eye" i said out loud so that both Kasumi and Jack would understand what i was doing. Miranda smiled, and i slowly whispered "Wouldn't want anyone to see the great Miss Lawson crying"

When we arrived at the Normandy, both Kasumi and Jack went inside ahead of us. I wanted to go as well but Miranda caught my hand, and hugged me tightly. Her hands stayed on my waist, and mine embraced her neck. We were both staring at each other, and then she placed her head on my chest. Silently whispering "Thank you"

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