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Kano and Sonya's rivalry ch1

A/N My take on a story of how Kano and Sonya Became rivals. Do to the questionable cannons that have been set up for mortal kombat I feel that although there is a main plot the details are left for your own interpatation so some of the details may not be the same as the main stream such as.

It was a cold day in Liberty city as American commandoes Led by capt. Jax Briggs and Lt. Sonya Blade Stepped off the plane to meet the police commissioner and a elite police task force that will be helping them on there mission.

Commissioner: Nice to meet you Captain Briggs.

Jax: Is this the men that are suppose to accompany us.

Commissioner: yes and there is someone else I would like you to meet.

Just then a well built man with what looked to be gang tattoos on his arms and chest with only a leather vest to cover them and 2 Knives on his sides and a 9mm tucked in his vest followed by a police officer in full gear who looked like he was ready to kill the first man any moment.

Commissioner: Gentle men this is well lets just refer to him by his street name Kano he will be your informant.

The soldiers were stunned they have all heard of Kano he was A ruthless mercenary from Australia and a high ranking member of the red Dragon the Terrorist they were trying to get rid of.

Kano: Pleasure to meet you gents.

Stryker: Shut up scum!

Kano: easy there mate you don't want to wake the people in the cells do yah.

Stryker: Captain Briggs Sgt. Stryker Liberty city police former Marine strike force.

Jax: pleasure to meet you Stryker you can just call me Jax and this is my second Sonya Blade.

Both Stryker and Kano Turned to the women at Jaxes side She was a beautiful women with Blond hair blue eyes large lushes breast incredible legs ,But athletic with a strong feel.

Sonya: Sgt. may I ask What a dangerous low life like this is doing here after The prison break he orcastrated and all the people he's robbed and murdered I'd think he would be waiting his turn on death role.

Stryker: It wasn't my decision mam seems he made I deal to help us in exchange for letting him walk.

Kano: hay I thought you people would be more grateful that I'm so willing to help you and after all I did introduce you to my washed up heroin addict friend who decided to turn his whole life around and even said he wanted to join the force.

The next day Kano and Sonya along with a few other men were staking out a Black dragon ware house and Sonya was shocked that she actually thought the Thug infont of her was quiet charming and as much as she Didn't want to admit it to Jax she was actually beginning to believe she was standing by a changed man who actually wanted to help.

Kano: This is it there's the van I told you about.

A black van parked infront of the safe house and several men from the house went to meet him led by a Black man with a Black dragon tattoo that disaperd in his dark skin followed by A Hispanic female with beautiful skin and large breast that barly fit in her tank top carryin a revolver in her hand right below a Dragon tattoo that went up her arm followed by several thugs armed in the van several men in jump suits and company hat walked out and spoke to them with Russian accents but then the Black Dragons lefted there guns and shot them on site the driver came out with an Ak-47 but was killed on sight.

Sonya: this is are chance the group opened fire on the dragons and they returned fire while Sonya and Kano snuck up on them and proceeded to shoot several from behind and then came at them hand to Kano easily beatup a couple then pulled out his Knife and slashed several throats while Sonya took out one then when another came at her she kicked him in the groin and let him drop then took out another this time with a barrage of punches.

TO be continued

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