Kano and Sonya's rivalry


A/N: Greetings readers. In this chapter we introduce Shang Tsung and just so you know this is my own version of the character and I gave him a different personality that I created by combining the traits of all evil characters, as for appearance imagine how he looked in the 1995 MK movie. In the last chapter I mentioned something about a genie Shang is trying to get, that is a reference to an old character from a 1960s sitcom that I threw in. ( Don't worry I don't expect anyone to get it and it probably will not be a major plot point other than showing Shang Tsung's involvement.) With that Read on and Review please.

Jax: Well Kano, if this Shang guys involved then we need to get him.

Sonya: Do you know where to find him?

Kano: I just might.

Stryker budding in said.

Stryker: What do you mean you just might?

Kano: I wouldn't know where he is par say, but I know he often hangs around Illegal fight clubs all over the world. He goes there looking for talent for his own personal tournaments, in fact I met him after I won a fight in Hong Kong, after he saw me fight he invited me to have wine with him and offered me a job.

Sonya: What was the job?

Kano: Owe, to take out some Chinese kid named Lui something's parents so he would have to be an orphan or some shit. He really is some sick fuck.

Jax: Enough, can you find him or not!

Kano: Hold your horses mate. I'm sure I can find him, just give me some time.

2 nights later after going through all his contacts and several underground fight clubs, Kano found a club up in the northern part of the City. Where a man that resembled Shang Tsung had been partying. As Kano, Sonya, and the rest walked down the bum and prostitute infested alley way, they came across a group of men in dark clothing that carried items from chains to bats and from knives to hatchets. Kano flashed them some kind of sign and they backed off to reveal a metal door in the graffiti covered wall. As the group passed the thugs, they gave them an unnerving look (especially Sonya).

When they opened the door it revealed a stair case that led down to a dimly lit hallway guarded by 2 men with Glocks.17 hand guns in plain view. As they passed the 2 guards they came to a second door similar to the first, but this one had a huge thug standing right by it. The thug had tattoos all over his arms, he was about 6 foot 7 inches, his hair was shaved off and he had a sawn off shot gun in his hands. Kano gave the man a nod and he allowed them to pass.

Behind the second door, was a large crowded dark room. In the center of the room was a large cage with 2 men fighting in it, one pushed the other into the wall of the cage and beat him senselessly into the metal. At the far end of the place was what appeared to be a make shift V.I.P box with several well dress gentlemen and several girl clad in skimpy black leather clothes.

The team made their way through the crowd getting glairs from many of the people, and as they made it to the box they spotted and Asian man in a Black leather coat, he had long black hair, and a look about him that just said, don't fuck with me.

Jax spoke up to the man in a strict and professional voice.

Jax: Shang Tsung I presume.

Shang chuckled and responded with.

Shang: Yes, Why do you ask?

Jax: because, I have special orders to take you in for interrogation, if you do not cooperate we will have to use force.

Shang chuckled again and said.

Shang: You force me; You obviously have no idea who I am.

Jax: No I don't, and I don't give a shit now do I need to drag you over to headquarters or are you going to come in peacefully.

Shang: I thank, I will take option C.

With that Shang Tsung kicked Jax in the face. Kano and Sonya charged him but he easily beat them both and threw them to the floor.