Mass Effect: Mythos


(Early 21st Century)—The New Internationalist movement: International relations are strained. An interdependent global economy, international efforts to combat worldwide terrorism, and the common pursuit of civil rights forces a re-evaluation of the United Nations and NATO's role in world affairs. Backed by international business interests, diplomats from the European Union and Russia call for a restructuring of the United Nations charter supporting greater central authority to legislate and enforce international law.

(2013)—The Mysteries Within Discovered: Translated from an ancient German dialect, The Mysteries Within is established as the oldest known and most obscure reference dedicated to the principles of interdimensional non-Euclidean geometry. It outlines the manipulation of harnessed eldritch energies through common reference points that intersect the curvature of inter-dimensional space. The basic and most practical use of such energies is the development of an inexhaustible power source based on "magical" principles. The memory of human history contains only the most fleeting and sporadic references to this extremely rare and powerful text. It was finally discovered among the collection of a quiet, reclusive scholar named Dr. Harrison Lovechild, and is donated along with the rest of his library to Miskatonic University in Arkham, Massachusetts, upon Lovechild's mysterious disappearance and assumed death.

(2015)—New United Nations established: Fueled by distaste for fronting the majority of the world's military police actions and by the need to invigorate a long stagnant economy by reducing international trade restrictions, the United States begins to embrace the New Internationalist Movement. US President Amanda Stimson negotiates with European and Russian officials to develop a central United Nations government based on democratic principles. NATO becomes the military arm of the UN to enforce Security Council resolutions. The US Congress ratifies the Stimson Act which grants the United Nations legislative authority over international law, control over trade tariffs, and the right to mobilize an international military force when authorized by the Security Council. Other nations follow suit and the New United Nations is born.

(2017)—The rise of New Frontierism: Under New United Nations (NUN) mandates, international efforts are launched to explore new forms of natural resources. Planning for the Atlantis Project is launched to explore undersea agriculture as a means providing sustenance to a growing world population. Likewise, Project Prometheus is created to send manned missions to explore Mars and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

(2019)—Teresa Ashcroft pioneers arcanotechnology: Teresa Ashcroft, a brilliant young doctoral student at Miskatonic University, stumbles across The Mysteries Within while conducting research within the University's restricted archives. Increasingly obsessed with the potential of her newfound knowledge, she utilizes the book's non-Euclidean mathematical principles to pioneer an entirely new scientific field of study. The development of arcane-technology, or arcanotechnology, successfully combines mystical and scientific principles into a functional discipline. Though her theories would revolutionize the world, the study of arcanotech would eventually drive Teresa Ashcroft mad.

(2023)—Simon Yi begins work on D-Engine: One of Teresa Ashcroft's colleagues, Simon Yi, chooses to continue the research project on his own. Consulting Ashcroft's notes, Yi begins detailing a design for an arcanotech power source. The product of this design is what Yi calls the Dimensional Engine, or D-Engine for short. Unfortunately, like his predecessor, Yi is also driven out of his mind by his exploration of these secrets.

(2026)—Doctor Golvash Czeny expands on arcanotech research: Much of Simon Yi's early success was due to consultations with his close friend, Doctor Golvash Czeny. Czeny, a Polish born Freemason and noted expert in quantum theory, worked as a professor at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria. Yi's divorce from sanity left Miskatonic University trustees desperate to find someone capable of carrying on Ashcroft and Yi's work. Knowing of his familiarity with portions of Yi's research, the trustees invite Czeny to Arkham to continue the exploration of arcanotechnology. Czeny is well aware of the fate of his predecessors. Understanding the danger involved in tampering with knowledge of this kind, he assembles a research team to divide the project across several sub-sections. He is able to preserve the sanity of each research team member in doing so. Despite this precaution, many members of his staff experience nervous breakdowns, psychotic episodes, and recurring nightmares.

(2027)—Ashcroft Foundation formed: Golvash Czeny and Alice Faye Morgan, of Miskatonic University's board of trustees, soon realize that the scope of arcanotech research would soon outgrow the institution's ability to support it. They begin work to form a corporation that would carry arcanotech research to a new level. Most of the funding is gathered through private sources, though some comes from government grants coordinated through Teresa Ashcroft's father, Senator Albert Ashcroft. With Morgan as CEO and Czeny heading R & D, the Ashcroft Foundation, named in honor of Teresa's pioneering work, is created to lead the world's next technological revolution.

(2030)—The first D-Engine: The Ashcroft Foundation's first success is the creation of the prototype D-Engine. "Alpha" testing goes well. However, many of the test staff are injured or killed when a D-Engine prototype malfunctions, causing a "hazardous lifeform" to manifest through an inter-dimensional gate. Despite this setback, the D-Engine is successfully tested as an inexhaustible source of power.

(2031)—D-Engine vehicles tested: The D-Engine is eventually tested as a primary source of energy for vehicular applications. Strangely, initial tests with D-Engine powered vehicles reveal an interesting side effect for the vehicle operator. The test driver's focus becomes radically attuned to the physical characteristics and performance capabilities of the vehicle. It's almost as if the driver can "feel" the vehicle as an extension of his own body. Foundation officials see this side effect to be an unforeseen benefit.

(2033)—The D-Engine goes public: The wonder of the D-Engine is revealed to the world in a massive press conference. The scientific community balks and decries the new technology, but the strength of the evidence is clear. After three months of trying to debunk the D-Engine, the scientific community is forced to accept the principles of arcanotechnology. A new discipline is born and the face of the world is changed forever.

(2034)—The Ashcroft Foundation becomes the largest corporation in the world: The sheer size and economic strength of the Foundation dwarfs other international corporations almost overnight. It also establishes influential lobbyist representation within the New United Nations.

(2036)—The Development of the A-pod: Solving the previously unresolved energy problem, D-Engines are applied to antigravity lifters to create the world's first fully-contained antigravity pod system (A-pods). Prototype vehicles are developed utilizing A-pods to provide lift and thrust capability. A-pod vehicles revolutionize transportation throughout the world. Nations that formerly relied on oil exports to support their economies find themselves in a financial crisis.

(2039 to 2043)—Prometheus Project progress: D-Engine technology with A-Pod drives is applied to new reusable spacecraft.

(2040 to 2043)—The first arcanotech mech designed: The Ashcroft Foundation is commissioned to develop a functional work vehicle capable of managing construction and exploration tasks in inhospitable environments. Dr. Haru Akimoto designs a prototype D-Engine vehicle with a mecha-style sapient form. He argues that such a form would provide maximum operational flexibility and be best suited for activities performed in a variety of environments. The prototype vehicle performs beyond all expectations and the Ranger-class Mecha Utility Vehicle (MUV) is put into full production.

(2045 to 2051)—Atlantis and Prometheus Projects become a Reality: The efficiency of the Ranger MUV leads to the rapid construction of several underwater bio-domes and a new international space station. It also leads to the establishment of a moon-based mining operation and small colonies on Mars, Jupiter's moons Ganymede and Callisto, and Saturn's moon Titan. The side effects of the D-Engine become a noted factor in the Ranger's success.

(2047)—A New Cold War begins: Oil producing nations of the Middle East secede from NUN over its endorsement of D-Engine Technology. China, which had declined to sign the NUN charter because of the organization's democratic foundation, aligns itself with the Middle East. A new cold war begins prompting a rapid increase in capital expenditure on the part of the NUN toward military research.

(2048)—Arcanotech mecha evolve into weapons of war: The NUN begins to experiment with a military application of Dr. Akimoto's mecha as multi-functional vehicles of war. The D-Engine Operator Extension Side Effect (OESE) drastically increases pilot performance. Government contract requirements are submitted to research and development corporations to begin designing military mecha prototypes. These versatile mecha suits will eventually replace armored military vehicles as the primary mobile combat platform.

(2050)—The Hermes Project is completed: Contracted by the NUN, the Chrysalis Corporation designs a system of satellites to be deployed in various orbits around the sun. The Hermes Project would provide a communications relay web through the solar system providing instant contact between Earth and the Mars, Ganymede, Callisto, and Titan colonies. The scope of this project propels the Chrysalis Corporation into the arena of major international business players.

(2051)—First mecha war machines deployed: The first combat mecha are unveiled to the public. They range from 20 to 40 feet tall and perform in a startling array of trial scenarios. They capture the imagination of the public, though political representatives of the Middle East-China Coalition are visibly nervous.

(2052)—The Breath of R'lyeh discovered: The Chrysalis Corporation discovers a complete copy of the Breath of R'lyeh. Inscribed on stone in the language of ancient man, the text is found among the ruins of Nineveh along the Tigris River. Cross-referencing fragments of the infamous Necronomicon, or Book of Dead Names, Chrysalis Corp. researchers unravel the ancient formula that is the Rite of Transfiguration. According to legend, the Rite imposes upon its recipient the form of mankind's prehistoric masters. Corporation executives see this new discovery as a way to compete with the power of the Ashcroft Foundation prompting a new secret Transfiguration Research Program.

(2053)—A new enemy plots against humanity: The secretive Migou of Pluto find themselves faced with territorial competition within the solar system. Humans have accepted magical principles and developed arcanotech war machines. Their colonial interests have spread into the solar system, threatening Migou territorial integrity. Finding this situation unacceptable, the Migou begin to weave a plan to steal the D-Engine design for themselves and drive mankind back to where he belongs – incarcerated on Earth, subject to cruel experimentation, impotent, and unaware of their secret Migou masters.

(2054)—The original Dhohanoids: The first arcane shapeshifters are created from those who survive the initial Rite of Transfiguration tests. Because of the key Dho Formula, these shapeshifters become known as Dhohanoids. They are human beings who can assume the horrific guise of unnatural creatures at will – though some posit that this is backwards. As is always the case with such things, many of the Transfiguration Project scientists pay for their knowledge with their minds. Likewise, Dhohanoids emerge with their psyches forever warped.

(2055)—Migou steal D-Engine design: Migou operatives infiltrate the Ashcroft Foundation's headquarters in Arkham and steal D-Engine design documents and other research records pertaining to arcanotechnology.

(2056)—Birth of the Nazzadi: In order to maintain their secrecy from mankind, the Migou decide to create a gigantic new military force based on their advanced knowledge of genetics and cloning. Equipped with arcanotechnology stolen from Earth this new genetically engineered army is staged to appear as if their origin is beyond our solar system. The Nazzadi, as they are called, are tasked to invade and occupy Earth while concealing the home and existence of the Migou.

(2056 to 2059)—The Migou prepare for war: Advanced Migou production techniques result in an army of mecha for the Nazzadi. A Nazzadi armada is created and fully equipped within three years. The Migou are confident that humanity will not be able to stand against the Nazzadi war machine.

(2057)—Chrysalis Corporation usurped by Children of Chaos: Children of Chaos (COC) spies learn of the Chrysalis Corporation's Transfiguration Project. Worshippers of the ancient god Nyarlathotep, they see this as a sign that the time of the Old Ones is nigh. Children of Chaos operatives infiltrate the corporation. Before long, the Chrysalis Corporation and their Dhohanoids are under the full control of the COC.

(2058)—The exploration space ship Ashcroft disappears: The "Ashcroft" is launched in 2057 to explore the outer planets of the solar system. It is billed as the greatest technical achievement in history and the Ashcroft's mission is seen as a new hope for humanity amid the tensions of the Cold War. However, communications are lost with the Ashcroft during its exploration of Neptune in 2058. The news shocks the world. Shock turns to intense worry, when soon afterwards contact with the colonies is rapidly lost, one by one.

(2059)—The First Arcanotech War begins: The Nazzadi armada attacks Earth. Orbital space stations and the mining colony on the moon are destroyed. Ashcroft Foundation headquarters and Miskatonic University are leveled. The war is destined to be a long and bloody conflict.

(2059)—The New Earth Government: NUN declares martial law in the face of this new threat and supercedes independent national government authority. Rapid diplomatic overtures toward China and the Middle East in the light of this new crisis.

(2060)—The Children of Chaos initiate plans to bring the Old Ones forth: Seeking to bring the Old Ones forth upon the Earth, the COC uses the Dhohanoids to gather as much hidden and ancient knowledge as possible. The chaos of the First Arcanotech War is the sign of times that will usher the end of the aeon.

(2062)—Ta'ge Fragments transcribed: On a mission for the Children of Chaos, Dhohanoids discover an unknown text on an excursion to the deepest regions of the Arctic. Transcribed from writings found in a decayed obsidian city, the text is called the Ta'ge Fragments. It contains lost knowledge pertaining to the Forgotten Ones and other lost things. The Ta'ge Fragments are transported back to the Chrysalis Corporation's headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, for further study. The city is destroyed by the Dhohanoids once its knowledge is transcribed to ensure that the COC maintains a monopoly on its secrets.

(2062)—Renegade rebellion within the Children of Chaos: As the Ta'ge Fragments are studied, renegades within the Children of Chaos steal the precious work and destroy the Chrysalis Corporation's research records. These renegades have come to oppose the COC's vision of a New World Order. Of the fourteen who rebel against the Cult, only three escape with the Fragments and their lives.

(2062)—New Earth Government capitol moved to Chicago: The former NEG capitol of New York City is decimated in a Nazzadi attack. Feeling the need to reestablish itself in an area that could be better defended by land-based military resources, the NEG sets up a new government in Chicago. The Ashcroft Foundation is not far behind.

(2063)—Eldritch Society formed: Gathering likeminded others to their cause, the former Children of Chaos members create the Eldritch Society. They begin to decipher the Ta'ge Fragmentsin hiding and build their plan to stand against the Children of Chaos.

(2064)—The Nazzadi war machine begins to fracture: The Nazzadi "Firstborn" generals know the truth but have been charged with perpetuating the lie. They eventually begin to question their origin and purpose. Some of them rally behind a renegade marshal, Kyrsa, who seeks power for himself through loyalty to his masters. However, Field Marshal Vreta develops empathy through his contact with humans and believes that the Nazzadi have no quarrel withthem. He moves to make peace. It's through him that mankind learns the true nature of the Migou and their plans. Vreta's commanders begin to rally Nazzadi forces to the new alliance – only a quarter remain loyal to the Migou. It isn't long before the remaining hostile Nazzadi army falls.

(2064)—The Rite of Sacred Union revealed: The Eldritch Society deciphers a modified Rite of Transfiguration from the Ta'ge Fragments known as the Rite of Sacred Union. This modified Rite enhances the recipient, bonding him in symbiosis with a powerful otherworldly being. Through proper training and will, a host can control the powers of the symbiont form.

(2065)—The First Arcanotech War ends: Nazzadi delegates under Field Marshal Vreta meet with NEG President Nathaniel Roosevelt at a conference outside Chicago to discuss the terms of peace. The Schaumburg Treaty is signed and the war officially ends. The Nazzadi are integrated into the society of the New Earth Government. However, renegade Nazzadi bands continue to challenge NEG authority.

(2065)—The first Tagers: The Eldritch Society attempts to perform the Rite of Sacred Union on selected individuals. Of the six initial test subjects, only two survive the process. The Ta'ge symbiont manifests as an otherworldly and inhuman shell, imbuing the host with great power. Named after the Fragments, Tagers become the perfect weapon to fight the Dhohanoids and their COC masters.

(2066)—The Migou prepare to mount a new offensive: The now exposed Migou face the prospect of an Earth attack against Pluto. They decide on a preemptive strike utilizing every resource at their disposal including arcanotech mecha, advanced scientific and technological expertise, and sorcery. The Nazzadi threat to Earth pales in comparison.

(2067)—Reconstruction: Efforts to rebuild a war-torn Earth are well under way. President Ryoko Fujiwara presents legislation to create what he calls the "New Society." The concrete jungles of a previous age are replaced by new architectural marvels constructed of the latest in synthetic industrial polymer compounds. Some new cities, such as New Tokyo, completely replace the ruins of the old. One "New Society" initiative is the establishment of a new Nazzadi state within the NEG. Cuba and Haiti become the Nazzadi state of Nazza-Duhni.

(2067)—The Shadow War begins: Armed with a force of Tagers, the Eldritch Society begins its shadow war against the Children of Chaos and the Dhohanoids.

(2073)—The coming of the Unnamed One: The Children of Chaos, using the Chrysalis Corporation as a front, launch a new project to bring rise to the forces of oblivion, corruption, and decay. The Ruined King Project comes to fruition on a plateau near Tibet known as Leng in ancient texts. The avatar of the Dead God Hastur once again comes into our world.

(2074)—The Second Arcanotech War begins: The Migou renew their war against humanity. Using an advanced knowledge of the occult, they release horrible creatures upon the planet to soften up their enemy before entering the arena themselves.

(2074)—The Disciples of the Unnamable gather: The Disciples of the Unnamable (DOU) assemble in Central Asia under two factions. The Rapine Storm seeks to pave the way for the return of the Old Ones by scouring all trace of mortals from the Earth. The Death Shadows seek to infiltrate society to promote corruption and debasement. Their purpose is to reduce all mortals to a level of corruption as befitting a servant of the Old Ones. The Unnamed One coordinates both paths, leading each side to believe in its own righteousness.

(2075 to 2077)—The Migou invade Earth: Armed with their own style of mecha, the Migou launch an attack against the New Earth Government. They are twice the Nazzadi force from the First Arcanotech War. Within two years, the NEG has lost one third of the Earth to Migou occupation. The Migou exterminate Nazzadi, but enslave and experiment on Humans.

(2075)—The Children of Chaos renew the search for Cthulhu: The Children of Chaos begin to search for evidence of the Old One Cthulhu within the depths of the oceans. Making contact with Dagon and his Deep Ones, the COC resurrects the Esoteric Order of Dagon. Dagon's new order, composed of Deep Ones, Hybrids, Spawn, and mortal cultists, consolidates their power in the Azores as a precursor to their domination of Earth's oceans.

(2076)—The Esoteric Order of Dagon emerges as a new power: Dedicated to rediscovering R'lyeh and awakening the sleeping god Cthulhu, the Esoteric Order of Dagon (EOD) gathers their forces to take the seas as their own. At first, ships go missing. Then, Hybrids begin to spawn among coastal communities around the world.

(2077)—The Rapine Storm launches a campaign of terror: Much of Southeast Asia is consumed by the Storm. Hastur's children begin to threaten China and Indonesia.

(2077)—Poseidon Base destroyed: On the ocean floors, Poseidon Base and its Pacific sister installation Neptune Base are attacked and destroyed by the Esoteric Order. Atlantis Project agricultural facilities are doomed to the same fate. Though the public is not fully aware of the danger, officials within the New Earth Government quickly grow to understand the nature of this new menace.

(2078)—The Second Arcanotech War ends and the Aeon War begins: The New Earth Government officially recognizes the Cults as a new threat. Faced with the power of two different yet equally dangerous enemies, NEG strategists understand that the terms of warfare have changed completely. With Earth now the battleground for three independent antagonists, a new war evolves to replace the old.

(2078)—The Migou respond to the Cult threat: The Migou, knowing that they would be enslaved along with the mortals, oppose the Old Ones return. While despising upstart Humanity and their traitorous Nazzadi servants, the Migou battle against the Cults with equal tenacity.

(2079)—Work begins on the Engel Project: Standard mecha seem incapable of stemming the tide of Migou and Cult incursions against the New Earth Government. The Ashcroft Foundation, in conjunction with top-secret NEG scientific research personnel, launches a secret experiment to create new, more powerful arcanotech mecha. Code-named the "Engel Project," scientists experiment with bio-organic arcanotechnology.

(2080)—The Rapine Storm's purge continues: The armies of the Unnamable reach the northern coast of Australia and as far west as Turkmenistan.

(2081)—The Engel prototype is tested: The first Engel is brought online. It is as much a living thing as a machine. Physical mecha pilot interface is facilitated through a control capsule inserted into the "creature's" nervous system. This interface is referred to as communing, as the mech's and pilot's minds merge to create a frightening war machine. The first tests are 100% successful.

(2081)—The NEG's containment policy: A rash of Hybrid infestations spread through the New England coast of North America, as well as parts of the Irish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, and West African coastlines. New Earth Government military forces are dispatched to quarantine these areas and to prevent a further spreading of the Cult's influence. A policy of "containment" is adopted against the Esoteric Order until such time as the Migou can be defeated and the entire might of NEG resources can be turned against the Cults.

(2082)—Engel Phase II combat field: testing produces destructive results – The first Engel field-test goes awry. Pilots gradually lose control of their Engels during combat trials. The Engels prove far more bloodthirsty and destructive than anticipated, resulting in considerable enemy and civilian casualties. Active Engel deployment is contingent on solving this problem.

(2083)—A new synthesis and better Engel control: Engel Synthesis Interface (ESI) is designed utilizing implanted arcanotech enhancers within the pilot's brain. These new control mechanisms create the degree of control needed to effectively master Engels in widespread combat. However, there is a drawback – the pilot is now attuned to only one specific Engel and cannot pilot another unless he is re-attuned to it.

(2084)—Engels successfully deployed as a new weapon: Engels enter the field of battle and provide the New Earth Government with a needed edge. However, Engels are difficult to produce and trainable pilots are difficult to find. Engels compose only one fifth of the NEG's mecha fighting force.

(2085)—War continues: The Aeon War continues to rage in a free-for-all between the New Earth Government, Migou and the various cults dedicated to the Old Ones. Humanity has recently been considered a lesser threat by both forces, and now they concentrate most of their efforts on destroying each other. Mankind and their Nazzadi allies have been given a reprieve, but everyone knows it will not last; if a method of salvation is not found, then all of humanity is doomed to either be subjugated by either the Migou or the Old Ones.

(2085)—The Rite of Transcendence is transcribed: Moles within the Chrysalis Corporation placed by the Eldritch Society manage to gain access to a secret library of occult texts concerning the Ta'ge Fragments that had been retrieved from the Arctic. These documents are secreted out of the corporation and are translated by their scholars. The result of these efforts is the discovery of the Rite of Transcendence, which will impart a fragment of Drazet, the Forgotten One who first penned the Fragments, into a mortal subject. Five hundred of the best agents of the Eldritch Society are selected to participate in Project: Demigod and undergo the rite; out of those five hundred, only one in five survive. Those that do are granted godlike powers, far beyond mortal comprehension.

(2086)—Chrysalis Corporation is exposed: No longer needing to hide in the shadows, the Eldritch Society's first act is to launch an attack on the Chrysalis Corporation and expose their involvement with the cults. Caught off guard, the corporation is severely damaged, and its ties to the Old Ones brought to light. The NEG immediately disavows the corporation, and the Office of Internal Security initiates a massive purge alongside the Eldritch Society. The Demigods and OIS forces prepare for a massive battle against the Chairman, Nyarlathotep's avatar, but he mysteriously vanishes.

(2087)—NEG counterattack: With the Demigods leading, humanity launches a massive offensive against the Migou and cult forces. Both sides, having weakened each other significantly, are unprepared for the assault and sustain heavy casualties. Migou positions in the Antarctic, Greenland, and other areas are obliterated and the cults are pushed steadily back towards Leng. For the first time, the NEG achieves true victory, though all know that the Aeon War is not yet over.

(2090)—The end of the Aeon War: After two years of savage fighting, the NEG forces manage to make it to the Plateau of Leng, where Hastur's avatar, the Ragged King, resides. Feeling that victory is no longer possible, the Migou prepare to enact their doomsday protocol and destroy Earth. Meanwhile, a contingent of the thirty strongest Demigods fight Hastur's avatar and, after a grueling battle, resulting in the death of a dozen Demigods, Hastur is banished back into oblivion. In a last act of fury, he unleashes a tremendous psychic scream that spreads across the solar system. All around the world, people fall to their knees in pain or suffer terrible seizures from the Old One's voice. The Migou, being far more sensitive to such things, are not so fortunate and are completely wiped from existence. With great relief and joy, humanity celebrates the end of the Aeon War.

(2095)—Rebuilding: No longer burdened by a fight to survive, humanity and their Nazzadi allies have picked up the pieces left in the wake of the Aeon War and have once more began colonizing the solar system. An expedition is sent to Pluto, to make sure that the Migou are no longer a threat. It is confirmed that the Migou are no more, and so the NEG immediately sets about establishing bases on the former homeworld of the Migou so that the technology that had eclipsed mankind's will one day be utilized for themselves.

(2095 to 2150)—The Golden Age: Over the past fifty-five years, humanity has made monumental progress. An arcanotech FTL drive, named the Dimensional Fold Drive, or DF Drive, has allowed humanity to expand from beyond their home system and colonize numerous planets. Thanks to the Migou's technology and human creativity, mankind has catapulted millennia ahead of what they once were. Even though much of the aliens' technology and knowledge has yet to be decoded, humanity has still managed to advance exponentially in numerous fields, particularly in genetics and bio-engineering. Though there is still danger from the Order of Dagon on Earth and elements of the Chrysalis Corporation that managed to escape the purge, these years have proven to be the most peaceful.

(2157)—A new discovery: Near the colony of Shanxi, a bizarre structure is discovered. Scientists tasked with studying it confirm that it is a faster-than-light transportation device, with greater range than allowed by the DF Drive. Upon further study, a new substance is discovered, termed Element Zero. It is hoped that this new element can be utilized in new forms of arcanotech.


Connor Anselm, Supreme Commander of the New Earth Federation Armed Forces, sighed deeply. Word had just reached him that the colony of Shanxi had been attacked by an unknown alien force.

"Only a little over sixty years of peace," he muttered. "I'd hoped we'd get at least a century before another war." Snapping out of his wishful thinking, he began barking orders to his aides. "Send word to the Federation; I want High Command on the line yesterday!"


Author's note

Before I go on any further, I would first like to extend my sincerest thanks to Saladofstones, who has been helping me out with the kinks in my story.