Athena's POV

On a particular sunny, yet cold afternoon Athena was beyond her mind bored. 'Was this how mortals feel everyday?' She asked herself. There was nothing for her to do. As Athena walked around in her favorite library-The Library of Congress she considered her options. She couldn't read any books- she had read all the books that were in the world- she couldn't talk with anybody- they were all to busy preparing for the winter solstice meeting- as usual Athena had prepared last week when she was bored. This solstice was going to be like any other boring to the last second. With a lot of fighting, of course. It was winter of 2000; Hades would be attending the council and the brothers would have a lot to discuss. More truly spoken- a lot to fight about. Athena sighed. She had 'watched' one of her daughters- a promising four-year-old girl named Annabeth Chase this morning and knew she shouldn't again. Usually Athena would just read. Several books would be coming out tomorrow; if only she could jump ahead a day or so. Athena glanced around and saw she was alone. As she headed around the corner to double check she was alone she heard the kids on a field trip chattering. Perfect. 'December 22,' she thought- concentrating real hard, downstairs a boy shouted, "But I'm12!" With that a flash of light engulfed Athena.

Athena reappeared outside the library with heavy snow falling to the ground around her. There had been no snow in the forecast for mortals but Athena knew how weather worked and decided that after the council meeting it was always unpredictable. She hastily made her way inside and took of her elegant yet practical coat and hung it up. She was just about to make her way to the fiction section when something caught her eye. In the corner near the children's section a display shelf held tons of new books. In bright neon letters stood, "The gods are alive! Welcome to Percy Jackson's lifeā€¦" She froze whirled around and looked at the books. The Lightning Theif, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan's Curse, The Battle of Manhattan, and The Last Olympian were the titles. As casually as possible Athena flipped over the back of each book and read. It was all about their world! In a blink of an eye she grabbed a copy of each and headed to check out. This would be an interesting council. Whichever god or demigod spilled and told those foolish mortals would pay- big time. She gave the lady behind the counter her card and the lady frowned.

"Madam- this card is 12 years out of date- I do believe you need an update."

"Oh- I must of pulled the wrong on." Athena always kept her old cards in her pocket and being the immortal goddess of wisdom she happened to have a lot of those cards.

Athena made a current library card appear in her pocket and pulled it out. The lady nodded and smiled. She put the goddess's books in a bag and thanked her. Athena hurried over to the newsstand-the date scared her. December 22 all right, but year 2012. She had traveled twelve years in the future! Quickly Athena concentrated and flashed back to Olympus; to the year 2000; hugging those books closely.

Zeus's POV

"Silence everyone! Take your seats. Are we all present?"

I glanced around the room- Athena was late. How strange. Just then Athena flashed into existence looking scared out of her mind. I raised an eyebrow. She dropped about 5 children's books on the floor.

"These are from 2012," she explained. "They are about us."

I lost it. "You traveled forward in time! Athena! You of all goddesses! I thought you would have more sense.

Poseidon muttered, "Well you thought wrong- like always."

I glared as Athena butted in, "It was an accident, Father. But these books are so close to the truth we must figure out who will write them and punish them."

"You can not change fate. Athena has done wrong. These books are true- the stories real. You may read them, but you may not change them. The future will continue on as it is."

Cautiously I opened my eyes and groan inwardly. Three old ladies with knitting bags stood before me talking in unison. The Fates. Who else?

There was a giant flash and before us stood over a dozen children- all looked about 17. A single girl was crying- she had blond hair curled and knotted in a-I don't care right now kind of way. A female with short blank hair and the crown of Artemis on her head rushed over to calm her down.

Again the Fates spoke in unison, "Read the books- time has frozen until you finish. More might come in the future." They turned to the demigods, "Share your parent, tell the gods as much you want. It stands on your account."

I blinked. They were gone. "Introduce yourselves and we will explain the situation."

A girl with stringy brown hair approached with her hand in a boys, maybe they were siblings or they were dating, "Clarisse La Rue, Daughter of Ares. Cabin 5 head counselor."

Ares looked really confused now but I didn't pay much attention to him. "Chris Rodriguez, son of Hermes." Hermes looked shocked. Maybe from the fact that his son was dating war god's daughter or I have no idea.

Twin looking boys stepped up. "Conner and Travis Stoll. Sons of Hermes. Cabin Leaders." They alternated their turns speaking making it confusing to follow who was speaking. Hermes made a strange sound something between a gag and a growl. "Stoll, Rodriguez. How?"

"Katie Gardner, daughter of Demeter. " Demeter widened her eyes.

"Nico di Angelo, son of Hades." I whirl around. Hades looks shocked. "I'm eighty or so. Lotus Casino."

"How did you get out?" Hades looks scared.

"Long story."

"Malcolm, son of Athena." Athena's eyes narrowed.

"Thalia Grace, Lieutenant of Artemis. Daughter of Zeus."

My eyes popped out. "You- you're only!" Before I could finish a blonde haired boy with bright blue eyes stepped up. Oh no, it couldn't be. What would he be doing with a bunch of Greeks!

"Jason Grace, son of Jupiter." Poseidon raised his eyebrows but wisely kept silent. Hera was fuming. "How dare you! And from the same mortal mother! Ugh and to think you would change."

I looked away and gestured for the kids to continue introducing themselves.

A seventeen year-old girl with bright red frizzy hair stepped up. "Rachel Dare- oracle." Apollo grinned and said, "Beat that Hades- I get a new host body." Rachel backed up into the wall and stared.

"Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite, cabin leader." Aphrodite looked up. She study Piper with keen interest and nodded contently.

"Leo Valdez- son of Hephaestus. Also cabin leader." He was Hispanic with a wild look in his eye. If he was at all frazzled to be on Olympus he didn't show it.

"Grover Underwood- satyr, and Lord of the Wild." How crazy does the future get?

"Tyson; son of Poseidon." He's a Cyclopes- go figure.

The girl on the floor crying got up. She whipped the last tears of her face and looked around. "Annabeth Chase- daughter of Athena. And why did you umm- you know change everything back." She looked hurt and confused.

Athena stood up angrily, "You are 4! I was just watching you." The girl- Annabeth stared, "I was born in 1995- therefore I am 17."

"It's only 2000!" An awkward silence spread over the crowd gathered. "Err hate to correct you but it's 2012." The boy Leo said. He was building something out of rubber bands and paper.

Time travel. It was the only option. I sigh. "Fine- lets read these stupid books."

The son of Athena was sitting next to his sister- Annabeth. He perked his ears up at the word book. The girl doesn't. Strange. My daughter sighs and walks to the center of the throne room where she grabs the books. She seems to study the titles. She glances over her shoulder at Annabeth and reads, "Percy Jackson and the Olympians."

Poseidon walks over and looks at the other tites. Thalia seems totally normal with this. Malcolm looks at Annabeth with pity. Yikes. Demigod drama. This was going to be a long night- day- days- weeks- month- maybe even years!

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