The Tape

Fiona, Jessie, and Sam watched the DVD. Michael said this was the best way he could explain what he was doing, how he was protecting them. Anson was on this DVD. The time stamp showed he had made this tape mere hours before his death.

Anson: Hello Michael. If you're watching this it means two things. The first is that I'm dead. Possibly by your hands. I've given instructions for this to be delivered to you in the event of my death, even if you killed me. The second thing is that you've retrieved this DVD, despite your enemies attempting to retrieve it. Congragulations on that. You've just about won. I once commanded an international organization with millions of dollars and thousands of operatives. Now there is only me. You've destroyed the organization. You even turned Rebecca against me by saving her brother. I've decided to play the last card I have left, this recording. I'm going to let my assocites know I've made this, and it will be released if something happens to me. If you're watching this then the plan failed, to you go the spoils. For years you believed that you were fighting a rogue network of spies and mercenaries, unbound to any laws or government. But there is something that neither side ever told you. We were never a rogue organization, merely covert. From the beginning we acted with the approval of the U.S. government, including every president for the last 30 years. We did the things that the government could never admit to being involved with. Masquerading as mercenaries we got results. We thought you could be a valuable asset, but we underestimated you to our own peril. Those who knew the truth have been covering their tracks, including murdering my friends and co-workers. I realize you will never take my word on this. So I've included intel on this DVD that includes recordings and money trails proving my word. I don't know what you'll do with this intel. Expose the truth, stay silent, blackmail the government to leave your friends and family alone. That is your decision to make. Good luck.

Jessie didn't want to believe Anson, but the evidence seemed concrete. Other things started to add up. Card trying to kill them in Panama was one thing, but however good a liar Card was he never had the authority to order an airstrike. Anson was telling the truth. Michael had stayed silent, more than that he went back to work for these people. Releasing this intel would put all of them, not to mention Michael and Madeline, in danger. Michael had done this to protect them, to free them, could they really put his life in danger? These three could judge Michael all they wanted, but they had no idea what to do with it.