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"You think you are alive
because you breathe air?
Shame on you,
that you are alive in such a limited way.
Don't be without Love,
so you won't feel dead.
Die in Love
and stay alive forever."

― Rumi



You have to change your perception of time when you become a vampire.

It was hard to imagine the future. Caroline's fantasies had always shifted as she was growing up. She dreamed about being a princess, a gymnast, and a broadcast journalist. Those details changed with her age and mood. But some things about the future were as certain to her as the sunrise that came each day.

She would always live in Mystic Falls. She would always be best friends with Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett. She would one day get married to an amazing man and live in a beautiful home and be a mom. They would all raise their kids together and she would die at a ripe old age in her bed with a lifetime of happy memories. These things would not change no matter if she became a princess, a gymnast, or a broadcast journalist.

And then she died at seventeen, and became a vampire, and everything changed.

She became a stronger, faster, more powerful being. She became a better version of herself. A better friend and daughter, fighting to protect the people she cared about and the place she called home. From the ashes of a monstrous curse, she rose, a determined and shining phoenix. And then...she fell in love.

Her future changed when she travelled back to the past. Her mission had been to kill Klaus before he ever stepped foot in Mystic Falls, to save all of her friends, to change their present. But then she fell in love with him, the horrible, original hybrid vampire, and he fell in love with her.

Klaus became her future. She didn't need a crystal ball to know that. Maybe she would no longer be a journalist or a mom, but she would get to spend an eternity with the man she loved. Klaus had loved her through the centuries-even when he thought she was dead-and would love her until the world stopped turning. That would never change. Their type of love was unshakable. It was the type of love that Caroline had thought only existed in the pages of books or on a movie screen. Together, they had been through the worst of the worst, and came out on the other side stronger.

Perhaps it was romantic and fantastical, but she knew in her soul that nothing would break them apart. She and Klaus went on her list of life certainties, taking a place right at the very top. Her mind couldn't fathom a thing that would change it all.

Except time. Love could always change and fluctuate over time. But they had already beaten that hadn't they?

What being or thing in the whole of existence could ever cause a love like theirs to change?

ChapteR 1

The forest was quiet. No birds singing, no rustling of leaves, no sound or sight of any living creature. The trees seemed to be holding their breaths, watching, waiting, towering over. Faint beams of sunlight careened through the branches, but even the dust reflecting in the rays was at a standstill, frozen little glimmering specks. Nature was always a quiet place, a sanctuary, a place of silent reflection. But this wasn't quiet; filled with the warm whispers of wind, the friendly shift of leaves, and the sweet song of birds-this was stone, dead, cold silence.

Bonnie stood, turning around, not recognizing the place and not remembering how she got there. She knew that it was somewhere not in Mystic Falls. The trees were unfamiliar, the shape of their leaves not native to her tiny hometown. As a witch, Bonnie had learned to connect with nature, to know the personality of the forests back in Mystic Falls. She often sought peace there and walked among the trees, regarding them as if they were old friends. They were, in a sense. They had watched her grow up in her tiny hometown, knowing what she was and feeling her power even before she was aware of it or them herself. But this place was a stranger to her. Something wasn't right.

A crack sounded behind her and she spun, her dark hair whirling around her face like a curtain. She breathed a sigh of relief, putting her hand to her chest when she recognized the friendly face behind her.

"Caroline," she sighed. "It's just you."

"Where's Elena?"

"What are you talking about?" Bonnie asked taking a step forward. She could see Caroline was frantic, her blonde hair wild and her shoes and clothes covered in mud.

"Bonnie!" Caroline reached up to her neck and felt something. Her hands pulled away, shaking, and covered in blood. It was then that Bonnie noticed the large, bleeding wound in the side of her neck. Her breath caught and Caroline let out a strangled cry, stumbling forward and falling to the ground.

Bonnie charged forward and caught her friend as she fell. She didn't possess the super vampire strength that Caroline did and her knees buckled under the weight. They dropped to the ground, Bonnie holding Caroline close as the blood from her neck continued to pour out all over both of them.

"Caroline!" Bonnie yelled, turned her over in her lap. Her hair was matted with sweat, her lips frothing with blood and spit. This wasn't right. What was happening? "Caroline! Open your eyes!"

Caroline sputtered and her eyes fluttered, rolling back and around in their sockets. Bonnie shook her gently trying to focus her, tapping the sides of her face in effort to keep her conscious. Bonnie brushed Caroline's hair away and looked at the wound. There was a small hole, gushing blood. The area around it was turning purple and yellow, the veins in her neck protruding. It reminded her of an infected werewolf bite. But the original wound was too small to be a bite.

"Tell..." Caroline croaked.

"What?" Bonnie asked. She was scared. She didn't know what to do or how to make her better. A cold hand seemed to slip over her shoulder as Bonnie held Caroline, its fingers giving her a squeeze. All vampires had the grip of death around them, a sort of dead space energy. But something was overtaking Caroline then, a different energy. Something darker than Bonnie had ever felt in her life. Caroline was dying."Hold on Care!"

"Tell him-" Caroline tried to choke out again. Bonnie looked around the forest, for the attacker, for Elena, her Grams, or someone to help them.

"Who?" Bonnie said. "What?"

"Let. Go."

Bonnie snapped awake. The forest, Caroline, the blood...it had all been just a dream. She was on the couch, in the Gilbert house, an old brown book settled over her stomach. She must have fallen asleep while going through Alaric's books about vampires; trying to find anything she could about Hunters or the cure or Silas.

The creak of a floor board made her sit up straight on the couch. She looked over and saw Elena standing in the hall.

"Hey," she said. "Sorry to wake you, just got home from..."

Another late night hunt, Bonnie filled in the blank in her head. Ever since their trip to Whitmore College with Damon, Elena had been going out to hunt on humans. Because she was a vampire. Her best friend, her sister, the person that she had been fighting to save for over a year now was a dead, blood sucking vampire.

"It's fine, I just fell asleep going through some of Alaric's old books." She noticed Elena's wince at hearing her former teacher/friend/guardian's name. They all missed him. For Elena, it was a mix of emotions. Alaric had been used in a plot by the original witch, Esther, to end the vampire race once and for all. Elena had gotten caught in the crossfire and killed. But as it turned out, Elena had died with vampire blood in her system, so she didn't stay dead. "I better get home."

"You can stay," Elena offered. "It is late after all."

"That's okay," Bonnie said. "I don't want my dad to freak out. I'll see you tomorrow." The truth was, she still felt nervous around Elena. As a witch, she was nervous about vampires in general, but around Elena especially. Elena still had control issues. She wasn't like Caroline, who had been a pro. Thinking of Caroline made her remember her dream.

She grabbed her stuff from the coffee table and told Elena goodnight, then headed out to her car. She made sure the door was shut firmly before dialing Caroline's number. Part of her wanted to go over and make sure Caroline was alright and see it with her own two, brown eyes. But she figured Caroline wouldn't be at her mom's house since she hardly ever stayed there anymore, and there was no way Bonnie was going out to Caroline's new residence. Even if they had formed a tentative truce with their former enemy, Bonnie still had no desire to spend any more time around the Original family than necessary.

The phone rang three times before Caroline picked up, her voice thick and grogey on the other end of the line.

A sharp ringing sound blasted through the darkness, waking Caroline from her much needed beauty sleep. Well, that wasn't entirely true. She was a vampire. Which meant she would never age. Which meant she didn't really need beauty sleep. The song that sounded was a customized ring she had created especially for her best friend in the whole, entire world, Bonnie Bennett.

With a large groan, she dragged her arm from under the dark green, silk sheet and over to the oak nightstand where her phone sat, ringing loud enough to wake the undead.

"Are you drunk dialing me right now? Because I'm pretty sure we both need to be awake early tomorrow."

It was a joke. Caroline knew Bonnie wasn't drunk dialing. First of all, Bonnie barely ever drank alcohol. In fact, Caroline couldn't remember Bonnie ever having more than one cup of beer at a party. But that could have been because she had always been wasted out of her mind-back when she was silly and insecure and partied a little too hard sometimes.

The joke was necessary though. If Bonnie was calling that late at night, it meant something was up and in their lives, if something was up, it was never something good.

There was the one time though, when Bonnie called her late at night and it wasn't with bad news. Caroline had been in the South of France, and Bonnie had called her after a rather disastrous date with Kol Mikaelson. The only reason Bonnie had even agreed to go out with Klaus's persistent younger brother, was in hopes that he would leave her alone afterward. Bonnie had called to tell Caroline all about it. It had been ten at night in Virginia and three o'clock in the morning for her. Apparently Kol was harder to derail than they thought he would be, and Bonnie was stuck with the unwanted suitor. It seemed that when given an inch, he would then go for the mile.

That had been a nice and funny conversation to have in the middle of the night.

Another late night conversation had followed about a week after that. But that time it wasn't about dating disasters, but more along the lines of "we need you to come home because the original witch is back and hell bent on ending the vampire race and killing everyone we love."

That conversation had ended with a few swiftly packed bags and a red-eye back to Mystic Falls, along with an argument of why it was important she be there to help defend her friends and her town.

Caroline cringed, hoping that maybe Bonnie had gotten into some of her witchy herbs and decided to call her up for some laughs.

"Are you okay Caroline? Where are you?"

"I'm fine. I'm at the mansion. What's wrong?" Caroline noticed the edgy tone of Bonnie's voice.

"Nothing, I just wanted to make sure."

Caroline looked to her left, glancing at the man sleeping next to her. Klaus's back was to her, his body moving, as he breathed in his sleep. Vampires didn't really need to breathe, but it was a force of habit. She wasn't sure if he was awake or not. He had the tendency to always sleep with one eye open, and a little cellphone ringing would have been the equivalent of parading a marching band through the room. Still, he seemed to be asleep.

Caroline quickly slipped out of bed, carefully pulling the door open, and walking into the hallway, her phone at her ear. "Okay, spill. What's happened?"

She heard Bonnie let out a heavy sigh, the sound of her car starting in the background. "I just had a dream."

"And what happened in the dream?"

"You died." Caroline closed her eyes, trying to hold back a shudder. Bonnie's dreams weren't like other people's dreams. Sometimes they were metaphorical, but other times they were prophetic in a sense. She was glad she had decided to step out of the bedroom for this conversation. "It was probably nothing," Bonnie continued. "I was at Jeremy's looking at Hunter stuff and I fell asleep, so that's probably why I had the dream."

"Yeah," Caroline said, trying to reassure herself, too. "So you were at Jeremy's? But you aren't spending the night?"


"How does Shane feel about you still hanging around your ex?"

Bonnie scoffed. "Atticus and I are not a thing."

"Oh it's Atticus now?" Caroline giggled. "Bonnie Bennett, you and all of your men."

Bonnie laughed. "You have an overly romantic imagination. Besides, you're one to talk."

"Hey," Caroline said. "I am in a committed relationship with one man."

"Uh huh. But I remember a young, human Caroline Forbes who was about all men, all the time." Caroline laughed. Okay so she had been a little boy crazy in the not so distant past. "I'm sorry I woke you. I'll let you get back to sleep."

"It's okay. I'll see you tomorrow."

She wished Bonnie a good night and pressed "end" on the phone. The screen went dark and she crept back into the bedroom, replacing it on the nightstand, and climbing back into bed. Caroline wondered if maybe she should have asked Bonnie more questions about the dream, just in case. If it was prophetic, it might help to know a few situations to avoid. As she settled in once again, a warm hand slipped over her stomach and around her waist, pulling her against the lean, hard body it belonged to.

"What's this about a dream?"

Klaus pulled her against his chest, pressing his lips to the skin at the back of her neck. Caroline hummed at the show of affection, but could feel the hint of tension in Klaus's body behind her. She should have gone further away to talk to Bonnie on the phone. Like maybe downstairs, out the door, and all the way across town so Klaus didn't hear.

"Just a dream Bonnie had," Caroline said taking his hand and lacing her fingers through his. "Nothing serious."

"If I remember correctly," Klaus said, "Bonnie Bennett's dreams are often prophetic in nature."

"Not always," Caroline said quickly, a little too quickly to be truly convincing. Klaus's fingers squeezed tight around hers, an action that probably would have crushed them, if her bones were still human. Klaus was touchy-to say the least-about the subject of her and death. It wasn't an unfounded worry with him, though. He had watched her almost die many times, and one of those times she actually had died. Sort of.

Klaus grasped her chin, turning her face toward his and marking her with a thick kiss. Heat flared in her stomach, shooting out along her veins, and spreading through the rest of her body. His hands were skimming down her sides and up the hem of her tank top.

"Don't go tomorrow," Klaus murmured into her lips.

"Klaus," Caroline said with a chastising tone. They had already discussed the weekend trip that she would be going on the next day. She and Elena and Rebekah were heading out for some camping and good-old-fashion girl bonding, to help Elena learn to hunt from someone who wasn't Stefan or Damon. "We already talked about this."

He squeezed at her breast and Caroline's argument became a heady moan. Just as she thought things were about to get good, Klaus removed himself and got up from the bed.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Downstairs," Klaus replied, pulling on a pair of pants and shuffling to the door. He disappeared before she could ask anything else.

He was upset.

Caroline rolled back in Klaus's large bed, staring up at the ceiling. Maybe she should be thinking of it as their bed, she mused as her eyes followed the crown moulding around the perimeter of the room. It seemed that way, since she slept there almost every night. But, she hadn't technically moved in with him. There was no way her mom would be okay with her eighteen-year-old daughter moving in with her thousand year old boyfriend, when she hadn't even graduated high school yet. Immortal being or not, that just would not fly with Liz Forbes.

There was also the whole keeping up appearances thing. To Mystic Falls, she was Caroline Forbes: high school student, sheriff's daughter, head cheerleader. Klaus was Klaus Mikaelson: mysterious foreign guy, who paid a lot of money to the town, lived in a huge mansion just outside city limits, and looked to be in his early thirties, which meant too old to be carrying on with some girl still in high school. Even though Mystic Falls was filled with vampires and supernatural beings, they weren't exactly common knowledge. She bit her lip. Even without the technicalities, Caroline sometimes wondered if their age gap should be more of an issue. Then again, he did have the tendency to act like a child.

The bed now seemed even larger than usual, without Klaus laying there next to her. She rolled over, grabbing his pillow and pressing her face into it. She inhaled, enjoying the smell of Klaus on the pillow, a fresh, wood sort of of scent mixed with a sweet refinement that encompassed who he was as a man.

They had slept in many beds together over the past few months. Beds in Italy and France and England, but those beds never retained the familiar smells of home. It was such a human thing, she thought, to appreciate how things smelled. Caroline smiled, as she inhaled deeply, hugging the pillow tight against her chest. She liked the little moments that reminded her of her humanity.

After a tossing a bit in bed, trying to go back to sleep, she looked over at the clock and decided to venture downstairs in search of Klaus.

The Mikaelson Mansion was large, by far the largest house in Mystic Falls. It had an old world splendor about it, that was appropriate considering that it housed the oldest family in history. Caroline often felt odd and out of place being in such a grand house. It wasn't like a normal home, that was filled with family pictures, odd knick-knacks, and cozy furniture. It was large and spacious, cold like a museum, and decorated like one, too.

The original house on that particular patch of land had been a more modest, two-story Georgian colonial home, built just a decade before Virginia had seceded from the Union. Caroline had seen a picture of it in an old book during a historical preservation society meeting she had attended once during her campaign for Miss Mystic Falls. After a long life of storm damage, renovations, and different families and town committees adding on to it, it had become one of the grandest houses in the entire town. Probably the entire state. Since Klaus had renovated, the mansion now housed a library and a grand ballroom; one that Caroline had had her eye on, with visions of prom running through her head, already planning the ways she could convince Klaus to let it happen.

She padded barefoot down the dark corridor from Klaus's bedroom, in her cotton pajama set. When she had first started spending time there, she felt like she needed to be perfectly dressed all the time, like it was an insult to the house to flit around barefoot and in t-shirts. But after a couple weeks, she started to get used to it. It didn't exactly feel like home to her, but she was comfortable enough.

Her hand held onto the smooth rail of the grand staircase as she continued on in search of Klaus. The marble floor was cool under her feet, and she turned in the direction of one of the many sitting rooms in the house. Klaus had taken this particular one over as his own personal art studio. He spent most of his days there, now that they had settled in Mystic Falls again, staving off boredom while Caroline went back to high school.

A dim orange glow bled from the room and as she grew closer, she could hear the faint sound of bristles scratching against canvas. She paused in the doorway, watching Klaus's back as he painted, gripping a chip brush between his fingers and leaving delicate, brushy strokes across the canvas. On the table next to him was a bottle of scotch paired with a small, lowball glass; a hint of the amber liquid lingered at the bottom.

"I know you're there, love," Klaus said, not turning to face her. He set the brush down into a glass jar filled with a cloudy liquid.

"I wasn't trying to hide," she replied stepping into the room. "Why don't you come back to bed?"

"I felt a surge of sudden inspiration" Klaus stated, gesturing toward his painting.

Caroline narrowed her eyes skeptically, walking over and perching herself on the free space on top of the table by him. "Uh-huh. Sure."

He was evading, as usual. She would have to attack head on.

"It was just a dream Klaus," Caroline said. "It doesn't mean anything. This weekend will be fine. We'll be in hotels and spas and just doing girl stuff, with a little hunting on the side. Nothing is going to happen."

Klaus sat the brush down, picking up his glass of bourbon. "You don't know that."

"Neither do you," Caroline argued. "There isn't any point in driving yourself crazy over it."

"We should leave Mystic Falls," Klaus said.

"We can't do that. I have to help Elena and Stefan needs me and graduation is so close..."

Klaus sneered. "You've already given enough to Elena Gilbert."

"I know you're new to the whole idea of friendship, but that's not really how it works."

He scowled at her, knocking back the rest of the liquid in the glass. She knew his anger wasn't directed at her, but at her loyalty to her friends. The issue had become a frequent point of contingency between them, especially when Klaus deemed that she was putting her life at unnecessary risk, which was always.

"But if I wasn't so loyal to my friends then I probably wouldn't have let Bonnie do that time travel spell on me and then I never would have fallen in love with you." She liked to remind him of this anytime he brought it up.

"You don't think in some alternate reality I'm not trying to convince you to take a chance on me?" he would always retort smugly.

Caroline sighed, letting her legs swing under the table. "What are we even arguing about right now?" she asked. "Something that may or may not even happen or even be important."

Klaus walked over to her and stood between her legs, putting his forehead against hers. Caroline wrapped her arms around his waist, closing her eyes.

"You're important, Caroline," Klaus said with his eyes closed, too. His voice was quiet, his words delicate, secret. "There is nothing more important to me, than you."

Caroline pulled away and opened her eyes to look down at him, his sincerity marked in the lines of his face. She traced a finger over his brow thinking about all those centuries that he thought her dead and gone forever, after he watched Mikael kill her in 1492. Klaus hadn't known then that her death had simply reversed the magic that Bonnie had used on her and sent her back to her original time. Instead, he had spent centuries thinking he would never be with her again.

"I'm right here," she whispered to him. "I love you."

Klaus opened his eyes and looked back at her, cupping her face in his hands and running his thumbs across her face. There were times when he was rough with her, when he acknowledged her strength and would throw her against a wall with total abandon, kissing her until she saw stars. Then there were other times, like now, when he would hold her like she would shatter at any second. Like a small, delicate doll that might break if he dared let it out of its glass case.

"Come on," Klaus said taking her hands and pulling her off the table. "Let's go up to bed."

Caroline nodded and let him lead her back upstairs. As soon as his door was shut, Klaus began kissing her-slow and languid nips at her lips, a kindling for the constant fire she felt for him. They stood together, next to the bed and began to strip each other bare, marking each second with tiny kisses and caresses. Once they were both naked, Klaus pushed Caroline back against the bed. He climbed his way slowly up her body, trailing a path of wet kisses up her calf, the edge of her knee, the tops of her thighs. She could feel her core throbbing, anticipating his touch.

Her body always responded to him like this. He could have her writhing in seconds, begging for him. She hated and loved this power he had over her. Klaus ghosted his lips across her silken folds, making her whimper for his touch. He smirked at the tiny sound, and then ran his tongue across her clit. Her fingers tangled into the sheets as he lapped at her, his fingers stroking her inner walls as his tongue flicked over her swollen clit.

Orgasm crashed over her, electrifying her body. She called out his name breathlessly as he continued to stroke her through the aftershocks. Before she had time to recover, Klaus moved over her, rocking into her and entering her to the hilt. His lips touched hers as he began to move inside of her, their breaths merging together.

Caroline grasped at him, her body needy and begging as she listened to the tiny whisper of her name tumbling from his lips. Her earlier worries still tickled the corner of her mind, though. In spite of his fervent touches, the way he looked at her, the way he made her feel and all of the other things he said, there was still one thing bothering her. It wasn't the dream, or its possible meanings. No, it was the fact that that night was the fifth time Caroline had said "I love you" to Klaus out loud, and he hadn't said it back.

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One) A lot of you readers noted in your Timeless reviews that Klaus never said "I love you" to Caroline by the end of the story. Which was very purposeful on my part...and I'm bring that back in this story.

Two) Again, forget everything you know about canon. I took canon, chewed it up and spit it out and created something different. Most of my reasoning for writing this story comes from being wholly unsatisfied with Season 4 of TVD. So I'm doing things my way, which also means that unlike when I was writing Timeless, I'm not going to go back and carefully watch the episodes so I can keep the details straight. Basically, just forget canon, you'll be less confused that way.

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