Author's Note: I don't own InuYasha or any of the characters. Plus, this is my first story for InuYasha, so tell me about it!

InuYasha was already finished slaying and defeating the last of the mischievous Band of Seven, or Shinchintai zombie, Bankotsu. Only one thing was a problem: Naraku's body. He was still in Naraku's body, and he had to find Kagome and the others before they were in real danger. The walls and the ground were starting to come together and it was already absorbing Bankotsu and, soon, InuYasha as well. He had to hurry before it was too late, but he had been partially absorbed. He lay unconscious being a part of Naraku, while Miroku and Sango found Kagome and Shippo. Shippo saw them and pointed to them above.

Kagome yelled, "Miroku! Sango! You're still alive!"

Then, Miroku replied, "Yeah! We heard you guys, so we came to see if it was really you!"

Sango looked up and saw InuYasha.

"Kagome! Look up! It's InuYasha!"

Kagome tilted her head up to the half demon in a poor state.

"InuYasha?! InuYasha! C-can you hear me?! InuYasha!"

The dog demon's eyes slowly opened. His vision was blurred.

"K-kagome's voice. Is that really you?"

He finally became aware of himself.

"Where the hell-Kagome! You're not hurt, are you?!"

"No, I'm alright, but you are! You're about to be absorbed! Hold on, InuYasha! I'm going to save you!"

"No! Don't Kagome! Stand back! You'll be absorbed, too! I can handle it if I can just reach my Tetsuaiga! Wait! Kagome! Kagome!"

Kagome didn't listen. She ran off towards Naraku without thinking. She pulled back one of her sacred arrows and was ready to fire it. Then, Sesshomaru blocked her way. She couldn't shoot him. His facial expression proved he was angered.

"Sesshomaru! Stand back! I'm going to shoot him!" Sesshomaru made a twitch with his face that showed his irritation towards the girl.

"You mere human. Get out of here. There's nothing you can do."

Sesshomaru was ready to draw Tokijin and end this when InuYasha interfered. "Sesshomaru! Get out the way! Kagome has spiritual powers and she might be able to purify him! Anyway, if I can just get out, I'll use my Tetsuaiga!"

Naraku snickered: "Kukukuku. Do you seriously think you could beat me? No matter what you do, I can just regenerate."

Sesshomaru didn't care. He charged towards both Naraku and InuYasha, aiming to destroy both. They were both despicable.

Kagome yelled, "No Sesshomaru! Don't! You'll destroy InuYasha!"

"It's no use, Kagome! He won't listen!"

Sesshomaru retorted, "Do you think I care?! They couldn't mean less to me!"

There was nothing they could do. Suddenly, InuYasha gained his strength. It was Tetsuaiga protecting him. He was able to use his claws to break free and draw out his Tetsuaiga to finish it.

"Naraku! It ends here!"

Out of the blue, Sesshomaru violently punched InuYasha, for it was his duty to bring Naraku down and settle the score. InuYasha was nearly knocked unconscious, struggling to move.

"Se-Sesshomaru, you bastard. Why?"

"This is clearly a fight I have to settle with Naraku. Your assistance is futile."

With a couple of swings of Tokijin, Naraku was blown and overwhelmed. He began to escape, but the injured InuYasha tried to use his Wind Scar; it was too late. Naraku escaped and they were out of his body. Kagome ran to InuYasha with a hug.

"InuYasha! Are you okay now? Does anything hurt?"

"No Kagome. It doesn't. I'm just glad that you're safe."

He stared over to Sesshomaru. He was getting ready to leave now until InuYasha called to him.

"Sesshomaru! What are you going to do now?!"

He turned around and looked in the corner of his eye: Kagome was still by his side. Oddly, she caught his attention. It's been the first time that a mere human could be close by to him without showing fear. He showed his curiosity by staring at her. Kagome's eyes started to come down with a worried look. She and InuYasha became uneasy. Why was he staring at her? InuYasha couldn't take the suspense anymore, so he broke the silence.

"Sesshomaru! Why do keep fucking staring at Kagome like that, you bastard? What are hell you trying to do?! Answer me!"

Sesshomaru snapped out of his little daze. He didn't realize he was stunned in a thought. This certainly wasn't going to let this shame ruin his pride.

"Shut up, InuYasha. If you have a problem, battle it out."

"Oh! You wanna fucking try me, eh? C'mon, you bastard!"

Sesshomaru drew without hesitation. He also, once again, wanted to see if his youkai blood would awaken again. He would purposely render Tetsuaiga useless by knocking it out of his hand; He wanted InuYasha to lose his mind and forget about Kagome. Sesshomaru had special plans for this girl. He has also found out about Kikyo and how he was the love of her life and vice versa. The great battle was about to begin: InuYasha swiftly drew out his sword from its sheathe, and, by the look of his face, he was obviously going to start out with using the Wind Scar. Miroku, Sango, and Shippo were to leave. They were forced and couldn't stay at soon-to-be dangerous grounds. Kagome stayed with InuYasha, but backed up a bit. She wasn't going to abandon her love and find him hurt, or even dead.

Miroku yelled, "Kagome! Come back! There's nothing you can do! You'll just get in the way! InuYasha doesn't want you to get hurt!"

"I-I guess you're right, b-bu-"

She looked over to InuYasha with hope.

"Be careful InuYasha! Go get Sesshomaru!"

Sesshomaru had a bit of an irritated, yet calm expression on his face. Why must she say that? Is it because of his insulting of InuYasha?

"Let the girl stay; she isn't going to be in any danger."

Everyone eyed Sesshomaru with pure shock. InuYasha was the most shocked and quite frustrated.

"Leave now everyone! You too Kagome!"

She refused to run away, so she mustered up the courage to try to face him.

"If Sesshomaru needs something from me, just let him try!"

Everyone else ran off to a safe place, so the three were left to the confrontation. InuYasha put the hand with the Tetsuaiga in it in front of Kagome to protect her.

"Sesshomaru! Explain! What is the fucking point of this?!"

InuYasha was at his lowest guard when they were talking, so it would seem reasonable for Sesshomaru to strike. Kagome shrieked.

"Watch out, InuYasha!"

He drew Tetsuaiga at the very last moment to save himself. However, Tokijin's pressure pushed him and his sword out of his hand. InuYasha was forcefully pushed back, slamming onto the ground while blood leaked out of the InuYasha had no idea what was going on. Sesshomaru saw he was headed back towards Tetsuaiga, so he quickly ran to it to stop InuYasha from obtaining it. He once again swung his sword and InuYasha was brutally thrown back. The smell had come: Pure demon blood out of desperation. Exactly what he wanted. It was a perfect opportunity to steal Kagome. He didn't know what he needed her for, but he just did. InuYasha finally came to his feet. This time, Sesshomaru used his claws that were poisonous and slashed InuYasha. He was flying back, but was not defeated that easily. He came back, trying to slash Sesshomaru, but he used Tokijin. His transformation as a demon was undone, for he took a serious blow, and he was knocked unconscious. Kagome ran towards InuYasha, terrified.

"InuYasha! InuYasha! InuYasha wake up! Wake up!"

He could barely move, but still a bit unconscious. Sesshomaru seemed a bit nervous about this, but it's what he had to do.

"You there. Come with me."

Kagome was sad and furious. She refused, for what he'd done and he was frightening.

"Never! And after what you did to InuYasha?!"

He couldn't tolerate much, especially this. He flew over to Kagome. He stared into her eyes. She became creped and started screaming for Miroku and the rest. Before she could finish, Sesshomaru kicked InuYasha's bloody, unconscious body and covered Kagome's mouth with his right arm, while in a hugging position. He flew off, abducting Kagome. She was quite feisty; she kept yelling and moving around that Sesshomaru might drop her.

Sesshomaru then said, "Keep that up and you're going to be gone."