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---Goku still stared in disbelief as the two Gohan's duke it out. The Lookout was damaged, Gohan was fighting Gohan, and Piccolo stared in shock. Both lost in words and Vegeta went home.

" Gohan don't destroy the Lookout," Piccolo yelled. " You too Gohan! Gohan watch out! Good one Gohan! This is too hard."

" I got it," Goku yelled. Both Gohan's stopped fighting and stared at Goku.

" Got what," they both said.

" I know how to get Gohan and Gohan back to Gohan instead of having Gohan and Gohan fighting," Goku said. " The Fusion Dance!"

Both Gohan's looked at each other then back at Goku. Piccolo did the same thing, expect looking at Goku like he lost his mind.

" I am not dancing," Evil Gohan said.

" I agree with me," Good Gohan said. " Besides, we don't know how."

" Gohan and Gohan," Goku said pointing to both of them. " You have to be one again."

" Why," Evil Gohan said folding his arms. " I like being me and not an ' us.'"

" If you don't become one again then you will die," Goku said. " If one person separated into two people, they wouldn't be able to live unless they're one person. Your life energy was separated into two and won't last until it is one again."

" Liar," Evil Gohan said.

" Want to test that theory," Goku said with a grin.

" I don't want to be the failure that I am," Evil Gohan said. " I'm sick and tired of people making fun of me for no reason and using me. They all should die, especially that Videl girl. I should snap her neck in two."

" Videl is trying to be your friend," Good Gohan said. " Erasea and Carpner are pulling her back. She likes you, she likes us, she likes me."

" Are you sure," Evil Gohan said. " His name is Sharpner by the way."

" Who cares."

" I sure as hell don't."

" I'm positive. We just have to be one again. Besides, I miss my evil side. How else am I supposed to pull pranks on Vegeta?"

" That bug in his training armor was a good idea," Evil Gohan said with a smirk.

" So you guys will become one," Goku asked. " You will do it?"

" The Fusion Dance is easy to learn," Piccolo said. " Goten and Trunks mastered it fast."

" What does it look like," Evil Gohan said. " We never seen the dance before."

" Piccolo and I will show you," Goku said cheerfully.

" We'll what," Piccolo said as his eyes widen in fear.

" Let's show them Piccolo. They'll love it cause I do!"

Piccolo and Goku got ready by standing a couple of feet away from each other. Piccolo turned a small shade of red as they put up their arms. Gohan and Gohan watched carefully though they didn't know what to expect.

" Fu!" Goku and Piccolo cried as they moved three steps closer to each other.

" Sion!" They cried as they put their arms out and lifted up their leg.

" Ha!" Their fingers touched each other's fingers. Gohan looked at Gohan and Gohan looked at Gohan. Piccolo was red in the face from the embarrassment and Goku watched the two Gohan's stare at each other.

" No," they both said.

" But Gohan," Goku pleaded. " It's the only way you two will get back together!"

" And if we mess up," Good Gohan said. " Then what?"

" Then you will either be a wimp or be a bad ass," Piccolo answered. " Just try it. If I can do it then you know that you two can."

" I'm getting some popcorn," Evil Gohan said. Goku grabbed his arm.

" I think I'll take a nap," Good Gohan said trying to get away. Piccolo grabbed his arm.

Half an hour later.

" Fu.sion..ha!"

" Again," Goku said.

" Fu.sion.ha!"

" Your power level is even but your moves are off," Piccolo said.

" We're hungry," Evil Gohan said sitting on the ground. " I can kill you anytime I want to you know?"

" I don't want to be dead though," Good Gohan said sitting down also. " It's two in the morning can we at least get some sleep!"

" The only way you will be sleeping is if you are one person," Piccolo yelled. " Now get up and do it again!"

" I don't feel like it," Evil Gohan said lying down. Piccolo got mad and walked up to Evil Gohan.

" You better get up or else," Piccolo yelled. " You know me kid, don't push me!"

" I'm afraid," Evil Gohan said yawning. " What are you going to do, put antennas on my head?"


" Now get up before I get really mad," Piccolo yelled.

" Ouch Piccolo," Evil Gohan said rubbing his cheek. " What about me over there? He's asleep."


" I'm up I'm up," Good Gohan said holding his cheek. " Geez Piccolo. It wouldn't hurt to get a good night sleep. Look at my father, he's out like a light bulb!"

" He doesn't have to fuse," Piccolo yelled. " Now do it right this time!"

An hour later.

" Good it's perfect," Piccolo said. " See each other as one and not as good or evil. Breath at the same time and no spiting!"

" It was building up," Evil Gohan said.

" Are you two ready," Goku asked. " I need to get you home and I want to be in my bed."

Good Gohan and Evil Gohan got in their spots.

" Fuuuu..sion..HA!"

It was perfect. A light lit up the Lookout, or what was left of it, and Goku shielded his eyes. Piccolo did the same also.

' Let him be one again,' Goku thought. ' He's been through enough already.'

The light faded and Piccolo and Goku removed their arms. There stood Gohan, the Gohan! Goku ran up to his son and gave him a hug.

" You're back! Thank Kami your one again! I couldn't help but think that two Gohan's in the house was even possible! There would be no more food!"

"" Gohan said gasping for breath. " Can't...breathe.."

" I'm so happy," Goku said tightening up his grip choking Gohan even more. " You're going to be okay!"

" Not if I can't breath!"

** Two months later**

" I'm home," Gohan hollered. " Videl and I will be in my room studying!"

" Or making grandchildren," Chi-Chi said grinning. It was summer and school was out. Gohan's grades went back to A's and his girlfriend was now Videl. Goku was eating at the table with Goten eating right next to him.

" Hey Dad," Goten said with his little eyes. " Can I ask you something?"

" Sore Goken," Goku said with food in his mouth.

" Gohan said I should ask you this question that I asked him."

" Go straight ahead Goten. I'm all ears."

Goten jumped on his seat and placed his hands on the table. A smile spread across his face.

" Where do babies come from?"

The end, The real end!

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