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Bewitched Darrin's passing.

A/N This is a little thing I wrote about what I think could happen if Darin was about to pass always and how Samantha and her family would react.

It was a typical Monday morning on 1164 Morning glory circle ,but It was not as happy as any other day not for the Stephen family not at all.

In the master bed room of the old house stood what to other would appear to be a normal young lady crying above a bed in front of an old man to old for most people to tell he was her husband but she was not the normal young lady anyone would think in fact she was older then any mortal except those who have learnd to take others souls to sustain them selves.

As Samantha cried the old man said.

Darin: Sam don't cry we….w…we both Knew this day was bound to come.

Sam: I know I…I..I just didn't think it would come.

Just then a older women came in and told her daughter.

Endora: Tabitha and Adam are almost done making there fathers last cards they insisted on making them by hand instead of with magic I guess they wanted to honor his stubbornness.

Samantha walked down stairs to check on them while Endora moved to the bed side chair.

Endora: Well Darwin as much as I hate to say this but for what its worth I'll a well you weren't that bad and ahh…

Darin: I know you don't have to say it.

Endora smiled after over 50 years every one in her family had finally accepted him and as much as she would hate to admit it she was actually going to miss the mortal that she was alwas fighting with then she left to wipe a tear off her face before he saw it.

Just then Serena popped in.

Serena: hello Darwin I thought I would come by to tell you…well good by.

She ran down stairs not knowing what to say after all these years then Marice walked in.

Marice: Good morning son.

Darin: hello Marice wondering if you'd stop bye.

Marice: yes I thought I would say good bye before you…..well you know

Darin: When we first met I thought you would be happy.

Marice: yeah well I guess for what its worth ahhh….. the hell with it I was wrong about you true I wished my doughter would marry a warlock but after all this time I finally realize ahh your well you're a good man Darin and Samantha was right she did belong with.

Darin: good here that for what its worth I always kinda liked your style.

Marice laughed and walked down as Tabitha and Adam entered.

Both: Dad

Darin yes kids

Tabitha walked up 8 mounths pregnat .

Tabitha: Dad I love you

Darin love you 2

Tabitha rubbed her stomach

Tabitha: I'm sorry you won't meet the 4th heed love you and TJ and I thought we could move into our old house with the kids and sence we own Stephens and Tate we would buy Mr. Tates old house and put them together.

Darin well with 4 half human half witch half genie kids a bigger house could help.

After Tabitha and Adam said there good byes there father took his last breath.