Darrin's passing Ch6

A/N: Ok readers, one of the people reviewing this story, brought up a why I haven't had very much of Serena, Esmarelda, or Arthur. Well, that's a good point, so in this chapter I will try to give all three, a part in the chapter. I don't exactly know if I can find a "real" part, but for now I will at least try to get her in the story. To the person who brought this up, I think you. R and R

Samantha, Endora, Serena, Clara, and Esmarelda all sat in the Den, Samantha's family not quiet shore what to say. Then, out of nowhere Uncle Arthur pops in.

Arthur: Good evening, Sammy.

Arthur said, in an unusually depressing voice.

Samantha looks up.

Samantha: Oh, hello Uncle Arthur.

Arthur: I heard you were still a little sad, about ole Darrin.

Samantha nods, with a very upset look on her face.

Arthur: Well, you know what usually picks me up?, A good old fashion banana split.

A banana falls into his hand, then splits in half and the halves fly into different directions.

Arthur: Wow, that banana shore did know how to "split".

Samantha giggled, for the first time in a while, as her uncle continued.

Arthur: And you know, what another good desert is?, black forest cake.

Arthur pulled out a regular white cake from behind his back.

Samantha said cheerfully.

Samantha: I thought you said, it was going to be a Black forest cake.

Just then, several Black trees sprang up out of nowhere.

Arthur: it's cake in a black forest, what else would you expect?

Samantha giggled again, as Endora rolled her eyes. Arthur noticed this, and got a mischievous look on his face.

Arthur: Sammy. You know what else is good?, wet prunes.

Samantha got a very confused look, on her face. Right before, a huge water balloon fell on Endora.

They both, chuckled as Endora got up, and silenced them with a furious glare. Seeing were this was going, Serena decided to add some more fuel to the fire, and caused a large bucket of mud to fall on her. As everyone burst into more laughter, Endora gave Arthur, another angry glare.

A/N: Sorry it was so short, but I was going to add some more serious stuff, but this seemed like a good place to have just have a little comic relief and I didn't want to ruin that.