O children, you ask what it is you do wrong?

You ask for my help, to make you strong

When problems arise you turn to me for help

And that feels my heart for joy that you don't just keep it to yourself

But children, O children listen carefully

If you want Me to help you, you must commit to Me fully

You must trust in Me, no matter what I tell you to do

Though there will be tough times, trust that I will get you through it

Believe in me, love me, and pray always

And when you have question turn not first to your friend

But turn to me your Lord

And I will help you with everything you do

Though there will be obstacles

Believe that you will get through it

All I ask is that you trust me and believe in my word

No sacrifices are neccesary

Since my son came into the world

I've made your lives easy beyond compare

All I require is your love for eternal happiness

So children now I ask you

What will it be?

Will you trust in Me your father?

Or will you doubt Me?