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Luna was getting bored on waiting for everyone else to read their letters and hoped that they would soon. She was glad when she received two letters that day.


The professors gave the 8th year a day off so Blaise decided to clean out his bag then meet up with some of his mates. While cleaning out his bag he found a letter and bracelet. He felt compelled to put on the bracelet so that what he did. The letter then opened automatically.

Hi Blaise. Didn't expect to hear my voice again did you? Did you forget about me or just tried to. Well good for you, because you did a good thing trying to forget. You know somewhere in your heart that you caused me to jump. Now I'm going to remind you of what you did. Remember little Ginny Weasley? Are you still infatuated with her? Probably are,remember how you helped her? If you are in the dorm this will be a very short trip.

The bracelet glowed and Blaise ended up by Draco's former bed. Draco had moved out when he became head boy to share a common room with Granger. He sat on the bed and started thinking about what he had done. Should he regret it or not?

Starting to remember are you or did you never forget? You helped her get pictures of me. How could you betray me?! Was it for her affection or was it money? I have no idea all I can ask are questions but your betrayal hurt me. You're not alone cause you weren't the only one who hurt me. There were others, this is not the last time you will hear my voice don't forget that. Send this to Cindy Goode.

Theo came into the dorm to see Blaise lying on Draco's bed looking very emotionless. This is what Draco meant. He didn't think Blaise was going to move for a while so he sent the voitter to Luna for him and then went to tell their friends that Blaise wasn't feeling well.

Hannah had to clean up her dorm by herself. Her room mates are total slobs. She sometimes wonder if they are even girls cause of how messy they are; cleaning the dresser when she found the voitter and necklace. The necklace was pretty she just had to try it on and then she opened the letter.

Hello Hannah. Remember me, Draco Malfoy? Of course you do right cause who forgets the head boy and I was very popular too. You came to me, I didn't think hufflepuffs were desperate. You proved me wrong. You believed Pansy's lies. Do you know how many guys always asked me if I shagged a person the day they ask me? I didn't want a reputation as a player cause I'm not one. You just had to believe Pansy. You came up to me asking for a date. I told you I wasn't interested, then you asked for a shag. I walked away you cried. But the next day Hannah, you went bragging that I had shagged you. I felt very hurt. I didn't expect a hufflepuff to stab me in the back but that's what you did. Hannah, you were one of the people who made me jump off that tower. But to hurt you even more the necklace is going to lead you to where it all happened. Send this letter to Cindy Goode when you're done sulking because of listening to this.

Like Draco said the necklace lead Hannah close to a spot by the forbidden forest. Hannah had never felt so guilty in her short life, she raced off to the owlery. She didn't need the voitter in her possession anymore it would only make her feel more guilty.

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