Stark was not in a very happy mood.

First, that Jackson kid stole his car with the Parker kid. He thought that Parker was one of those sciencey, quiet kids, but Spiderman obviously brought out the urge to help break into garages and steal his cars.

Oh, he was so going to take away Jackson's keycard. And forget giving Parker one.

They just had to wreck it, didn't they?

Second, he had to fix his tower, again! Bad enough that the alien invasion wrecked his tower and the 'Mandarin' blew up his house. Now he had to deal with mysterious black goo.

And now Stark had to go to a stupid S.H.I.E.L.D meeting.

Stark was quite adapt at dodging paperwork and meetings, but he wanted to be the first guy to analyze the black goo with the big guy. Also known as Banner.

Fury's voice broke through Stark's daydream.

"Two S.H.I.E.L.D scientists will analyze the substance and report with their findings as soon as possible."

"Woah, woah," Stark said, pointing to himself. "You know you've got a genius with lab, which just happens to be in this building?"

Fury gazed at Stark, unconcerned. "Yes, and we have two S.H.I.E.L.D scientists who are quite willing to analyze this substance. Not to mention that they will be careful with this substance while being at an altitude high enough that it makes it very hard for an interception, should one happen."

Percy burst out laughing. "An interception? You know, all people have to do is blow up Stark's tower and-"

"No one's blowing up my tower on my watch kid."

"You didn't do so well last time I hear," Percy replied, fighting a grin.

Stark stood up, rubbing his hands. "So, I guess I'll take the black goo, analyze it and see what we have. Great plan."

"Stark," Fury warned.

Tony slipped out of the room, pretending to not hear Fury.

Percy also stood up and walked out with Rachel by his side.

Fury noticing Rachel for the first time, shouted out frustrated, "What's with the redhead? This isn't the god damn park!"

Percy and Rachel jogged up to Tony, following him up to his lab.

"So what's up?" Percy questioned.

Tony glanced at them for a moment, before going back to analyzing the goo. "That's what I would like to know."

"Me too," a voice said behind them.

All three whipped around, only to relax when they realized it was only Peter.

"How did you even get in here," Percy questioned. "You don't even have a keycard."

Peter shifted from foot to foot. "Well, um, I just followed you guys through the door."

Rachel scrutinized Percy. "You were the last one in…"

He reddened under her gaze. "Well, you know…" He rubbed the back of his neck.

Rachel raised an eyebrow, unimpressed. "Go on."

"Got anything yet?" He blurted out, quickly changing the topic.


"So," Peter said, "Got any idea about who we're up against?"

"Tartarus, defiantly."

Rachel's eyes shot back to Percy. "Tartarus? You sure? Because we were up against the Giants and we almost-"

"Annabeth is in Tartarus. And I'm getting her back. And he killed Bob and…"

Percy trailed off.

At that exact moment, Stark slammed his fist down on the table.

Startled, Percy, Rachel and Peter turned around.

Frustrated, Stark looked up with a frown on his face.

"There's nothing!" Stark exclaimed, waving his hands in the air.

"It's not showing anything! It's an unknown substance that managed to absolutely destroy my tower and, and-"

Stark was so angry that he didn't finish his sentence.

Jarvis's voice rang out over their heads.

"Sir, Director Fury wishes to talk to you."

"Ignore," Stark called out, still moping about the black goo.

"Sir, he says it's very important."

"Important my-"

Percy cut in. "Let's talk."

"Sir, if that's okay with you?"

Percy tried his best to stare down Stark. Finally he sighed.

"Fine, let's see what Fury has to say about this."

Immediately, Fury's voice started talking through the intercom.

"Our two S.H.I.E.L.D scientists have analyzed the substance and they have found-"

"They found something!?" Stark's surprise was self-evident.

"They are two promising agents. One I know is a rocket scientist-"

Fury was cut off again, by none other than Percy Jackson.

"A rocket scientist? Is that actually a thing?"

His question was aimed at Rachel.

She rolled her eyes. "Apparently. How would I know? I don't exactly have that as my future job."

Fury's voice broke through their conversation.

"As I was saying, the substance they found radiated a power, that they were not able to put into words other than 'darkness'. As I am not able to explain terms correctly, I have set up a video conference that is ready."

Jarvis's voice came back into the room.

"Sir, shall I connect the video conference."

"Load it up Jarvis."

To Percy's surprise, a projection filled the side of one room. Two people, one man and one woman stood smiling on the screen.

"Hello!" The woman said with a British accent. " I'm Simmons and this is Fitz."

She gestured to the man next to her.

The man, Fitz waved to Percy and the others in the room.

"Hello," he said, also in a British accent.

"Well then," she said, "let's get to it."

Fitz reached under the table and pulled out a white mouse.

"We've been studying the affects of the black substance on mice and we noticed something interesting."

Simmons continued Fitz's train of thought. "The substance can break through a certain amount of things, but what is most interesting is that-"

"All the mice are scared whenever it is placed near them. So much that they die of fright," Fitz said, finishing her sentence.

"Wow," Percy said, "that's pretty cool."

Simmons looked at Percy surprised. "That's not just cool, it's revolutionary! I've never seen it before. I mean, most animals are scared of the dark, but this! It's just not possible!"

"Well," Percy said slowly, "I can believe it. It's Tartarus."

Simmons's forehead crinkled. "Tartarus? Like the old Greek myth?"

"Yeah," Percy said, nodding his head. "First though, which one of you guys is a rocket scientist?"

Fitz raised his hand. "Oh, yeah. That'll be me."

"What?" Fitz mumbled when Simmons glared at him. "He asked."

"Tartarus," Percy continued, "is real. So is all the other Greek Gods, demigods, monsters and whatever else you've heard. Cool? Yeah well-"

Percy didn't have any time to finish his sentence. At that moment, a loud siren started going off throughout the room.

"Someone," Stark said, angry, "is destroying my tower. Again!"

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