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Terror in the Night Part 1

Tom Ryan woke up with a pounding headache, the sharp stabbing pain increasing every time he moved his head. He fought against it to force his eyes around the room. He took in the fact that he was no longer in

the darkening streets of the city, but instead in a plain white room that contained nothing but himself, the chair in which he sat, and a dirty mattress laying next to the steel door.

He tried to connect his muddled thoughts and figure out what the hell happened and how exactly he had gotten here.

The last thing he remembered was walking down a dark street talking with Cass-Cassy! Where was she? Was she all right?

He tried to stand up and make his way to the door, but was stopped by the coarse rope that held his tied hands behind his back and to the chair.

He struggled against them, trying to find a weakness he could use to work his way out of them. He was becoming more and more worried as pieces of other memories came flittering back to him. He and Cassy had been undercover, posing as innocent, naïve tourists who had taken a wrong turn down a dark street which coincidently had been the recent site of three homicides. The killer, as far as they could deduct, was targeting tourists who were new to Palm Beach and had a lot of cash.

Tom and Cassy had been working that angle almost all day, pretending to

revel in each sight their eyes beheld, and flashing enough cash to leave whomever was watching with no misconceptions about how much money they had on them to spend. They were even enjoying themselves, relaxing

as they walked about, taking in everything that they had recently found themselves forgetting, the warmth of the sunshine, the gentle salt-misted breeze... They had been about to call it a day, and though worried that nothing had happened to give away their killer,

they had found themselves in a relaxed congenial mood. They decided to take a little bit of a risk and walk down the shadow covered street. They had four other officers as back-up, this wasn't that high of a

mission on the danger scale, what could happen?

Tom remembered that thought with an ironic twist of his mouth. 'Well, I asked, and I guess we were more naïve than we should have been.' They hadn't thought that they were dealing with more than two killers, robbers like these guys usually worked in pairs.

They had been laughing at the memories of their day when three

gunshots pierced the quiet night. They spun around to see the shapes of the two officers who had been following at a discreet distance huddled on the ground, unmoving.

Six men broke away from the shadows as the other two officers appeared cautiously rounding the corner of the building. The sound of shots being fired began to blend into one huge symphony of noise as Tom and Cassy took cover behind a dumpster. They watched, trying to get a shot at the killers as another officer and one of the shooters fell to the

ground. They watched with a growing sense of fear as the last officer hesitated in the grief of his fallen partner and was rewarded with a bullet to the chest.

Tom and Cassy were firing now at anything that moved, but in the second that they watched their last form of help crumple to the ground all of the men shrank back into the shadows. They fired at any sound as they

tried to see through the black night. 'When did it get so dark?' was the last thought that Tom had before hands materialized from behind them to grab Cassy and hit him along his temple with something hard and

unresisting that rendered him unconscious.