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Terror in the Night Part 14

2 ½ minutes

As soon as Tom saw the crowd of people crowded around the building, his smile of elation disappeared. He glanced over at Cassy to see the same conclusion coming to light in her eyes. He reached out and grabbed the bullhorn from his shocked captain and directed it toward the crowd. "Everyone, move back! Get away from the building! Run now! There's a bomb! Get back from the building!" Everyone started scrambling to get back, cars screeched in reverse and those who weren't in cars started to run. No one was going to take the chance of getting stuck to close to the building. Tom, Harry, and Cassy were right behind them. The lack of houses near the old hotel saved them the trouble of trying to evacuate homes, even though they wouldn't have had even close to enough time. A loud sound stopped everyone and they all turned around to watch the places they had been standing just minutes before become engulfed in flame and rubble from the building. No one moved as the explosions continued, removing almost all traces of the building from sight. The fire department wasted no time in trying to control the flames. The site on which the building had been located was a sea of brick and dust. By the time the fire was out completely, only a few homes in the surrounding area reported minimal fire and smoke damage, even though they were two blocks away. The last count before the ambulance pulled away was three dead, ten injured.

"Harry, really, I'm fine now. I don't think I can stay here another day!" Harry sighed in frustration, "Cassy, I just went through the same thing with Tom, you are both staying here another day, and you aren't leaving until the doctor says you can go. I don't care how you feel, you'll wait until he's ready to let you go, and I don't want to hear another word about it." Cassy opened her mouth to protest again, but shut it at the look on Harry's face. She wasn't going to get anywhere with him. She gave him a dirty look as she dropped back against the pillow. Her broken fingers had been set, her various bruises and cuts attended to, and besides a minor concussion and one broken rib, she really did feel as good as new. She just wished the doctors would believe her. She had been ordered to stay in bed for yet another day before she would be turned free.

Harry gave her another warning look before he headed home himself. As soon as he was out of sight, Cassy swung her legs over the edge of the bed. She wanted to go see how Tom was doing, but they hadn't let her out of her room since she came in the day before. 'O-well, ' she thought, 'I was never one for obeying orders.' She had no trouble finding Tom's room down the hall, and opened the door to find him getting out of bed himself. He looked worse than she did, coming out of it with three broken ribs, a broken jaw, and a moderate concussion. "Hey sunshine, you're sure to win that beauty pageant today," she greeted him with a smile. He just scowled at her, "You're not looking much better, you know." She just smiled wider, "I know, we do make a cute couple, don't we?" Tom sat back down on the bed as Cassy walked over to take residence in the chair next to the window. "Tom, I really am sorry," Cassy started, not hiding the guilty look on her face. Tom cut her off. "Cassy, it's all right, I understand. Harry told me all about it. You never told me you worked the DeSavage case." "I guess it just never came up, I wasn't supposed to talk about it with anyone, and to tell you the truth I didn't even think of it hardly ever. It was over and done with and just didn't seem important." Tom rose from the bed again to give her another hug. "I understand, and I don't blame you. I promise. I would have done the same thing, or at least I'd like to think I had the courage to do what you did." Cassy pulled back to look at his face, searching for any hint of insincerity. She found none. She had cried her tears over what had happened, and it seemed like Tom had too. She settled back in his arms with a sigh. They were going to get past this, just like they had everything else in their lives. This wasn't a tragedy, it was just another time to remind them that they always had each other, and each other's love, even in the face of death and secrets; another day to bring them closer together.