Dean 24, Sam 19

That night Dean had the dream but this time it was Sam who was lost and Dean was trying to find him. Dean tried not to cry out in his sleep but it was like trying to put out a forest fire with a thimble of water. "Sammy I can't see you…Sam…"

Something else changed that night, the blue eyed angel appeared holding out his hand to Dean offering salvation, "I am Castiel an angel of the Lord here to save you from the storm, you need only take my hand," Dean reached for it gratefully and felt the angels embrace.

Sam held him as always, "Come one Dean its ok I'm right here, I got you." Dean's eyes fluttered open and they darted around in the darkness, "Sam you're still here." Sam rocked him and hummed a song against his cheek until he fell back asleep.

Sam had dreams but he never shared them with Dean. They started that first night in the cabin. The blue eyes piercing the darkness and the angel with the deep voice would step out from infinite nothing offering salvation from the shadows threatening to swallow Sam whole but Sam always turned him away.

In the dream the angel would beg Sam to listen, "I am Castiel an angel of the Lord here to save you from the storm. Turn from the shadows Sam you need only take my hand to have salvation ." When Sam woke up he felt ashamed for turning away from the angels help.


John Winchester parked a mile away off the road just inside the tree line and hoofed the rest of the way to the cabin, it was September and he knew Sam was in school and Dean was alone. He watched his eldest son splitting firewood for awhile, a radio blaring classic rock and it made John smile to know Dean still loved the same music. He crouched down and steadied his German Shepherds Blondi and Wolf, "Easy now, that's my son."

He hadn't seen his boys for years but always kept tabs on them, where they lived, what they did and who they were with. When he found out about their marriage John was shocked at first and then grew to like the idea of keeping it all in the family, it was another thing that made him smile. Blood before anything or anyone and he was glad he instilled that in his boys. Maybe there was hope for a reunion yet. John sat and bided his time until nightfall and then planned on paying Dean a visit.

"What do you want me to do boss?"

Lucifer spun in his chair and then came to a stop, "Get Sam."

"I thought you wanted Dean?"

"I want both but Sam I can't trust to try and save Dean, he's easily distracted and has more to live for than Dean does. If I get Sam I know Dean wont rest until he gets him back. No deals though, Dean can't trade for Sam. I have a whole box of delights for them especially Dean, that boy needs a firm hand to break him."

The demon watched the expression on Lucifer's face change and it sent a chill even through him, he was happy he wouldn't be on the receiving end of anything Lucifer had planned for the Winchesters. "How do I get Sam?"

Lucifer waved his hand in the air and a vision of Jess appeared, "Ever think of changing meat suits?" Lucifer patted his lap, "Now why don't you come sit on daddy's lap for a nice ride."

Castiel strolled through the crowd of subordinates confidently as they touched his armor and begged of a glimpse of his wings. He smiled to himself as he rose above them and held up his arms. The soldiers fell silent as the blue eyes swept over them.

He saw all the beauty before him and felt a shiver pass through his vessel, the angels torture was to surround himself with the strongest, most eye pleasing angels available. Castiel loved them pretty and fierce but the most important thing was their willingness to drop in immediate supplication to their captain.

"We all know how important Sam and Dean Winchester are to the fate of the world…well I have knowledge a child will be born from their union that will usher in a new peace."

The angels whispered amongst themselves and one raised a hand, "My dearest captain, how can two human males do this?" Castiel hated to say it out loud but the truth would eventually come out anyway. "Blood…Sam Winchester drank from one of the Fallen as an infant." One of them shouted angrily, "A demon?"

Castiel pinned him down with his gaze, "A fallen and failed angel that helped to usher in the nephilim but an angel at one point none the less. This gives Sam an edge he knows nothing about and someday Dean will breed him at the correct time."

Castiel watched them end the briefing by groveling without being commanded, he trained them well. One especially delicious beauty approached looking up at him love struck and desperate, "My captain is there anything else you need…anything at all?"

Castiel landed in front of him and said the line that always worked, "You know I am chaste…pure, I bend for no angel and I never ask one to bend for me. Power comes with a price and mine is denying myself pleasure."

The angel dropped his head, the long hair tumbled over his handsome features, "Very well captain…I only thought…"

Castiel lifted his face gently in his hands and whispered in his ear, "There is one thing you could do for me, I realize it bends my rule just a bit but you could taste me," he took the angels hand and placed it between his legs, "taste me right here…would you enjoy that?"

The young angel slid his hands down his captains armor pulled back the thin fabric cover the target of his desire, he moaned as Castiel rubbed the tip across his lips and he thanked his leader for the honor then took as much as he could in his mouth.

Castiel watched the skilled angel work to please him, "I wonder what it would be like to have one of the pretty Winchester brothers …perhaps power doesn't always have to come with sacrifice."

This will be continued at a later date (title pending). Thanks for giving it a sneak peek. This will be my brain off leash and different from the first part, if you like very dark you will enjoy it.