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Chapter 3: The darkness will shine on me

The first thing she recognized when she awoke from her unconsciousness was his scent. His calming scent that was so comforting and always managed to give her this satisfying feeling of safety. She smiled to herself, her eyes still closed enjoying the warmth of the comfortable bed she was resting on. She snuggled even closer into her pillow, sighing happily and enjoying this simple form of happiness for a moment. Everything seemed to be at peace, everything seemed to be so perfect, everything...she abruptly opened her eyes, gasping for air, her heart racing like she had ran a marathon. Her eyes drifted around the room, she was in her bedroom, in hers and Nik's. She was panicking, how could she be here? He betrayed her, he abused her and hurt her so deeply and then she ran, she ran so fast that her body couldn't take it anymore and then her baby... her baby! She threw the sheets aside, her eyes looking down her body, but finding nothing. She was dressed in one of Nik's Henley shirts, her legs bare. There was no trace of blood on her thighs and legs. Her hands reached for her head where a cut should be giving her a headache... but there was nothing, no cut and no pain. Everything was fine and so normal. But it happened... or not? Was is reality or maybe a dream? She laughed. Yes, of course it was a dream, Caroline thought to herself, a bad dream, a terrifying nightmare. But it was still eating her, it felt so real it hurt so much, she never experienced such a dream. But of course her Nik would never hurt her, her Nik swore to protect and cherish her, her Nik loved her more than anything in the world. But she could stll see his evil smirk, he acted like a demon, so different from her loving husband.

"Stop it, Caroline, it was just a dream" she mumbled to herself, wanting to assure herself again that it did not happen and that she would soon forget about this nightmare.

But what happened? Did she pass out in the woods when she was on her way to the drugstore? She gasped, her hand flying to her mouth. Poor Nik, he must have gone crazy with worry. He must have been searching for her and he brought her back to their home and changed her into his shirts because he knew that she could only sleep when he was near her or with his scent surrounding her. She groaned, he will be definitely be pissed because she has gone out without informing him of her suspicion of being pregnant which had mostly resulted in her fainting in the woods. It was careless and risky. She smiled thinking about how she intended to make it up to him. Yes, she would make it up to him, especially after having this awful nightmare she needed to be in his loving and secure arms more than ever. She moved out of the bed making her way through their bedroom, opening the door and walking downstairs, so preoccupied with thoughts of her loving husband that she didn't even notice that the their bedroom was the same but yet so different.

He was standing in front of the fireplace a glass of bourbon in his hand, clenching it with light force while he was deep in thoughts about the troubling events of the night. What happened to Caroline? The evening began rather pleasant, what started solely for the purpose of interrogation ended up in bed or to be more exact on the table. Yes Hayley was a much needed release of his sexual frustration, a frustration caused by none other than Caroline Forbes. One could only imagine his surprise when she appeared in his bedroom accusing him of the wildest things. He had enjoyed her horrified look when she spotted a half naked Hayley, he cared deeply for her and there were moments where he wondered if this deep and powerful feelings were actually love. A dark chuckle escaped his lip, what does he actually know about love? Nothing. He wasn't and shouldn't be able to love. It was weakness and if his long existence had taught him anything then that he couldn't afford to have a weakness in his life and yet this beautiful girl had crept her way into his heart, refusing to be thrown or ripped away from it and he doubted that he was even willing to let this happen. But he was still a very proud man, he couldn't let her insult him his home, he needed to teach her lesson. He was rough and her tears and desperation pained him more than he liked, but what shocked him was the lack of healing, she kept bleeding. She was human. There were not many times in his life where he found himself so shocked that it completely managed to froze him. She used this moment and escaped any further questions about her current situation as human. After Stefan's disturbing call that informed him of Caroline's death. They were lying to him, planning their next attack, waiting for a moment he would let his guard down, he was sure of it. He had seen her with his own eyes, she wasn't dead, there had to be an explanation for everything. He had to follow this human Caroline. He needed to find her to ask her what happened to her . He halted a moment when he left the house trying to catch her scent, her blood that still lingered thick in the air. Thanks to his vampire speed it didn't take him long to catch up to her. He found her in the woods, she was lying unconsciousness on the ground her body covered with mud and blood. Panic had risen in his chest. he was the one responsible for her pain. He had cradled her in his arms, relaxing a bit after he heard her faint breathing, he had bitten in his wrist and shoved his blood into her mouth, relief washing over him when she swallowed, even in an unconsciousness state, her wounds healed immediately, leaving her sleeping. He scooped her up into his arms and rushed back to his mansion. He had called one of his 'maids' to clean Caroline up and to change her. He couldn't wait he had to see with his own eyes if what Stefan told him was true. When he reached the Salvatore residence his heart was beating like crazy in his chest. Why was he nervous? He had just seen Caroline, yes she was human but she was still alive. He already wrapped himself to be staked by the Salvatore brothers when he entered their living room , but what awaited him was far worse than a stake in his heart. He saw Caroline's lifeless and grey body lying on the couch. His whole world shattered. Stefan was kneeling beside her, holding her dead hand and whispering apologizes for not being able to protect her. He left before Stefan noticed his presence.

And now he was standing in front of the fireplace, his head full of thought about the woman sleeping in his bed. Who was she? Was it a mind trick? a ghost? Or maybe an imposer? The glass he was holding shattered in his firm grip, the glass cutting in his hand and the blood dripping to the ground, before his wound healed itself.

'Nik?!' he heard Caroline's voice calling him. He immediately turned around, and all he called feel was her body pressing against his, her arms wrapping around his neck leaving no room between them. Her head rested against his chest. He didn't know what to do with her in his arms, all he could register was her scent, this familiar scent of vanilla and orchids; Caroline's scent. It was all he needed to come back to reality, Caroline was dead, his Caroline was nothing than a cold and grey corpse anymore. Whoever this person in his arms was, he wasn't going to let her fool him one second longer. In a swift movement he had thrown her to the ground, her arms pinned down by his hands, his threatening form hovering above her.

She starred at him completely and utterly confused. Her eyes widening at his sincere expression.

'Nik, what are you doing? you are hurting me!' she gasped out with slight fear in her voice, struggling under his weight.

'Enough!' he roared in her face, the anger slowly overtaking him. 'Who are you?! And be careful, love, if you lie to me I will rip your heart out!'

Caroline's only response to his outburst was to laugh.

'Ohhh, I see you are really mad at me, so mad that you are going for role play? Fine, I will play along and be your submissive little wife tonight, but can you get off me first? You are kinda heavy, honey.'

It was Klaus turn to laugh in her face.

'You really do have a death wish love, fine by me but I need answers first.' He told her with a hardening expression.

His eyes dilated, catching her eyes in his with no room for escape.

'Tell me your name'

'My name is Caroline' she answered him in a monotone voice.

He scoffed but chose to continue.

'Who sent you?'

'I wasn't sent by anyone.'

'Fine, then why are you here?'

'It's my home, where else should I be?'

His grip on her tightened, she moaned in pain .

'Now tell me love, why is my house your home?'

'Its because you are my husband and we live here together' she answered him truthfully.

He couldn't even hold back his laughter. He didn't now, how she was able to lie but he would soon find out. With a sinister he took he took her wrist and bit down, hard. Her screams echoed through the whole house, but he was lost, lost in her taste, her addictive taste. He had to stop himself before he would drain her. Not yet.

'Well, you have no vervain in your blood, which means that you were telling the truth, but I still do not believe you, sweetheart.' He told a heavy painting and confused Caroline, before he stood up from the floor, with her in his arms.

'Nik... please what's...what is happening?' She tumbled into his chest. Caroline was barely able to keep her eyes from closing, she couldn't progress what just happened, his face...and he bit her!

'Hush now, sweetheart. I don't know how, but Caroline died, my Caroline died and you appear. If I had to take a guess I would say you did something to her. Maybe killing you would bring her back to live? But for the time being I will keep you alive until I find out what exactly happened.' He gripped her chin and forced her to look at him, his eyes dilating again and forcing her to bend to his will.

'You will do as I say, you will not disobey me, am I clear?'

She found herself nodding, even through her mind was screaming at her to resist, to scream, to run away from this maniac who looked exactly like her husband. Was she still dreaming? What kind of never ending nightmare was this? Or did her husband have an evil twin?

'Now, be a good girl and drink.' He told her before, veins appeared all over his face, leaving Caroline gasping for air, then he bit down his wrist and showed his wrist into her mouth. She felt the blood flowing down her throat. She felt her wound knit itself together, her tiredness and soreness leaving her body.

'And now sleep, sweetheart.' She heard his voice commanding her again to his will. Before she could even mutter a single word of protest, she felt her body going limb in his arms, the darkness overtook her, once again.