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Saki's Condition and Finnel's Secret

(Evening) Fallen Heaven Peak

Everyone was sleeping and was peaceful for the night. Yosuke, however, was shifting around for he had a dream as what we dreaming about was something off. It was fuzzy as his view was foggy, with weird structures that he wasn't familiar with. "Wh-what the heck?" He murmured as he took out his glasses.

His sight became clear of his surroundings despite the fog, still there, in the background. The area that he was in was rather futuristic as to the unique buildings and openings to the sky below.

"Okay... where is this place...? Wha..." He thought before his vision turned dark.

Yosuke opened his eyes, as he was laying down on his mattress. He sat up and turned his head and scanned around and also spots Tatsumi sleeping on the other side of the tent. "Hm... was that a dream or something?" He thought, as he took out his cellphone that was in sleep mode. The time on it was 10:48 pm, though, by Yosuke's surprise to see the time, still displayed, despite being in another world, including the reception bars. "Wh... I have reception? what the hell...!?" He thought. He glanced at Tatsumi seeing him out like a light and thought of making a call outside without making a lot of noise.

As he went outside he decide to check if he can dial his female friends a call. He tried to call Naoto first... but no response as it went into voicemail. He tried Yukiko next and then Chie, but still nothing. "Dammit, what's the point for reception if there's no response...?" Yosuke grumbled.

After a moments of depression, Aoto came around the corner in a rush. It seems he was looking for some one, until he spots Yosuke. "Yosuke?"

"Aoto? Hey, what's going on?" Yosuke asked as he turned to Aoto, putting away his cellphone.

"It's Kanji!" Aoto replied with a peeved expression. "That idiot went out to hit the girl's tent!"

"Uh... Why would he do that?" Yosuke replied with a sweat drop.

Aoto groaned to the question and explained.

(Earlier Evening)

Aoto, Teddie, and Kanji were discussing about the situation they currently have in their tent, having only two mattresses.

Aoto: "Hmm..."

Teddie: "Okay..."

Kanji: "... Well, one of us has to sleep with the other..."

"How about you and Ted? You guys don't mind, right?" Aoto asked.

Kanji nodded in agreement, but Teddie said otherwise. "But if I sleep with a guy, my innocence will be ruined!" Teddie complained.

"Tch, quit complain'n, I already told you, I don't swing that way!" Kanji retort.

"Then why don't you and Aoto use the same mattress?" Teddie angerly replied.

"Grr... Hey, I'm fine either way, ya' damn bear!" Kanji responded. "So you ready to hit the bed... Aoto?"

They both see Aoto backing away from Kanji. What he heard about Kanji made him feel uncomfortable. "I... don't know... What if it's contagious...?"

"Dammit, not you, too! I prefer chicks!" Kanji retorted, furiously. "And besides, who would want your ugly mugs!?"

"W-well excuse me!" Aoto responded. "This ugly mug already has its sights on a girl, you... Butch!"

"You frick'en...!" Kanji yelled, cooled down as he walked out of the tent. "Tch! The girls probably has bigger balls than you!" He said as left.

Aoto: "What?"

"He's probably going to the girls tent to... hit on them?"

"! Oh, hell no! That punk!" Aoto jumped as he dashed out the tent with Teddie following.

(Present Evening)

After the explanation, Yosuke was very dumbstruck from the explanation. "Uhh... That... actually happened before..." He mumbled. "*Sigh* That idiot's probably knocked out from all the blood rushing to his head."

Teddie: "Ahh!"

Our two heroes heard Teddie yelp as it raised their suspicion. "Did Ted find Kanji already?" Said Aoto. They decided to check it out.

They arrived on scene were Kanji was on one knee with his hands on the ground while Teddie was squaring off with an opposing foe.

"Teddie? Kanji!? What's goin' on!?" Yosuke asked.

"Why don't you ask him!" Kanji replied as he got up on his feet.

Yosuke and Aoto turned their sights to the pointed person in question and realized right away who she was. "Y-You!" Yosuke said, shock to the the same clown girl from before.

Aoto: "Soma!"

Soma scoffed as she sheathed her weapon and high-tailed from them, while the four of them attended to chase her.

Teddie: "Huh? That clown is getting away!"

Kanji: "Get back here, you son of a bitch!"

Yosuke: "Teddie, Kanji- Ah... Wait, guys!"

Aoto: "Everyone, wake up! Soma's here to attack us!"

And so they gave chase while leaving everyone else confused by their disappearance.

"They're gone..." Tatsumi commented, as he scanned around.

"No way... Did those four actually chase her by themselves?" Hikari Gojo wondered.

Saki: "Aoto..."

Tatsumi: "Sheesh, those idiots..."

"We better go look for them!" The Doctor advised.

As they did, Aoto, Yosuke, Kanji, and Teddie were hot on pursuit for Soma. The chase even took them outside Fallen Heaven Peak.

Skit topic: Soma encounter

They still continued their chase until Soma disappeared from sight, leaving them a quick breather.

Kanji: "Damn! Where the hell did that bastard go!"

Yosuke: "Kanji, calm down! You realized we're by ourselves, now, you know that?!"

Kanji: "... Ugh... Shit..."

Teddie: "... Grr... That person is making a mockery of all mascots! How dare he hurt my friends!?"

Aoto: "But the base was well fortified. How did she get inside?"

Kanji: "The hell should I know!? All I did was looking for the girl's tent and that freak jumped me!"

Yosuke: "That's... not exactly something you should say openly..."

Teddie: "But being a man is something to be proud of. That clown happened to be on top of him in his path."

Aoto: "Uh... Back... to the topic, she should be still around. Let's look for her!"

Teddie: "... She? Her...?"

Kanji: "... W-Wait, it's a girl!?"

The men serveyed the area until Teddie spot Soma walking towards a dead-end. "The person with the clown costume is over there!" Teddie called out to his allies. They all gathered up and surrounded the assassin.

*Who's there

"It's a dead-end, literally! The end of Clustania's deadliest warriors, that is." Aoto stated.

Kanji and Teddie, jumped upon hearing the statement. "Wha- a deadly warrior!?" Kanji stuttered.

Then that weird costume... she must be an assassin!" Teddie claimed.

"Dude... We sort'a knew about that already..." Yosuke replied, including Aoto.

"... I was waiting for you." Soma said in a darkly tone.

Aoto: "Wh-what!?"

Soma turned around, looking at the guys before her. "I said I was waiting for Hanamura, I wasn't expecting your cronies to follow, though." She said.

"What? What do you want from me?" Yosuke wondered. "Besides, you attack my friends and we got nothing for you."

"Yeah! Are you after Saki? Or do you just want to massacre all of us!?" Aoto questioned angrily.

"Grr... You think we'd let you waltz in the camp and let you get away with that!?" Teddie followed. "You may be a lady, but you bear-ter be ready to be mauled by this bear!" He stated.

"Hmph... Certainly the capture of Saki is one of Clustania's top priorities. However, that is neither my mission nor my concern. My duty is to maintain environmental control. And I used to never fail to accomplish a single mission." Soma responded, looking down on them. "But lately, I've been unable to concentrate, so I've been failing them all. Some stupid moron isn't doing their job, even after finding the Fourth Dimensional Core Square Ring." She explained.

The men didn't know what she said...

Aoto: "Fourth damn engineer's hardcore...?"

Teddie: "Gore, diner roll... Beary big?"

Kanji: "Four... Dang... Square... Rig...? The hell is that?"

"... You guys aren't helping..." Yosuke sweat dropped as he stared at them with annoyance.

"That's something you don't need to know about." Soma replied.

"Hmph, I don't know what you're talking about, but I can't let a dangerous freak get what they want. We will defeat you!" Aoto stated as he is battle readied.

"You better not try it. The only outcome that awaits you is... your own demise." Soma openly responded.

"The hell makes you say that!?" Kanji asked. "We outnumber you four to one!"

"It's good thing we noticed before you almost slain our friend!" Teddie followed.

"Hmph... Your life will be forfeit if your arrogance keeps this up..." Soma chuckled. "Besides, the reason I'm here isn't to eliminate you all. I came here to ask you a favor.

Aoto: "A... favor?"

"For Finnel's sake, I want you to see to it that you, Aoto, and Tatsumi reach Clustania safely. The sooner, the better." Soma explained. "Finnel's feeble life rests on your shoulders. I'll even give you this, so please do as I say." She said as she toss a shortsword in its scabbard towards Yosuke as he caught it.

"Huh?" They all wonder why she gave Yosuke a weapon, but was rather focused about what Soma meant about Finnel. "Hold on! What the hell does Finnel have to do with any of this!?" Yosuke retorted, but then gave it a though of Finnel being in trouble. "Wait, what did you to her!?"

"Are you trying to use Finnel to lure us into your trap?" Aoto followed. "I know I do stupid things sometimes, but I'm not that gullible, assassin!"

Kanji: "You 'trying to hold our friend hostage? You bastard...!"

Teddie: "Release Filly-chan or you better pre-bear for what's coming to you!"

"Hmhm... will you all still say that after witnessing this...?" Soma asked "Farewell, Yuto and Aoto. Until we meet again..."

"Wait, Yuto? Who the hell's...!" Before Yosuke could ask a bright flash came from Soma and somewhat completely turned into another person and it turned out to be Finnel instead. "! Finnel!?"

Aoto: "! What the...!?

Teddie: "F-Filly-chan!?"

Kanji: "Uh... Whoa! H-How did she...!?

At a point when Finnel collapsed to the ground, Yosuke came up to her as he lift her up. "Finnel? Hey, Finnel! What heck's going on here?"

At which point, for their first time, Kanji and Teddie saw one person turn into a completely different person. "S-Senpai, why did she transformed into her? Is she The assassin!?" Kanji asked in a panicked tone.

Moments of confusion, the sound their other friends appeared to be coming closer, in a way.

Hikari Gojo: "Aoto! Yosuke! Where are you guys!?"

Saki: "Aoto! Where are you!?"

Aoto: "...! Shit!"

Upon hearing them, Aoto, even Yosuke panicked from their situation. How are they going to explain about Finnel being Soma?

"Guys, over here!" Kanji replied calling out to them, which made Yosuke and Aoto panicked more.

Aoto: "Ah! Dammit, Kanji!"

As the other's presence became closer, Yosuke made some options to keep Finnel out of trouble. He then looked to his friends. "Kanji, Teddie! Please do me this favor, I beg you!" He asked. And so they listen to what Yosuke asked.

Their other friends arrived with Saki running up to Aoto. "Aoto! ... I'm glad you're safe." She said with relief.

"Where's Soma!?" Tatsumi exclaimed, but only his friends and the unconscious Finnel. "Oh... Finnel? I thought she left a while ago. Was she with you?"

"Well... she was..." Aoto attempt to piece out some words, even the persona users were processing what they can say...

While they were at it Finnel woke from the commotion with some grogginess in her tone. "Hmm... Uh... ah? I..."

"Are you all right, Finnel? Did Soma do anything to you?" The Doctor asked.

"Huh...? Uh? I-I-I... Um..." Finnel, in a state of confusion was also at a loss of words.

Teddie: "Uh... Filly-chan here... She-"

"S-She was almost kidnapped by Soma! Talk about a close call..." Yosuke exclaimed, rescuing her in spite of what they all just learned.

Finnel: "Huh...?"

"Um... Yeah! She was like... walking around half asleep when Soma caught her!" Aoto followed, covering for Finnel as well.

Finnel: "A-Aoto... Yosuke..."

"You really are clumsy, you know that!? You have to be more careful! Don't walk around outside at night! It's dangerous!" Aoto complained, with a hint of sarcasm.

"Clum... again?! Stop calling me that!" Finnel retorted aggregately.

"I dunno... He just said what's true..." Yosuke smirked.

"What?! Ngh! Y-you jerks!" Finnel yelled, fuming.

"What about Soma? Did she get away?" Said Tatsumi, getting back on topic.

Dead silence returned to their ears but Kanji and Teddie gave their answering lie. "Sorry, that Soma girl got away... That bastard's something..." said Kanji with a pained expression.

"We managed to free Filly-chan from the clutches of that villain..." Teddie followed "She escaped when she heard you guys coming."

"I see..." Tatsumi looked down and lifted his head back up with some relief. "At any case, I'm glad that you guys are okay..."

"Yes, I'm glad, too!" Saki followed.

"... S-sorry, everyone. I didn't mean to startle you. I'm sorry, guys..." Finnel apologized.

Yosuke: "No problem."

"Alright, the night's not over yet. Let's get back to our tents and get some rest." The Doctor instructed.

The guys nodded and Saki, Hikari Gojo, and Tatsumi headed back first while Kanji and Teddie looked back at Yosuke, Finnel and Aoto, concerning about what they just did.

"You know, I still think we should've told them..." Kanji said to them. None of them could reply since Kanji had a point.

"I... I'm..." Finnel stuttered since she gave away a secret of her's which would brew problems to them.

"*sigh* We understand, Finnel." Yosuke replied with a sad expression. "Anyways, we should get back, too. Right guys...?" He said to Teddie and Kanji, who reluctantly nodded. "This secret's gonna reveal itself, you know? Could you at least be straight with us when you're ready?" He said as Finnel nodded.

"Alright, there's another big day tomorrow, so let's catch some Z's." Said Aoto, with everyone of them noddedly agreed, they headed back to the camp with Finnel behind.

Finnel: "... Thanks guys..."

And they returned to the camp to rest up for Tomorrow.

I finally got an idea for an opening. This is very late, but yes.


The screen fades into the sky scene breaks again, viewing Aoto and Saki sitting on a boulder with violins played, then immediately including Tatsumi and Hikari Gojo.

The scene breaks again, viewing Kanji sitting down and Teddie, then immediately followed by Chie and Yukiko who was sitting on a dry log.

The camera spins around the platform, as the sounds of guitar rolled in, they're standing on as the screens zooms through them by the order, Aoto, then Saki, Tatsumi, Hikari Gojo, Kanji, Chie, Yukiko, and Teddie, and Finally Yosuke and Finnel; Yosuke raising his head looking up and Finnel opening her eyes, raising her head, facing the camera (The camera will view either side, whoever the main character is.)

(Ano toki ni ano basho ni ite tatakatte ita jibun ga) The screen fades down to the main character, Yosuke stocking up products back at his home town in the Junes food dep., then rubbing sweat off his head with his arm/Finnel jolting down orders at Yokkora Bistro and then looking towards another customer with a smile.

(Subete wa ima o erabu tame datta to shita nara) Scene breaks to where Yosuke and Finnel meet for the first time, Yosuke getting himself out of the trash can and Finnel helping him. They both then stare at each other, as they think they met before.

(Mukiae zu okizari na mama) The next scene views Aoto from the back as he and the camera overlooks a construction site and then viewing only Aoto from below him as he smiles with pride.

(Me o sorashite ita kako o) This scene shows Saki reading a picture book at a Daycare center where she originate, brimming joy in her smile.

(Yurushi tai to omou no wa) (yurusare tai kara na no kana) The next scene show Hikari Gojo tending to a Reyvateil followed by a scene break, showing Tatsumi tuning up his V-Board, Then scene breaks again, showing Rev. Gengai, Luphan and his Great Fang militia prepping for battle with the Reverend issuing an order, point out with vigor.

(Bokura ga tada jiyuu de)(i rareta ano koro wa tooku te) The scene shows Yosuke combating flying shadows with his newly aquire V-board swing a couple hits with a blade and his Persona, Jiraya, flying along side him, tossing its golden shurikens. The camera swings down and spins with lightning bolt rising up below, towards the remaining shadow, from Kanji's persona, Take-Mikazuchi, then the camera immediately points to Teddie, back to back with Kanji, pointing the targeted shadow on the ground for his persona's, Kintoki-Douji's, Tomahawk missile exploding in the center of shadows, then Yukiko sweeps away the ash in the air, with her Persona's help Konohana Sakuya, and immediately uses Maragidyne on the shadows surrounding her with intense fire spinning around, ending with Chie performing her Dragon Kick with the aid of Her Persona's aid, Tomoe.

(Mujaki na egao dake ja) (kono goro wa sugose nai kedo) This scene starts off with Aoto, thrusting his drill into an armored beast, followed by Hikari Gojo with his transformed medical bag, shooting beams around it, then immediately to Tatsumi swinging his V-board at the other beasts. Then the camera spins around Finnel and Saki casting their song magic at their surrounding foes with blazing fire and explosions.

(Bokura wa susunde yuku) (sore demo susumi tsuzukete ku) Next scene shows Orpheus played its harp with Agi's exploding within a facility with Yosuke in fierce combat with General Akane and Aoto and Mute duking out and then the camera breaks and zooms in on the two men back to back as they both get ready to attack again.

(Nanika o shinji rareru) (kokoro ga nokotte ru kara) The camera lifts up as it views a ship deck, on a flying ship, with Finnel looking at the night sky with Yosuke walking up to her side. It then views their front as they both gaze up together.

With Guitars and Violins in the air, in the next scene, the screen views the tower, from bottom to near the top.

(wow wow wow) Akane commanding her soldiers under her with Mute at her side, then the screen breaks and views Rev. Gengai commanding a raiding group with Luphan at his side.

(wow wow yeah) With Guitars and Violins syncing, This part shows many activities the current investigation group and Aoto's group are doing; Aoto, Teddie, and Kanji helping out Saki at a the Daycare center. Another scene shows Chie and Yukiko sharing their Mystery Food X with Aoto making him sick, so Saki was patting him on the back with Hikari Gojo coming to his aid.

Tatsumi was walking along and stared into the sky.

The next scene views three silhouettes, facing their backs with wind blowing and gun holsters for each; one in the middle had a cap reverse on his head with a basball bat on his shoulders, one on the left had her short hair over her neck, wielding a bow and a quiver of arrows and the other one on right looked a little shorter holding a spear.

The next scene views two Yosukes with their backs at us and Finnel in the middle, facing the camera, praying.

Another scene, with the guitar finishing, shows the three remaining members of the investigation team with their backs turned. Yu in the middle, Naoto on left and Rise on the right.

With a piano ending, the last scenes shows a blue hair boy and Orpheus staring at the tower as the camera fading into another scene viewing a tree with a blue glowing butterfly fluttering into the dark background, ending the song.

(Morning) Fallen Heaven Peak

Everyone gathered at the entrance with getting ready to head out with Aoto to Blue Canyon Hamlet. But first they had to head to Eternus Shaft for a few things.

"Sorry I'm late!" Said Kanji, rushing to the group as he was carrying something.

"Hm...? Kanji, what's with the sack?" Yosuke asked as he noticed it.

"My stuff, Senpai." Kanji answered. Though direct, he didn't bother to ask anymore.

"Alright, let's head out to Eternus Shaft." Aoto suggested.

"That place's the only way Blue Canyon Hamlet, right?" Yosuke followed as Aoto nodded.

Hikari Gojo: Yes, let's go up there together.

As they all were about to head out, Luphan came up from behind. "Is everyone departing?" He asked.

"Luphan-san? I thought you left with Gengai." Yosuke wondered.

"I was going to, but then I decided to investigate further." Said Luphan. "I thought I might find the key to defeating the Clustanian Army amid all the corpses and debris."

"I see..." Yosuke replied with a worried expression.

"Right... Well, we're going now." Aoto followed up.

"Very well. Bon voyage." Luphan said to them as they departed.

Outside the entrance, Tatsumi noticed Yosuke holding another blade, different than the original model. "Yosuke, I've noticed you're holding on a different blade on you. Where'd you get it?"

"Huh? Oh you mean this?" Yosuke said as he show the blade to him. The blade design was green and the sharp sides were silver-colored, and a small handle for one-hand use. It also include a flat tunable knob at the base of the blade. "Yeah, I got this from Soma." answered Yosuke.

"Soma!? How did you get that from her!?" Questioned Tatsumi, in a serious tone.

"Oh, uh..." Yosuke jumped. "Crap, that's right... Um..." He thought, thinking of adlibbing. Aoto, Teddie, and Kanji were silent. "Uh... when she got away, she happened to drop this knife... I thought I could use it since I... dropped the other one..." He answered.

"I see..." Tatsumi murmured, looking unconvinced. "Hmm... this seem unique from the other weapons I never even seen this model..." He said as Yosuke lend it to Tatsumi so he could examine the blade.

"Um... what is that knob on it?" Saki asked. They all wondered as well so Tatsumi twisted it and the strangest thing happened.

The blade grew and extended into its longer version. The hilt extend its length and the blade grew longer and wide enough, towards the end of the hilt, showing teeth at the top on both side with the metal going over the hilt, all the way down to the extended pommel that fits two hands on the grip, revealing engine thrusters at the bottom.

Kanji: "Whoa!"

It took a matter of seconds to transform and that version of the blade looks similar to a V-Board. In awe, they all stare at what Tatsumi was holding, a blade that transformed into a V-Board.

"Holy crap, how did that happened!?" Aoto exclaimed.

"How the heck should I know? I just found it!" Yosuke replied.

"Huh... Whoa, Look out!" The next thing that happened is that the transformed V-Board became quite heavy and Tatsumi, without realizing the weight, couldn't hold it up

"Huh!? Oof!" Yosuke yelped as the V-Board fell on top of him. "Agh, Dammit!

Finnel: "Yosuke!"

They eventually freed Yosuke as Tatsumi and Aoto examined the V-Board, with Aoto unscrewing a panel and Tatsumi looking at parts inside. "This is some huge discovery!" Aoto commented.

"This definitely custom made..." Tatsumi noted. "I has everything that's needed, including a Flipper." He said, closing the open panel with Aoto screwing the bolt back in. The knob was still there so he twisted the knob again and it transformed back into a one-handed blade.

"Wow, it can change from a sword to a hover board?" Teddie said, fascinated.

"I never thought Soma would have something like this with her... she only had a scythe." Aoto thought ou loud. "Then again, I don't use a V-Board, so here. He gave the blade back to Yosuke.

"As long as it helps..." Said Tatsumi, with a displeased tone. "I just hope it isn't a trap of any sort..."

Yosuke: "Er... no problem."

Stairway to Fallen Heaven

They continued their way towards Eternus Shaft with Kanji backing them up. He's having a sort of a hard time not using his Persona against the creature prowling around even worse when he sees Saki and Finnel purging a layer of their clothes with made it difficult to concentrate in battle. He still held out even for many battles that passed.

"... No enemy assault so far. That means, the enemy might not know we're here yet." Aoto stated.

"And I don't sense any shadow nearby." Teddie confirmed. "We're doing beary good."

"But we need to stay alert anyway. The Clustanians are still after Saki." Reminded Tatsumi.

"I know." Aoto replied. "Alright let's go everyone."

Everyone nodded and proceeded onwards. Kanji however became more skeptical about their current battle style and decided to bring it up.

Skit topic: Risky Stripping - Kanji and Teddie's point of view

Kanji: "Er... Senpai, everyone..."

Yosuke: "Kanji? What is it?"

Kanji: "This has been bugging me for sometime now, but why does the girls strip in battle?"

Yosuke: "Huh? Oh...! Uh..."

Teddie: "Oh yeah! That's what I was wondering as well. Is it some sort of a special attack or something?"

Yosuke: "Special's kinda overrated... Um...

Saki: "Oh... I receive more power from the planet in order to create a powerful song magic. I need to show more skin in order to do so."

Kanji/Teddie: "..."

Tatsumi: "Please don't tell me you guys have impure thoughts..."

Kanji: "Wh-What!? Sh-Shaddup! That's serious! That's the most dangerous thing I can even imagine! I mean, people would stare at'em like your one of those... Uh... exhibitionist!"

Finnel: "What! D-don't put it like that, idiot! It's the only thing for own survival! And besides... there's some red stuff coming out of your nose...

Yosuke: "... Huh? Kanji, you're nose bleeding!"

Kanji: "Nuh...? Er... shit!"

Kanji walked away trying to wipe off the nosebleed. He seemed flustered as well.

Hikari Gojo: "You guys are definitely not familiar about how any of this works..."

Yosuke: "Eh heh heh... What could I say? Being foreigners from a different world perhaps...?"

Teddie: "... So if I can get bear naked, will I receive more power?"

They all sweat dropped to that remark.

Tatsumi: "Oh, Goddess, Let's just drop this convo..."

Skit topic: Honorifics

The group continued their way to Eternus Shaft when Finnel was curious about how Kanji address Yosuke

Finnel: "Hey, Yosuke, could I ask you guys something?"

Yosuke: "Huh? What's up, Finnel?

Finnel: "It's just that I keep hearing Kanji calling you 'Senpai'? What's up with that?"

Yosuke: "Ah, that's because he's my underclassman from my school. I'm seventeen, so he's a year younger than me."

Aoto: "A year younger? He's practically a year older than you. I mean, look at him!"

Kanji: "What? I just turned sixteen recently."

Aoto: "Oh, your sixteen? Nevermind, then."

Kanji: "Huh, what's that supposed to mean!?"

Aoto: "Well, I'm seventeen, so you should probably call me 'Senpai' as well.

Kanji: "... Hell no."

Saki: "Oh, Saki's fifteen, so should I call everyone 'Senpai', then?"

Straight forward, everyone sweat-dropped.

All except Teddie: "Uh..."

Kanji: "Uh... gh... dammit... y-you don't need to call us that, Saki-chan...

Saki: "Oh, alright?"

Kanji: "What about her? How should I address her or... How old is she?"

He obviously directed the attention to Finnel, who was feeling peeved.

Finnel: "Wh-what?! Hey, that's rude to ask a lady her age, idiot!"

Kanji: "What!? I'm serious! I mean, the hell should I address you!?"

Hikari Gojo: "Oh, in that case, she's currently seventeen, in my medical records. Same age as both Yosuke and Aoto."

Finnel: "Wha-H-Hey! Why did you have to bring it up!?"

Yosuke: "Ohh, sweet! We're the same age!"

Aoto: "Awesome! So Kanji has to address you as 'Senpai', right?"

Kanji: "Uh, okay... So I should call you Finnel-Senpai, from now on?"

Saki: "Oh, yes! I'm looking forward to this, Filly-Senpai!"

Finnel: "Ngh... please stop..."

Skit topic: Reference of someone we know

As they got to the cave entrance leading to Eternus, Aoto's group continued further as Kanji wanted to know something regarding to Yosuke.

Kanji: "Uh... Hey, Yosuke-Senpai?"

Yosuke: "What is it...?"

Kanji: "You feeling alright?"

Yosuke: "Uh... yeah... Why are you asking that...?"

Kanji: "It's about Saki. You know she has the same name as Konishi-senpai, right?"

Yosuke: "! Oh, that... Yeah, she's not the Saki that I know. She just happens to have the same name, pure coincidence. Although, I was hoping was a different name..."

Teddie: "So Saki-chan is bearly different from the Saki you know, right? Are they like, complete opposites?"

Yosuke: "I'm not even sure myself. One thing's for certain, she is not the same Saki."

The other Persona users agreed as they continued. Finnel heard a little from a distance.

Eternus Shaft

The finally arrive in town, Kanji and Teddie were out of breath, due to all the fighting without using their Personas.

"Alright! Everyone seems to have come back with no casualties!" Aoto exclaimed with cheerful relief.

"Yes, I'm glad everyone's safe!" Saki agreed with glee.

The Persona-users followed in with Kanji and Teddie sitting on the ground from exhaustion. "Geez, are you guys that beat? It wasn't even that long..." Said Yosuke as he looked at them both. Kanji was sittng down on the ground while Teddie had his head facing it.

"Shut... up..." Kanji exclaimed, as he tried to speak. "Fighting... without a persona is really lame..."

"That was beary close...!" Teddie said as he was trying to get back up on his feet.

"You guys did fine." Said Yosuke, trying to raise their morale. "You'll get use to it eventually."

Aoto: "So, what should we do from now on?"

"Well, can everyone come to my clinic for now?" The doctor suggested. "As we've been travelling with Saki, I've now unraveled all of the mysteries that had arisen during her examination."

"Examination? Is something wrong with Saki-chan?" Teddie wondered as this was new to him and Kanji.

"We won't know until we get there." Yosuke replied. "Sure. Let's go."

However, Finnel wanted to say something, getting the others attention. "Excuse me... Can I go visit the bistro? I left without telling Auntie Leu, so..."

Yosuke remembered that they took her without warning. "Oh, that's right... We sort of took you without mentioning anything."

Hikari Gojo: "Sure, go ahead."

Aoto: "Come back soon."

Kanji: "We'll see you later."

"I know, I know! See you later!" Finnel replied as she dashed off.

Dr. Gojo's clinic

The rest of the party headed down and arrived at the Doctor's clinic, and reviewed the results he acquired. Also, Teddie took his costume off, for now.

"I'll tell you my conclusion first: She probably has multiple personalities within her.

Aoto: "Multiple personalities?"

This conclusion was very questionable. "I gave her a psychological test the other day. Several of her reactions to the questions weren't consistent." The Doctor continued. "This is even more unbelievable, but she may even be a Reyvateil with multiple personae."

Tatsumi: "Multiple..."

Teddie: "... Personae?"

"... Uh... That's not normal to you guys, is it?" Kanji asked, but they all couldn't agree.

"So... is there any way to bring out the other personae?" Saki wondered.

"There is a way to summon other personae. Would you like to try it?" Doc. Gojo suggest.

Saki: "Yes!"

Hikari Gojo: "Alright, the let's give it a try! Saki, look at this light..."

Saki: "Yes, doctor."

The proceed with the operation with the light in his hand. The persona users didn't questioned the light in the hand as Teddie was staring right at it with awe. The doctor, then, spoke in a different language that none of them knew of. (Ma num ra gyen anw slep noes.)

Saki was engulfed by a light, and once it faded, completely different person was standing in her place, which got everyone off guard.

Teddie: *Gasp!*

Aoto: "What...!?"

Kanji: "WHOA!"

Tatsumi: "I can't believe it... Her whole appearance has changed!"

Yosuke: "Holy Crap!"

"It seems like multiple personae in a Reyvateil means that different people reside within one identity..." Hikari Gojo stated as he observed the transformation.

"Yeah, Now we know...!" Yosuke added, but just looking at her voluptuous body... "Damn, that's Hot!"

"Oh... emancipation... how wonderful it feels to be released. I do love being outside." Said the lady in Saki's place, stretching her arms. Whoever it was seemed quite excited to be out and active.

"Uh... you're not Saki, right?" Aoto asked the lady.

"I was able to come into the light, thanks to you." She said to Aoto

Yosuke was still staring as to his friends. he was able to process his thoughts. "She's definitely different from the swordswoman we met before." He mentioned.

"Ah, the person you met the other day was Sakia Lumei." She mention to Yosuke and turned her head back to Aoto. "And I am Sarapatra. It's nice to meet you, Aoto."

Aoto: "You know my name?"

"Listen, Aoto. I'm still Saki, and Saki is still me. I know as much about you as she does." Sarapatra explained. "Thank you for keeping her alive up until now. Because of you, all of us were saved." She kindly said.

"Heh heh... I didn't really do that much..." Aoto stated as he blushed.

"'re so adorable. Please keep protecting Saki. She's very shy, but she seems to think about you a lot." Sarapatra added.

Aoto: "Huh? Why me...?"

Sarapatra: "Oh, you weren't aware? No, of course you weren't, she wouldn't be so obvious about it... She hardly tells anyone about her true feelings. So, I'm like her spokesperson."

"Oh... No wonder... Sara-san is rather bear-utiful when she explains it like that... rawr..." Teddie followed as he gazes upon Sarapatra's beauty. Kanji, in the back, was shocked by the many mixed feeling of the situation, causing him to nosebleed a lot more.

"If you're the persona who acts as her spokesperson... do each of you have a different role to play for her?" The doctor asked, however this question was ignored because she wasn't very interested in answering questions.

"*sigh* ... It's been a long time since I came down to this world. Maybe I should give some exceptionally sexy service..." Sarapatra suggested in a flirtatious mood.

The young men in the room had twice the exclamations marks above their heads, excluding Tatsumi for some reason...

Teddie: "Sexy...?"

Yosuke: "... Service...?"

Kanji: (Blood continued bleeding out...) "Gh..."

"S-Sexy Service!?" Aoto exclaimed, as his face turned slightly red.

Sarapatra: "Hmhmhm...Aoto, please accept this as a token of our feelings. Now, relax..."

Aoto's face started to turn a little more darker red. "H-hey, wait! You're coming too close! What're you doing!?" He asked with a couple of steps back.

"Just giving you a thank you smooch." She answered, flirtatiously.

"O-Oh, You mean, a thank you... k-k-k-kiss?" Aoto stuttered.

"Grr... Aoto, you lucky bear!" Teddie growled with jealousy.

"*Snrk* ... It's not everyday something like this happens..." Yosuke, jokingly, commented.

"... Um... sh-should we be here... I mean..." Kanji spoke up to them, trying to give them some personal space, his lower face looked bloody.

As Sarapatra was about to commence her "sexy service", she suddenly withdrew, however. "...Oh no..."

Aoto: "W-What?"

"Unfortunately, she's coming back. I have to go back inside her mind. I'll see you again soon, A-o-to." Sarapatra said goodbye in a seductive expression.

Aoto: "Huh?"

With that, the bright light flashed before them and Saki returned standing in before them.

Teddie: "Huh? Oh, Saki-chan's back!"

But when she to her senses, she realized how uncomfortably close she was to Aoto. "Hm...? ...!"

"Ah... n-nothing happened! I wasn't trying to kiss you or anything!" Aoto quickly explained, however that didn't really work out...

Saki: "N-nooo!"

Then the flash of light beamed from Saki and then the Swordswomen appeared.

"Whoa! She transformed, again!?" Kanji exclaimed.

"You perverted little beast!" The Swordswomen barked, as she dealt a brutal blow to the Aoto head.

"Agh!" Aoto was lauched into a corner in the room causing a K.O. on him.

The other men in the room sweat dropped by the brutality. "Holy shit... that was strong!" Kanji commented.

"Hey... your... Sakia Lumei?" Yosuke asked as he remembered that Sarapatra mentioned her name by the description.

"You are correct." Sakia confirmed, but then gave the trio the glare. "I do not know what you men are thinking but I have my eyes on you...!"

The persona users took a step back as they whimpered, scared by how hostile Sakia can be. "Huh...?" Yosuke thought it was a misunderstanding but when he looked behind him, he saw that Kanji's face is a bloody mess. "Oh..."

Sakia disappeared as Saki retuned once more, a lot more confused, this time.

"... Uh? What was I..." Saki looked around and noticed Aoto knocked out on the floor. "A-Aoto! ... What happened!? Who did this to you!? Nooo! Please don't die!" She cried.

The men's expressions were all deadpan about what they have witnessed.

Tatsumi: "What the heck...?"

"Multiple personalities...? It's probably like what sensei can do." Teddie mentioned.

Yosuke: "No... kidding..."

Hikari Gojo: "She's a busy girl... Let's get Aoto on the bed."

Yosuke and Kanji, after he washed his face, helped the unconscious Aoto onto the medical bed.

"So that's the 'bodily transformation'?" Yosuke asked. "Yikes..."

"So it seems..." The Doctor followed up. "Anyways, I'll write up the review while Aoto recovers, alright? I'll be right back." He said while he went in the back room. "Oh, There's also something that I need to address to you and Aoto, later on." He mentioned to Yosuke.

Yosuke: Huh? Sure...?

Skit topic: Personae in different methods

As they waited, Yosuke decided to bring a topic up, something related to the occurring events.

Yosuke: "I never thought the Reyvateils could do that. I mean, actually transforming into someone else?"

Kanji: "Is that even different than our Personas?"

Tatsumi: "I doubt it. You guys can actually summon yours, personally splitting off from your very own ego into a separate form.

Teddie: I don't even know what Reyvateils are, but Sara-san definitely felt a lot different from Saki-chan's personality... And there's the other Persona that look like a Swordswomen..."

Tatsumi: "Sakia Lumei?"

Teddie: "Hmm? Ah, Yes. I got this weird, grizzly, feeling about that one...

Yosuke: "Really? Where are you getting at, Ted?"

Teddie: "I don't think I can put it in words... but there's something about Sakia-san that feels real, for some reason..."

Tatsumi: "At any case, try not to think too hard. This world is simply strange all around...

They continued to wait for Aoto to wake up...

"Gosh... I never thought that would hurt that badly..." Tatsumi commented.

Saki felt horrible for what her other Persona did... Teddie tried to comfort her which made her feel a little better...

Yosuke started to think a lot and remembers Finnel's connection to Soma. "A reyvateil's multiple personalities... Is Finnel like that as well...?" He thought. "Hey, Tats, is it possible for a Reyvateil's different personality act on its own, on certain conditions?"

"Multiple personalities acting on their own free will? I don't know about that... You should try asking the doctor." Tatsumi suggested. "If you're talking about your guy's Personas going rampant, however, you'll probably need some sort of suppressant drug or something..."

"... I'm guessing that idea was from your other friends, right?" Yosuke assumed, Tatsumi nodded as corrected.

They all waited until later for Aoto to gained conscious.

Aoto: "Ugh..."

Saki: "Aoto...!"

Aoto sat up as everyone notice. "It took you long enough." Yosuke commented as they all approached the medical bed.

"Huh...? Oh, Saki... everyone..." Said Aoto, looking around.

Saki: "Aoto... Oh my goodness! You came to?"

As Aoto looked at Saki, he recalls getting hit on the head from Saki's attack. "Uh... ow... Yeah, but..." He stuttered, rubbing the bruise.

"I'm sorry! S-Saki doesn't remember anything, but I heard that I smacked you on the head..." Saki apologized.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. See? Nothing's broken." Aoto replied.

"Dude, you were out cold." Kanji mentioned. "We had to get you up on the bed."

The statement rather made Saki feel guilty, badly. "I... caused you more trouble... I don't want to keep doing this. Maybe I should just say goodbye to you now..." She suggested, sadly.

"What are you talking about!? I promised to take you back home, remember!? I made up my mind! I'll never break my word. Never!" Reminded Aoto, seeing how Saki looked depressed. "I'm willing to deal with a lot of pain. So don't worry about this stuff."

Saki: "... Aoto."

Saki and Aoto stare into each others eye. However, there was people watching. "Uh... Hey, isn't it getting a little hot in here?" Yosuke asked, getting the two back into focus.

Aoto: "Huh?"

"Yeah, don't forget that we're here, too. Don't make us watch this love drama play out. There's no wine to go with this cheese." Said Tatsumi.

"We're not even at the age to drink." Kanji added.

"Well... in any case, I'm glad that didn't cause any problems. I obtained some very important data." The Doctor announced.

"Did you find some useful bear-pounding data out of Aoto's misfortune." Questioned Teddie with Aoto darting a peeved glare at him.

"Uh-huh. It's still just a hypothesis, but I'm positive that all of her personae are always watching her. And when needed, they manifest in this world. The girl who whacked you is probably the persona that's in charge of protecting her from outward threats." Doctor Gojo explained.

"I'm an outward threat!?" Aoto exclaimed.

"Hmm hmm... that's explains why you were beary close to Saki-chan..." Teddie jeered.

"Hey! That wasn't by my volition, you damn bear!" Retorted Aoto, angrily.

"Well, Aoto is fine now. Let's go, Saki." Said Tatsumi, after they all had a good laugh. "The doctor wants us to go bring Finnel back with us. Right, Doc?"

Hikari Gojo: "Ah, yes, could you please?"

Aoto: "Well, I..."

He want to come along but the Doctor needed a word with him. "No, Aoto, can you stay here with me?"

Aoto: "... Huh?"

Tatsumi: "We're fine. The bistro's nearby."

"Yes, I am fine, as well!" Saki followed.

"Why don't you guys go, too? We'll catch up later." Yosuke said to Kanji and Teddie.

"Huh...? Yeah, I could use something to eat..." Kanji mention.

Teddie agreed. "This bear is starving! I could even-"

"Hey! Don't you dare eat too much, You got that Ted!?" Said Yosuke, giving him a warning.

"N-not too much, r-right?" Teddie stuttered as fast-paced away.

"Alright. See you guys later." Said the Doctor and the four left the clinic.

Dr. Gojo wanted to ask Aoto for a favor, but it would be pretty awkward to do it in front of Saki. After the others were out of sight, They began their conversation. "So did you need to tell us something?" Questioned Yosuke.

"Yes, Aoto first." The Doctor said. "There's something I need to talk to you about."

Aoto: "Me...?"

"It's about the inside of Saki's mind. In other words, her soulspace." Doctor Gojo explained. "Through my research, I discovered that there are numerous, immense borders, cracks if you will, in her Soulspace."

Yosuke: "Cracks...?"

"Yes." The Doctor confirmed. "There are many cracks in her Soulspace, and they are dividing her mind into several small worlds. In layman's terms, many people are coexisting inside one body. So, what I'm thinking is, we should use Teppo in order to take a closer look at those cracks."

Aotot: "What's that?"

"It's a Cosmosphere search program." Hikari Gojo explained. "Aoto, if you could Dive into her, I would like you to install it. With the aid of Teppo, we may be able to discover something new. How does that sound?"

The Doctor was asking him if he can dive into Saki. Since Yosuke already has a diving partner... "You should take this, Aoto. I mean, I already dived with someone else..."

"Huh? Uh... Y-yeah, sure. If it'll help, I don't mind doing that." Aoto agreed.

"I appreciate your cooperation. Oh, and there's one more thing I found out about her." Dr. Gojo added.

Yosuke: "... What?"

The Doctor checked his glasses and looked serious. "There are times when her life energy inexplicably plummets. Something is consuming all that energy from her." He stated.

Aoto: "! I-Is she..."

"It has stabilized, so I don't think we need to worry about it now, but... it's not common among Reyvateils, so I'm a little concerned. Can you think of anything that might cause this?" The Doctor asked.

A brief pause for thought and then Yosuke took an educated guess. "Maybe... its her prayers... When she says her prayers..."

"! Those miracles...!" Aoto followed, getting the idea.

Hikari Gojo: "... Miracles?"

Aoto: "The other day, she turned a bunch of Clustanian soldiers into cakes with a prayer."

Yosuke: "Not to mention that she passed out afterwards..."

"I see... That's quite fascinating." Doctor Gojo commented. "At any case. Is it possible if you could ask her not to use this miracle of hers, until we can find more data?"

Aoto: "... Yeah, sure..."

"Alright, that's good to hear." Said the Doctor with relief, but then turned his attention to Yosuke. "There's also something I want to talk about with you."

Yosuke thought what would he want to talk about. "Huh? Me? If you're talking about our Personas..."

"No... not that, specifically. It's actually about Finnel."The doctor mentioned.

Yosuke: "About... Finnel?"

It was about Yesterday, you and Finnel were able to finish off that giant shadow, or so I remembered." He explained. "Her song magic seemed to have change in form of a different type of attack. It's like she possessed a new sort of Song magic, I believe... Do you have any idea how that happened?" The Doctor asked.

Yosuke: "A change in her song magic...? Um..."

"It's probably because you dived in her." Aoto answered. "It was before we headed towards Fallen Heaven Peak."

Hikari Gojo: "You dived in her, Yosuke?"

"Well... yeah... Luphan-san said we needed a Reyvateil with strong song magic in order to get there. Apparently, I... kinda volunteered for the job...

"I see..." Hikari Gojo murmured as he then gave it some thought.

Saki: "Aoto!"

The men immediately turned their heads towards the entrance where, Saki and Tatsumi rushed in.

Aoto: "Saki! Tats..."

"What's wrong? Why are you in such a big hurry?" Questioned Hikari Gojo.

"Filly hasn't returned to the bistro yet!" Saki replied.

Yosuke: "What!?"

Hikari Gojo: "She left a while ago. I wonder where she is..."

"We had Kanji and Teddie to help out." Tatsumi added. "They're still looking in town."

"Alright, let's search every inch of this place for her!" Aoto commanded.

Saki: "Yes!"

"Right, we'll split off and meet at the square, later." Yosuke suggested as he left the clinic first.

Hikari Gojo and Tatsumi left and then Aoto and Saki together as well.

(Late Afternoon) Waterforest Square

Later that day, Yosuke and the other Persona users were the first to regrouped.

"Ooh... whatever happened to poor Filly-chan...?" Teddie whimpered.

"Dammit...! Yosuke-Senpai... could it be that the clown girl did something to her?" Kanji asked, dejectedly.

"That's the last thing I would think of, but I don't think she'd go that far to hurt her..." Yosuke replied.

Kanji: "Senpai, we really should-"

"... I know the risk, but I don't think that this is the right time." Yosuke interrupted Kanji. "Please, keep quiet about this, I beg of you guys!"

"I beary hope that Filly-chan will be alright..." Said Teddie, looking down with a worried expression. Apparently, He and Kanji reluctantly agreed.

The rest of the group got back together with no avail to where Finnel is.

Yosuke: "Any luck?"

"We looked everywhere, but we couldn't find her." Saki nodded.

"Hmm... so... if Filly-chan's not in town..." Teddie adding pieces up together. It fit's the bill that's she's not here.

"Did she leave town...?" Yosuke wondered. Although if this is about Soma, he may got an idea where she is. "I think I know a place... I'll be right back!" He said as he rushed away.

Kanji: "Senpai?"

Aoto figured that Finnel was outside as well. "Uh... We'll be right back. Sorry, Tats. Please take care of Saki for a sec."

"Uh, alright?" Tatsumi confirmed as Aoto chased after Yosuke.

(Evening) Stairway to Fallen Heaven

Yosuke ran out of the cave, slowed down and surveyed the area for Finnel. "Could it be... the same place...?" He thought. When he arrived here, he did met Soma around here. As he walked up the path, he saw her staring into the night sky. "... Finnel." He climbed up a ladder to where she is and walked up right besides her. "Hey, there..." He said crossing his arms.

Finnel: "! Yosuke?"

"Yeah." Yosuke sighed. "What are you doing? We spent the rest of the day looking for you."

"... You were worried about me?" Finnel asked.

"Well yeah, everyone was worried for you." Yosuke replied. "You shouldn't just take off without telling someone."

Finnel: "... I... um..."

Yosuke: "...? You say something?"

"N-nothing! I'm not a little girl! I can go wherever I want!" Finnel retracted with retort.

"Wha-Why are you being stubborn...?" Yosuke replied. "And what are you doing here? This place isn't very safe, ya' know?

"I was just... watching the stars in the sky." Finnel answered.

Yosuke: "Stars?"

Just before Finnel could answer, Aoto showed up. "Yosuke, Finnel!" He called out.

Finnel: "A-Aoto"

Aoto climb up to where Yosuke and Finnel were. "I thought I'd find you guys here. You know how dangerous it is at night, right?" He mentioned. "I mean, what were you guys doing?"

"We were... Stargazing?" Said Yosuke, making an educated guess.

"Uh-huh. I like to gaze at the stars. I know a little about astrology, too. You know, Cartology?" Finnel explained. "If you know the true name and date of birth of someone you like... you can see whether or not they're in your destiny."

Yosuke: "Cartology?"

Aoto: "Oh really? I didn't know you had such a girly hobby."

"What's that supposed to mean!? I'm pretty knowledgeable about stars!" Finnel retorted and thought of an idea. "For example... oh, I know! Starting with the Boreal Star over there..." Finnel explained, pointing out to a specific star. "Cartology readings always start there. Yosuke, which month were you born?"

"Huh? Uhh... June 22?" Yosuke answered.

"June...?" Said Aoto. Neither he or Finnel never heard of that month before.

Yosuke: "... I thought so... Sorry, I live on a different calendar."

Finnel: "Oh..."

"What about Aoto's?" Yosuke asked, getting back on topic.

"I was born in 12th Moon. Why?" Aoto asked.

"Oh, well, Each month has an ancient name. 12th Moon is called Suzunomia. My birth month, 3rd Moon, is called Ar Ciel. Each reading follows a predetermined path of stars. It's based on the number of letters in your true name." Finnel stated. "The star you end up on is your Destiny Star. Based on the compatibility of two people's stars... you can see their fate.

"Wow, I'm impressed that you know a lot." Yosuke commented. "And... I never heard of these names before..."

"I've always watched stars... since I was a little kid. Whenever I was sad, I would look to the stars above..." Said Finnel, smiling sadly.

"Hmm... it sure is beautiful. It feels like they can make me forget all the sadness in the world." Aoto stated.

"Wow, those are some wise words, Aoto." Yosuke commented. A small pause in their conversation and Yosuke thought of the others back at Eternus. "Whelp, anyways, we should head back. We're all worried about you." He said, as he and Aoto turned around and were about to head back.

"W-Wait, guys!" Finnel called out, stopping them from leaving. She wanted to talk about what they had been avoiding. "Th-that night, you guys were-"

"... Is this about Soma?" Yosuke interrupted.

Finnel gasped by how he knows what she'd say.

"Huh... Who would suspect that Clustania's deadliest assassin is actually this clumsy, little cry baby?" Aoto followed.

"P-please don't tell anyone! Please keep it a secret! I beg you!" Finnel begged frantically.

"... What else are you hiding?" Aoto asked with a stern tone. Finnel's silence kept up, and she seemed rather worried. "I don't know what to believe. I don't even know who to trust. Just tell me the truth."

"... I was in Clustania up until a month ago." Finnel confessed after a moments of silence. This revelation surprised Aoto for his personal reason and not as much to Yosuke.

Aoto: "Clustania!?"

Yosuke: "You were from Clustania?"

"I don't know when it started. There's been... another me inside my mind." Finnel explained.

"Another you? Then... it's the same as Saki..." Aoto mention as he process his thoughts.

"So then, why are you attacking us as Soma? And what's that...Fourth Dimensional... Core Square... Ring, thingy?" Yosuke asked.

Finnel: "...I don't know."

"What? But you're Soma, right!?" Aoto complained.

"Not by choice! Who would choose to become such a monster!?" Finnel retort. She started to shed small tears, too. "I can't control myself. She forces her way to the surface against my will."

Yosuke: "Finnel..."

"I'm scared... I always have been. I couldn't tell my secret to anyone. There were times that I wanted to kill myself." Finnel continued, as her tears started to fall like a river from her eyes.

Seeing how Finnel started to cry, Yosuke and Aoto felt guilty how they made a girl cry.

"I'm sorry... Now that we understand, you don't have to tell us anything more if you don't want to." Yosuke apologized as. "We'll keep this a secret to the others and we won't tell them about Soma. And, when you get tired of thinking all by yourself, let me know. I can watch the stars with you.

Aoto: "Don't be scared, alright? I won't tell anyone about it, either."

Finnel: "Yo..suke... *sob*

"To he honest, I was just surprised that you're from Clustania. But, I won't hold it against you." Aoto said with curious thoughts in his head.

"... 'Kinda odd, you know?" Yosuke reminded. "Part-time Mascot Girl by day, deadly assassin by night. Sounds like a popular T.V. show or... something..."

Finnel: "Um... guys..."

Yosuke: "... Yeah?"

Aoto: "... Huh?"

"Please stay by my side a little longer..." Finnel begged. "I don't want to be alone anymore... I don't want to be scared. Please Yosuke, Aoto! Can you stay with me...?"

"F-Finnel..." Yosuke was conflicted with mix feeling in the surrounding atmosphere. "Okaaaay... this definitely changed course..." He thought

"Uh... alright. If you insist, I'll stay with you... But, only as your master." Aoto replied as he continued messing with Finnel.

Yosuke: "... *Snrk* Nice save..."

"What? ...Am I supposed to be your servant or something?" Questioned Finnel.

"Exactly! As of today, you two will be my servants until I dismiss you. You both have to obey my orders.

"Two...?" Yosuke wondered, but noticed there were only three of them around so he realized that Aoto was talking about him as well. "Wha-Wait! Why do I...!?"

"Great, it's decided! Now, swear your loyalty to me." Aoto stated abruptly.

Yosuke: "H-Hey...!"

Finnel, embarrassed from being toyed like that sucked it up and played along, reluctantly. "Urgh... alright... Alright, I'll do it! Okay!?" She reluctantly obeyed.

Aoto: "Hey, that's not how you're supposed to act."

Finnel: "V-very well, master."

"Hahaha! Well done. As a reward, I'll look into Soma some more." Aoto said to Finnel and Yosuke's surprise. "Well, we don't know who the heck Soma is, or why she's inside you. I'll help you find out... when I have the time."

Finnel: "Ehh!?"

Aoto: "What?"

Finnel: "... It's nothing."

"... Please tell me this servant thing is a joke..." Yosuke groaned.

"Hey, you're not off the hook, Yosuke!" Aoto exclaimed. "Seeing how you and your friends wielding strange powers, it'd be a shame if any more info would be leaked..." He grinned.

"What the-Dude! That's blackmail!" Yosuke yelled, as he was fuming with a choleric expression.

Aoto: "Well...?"

"Ahh... what a pain...! ...Agh... Fine, but 'boss' is the only thing I'll allow..." Yosuke mumbled as he reluctantly reposed himself. "Welcome to our store, boss. Is there anything you need...?"

"*whistle* That's nice! hahaha..." Aoto commented, impressed. "Finnel could learn a thing or two from you."

"That was rhetorical, you bastard...!" Yosuke grunted, as Finnel was depressed.

Aoto kept the laughter for a bit. "hahaha... Alright! As your reward, I'll help you find your way back home."

Yosuke: "Er... what?"

"You recall saying that you guys are not from here, right? I'll help you guys find your way home, given the chance." Aoto stated firmly. "Besides, that servant thing was just half a joke, right?"

Finnel: "Half!?"

Yosuke: "Why half!?"

"*Chuckle*... Look, we have to head back now." Aoto said after he finished laughing. "I'm going on ahead, and make sure you guys get back there when you're done with that lovey-dovey stuff."

Finnel: "Lovey... dovey?"

Yosuke: "... Dammit... he's screwing us...!"

"And besides, you shouldn't tell your true name to anyone other than your family or life partner." Aoto mentioned at a distance, as he walked away.

As Aoto was out of sight, the two's hair blew through the wind.

Finnel: "..."

"Well... we should head back, too. Don't want to make the others worried." Yosuke mentioned. "We can't really do our cartology, so there's nothing we can do about it."

"Yeah... unless we know each other's true names, it'll only end up in an impass..." Finnel agreed.

"True names...?" Yosuke muttered. That sort of recalled Soma calling him "Yuto" out of nowhere the last time. "Hey, now that I think of it, Soma called me this 'Yuto' person. Have you heard of him?" He asked.

"No... I don't know..." Finnel nodded. "She keeps threatining me about her harming him, you with that name. I don't know he is..."

"Huh... Does she have the wrong person or something?" Yosuke questioned, as he scratched his head. "My name's clearly 'Yosuke'."

Finnel: "Y-Yeah... You're right..."

"At any case, lets head back head back. It's kinda late." Said Yosuke with a confident expression.

"Okay... please go on ahead. I'll be there soon. I need to calm down a bit before I face them" Finnel requested.

"Are you gonna be alright by yourself?" Yosuke asked with Finnel replying with a nod. "... Alright then. Don't take too long."

Yosuke then departed from the area, leaving Finnel to think on her own. However, it probably meant something different to her.

"... Life Partner." Finnel sighed, thinking about what Yosuke and Aoto said.

"...Don't you want to live?" A voice spole out suddenly...

Finnel: "! Soma...!"

"You're falling for someone... Did you forget?" Soma reminded. "You mustn't fall in love with anyone. You must be alone."

"... Love? I'm not falling in love with anyone!" Finnel Denied.

Soma: "You can't hide your emotions from me. That's why I let Yuto know our true identity."

"! ...So, that was on purpose!?" Finnel exclaimed from the revelation.

Soma: "Exactly. I know it's shocking, but it will save all of us in the future. Otherwise, he would get hurt."

Finnel: "No way..."

"I expect Yuto to achieve many things for your sake. But if he turns out to be useless, then I'll have to do the same thing to him that I did to the others..." Soma stated cruelly.

"N-N-Don't! How could you be so cruel!?" Finnel cried "You are me...right? And why do you call him Yuto?"

You're right; I am you. I know who he is and how ignorant he can be. He can deny it all he wants." Said Soma. "It's bad enough that he and his cronies wields a dangerous power that stands against us and you know, full well, what will happen if they get in our way..."

As Soma's voice disappears, Finnel became conflicted towards Soma's threats. "What should I do..." Finnel thought with a worried expression. She couldn't anything at the current situation so for now, held her face up and return to Eternus Shaft, to where her friend are waiting. She returned to the group later.

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