The Shadow of Chaos 2.0

Chapter 1

5,000 years later…..

A strange creature ran for its life as a large, large dog chased after the creature. The creature looked similar to a large humanoid lizard; it had black longish hair that reached the upper part of its back. The clothes it wore looked as if it were meant for a noble.

"No! Please, have mercy!" the creature cried out, the dog continued to get closer to its meal every few minutes. The creature was terrified by what was going to happen to him.

"Caldron Koldstone, you are a traitor to both your race and your planet. As son of the great creator, as Guardian of all beings; people and planets alike, it is my duty to carry out your punishment….." a male voice said, coming from high above. Watching the creature, Caldron, was a figure standing on a high rocky hill. The figure was wearing a hooded cloak; the hood was pulled so far over his head that only the bottom half of his face was showing. The cloak hid his whole body except for his feet.

When the dog got close enough, it pounced on Caldron and trapped him under its paws. The figure smiled and jumped down from the rocky hill, landing a few feet away from the dog and Caldron, other dogs could be heard in the distance.

"Well done, Blazes. It looks like the others are catching up." The figure said, coming up to the dog, Blazes, and scratching behind its ears.

"Please, have mercy, master!" Caldron pleaded, trying to get out from under the dog's giant paw.

"I've warned you time and time again. Each time I've been merciful and let you continue to live, with hope that you would learn from your past mistakes, but you haven't and my superior has had just about enough of you." The figure said, looking down at Caldron. He raised the sword in his hand and, ignoring the "No!" and "Master, Please!", he chopped the creature's head clean off.

The figure stared down at the body of the creature that had called him master from day 1. The dog, Blazes, started licking the figure's face, trying to get the hood he was wearing down.

"Enough, Blazes! We need to leave now and report to Lord Chaos." The figure said, pushing Blazes' face away from his own. Blazes got down on his stomach and the figure jumped on Blazes back. Without a word, Blazes took off towards a portal that opened up out of nowhere.

The figure and Blazes arrived at a large castle-like fortress. 4 warriors were guarding the entrance with swords and spears.

"Lord Chaos is waiting for you in the Throne Room, my prince." One of the guards said, as the figure came closer to the entrance.

"Charles, how many times have I told you to call me by my name, not by my title? When are you going to get through your head?" The figure said, a warm smile appeared on his lips but his eyes were covered by his hood.

"Alright, Koledren. Now get inside." The Guard, Charles, said.

The figure, Koledren, nodded and went inside the castle, still on Blazes' back. Several other dogs followed behind them.

When they drew closer to the Throne Room doors, Koledren got off Blazes' back, walked up to the doors and pushed them open.

The room was huge. At least 5 houses could be fit into the room. All the walls looked as if they had been designed by most skilled designer ever born. But that wasn't anything new, at least not for Koledren.

As he approached the single throne in the room, he got down on one knee and bowed before the being who was sitting in said throne.

"Lord Chaos, you wished to see me?" Koledren said, still kneeling on the ground. The figure in front of his looked to be a normal human that was no older than 20 but Koledren knew better than to judge a person based on appearances.

"Koledren, I am sending you and your team to earth. A war is approaching and the gods will need our help. I will send the rest of our army later on." Chaos said, "I know I promised that you would never have to return there but…. I truly am sorry, my son."

Koledren said nothing but he clenched his fist tightly, before saying, "Father….I will do as you wish."

He got up off the ground and walked out of the throne room, completely missing his father look at him with sad eyes.

Koledren had just walked out of the doors when he was suddenly being tackled by a smaller figure.

The surprised weight of the sudden figure nearly made Koledren fall backwards.

"Koledren, you're back! Welcome home!" the figure said, place their head in his chest.

"It's good to be home, Zoe." He said, hugging the girl closer to him. He smiled up at him and he saw several other figures coming towards them.


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