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Two Faces, But One

Goku sat at the Son's dining room table. His stomach growled noisily, but this was one of the few times in his life that he ignored the call of his appetite. His attention was very much taken elsewhere.

He was focusing on a small necklace. The chain was wrapped around his index finger, so the pendant was dangling, free to spin and twirl as it would. It was a pretty necklace: a gold star, with the image of a sun engraved in the center from whence the points sprouted. Not too fancy, but not what a person would call plain, either. As it swung back and forth, spinning as it went, it caught the light and sparkled almost with a life all its own. For a brief second, the light almost seemed to come from within the necklace itself, rather than from the lightbulbs overhead.

It was a mystery to Goku. He had removed this small piece of jewelry from his youngest son's hand one night after a strange dream had caused him to wake up in bed. The strangeness stemmed from the fact that the necklace had been in his dream. So when he had awakened and found it clutched in Goten's fist, he was naturally both curious and confused as to how it got there. And so far, every possible answer that popped into his mind seemed more outlandish than the last.

At this point, he was ready to believe just about anything if it would explain what had happened!

A sound at the door drew his attention, and he quickly dropped the necklace into his free hand to hide it. Then he turned and smiled at the newcomer. "Morning, kiddo."

Goten yawned and rubbed his eyes as he walked across the room and climbed into his chair at the table. "Morning, Daddy. What's for breakfast?"

"I don't know," Goku replied. "Haven't really thought about it."

Goten looked absolutely horrified. "How can you not think about breakfast?"

"I have other things on my mind," the Saiyan said, feeling the arms of the star piercing into the palm of his hand. "What do you want to eat?"

"Hmm…" Goten thought for a moment. "Do we have pancakes?"

"You really like your pancakes, don't—" Goku started to ask, but he stopped short as he turned to bestow his trademark grin on his son. Because for all-too-brief of an instant, the face he saw there wasn't his son's, but the face of someone else.

The hair remained the same. The eyes were the same color, but somehow seemed darker and harder, and looked angrily from beneath what looked like a red sweatband. His skin was darker, sun and wind burned, with a few long scars crisscrossing along his cheek. The corners of his mouth were turned downwards into a frown that was totally uncharacteristic for Goten.

It was a face Goku had seen once, and that had been the dream he'd had right before he'd discovered the necklace. It was the face of someone long dead. So why in the name of the seven mad gods was he seeing that face where his younger son's should be?

"WHOA!" Goku jumped out of his seat, knocking the chair over in the process. He stumbled back a few steps and just stared at Goten.

Goten stared back—his normal, innocent eyes. "What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?"

Goku blinked once, then again. Nothing happened. The face was gone, and Goten was back. It was all normal again. "Huh? Oh…nothing…I just thought I saw something. Yeah…that's all."

He was graced with his son's 'grown-ups are weird' look. Ah, the joys of parenthood.

"So…you wanted pancakes?" Goku asked, trying to keep his voice normal.

"Yeah!" Goten squealed, apparently forgetting all about the strange thing that had happened a mere moment before. Now his mind was entirely on food.

"Breakfast?" Gohan came into the kitchen in a manner similar to his brother's: yawning, stretching, and rubbing the last bits of sleep from his eyes. "Want me to make it? I'm no chef, but I think I'm less likely to set the kitchen on fire."

"It was only that one time!" Goku protested, earning a laugh from both of his sons.

"Maybe big brother should cook the pancakes," Goten chirped. "Make them like Mommy's, and don't cook them too long. They taste funny when they get burned." He wrinkled his nose to emphasize his point, and Gohan chuckled.

"All right. We have three orders of not-burned, just-like-Mom-makes-them pancakes?" the teenager asked, digging in the cupboard for a pan.

While Gohan went about breakfast, Goku opened his hand and let the necklace dangle from his finger again, just as he had been doing before his son's came in. He studied it carefully, hoping that maybe it would make its secret known to him. But nothing came.

"Daddy, what is that?" Goten asked; he stood up in his chair and leaned forward, bracing his weight against the table, to get a better look. "It's pretty!"

"I know," Goku said softly, not taking his eyes off the pendant.

"Hey, Dad…" Goten asked hesitantly. "It's a star, right?"


"Is there a sun in the middle?"

Goku nearly choked. "Yes, there is…"

"Weird…" Goten muttered.


"I feel like I've seen that before. It looks kinda familiar, ya know?"

"What do you mean?"

"It feels like I should know what that is. It feels like it's important or something."

Goku turned and looked at his son. For a second time, there was a brief glimpse of that other face—the hard-bitten Saiyan warrior who had called himself Bardock. Goku's father, who he had only met in a bizarre dream.

And then it was gone again.

Leaving only Goten.

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