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This is Young Justice/Batman universe. As in...Young Justice universe with Red Hood, Red Robin, and Lil' D and Barbara as Batgirl. Why? Cause I have relatively no exposure to her as Oracle in the YJ universe. Only in the Batman one. I could make this Batman universe, but I know YJ more. Takes place after Invasion (since I have the bro's in it)...and lets pretend some of the last episode occurrences didn't happen? Like the death of Wally? Ya...ignoring that.

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He was angry, confused, and scared.

Throughout Gotham, the name Batman brought people peace, hope and security. Unless, of course, you were a criminal. Then it could run your blood cold and tighten your chest so hard that you could hardly breath.

There were not many people capable of messing with The Batman.

The few who actually could were accounted for. Whereabouts mostly known, and what they were up to (for the most part). They kept a close tab on activity in the city and who was controlling it. It was part of the job of being a vigilante. It was a tough job, but it had to be done. Commissioner and his men couldn't handle the city alone.

So when you're patrolling Bludhaven on a regular day and your emergency alert button goes off, it comes as an unpleasant surprise. First, he's terrified that it's Barbara. Or Tim. Maybe even Damian, though since he was usually with Batman he hardly feared for his safety.

He didn't expect it to be Batman.

"Damian?" He's immediately on his comm. "Damian, what's going on?"

No answer.

"Nightwing?" A voice rings through. It's Tim.

"Red, what's going on?" he asks urgently, running towards his bicycle a couple blocks over.

"I don't know. I can't get ahold of Robin or Batman. I was hoping you knew something. I'll call Batgirl."

"Don't bother," Dick huffed, his anxiety growing. "I just talked to her an hour ago. She's still in California visiting family. They extended it by a day."

"Perfect," Tim groaned. "I'm almost to the Bat Cave. I'll send you coordinates the signal is coming from in a couple minutes."


The signal was coming from a spot in Gotham that was relatively nice (for Gotham, that is). Red Robin explained to Nightwing on the way over that the Dynamic Duo was checking out some neighborhood robberies that got someone killed. Nothing major, nothing dangerous. What could have gone wrong was beyond Red Robin's guess.

They were only 20 feet from where the signal emitted, it was probably the darkest alleway in the district, next to, of course, the only abandoned building for the next several blocks.

"Batman!" Tim hissed. "Robin!"

Nightwing had almost reached the end of the alleyway when he saw a body laying next to a few discarded boxes and garbage next to a dumpster.

"Robin!" Nightwing cried, kneeling down and grabbing the boy and cradling him in his lap. The young Wayne's head rolled to the side, blood dripping from his nose and large contusion on his forehead. Dick shook him hard in attempts to rouse him.

"Robin!" he called again as he reached for a pulse. It was there, and steady. Tim was leaning over his replacement checking for other injuries. Nightwing looked over at him, pleadingly. Tim just shook his head, indicating no other serious wounds.

"Stay with him. I'm looking for Batman,"Dick said as he stood up and left Damian in his little brothers arms. In seconds he was inside the building, searching from the shadows.

The place was a mess. Obvious signs of a serious skuffle. No signs of anyone. He found a utility belt and a few weapons that belonged hidden somewhere on Batman's person.

Batman was gone.