Regina toyed with Emma's red bra strap, enjoying the sharp contrast with the blonde's pale skin. She trailed a finger inwards, up and over the curve of Emma's breast, smiling. "You should wear this again, too," she said. "When we go out and you wear that dress."

"I have plenty of lingerie options, never fear." Emma kissed her sweetly and briefly before sitting up with a groan. "I guess I should get home to the kid now."

Regina pouted but glanced at the clock and saw that it was nearing their son's bedtime. "Can't you get your mother to watch him? I want you to stay."

"Would you care to explain to my mother why exactly I'm tied up right now?" Emma got up and retrieved her dress, Regina rolling over to watch her.

"Now that's an idea," Regina teased. "The tying up, I mean."

"I know what you mean." Once dressed, Emma leaned down for another kiss. "Don't get ahead of yourself."

"You should bring him back here." Regina sat up, holding the sheet modestly to her chest as if it was anything Emma hadn't seen.

The blonde couldn't help grinning at the endearing gesture. "I'll be right back."

"So," Henry said as Emma, who had changed into her usual jeans, threw her overnight bag and his backpack into the back seat and got into the car. "How was the date?"

"It wasn't really a date, but it was nice." Emma was glad it was dark enough that he couldn't see how much she was smiling. "Did you get all your homework done?"

"Yes." Henry turned in his seat to face his mother, watching her whenever a streetlight briefly illuminated the car. "What did you guys do?"

Emma gave him a sideways glance. "Kid, one of these days you're going to learn that some things are secrets."

"You never tell me anything." He shifted back into his seat, looking out the window as they pulled up outside the mayor's mansion.

"I'm not going to tell you about your mom and me. That's private." Emma parked and turned off the car, unbuckling her seatbelt so she could face him completely with one leg tucked up under her. "But I really appreciate you sending me over here tonight." She smiled slightly as he looked in her direction again. "So ask me something else and I will tell you."

Henry didn't hesitate. "My dad. Who is he?"

Emma took a deep breath and met Henry's eyes. "His name is Neal. He wasn't a great guy or anything, but I loved him very much." She reached to the back seat and grabbed their bags, setting Henry's backpack in his lap. "And no, I don't know where he is now. I did try to find him for years, but he's wanted for a pretty major theft, so he's got to be using another name."

Henry nodded slowly, taking it all in. Emma waited for his reaction, for the inevitable follow-up questions, but he just turned to her with a small smile and thanked her.

They went inside, Emma following Henry back towards the kitchen where a pajama-clad Regina was putting swirls of whipped cream on two mugs of hot chocolate. Emma couldn't help blushing at the sight of her.

The brunette sprinkled cinnamon on both, handing one to Henry and one to Emma, before picking up a third mug of unadorned cocoa. "You don't like whipped cream?" Emma asked, glad for a distraction from her somewhat tense discussion with Henry.

Regina took a sip of hers, watching Emma over the rim of the mug. "I see no reason to ruin perfectly good chocolate."

Emma shot a wink at Henry, glad to see his usual toothy grin. She took a little cream on her finger and dabbed it on Regina's nose. Henry looked shocked when Regina only laughed and wiped it off, licking the excess from her finger. "This is really weird," he said. "This whole flirting thing."

"Get used to it, kid." Emma resisted the urge to play around further, instead leaning in to give the brunette a chaste kiss. Still, Henry turned to leave the kitchen.

"Gross," he called over his shoulder, and although Regina badly wanted to remind him that he was under no circumstances allowed to take that hot chocolate up to his room, Emma's arms around her waist were a welcome distraction.

The two women stood there for a minute, Regina carefully setting her mug on the counter before returning the embrace. Emma sank into her, closing her eyes. "I told him about Neal," she said.

"Are you okay?" Regina tightened her hold. "Is Henry?"

"He's up there concocting questions, I'm sure." Emma pulled back just enough for Regina to see her smile. "And as of today I think I have officially moved on." She brought a hand between them, closing it around the swan necklace she always wore and giving it a sharp tug so that it came loose.

"Don't get rid of that," Regina said, taking the pendant from the blonde. "I always liked it."

Emma only responded with a slight smile, reaching up to Regina's neck and unclasping the bare chain that the brunette had continued to wear even after she'd traded away Daniel's ring. Regina took the swan off its string and held it up for Emma to thread the chain through, leaning in for a kiss as the blonde clasped it back on. "Perfect," she whispered, taking a step back to see Regina in the combined necklace.

"Now everyone will know I'm yours," Regina replied, stepping back into the embrace and bringing her lips to Emma's for a slow, lingering kiss.

"That's the idea." Emma rested her forehead against Regina's, splaying her hands on the brunette's back to urge her even closer. "You know, I'd really like to see you wearing that necklace and nothing else."

"That can be arranged," Regina replied before tilting her head to find Emma's lips again. Emma could feel her smiling.

The End

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