Sookie grunted as she felt not one but two bodies land on top of her to protect her from the blast of the bomb. When everything settled she tried to push them off of her and after a few minutes succeeded. Sookie looked down at her saviors and gasped at how bad they looked. Godric took the most of the silver and was lying sideways on top of Eric. They both had blood coming rapidly out of their chests too close to their hearts for comfort. Isabel came over and looked at Godric and Eric's wounds.

"You have to get the silver out, normally it wouldn't be a problem but it is really close to their hearts."

"And how exactly am I supposed to do that?"

Isabel sighed and looked at Sookie with a look of pity. "You have to suck it out."

"Are you sure that it will save them if I do that?"

"Yes. I am positive." Sookie knelt beside Eric first because he was the youngest and started to suck all the silver out of his chest. When she was finished she went to Godric and did the same. When they didn't immediately come back she knew she would have to do something drastic. She picked up a piece of glass from the broken windows and slit both her wrists and held them over her vampires' mouths. After a moment they both latched on to her arms and took a few gulps of her blood. All of a sudden she felt two hands grip her upper arms and drag her away from Eric and Godric.

"What do you think you are doing? You are mine! No one else's mine! What have you done?!" Bill yelled at her, suddenly there were two bodies on either side of her.

"Compton I suggest you release Sookie this second."

"You have no power here Eric. This isn't your area and she is my human." Sookie gasped as she heard Bill's voice in her head saying that he couldn't lose her and if he did someone named Sophie-Anne would kill him. Sookie looked over her shoulder at Eric and Godric with pleading in her eyes. Godric motioned for her to try to get away from her without hurting herself. Bill glanced at Sookie and felt her trying to get away from her, he realized that he may need to get her away from Eric in a different way.

"Sookie, I love you, we need to get home. I'm sure you need to check on your house and Tara."

"No! You don't love me! You are just trying to 'procure' me for Sophie-Anne. Whoever that is." Sookie gasped as she heard two pairs of fangs extending.

"I beg your pardon Sookie, what do you mean by he is trying to procure you for the queen of Louisiana?" She looked over at Godric and was amazed at the amount of fury in his eyes, when she glanced at Eric she was floored to see the same anger reflecting in his.

"Th…the queen? The queen of what? Of vampires?" She couldn't help it, she let out a small giggle. 'Wow' she thought, 'if that's true I could die laughing.'

"Sookie, now is not the time to start to laugh. You betrayed me." Sookie swung her head to look back at Bill with fury in her eyes.

"I betrayed YOU?! You were the one who spent two days and nights with your maker, YOU were the one who didn't come to me when I was almost raped! YOU weren't the one who threw yourself on top of me at risk of your own bodily harm. That was Godric and Eric." At this the two in question came forward and pulled her away from Bill.

"Compton I suggest you leave my area before dawn and don't bother Miss Stackhouse again until she contacts you."

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