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No Rest for the Winchesters

The young doctor stared despondently at the monitor, refusing to look at the body that it was attached to. She was long past hoping that the flat line would suddenly spike, but she couldn't make herself look away.

"There was nothing you could have done, Abby." The unusually gentle voice of her resident broke through the fog in her brain.

"I know that sir," her voice sounded flat even to her as she continued. "But I can't say that it makes me feel much better, and it won't make her family feel better either." Her resident just sighed, and turned to leave. He had tried to warn his student not to get attached to the 17 year old girl, because he could tell where the case was going from the second he had seen the scans of the girl's lungs. But something about the serious, brave, soft-spoken girl had had earned her a space in his young intern's normally well-guarded heart.

Abby watched as Dr. Bradley walked out of the door, only to be waylaid by one of the ER nurses. Her mentor turned back to her with a small smile.

"Well, Dr. Winchester, I know something that might make you feel better. How would you like to help with the season's first major trauma?"

Abby brightened slightly, eager to get more experience with trauma cases, rather than the slow, agonizing type she had just gone through. She cast one last look at the still body of the patient that she had grown so close to over the past month. Then she turned away and walked towards her next case.

She had only started her internship at the hospital two months ago, after graduating at 27 from an accelerated medical degree program. As such, she had not gotten the chance to see the hospital's helicopter pad in use before now. Abby followed Dr. Bradley to the roof, emerging into a small crowd of doctors and their interns, all waiting to receive the incoming patients. She began listening to their chatter.

"- rammed by a semi, just a little car, with three guys inside," one of the residents was telling Dr. Bradley. "The truck driver is okay, but it sounds like the men in the car are all in bad shape, though one of them was responsive in the field. We're going to have to work fast with the other two though."

Dr. Bradley nodded and turned to Abby. "Alright, Dr. Winchester, it sounds like we're going to have our hands full with this one. They'll bring the two worst injured guys out first; you should steer clear of them. Let the more experienced doctors help them. You wait for the third one and stick with him, he'll be your responsibility from now on, but Dr. Marcus will be the lead, okay?"

Abby nodded, slightly resentful that she was being sidelined, but knowing that the doctor's reasoning was sound. She had been 20 years old when she started college, two years behind everyone else, and even with her early graduation, she was still playing catch-up. Getting the lamest of the incoming traumas was just the price that she had to pay for being too scared to leave her family sooner.

Before long, the group of doctors could hear beat of the helicopter blades as it made its final approach to the hospital. Before the machine had even touched down, the emergency responders had already begun to slide its door open. At least one of those men had to be in bad shape, possibly flatlining, for them to be in such a rush.

Abby hung back as most of the doctors around her rushed forward to collect their first patient. But she could not resist standing on her toes, utilizing all five feet and eleven inches of her tall frame to try to get a glimpse of the injured man. But it was not until his gurney had drawn up beside her, about to be loaded into the elevator, that she saw his face and her world ground to a halt.

The raised voices of the other doctors, the dying whine of the helicopter engine, the screaming of the wind in her ears; all of it faded completely as she stared at the face that she had not seen in seven years, but would have recognized even if it had been seventy. It was the face that she had grown up with, had laughed with, cried with, fought with. It was a face that was seared onto her heart; the face of her twin brother Dean. In that face she saw the first 20 years of her life, from the stupid pranks used to fill long hours in the car, to the gentle comfort after a challenging hunt. She saw the lonely holidays and the moments of pride, but most of all, she saw one of the few people who held a piece of her heart, the brother that she would do anything for. The brother she had abandoned.

The young doctor reached out her hand in shock, but the moment that had felt like a thousand years to her had in fact only lasted a second, and her brother was already gone, whisked off to surgery in an attempt to save his life. Abby's brain struggled to catch up with what she had seen, to reconcile the memories of her vital twin with the broken and bloody shell that she had just seen.

Dean couldn't be dying, there was no way. Not from a car accident. Not from something so simple, so mundane; he would be furious, mortified that he, the hunter, could be taken out by a mere semi. He had always intended for his final moments to be spent heroically, his life traded for the betterment of others or for his family. Anything but a damn car accident.

Abby was shaken out of her reverie by the next wave of activity. Her shock over her twin's condition had eclipsed all other thoughts from her mind, but key words came rushing back to her as the second gurney was rushed past her, carrying another vital piece of her world. She stared after the father she had not seen for seven years, unable to fully process what was happening to her family.

Her legs automatically began to carry her after her injured brother and parent, but a cry from behind brought her up short.

"Hey, Winchester! A little help over here?" It was the voice of Dr. Marcus, calling from beside the third and final stretcher.

"rammed by a semi, just a little car, with three guys inside." Three.

Of course. There was only one person that last gurney could be holding.

"Sammy," Abby whispered as she dashed to her little brother's side.

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