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Unknown Bonds

Chapter 1

The Shinobi world had been at peace for the past eleven years and the Fire Nation had grown under Naruto's leadership. With the integration of the Tea country and the Noodles country into the Fire Nation a second Shinobi village was established in the south under the command of Neji who had proven to be a loyal and reliable leader

The sun was rising over Konoha as the peaceful village slowly began to come to life, the merchant were opening their shops and sweeping the entrances, the birds were chirping happily in the trees

"MOMMMMMMMMMM!" a scream came from the Namikazi household "Where is my weapons pouch?!" the voice continued

"Have you looked in your room sweetie?" Another voice responded

The young girl ran into the kitchen, she had blue eyes and pink hair with a blond strand and the whisker marks on her face that was the mark of the Kyubi Namikazi bloodline limit. She wore a light orange and white shirt with short sleeves and shorts with some accessories of the same color scheme "Yes I did, it's not in there, mom I am going to be late for the academy, today we get tested for graduation!" The young girl continued shouting in frustration

"Naoto, didn't I tell you that if you put away your things that you wouldn't lose them?" Sakura told her while putting food on the table "Now sit down and eat your breakfast"

"I don't have time for breakfast! I must find my weapons pouch!" Naoto continued suddenly she saw a boy and girl standing in the doorway. The girl had blond hair with a pink strand with green eyes and was dressed in red and white clothing while the boy had blond hair and green eyes and wore green and white and was holding a weapons pouch, both of them had a grin on their faces "The twins!" she immediately thought to herself "Saki, Saku, give that back to me!" She said in a stern voice

"No" Saki simply responded as his grin only grew

"Why you little!" she began chasing them around room, Saki threw the pouch to Saku who ran into the next room causing Naoto to begin chasing her "GET BACK HERE SAKU!"

Naruto was reading a scroll at the table and took a drink of coffee, Sakura gave him his plate "Naruto, what did I tell you about bringing your work to the table?" She asked him as a crash and screams could be heard in the background

"Not do to it?" he simply responded as he took a bite from his toast

Once more some shouting came from yet another room "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU BOTH I SWEAR! AND THEY WON'T BE ABLE TO FIND THE BODIES!"

"And what are you doing right now?" She asked as she walked over to the stove to turn it off, Saki and Saku ran past the room followed by Naoto

"… Doing it?" he said with a sheepish grin "But you see Sakura Chan, this is a very important report that I must read, it's an incident report from the Wind country" he tried to explain to her

Something crashing and breaking could be heard in the background "I HAVE YOU NOW YOU LITTLE…"

"What kind of incident?" Sakura asked curious

Saki came running into the kitchen and hid behind Naruto, Naoto came in after him throwing an object that Naruto simply moved his head to avoid and continued to read the scroll while Saki made his getaway "Seems like some of Sands ninjas are reporting some sort of an attack on them by Konoha ninjas" he explained

"Were they able to identify them?" She asked him concerned about how Konoha's forces could be attacking their closes ally. Suddenly there was only silence as the noise and screaming had stopped

"That's the thing, they were wearing ANBU masks so no proper identification could be made" He answered her. Finally a small explosion could be heard from the next room

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" the screaming and fighting had erupted once more and gotten worst

Sakura let out a small sigh "You're just going to ignore this aren't you… You want me to be the bad guy don't you…" She got up as Naruto simply took another sip from his coffee and continued to read the report "NAOTO, SAKURA AND SAKIO NAMIKAZI GET IN HERE THIS INSTANT OR ELSE I AM GOING TO GO GET YOU MYSELF!" she screamed Suddenly the noise stopped, an eerie silence took its place "YOU HAVE 3 SECONDS TO GET IN HERE! 1…" But before she could go any further all three of them had appeared in a flash in front of her almost standing at attention "Sakio, give your sister back her weapons pouch this instant!"

Sakio handed Naoto's pouch back to her "Give me that you little brats" She said triumphantly

"And you, you're the older sister, you should be nicer to your little brother and sister" Sakura scolded her slightly

"Yeah, be nicer to us!" Saku blurted to her older sister

"But Mom… They are always bugging me, following me around, interfering in my training and studies. They are just like little spoiled brats!" Saku stuck out her tongue at Naoto but stopped immediately when Sakura glared at her

"Enough, it's time for you all to get to the academy, and don't forget your lunches" she said in a stern yet caring voice

"Yes mom" they almost said in unison as they walked out of the room

"You got mom angry at us!" Saki blurted out to her older sister

"ME? Who was it that stole my weapons pouch, you little brats!"

"WHAT DID I JUST SAY?" they could hear Sakura shout from the kitchen

They quickly ran out of the house and headed towards the Academy

Peace and quiet had returned to the Namikazi household. Naruto took another bite of his toast as he continued to read the report, Sakura could only let out a sigh "I really wish that you would discipline them more, I feel like I am the bad guy….." She commented as she sat down to eat breakfast

"What do you mean? I discipline them… I grounded Saku the other day for playing with my Zanpakuto" He said defending himself

"Naruto… That was two years ago, and she began to tear up, you felt so bad about it that you immediately rescinded the punishment and took her out for ice cream…. And you have NEVER punished Naoto… I am always the one having to do it and I look like the bad guy all the time…"

"But she looked so sad and sorry for what she had done…" Naruto said remembering the incident

"…Naruto sweetie… She knows that you melt whenever she is sad… They all do, they all know that they can get away with murder as long as they show you their sad face" Naruto grinned sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head "I just don't want them to remember me as the mean parent and you as the fun parent who let them do whatever they wanted" Sakura said sadly

"Sakura Chan, the kids love you, you don't need to worry about that" he said trying to comfort her

She let out a small sigh knowing that things weren't going to change, he would never be able to properly discipline the kids, but he was so adorable with them. "You know… Soon this house is going to become really quiet" She suddenly blurted out

"What do you mean?" He asked confused

"Well the kids…They are growing up so quickly, in a few more years they will be going out on their own. Not to mention that Naoto has become interested in boys lately"

Naruto hated the thought of a guy touching his pure and innocent little girl, but he had already planned for that he thought with a grin "Sakura Chan, Naoto is only twelve and the twins ten"

"They are almost eleven" she cut him off

"My point is that they are still far off from going out on their own, it's not like they are orphans like I was…" He thought to his own childhood, how he desperately wanted to get away from the orphanage, the staff would do little more than feed him and make him feel unwelcome as the other kids would make fun of him and on occasion attempt to beat him up. But he was always too fast for them to catch him

"Yeah but, you're going to find that before you know it they will be sixteen and wanting to go out on their own like I did…" She said sadly

"Well I know how you feel, they are growing up too fast for my taste but what do you want us to do about it Sakura Chan?" he said understanding her feelings

"Well…..We are still young….. And you know maybe we could add to our family?" She said shyly

Naruto grinned "So that's what's been bothering you?" He said as he took her hand into his own "If you wanted more kids, why didn't you ever talk to me about it before?" He asked

"Well you know… Your always busy with the council or out on diplomatic missions or helping out Neji with the new Shinobi village to the south… I just thought that you didn't have the time or desire for more children" she explained

Naruto pulled her out of her chair and into his lap as he wrapped his arms around her tightly "Sakura Chan, out of all of the things that I have done in my life, nothing has come close to being a parent and nothing is more important to me then you and the kids, so if you want to grow our family even more, I would love to make that happen"

They both stared into each other's eyes "Naruto…I love you" She said as she kissed him

Suddenly a ninja crashed into the room wearing a Sand ANBU mask "What the hell?" Naruto shouted out as Sakura jumped off of his lap

"The Kazekage sends you his regards!" he said as he threw a Kunai with an explosive note attached to it

Both Naruto and Sakura jumped out of the way as the note exploded destroying a large part of the kitchen. Naruto slowly got up and cleared some of the rubble from his clothing, he couldn't see Sakura anywhere and the sand ninja had vanished "SAKURA CHAN!" He shouted out but he didn't get a response he could hear an alarm go off as Konoha had detected the explosion, multiple Konoha ANBU began appearing

"Hokage Sama, are you alright?" One of them asked him

"I am fine, but I can't find Sakura!"

"I found her over here!" another ANBU shouted out lifting some rubble off of an unconscious Sakura "She looks gravely hurt, we need to get her to the hospital"

Naruto quickly picked her up in his arms and disappeared in a flash

Naoto suddenly stopped causing Saku and Saki who were following her closely to crash into her "Hey, why did you stop sis?" Saki asked

She had heard an explosion coming from behind them, she turned around and she could see some smoke "That looks like our house…" She thought to herself

"Hey sis, wake up" Saku said waving her hand in Naoto's face

The village alarm began to sound as the village ninjas began to scramble "What's going on?" Saki asked no one in particular

"Saki, Saku, I want you two to continue to the Academy" Naoto ordered her siblings

"What? And where are YOU going?" Saki asked her

"Saki….. Please now is not the time to fight me, I am your big sister and I am begging you to obey me, just this once" She answered back with a serious face "And keep an eye on Saku"

"I don't need him to be keeping an eye on me" Saku commented

"Saku please… Just do as I say, both of you, get to the academy NOW" Naoto told them one more time before jumping away

"What's wrong with her?" Saki was slightly annoyed at being told what to do by his older sister

"I don't know but she looked pretty serious, wonder if it has anything to do with all the commotion" Saku answered him "In any case, we should do as she said, Iruka sensei will be angry with us if were late AGAIN" she added

"Hey, we were late last time because of you got up late and I had to drag you out of bed!" Saki responded defending himself

Naoto was jumping from building to building trying to make her way back home as fast as she could, she had a bad feeling "The smoke… it IS coming from our home" she could see their house from the distance only confirming her fears

Suddenly a ninja appeared in front of her forcing her to stop abruptly and jumped back, she looked at his face and it was covered by a sand ANBU mask "Well, well, well, what do we have here? One of the little brats! How nice of you to save me the time from tracking you down!" He said with a grin

"Who the hell are you and what do you want with me?" Naoto asked the masked ninja

He took out a kunai "Well my dear, the Kazekage wants you dead!" He said with a snicker

"Why would Gaara-San want me dead?" Naoto asked thinking to the Kazekage's last visit to Konoha

"It's not my job to ask questions pretty little girl, I have my orders" he suddenly attacked her as she was barely able to get out of the way "Your quick for a child, you bare the name Namikazi well, but your just delaying the inevitable" he rushed at her once more but this time at double the speed

he was able to stab her in the ribs causing her a great amount of pain, but to the enemy's surprise she doesn't shout or cry out in pain, she grits her teeth as some blood was beginning to come out of the wound he had inflicted, in reality she was in a great deal of pain but now wasn't the time to worry about it, she began making hand signs "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" she screamed out as 4 additional clones of her popped to her side "I am not going to let you kill me without a fight!"

"Impressive, you really are your father's daughter, in time you would have become quite a powerful shinobi I am sure. It's a good thing that I am ending your life now before you become a problem for Suna" He made a few hand sighs of his own "Doton Kajugan no Jutsu"

Suddenly Naoto felt her entire body feel heavy, this caused her clones to dispel and her wound to cause even more pain as she dropped down to one knee, blood began dripping from her mouth. She tried hard gritting her teeth to get back to her two feet but the harder she tried the heavier she felt

"I am sorry for taking so long, but you know larger techniques would get the attention of your ANBU, and I don't want them interrupting our little alone time. Although I am impressed that your resisting this much" He bent down and stared her straight into her blue eyes

She focused as much chakra into her arm and hand as she could and attempted to punch him, but with her arm feeling ten times its normal weight it was very slow and sluggish allowing him to just dodge it with relative ease, he was grinning underneath his mask "Just like your father, you just don't know when to give up" suddenly he felt part of his mask break off and blood began dripping from his cheek causing him to stop grinning "Why you little bitch, how did you… I see" he said as he had noticed her hand radiating with chakra "That is one of your mom's techniques isn't it? To have such precise chakra control and strength at your age, you are a dangerous little bitch aren't you" he said as the grin returned to his face

He kicked her stomach causing her to cough out some blood, yet she would not go down, he kicked her again and again and again until finally she collapsed to the ground in pain. Her vision had begun to blur slightly, her original wound had been aggravated as blood continued to come out of it and she no longer had the strength to fight the intense gravity

He grabbed her by the color and lifted her slightly rubbing his kunai over her cheeks causing some minor scratches and a bit of blood to began dripping from them "You and your entire bloodline must die" suddenly he felt some sort of object hit him on the back of his head, he looked and it was a rock, he then noticed the new arrivals

"You leave our sister alone!" Saki shouted out as Saku stood by his side

The ninja grinned; he couldn't believe his luck "The other two twerps, I didn't think that I was going to be able to kill you all today" Suddenly two of his clones appeared behind them and grabbed them tightly "But you will have to wait your turn as I deal with your older sister first!" he said evilly as his attention returned to Naoto

"Damn it Saki… Just this once… Why couldn't you listen to me…" She thought to herself "I beg of you… Let them go" she tried pleading with the man in some sort of despite attempt to save her siblings "Kill me, but let them leave… They aren't a threat to you!"

"Little girl, haven't you been listening to me? I am here to wipe out your entire family, none of you are a threat to us today, but if we let you live who knows how strong you and your wretched brother and sister will become. No, the Namikazi's will not be ruining our plans any longer"

"No… I cannot allow you to harm them… I must protect them…" She said the words but didn't know how she would back them up as blood was dripping from her face from her mouth and the scratches caused by the enemy

"And how are you going to do that in your current condition?" He asked with a smirk, he instructed one of his clones to force Saki to his knees and had a blade to his throat as a bit of blood began to drip out as he had just slightly broken the skin "Well, I am waiting for you to stop me" he said as he kicked her once more sending her crashing to the ground

"Stop hurting my sister!" Saki cried out feeling powerless

The clone tighten his grip on the boy and applied more pressure to the blade "I would worry more about myself if I were you boy, if you keep struggling like this I may accidentally slit that throat of yours" he said smugly

Naoto was on the ground barely conscious; she had lost a lot of blood and the constant strain from the extra gravity made it worst. But she had to save her siblings; it was the one and only thing on her mind, even if it would cost her her life "Give me the strength…. I cannot allow them to die…" She thought to herself as she began fighting the gravity. She had made it to her knees and was trying hard to stand up, but the most she could manage was one knee "Is this all I can do?..." she began to imagine the enemy killing her brother and sister once more and an orange aura began to surround her body "What is this power?" She wondered her eyes slowly went from blue to red and slowly she began standing up

"That is impossible… She is at ten times her normal weight" he thought to himself shocked

Although she was now upright, it was taking every ounce of her strength just to stay that way "I told you, I won't let you kill them" She said panting heavily

He quickly kicked her in the ribs sending him crashing back to the ground "Naoto!" Saki screamed out clenching his fist. He had to somehow save her, but how?

The grin had returned to the enemy's face "So, you were able to get to your feet, but that's about all you could do. You had my slightly worried that I would have to do something drastic, like use another Jutsu" He once again stabbed her arm causing blood to begin coming out of it and then stomped on her stomach

"Stop hurting her!" Saku cried out

"Calm down little girl, your turn will come soon, just let me finish with this little bitch first. I am going to enjoy this since you gave me more trouble than I thought" he said as he continued to stomp on her stomach trying to make her feel as much pain as he could before he would finish her off

Suddenly the air began to feel cold and a chill ran up his spine he then felt a blade go through his body, he looked at the blade, it was completely made of ice "I avoided your vital organs, but if you touch my god daughter again… I swear I will kill you" a chilling voice came from behind him

"Uncle Toshiro!" Saki and Saku shouted out as they saw a young man with white hair standing behind the enemy

"Damn it, I spent too much time with this bitch…..I should have killed her when I had the chance" he told himself

"Count yourself lucky, that is the only reason that you're alive right now is because we have a few questions for you" another man with raven black hair and a Konoha police uniform said as he appeared in front of the enemy with very angry looking eyes

"Uchiha Sasuke, Konoha's police chief and Hitsugaya Toshiro, Vice director of Konoha ANBU, it's an honor to meet you both and how nice of you to not kill me right away" He said still with a grin "But I would be careful if I were you, cause if you kill me my clones will not dispel right away, you see they will kill those twerps before you could do anything"

"What clones?" Sasuke asked with a grin of his own

Suddenly both of the clones were destroyed as Itachi and Sai popped in behind them releasing both Saki and Saku, finally the grin was wiped from the enemies face "Uchiha Itachi, Director of Konoha's ANBU…and Sai, director of ROOTS… these are four of Konoha's most powerful ninja's" he thought to himself "Well, you seem to have me at a disadvantage, but you see I have orders to kill this little girl here, failing to do so would result in my death so I bid you all farewell" he bit something in his tongue

"STOP HIM!" Sasuke shouted but it was too late, the enemy ninja began turning into sand, but to everyone horror it didn't just fall to the ground, it jumped onto Naoto who was barely conscious and entered through her wounds causing her to scream in pain as her threshold had finally been reached

"Naoto!" Toshiro said as he picked up the girl in pain "I need to get her to the hospital" and with that said he vanished in a white flash

"Are you guys alright?" Sasuke asked Saki and Saku and examined his throat

"Yeah, I am fine; it's just a bit of blood… Will Naoto be alright?" he asked concerned for his big sister

"Yeah… She is going to be fine" Itachi said not knowing if it was the truth "Sai take these two to the tower and post guards on them, it would appear that the sand is targeting Hokage Sama and his family"

"Understood" he said as he took both Saki and Saku's hand and disappeared in a poof

"Sasuke, get your people to patrol the city, who knows how many more of them are out here, I will deliver the news to Hokage Sama" Itachi instructed his younger brother who nodded

End Chapter 1

And that ends the first chapter, what is going on? Why is the Wind attacking Konoha? and what was that sand that penetrated Naoto's body? How will Naruto respond to not only his Sakura but his beloved baby girl Naoto being gravely injured by people who are suppose to be their allies in the middle of Konoha?

Find out soon in the next chapter of Unknown Bonds